10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Furniture

Do you want to know about furniture? Here are some frequently asked questions.

1. My kitten is driving me CRAZY. Please help?

Try coffee water instead. Cats do not like the smell of coffee so maybe that will get through to her. There also might be a product that will repel cats from scratching furniture at pet stores so it's worth a try to go ask

2. Modular Furniture: How to Choose It

Modular furniture is furniture designed so that it can be used according to the space available and to your requirements. It is a modern approach to maximizing space utilization while giving a neat look to your home or office. Homeowners with small apartments could save a lot of space by using modular furniture designs. Modular furniture is factory manufactured using replicated designs. Modular furniture is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Compared to solid wood furniture, it is less expensive. It can be assembled and dismantled easily. So, if you are looking to move to a new apartment, you can easily transport this type of furniture and assemble it within a short period of time. Modular furniture is so flexible that you can arrange it the way you like. The fact that it is available in a variety of colors and designs only adds to its appeal. Basically, modular designs offer freedom and customization. They gives you plenty of storage with minimal footprint. So this furniture can be tailored to your needs and then it can be added to if required. Here are a few benefits of choosing modular furniture: - You get to create a workspace within a short period of time. - It can be customized according to the space available and changing dynamics. It lends a great look to any space by offering a futuristic ambience so that even a dull space looks brighter. - Can be adjusted to fit your space efficiently. - It is cheaper than the solid wood furniture. - Modular furniture comes in a variety of colors, shapes and designs making it easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. It is available in plastic, wood, laminate, glass and metal. - The biggest advantage of modular furniture is that once you have worked out where you want to install it you can then work out what you want to include in it. The most popular type of modular furniture for the home is the modular kitchen. These comprise of storage cabinets that can be fitted and assembled according to the size of your kitchen. There are several shapes of modular kitchen, including parallel kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, straight kitchens and island kitchens. Most manufacturers of modular kitchen offer upper cabinets with single or double door options. The lower units may come with a sink inserted on the top and shelves or cupboards beneath it. These units can be easily expanded. The designs include a modular bedroom, living room, TV table, cupboards, shelves - you name it. Living room modular furniture includes sectional sofas that consist of different units to create the entire sofa. You have an option to choose from sectional units such as beds or large footstools. Modular closet furniture is perfect for bedrooms. There are various components that can be fitted into closets to maximize storage space. Companies often prefer to buy modular furniture for their offices as it has the benefit of being customized for convenient access. Modular office furniture has changed a lot over the past decade. You can now buy wallet friendly, cubicle type modular furniture all the way up to high quality executive type modular office furniture. Here are a few guidelines to choosing the best modular furniture for your home: - It should fit the space and layout: Since modular furniture is available in different sizes and designs, you should choose a model that suits the space of the area and the needs of your family. Most shop owners or online retail sellers will send their professionals to advise you on which would be the best design for you in case you are not able to make up your mind. - What is your budget? Planning the budget is important, as modular furniture is available in a wide range of materials right from plastic to solid wood finish, which accounts for a vast difference between prices. - Material: Modular kitchen designs, bedroom designs and living room designs are available in various types of materials, like wood, glass, steel and stone. You should choose furniture that is strong and long lasting. Also you should choose material that is strong enough to carry the weight of the things you are going to put there. While you may be tempted to buy a certain color, it is better to match the dcor of the area you are planning to install the furniture in so that it does not look cluttered. - Size: The size of the modular furniture should be such that it does not obstruct your movement. Rather than opting for extravagant designs, go for ones that offer more functionality. It should be such that it caters to the everyday needs of family members. If you are choosing modular kitchen cabinets, you should ensure that you buy separate racks and storage units for knives, spoons, plates, utensils and appliances. - Reputable brands: Choosing modular furniture from well known brands will ensure that you do not get maintenance headaches once it is installed. How to choose modular furniture for offices and what are its advantages? Modular office furniture with doors not only offers maximum utilization of space, it also offers acoustical privacy to employees, who in turn benefit from increasing productivity owing to having a quiet place to work. Full privacy cubicles are cost effective as they can be installed at a fraction of the price of installing a traditional private office with solid wood. They can be altered easily. So, if you have to make the office smaller or bigger, you can alter the shape of the office accordingly. There are a variety of fabrics, finishes, storage accessories and other tools to choose from. They can be standardized for the entire company or they can vary from cubicle to cubicle. Overall, the benefits of modular furniture outweigh custom furniture as it decreases the carbon footprint of creating a customized piece of furniture. Their resale value is not much, but if they are kept in good condition, they retain resale value.

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Kitty Is Being Stubborn!?
** FIRST OF ALL: Please DO NOT rake your cats paws over the scratching post!! This will REALLY turn them off to using the post and make the problem worse. You can squirt her with a little water from a spray bottle when she even gets near the area you do not want her to scratch.The water spray bottle is very effective, does NOT hurt them and my cats know I mean "NO" when I just reach for the bottle--I do not even have to pick it up anymore. Cats have scent glands in their paws and when they scratch a surface, they are marking their territory. The scratching also removes the outer cuticle of the nail that dries out and needs to be removed. This also explains why my declawed male cat (NO, I did not declaw him--he came that way!) also uses a scratching post for claws that no longer exist--he's marking his turf. I thought he was just being silly. Your cat is doing "horizontal" scratching as opposed to "vertical" scratching and apparently there is a difference in the reason for both types. indoor cats prefer one position while outdoor cats like the other. My talented kitty can do BOTH because she was an outdoor cat that I brought inside! She is a "multi-tasker".She would scratch furniture and almost anything else I did not want her to scratch until I put an unfinished wooden shelf that I would bought from the "cheap bin" at IKEA for about 50 cents. I had it in mind for a cheap shelf to put up somewhere but Miss Kitty decided she liked to scratch it instead, so I have it propped up against a chair and she loves it! Now that is HER shelf/post and she does not go after the sofa or floor carpet anymore...usually. The site I mentioned is very helpful and answered some questions I had about feline behavior. I suggest anyone interested in cats read it. Hope this helps! Please hug your kitty for me.1. What to do with my crazy cat?Awe, I am sorry to hear that :(. But maybe there is some help for her. The main reason kitties do things like peeing on the bed, furniture, etc. when they are otherwise litterbox trained is because they have a stressor in thier lives. This could be anything, from a new pet to a simple change in your schedule. Believe it or not, cats are very in sync with your life and once you change something, they are reluctant to change with you. As far as the litter pan, i have found that Arm & Hammer makes incredible kitty litter. Another thought would be buying a new litter pan. If the one that you have is more than 6 months-1 year old, i would suggest getting a new one. Even if you clean it out, there is still the scent that the ammonia in the cat pee leaves behind. And as for her behavior towards your children, always remember, as i am sure you already know, to put your babies first. If she acts out to them in a way to hurt them, that is where you may have to find her a new home. However, she is probably just a grouchy kitty and likes to be left alone. I know that this is a very stressful situation to be in, but hopefully you and your kitty will be doing better soon! Take care, and good luck!.2. I need to find a furniture store that sells teenage bedrooms set that fits in an attic that has a slope.?yeah we had a bedroom like that and made out own, built in furniture - it was fun3. Is a lamp a piece of furniture?It's an accessory4. How do I get melted Junior Mints on my car seat cleaned?Stop by the office of your favorite carpet.upholstery cleaner and have them treat the candy and then rinse and extract it rom the fabric. I have a carpet cleaning business, we are always doing services like that. Sometimes a car cleaning issue is addressed when we are at the home to clean the carpets or furniture5. I have bad credit... Where and how can I get a loan? (Limit:$5,000?)?instead of taking out a loan to cover your debts and to buy new furniture and take on more debt, try taking a second job instead. You can use that money to pay down your current debts starting from the smallest to largest debt. Then save up money and pay cash for furniture - even if you have to buy one piece at a time. You wo not need credit if you can pay cash. Check out what Dave Ramsey says about getting out of debt and building personal wealth
Tears Over Bedroom Furniture?!? Maybe Notsays the Little Girl!
My new bedroom furniture was just delivered. I am so excited, ripping thru boxes like a kid on Christmas morning. Putting everything together, getting it all Feung Sheu! Its all done and i sit there exhausted looking at my beautiful new bedroom! Suddenly I choke up and tears fall from my eyes, streaming down my cheeks. I am taken aback. Why am i crying like this?Slowly I begin to remember. I can see a little girls bedroom in my memory. My new furniture is all white. With a matching dresser and mirror. A nightstand. All white. Like a little girls bedroom set only big style! Like the one i always imagined a little girl should have, like i should have had. Like i used to dream about when i was little. Why didnt i see this before? When i was picking it out I just like the white style because it was fresh and different than the expected Oak or dark wood styles i was seeing every where else. Or so i thought.I was even more excited than before! I just gave myself the best present i could have ever gotten and i even did incognito of my conscience mind! I gave my little girl inside a present that was long overdue. I felt so spoiled and sweet and warm. And a little bit sad. I should have gotten this as a little girl. This and so many other things.My childhood is something I dont like to talk about much. I dont like to live in the past or even remember i had one. This is somewhat of a problem for me, at least several therapists and psychiatrists tell me it is. I was raised in a very religious oppressive environment where i was ignored and deprived of even the most basic of needs. Its difficult for me to complain because i made it thru and so many other children had it worse than i did, of that i am sure.Anyway, today is a great day for me! Today i made up for one thing. Today I gave my little girl a present and righted a wrong in my past. It feels good. So today I cry. Tears of joy, tears of redemption, tears of a little girl so happy to sleep in her beautiful white bed! Yaaaay! .
Banquet Furniture - Cultural Differences on the Table
With the increasing globalization of the world, it is more important to understand the different cultures of the world. Of course, there are also differences at the table, table manners and various table habits, which can easily cause obstacles to communication and affect deeper communication. If you want to know more about the cultures of various countries, you have to know your own culture in order to compare the cultural differences with other countries.Chinese people have always "food is the most important thing for the people". Food is not only to meet people's basic needs, but also to uphold traditional customs and enjoy delicious food at the dinner table. Most of the dining tables in Chinese families are round, because it can seat many people, and everyone can sit face to face. They like to order several dishes and put them in the middle of the table. Each person uses his own chopsticks to take food directly from the dishes shared by each dish; On the end of a large pot of soup, everyone drinks the same pot of soup. For the Chinese, man is an integral part of society and the universe. One's actions will eventually affect everyone; Therefore, communication between people is very important, and unity is necessary to succeed. As long as a person walks into a Chinese restaurant, he will see many people sitting around a big table, which is very lively. On the contrary, as long as he stepped into a western restaurant, all he saw was that everyone focused on finishing a meal. Most western dining tables are square. Everyone can only see the people sitting opposite. For them, a person has the nature of individualism, is independent, and does not belong to a part of society or the universe. For them, individualism is relatively strong.Usually, Chinese people will take the seat closest to the door on the round table as the guest of honor, while people with low status have to sit the place furthest away from the door. But Westerners are different. They will use a long table, and the host and hostess will sit at both ends of the table. They believe that everyone is equal and everyone should have rights. In a word, we can see from the table that there are many differences between eastern and Western cultures, but we should know that each culture is equal and no one is superior to the other. The difference seen from the dining table just tells you that everything can be found in the details. As long as you are careful, you can find more things we want to know.
An Insiders Look at London
As the world’s focus turns to London for the Olympics this summer, locals know how to escape the crowds inside the city’s cozy pubs, flower markets and serene galleries.Forget Tony Robinson – if a hoard of Roman coins crops up in the back garden, it’s Philip Attwood you want to call. He is the fabulously titled Keeper of Coins and Medals at the British Museum, and the man on whose desk most glittering new archaeological finds end up. He’s been working at the British Museum for 32 years, and walking through the jaw-dropping atrium, latticed with metal and glass, it’s not difficult to understand why he says he never wants to leave.“Sometimes you have to take a step back and remember whereyou are. I can be on my way to a meeting and suddenly realize I’m next to anexhibit that I spent a year studying at university – like this, the Standard ofUr,” he enthuses, gesturing to a 4,500-yearold mosaic depicting scenes of warin ancient Sumer (modern Iraq). “The power of this object is extraordinary.Think of who else has looked at it in different times, and I’m just walkingpast it for a meeting!”With more than sevenmillion objects in the collection, it’s hard to know where to start, but Philipis as good a guide as you’ll get. His knowledge of small circular things madeout of metal stretches all the way from the Fishpool Hoard of 1,237 gold coinsdating from the War of the Roses (the largest found in the UK and with a facevalue of £400, equal to £300,000 in today’s money), to an intricate gold coincast for Queen Mary I in 1555, which would set you back around £270,000 if itever came up for sale. Being able to spot a forgery is a crucial part of thejob – although most fakes that do crop up are contemporary to the originals,rather than modern-day cheats. Philip’s latest project has been to select the design forthe London Olympic and Paralympic medals. “The pattern of the Paralympic medalis taken from the drapery worn by the statue of Nike, which stood at Olympia inancient Greece. We own a cast of the statue, although it’s currently in ourstore room, which is, weirdly enough, in the London version of Olympia.”Curators develop apossessive, almost familial, relationship with their collections. “Most of usdon’t think about the monetary value of an object, even when it’s worthmillions,” says Philip. “It’s the emotional response that’s important, theconnection with other individuals over time and space. An object’s meaning canchange, but there’s often continuity, too – a basic idea which sustains. It’s areal privilege to have that experience every day.”More unmissable LondonmuseumsPub secretsGeorge Orwell wrote that the ideal pub should have “uncompromisinglyVictoria”’ fittings, be always “quiet enough to talk” and be staffed bybarmaids who “take a personal interest in everyone”. He may not have added thatthe landlady should have bright pink hair, but there can be no doubt that TheSeven Stars (53-54 Carey St, WC2A) would meet with his approval. A snug, squat trio of wood paneled rooms tucked away behindthe Royal Courts of Justice near The Strand, The Seven Stars lays claim tobeing one of London’s oldest pubs, dating back to 1602. Tables are neatlycovered in checkered cloths and walls in old movie posters, pictures of BertoltBrecht and books on literary hoaxes. And in Roxy Beaujolais, a former TV chefturned landlady supreme, it’s blessed with a whirlwind of energy and laughterat its very core. “The secret to a real London pub,” she says, “is clean lavs,good beer, no music, no fruit machines and no bores. It’s a place where peopletell secrets and lies. It’s egalitarian, anyone can come in. Until I say theycan’t.”Roxy is a veteran of the 1980s Soho scene, having worked atRonnie Scott’s Jazz Club in an era when the likes of Francis Bacon and LucianFreud would stumble from pub to drinking den. The Seven Stars is a much quieterproposition: “A mellow place to sit – an elegant home from home,” as Roxy putsit. Its location in a somewhat overlooked area of central London means that itis a pub you have to seek out – and therein lies its appeal. Walk in the doorand you feel like you’ve found something special. “This is a lovely part of London,” says Roxy. “On one sideyou have the thieves and stewpots of Covent Garden, on the other, the ice-coldCorporation of London and the City. This is the land in-between, up to Lincoln’sInn Fields and Bloomsbury, and it’s a terrific area. It’s hidden, and thatmakes it magical.” Regulars include legal clerks from the court, ministers andmusicians from St Paul’s, and the more discerning students from King’s College.“Get them in the first year and you’ve got them for life. I get former studentsbringing their babies in to show me years later.”Places like The Seven Stars justify the mythologysurrounding London pubs – it’s welcoming, eccentric and, despite Roxy comingfrom Australia, very English. “London would be miserable without its pubs. Weprovide a home for the bewildered and a place where people can meet. You couldmeet the man of your dreams in a pub.”More classic London pubsBlooming marketsWalking through Columbia Road FlowerMarket early on a Sunday morning, you can’t help but appreciate the ritualverbal ding-dong of a great London market. “Three bunches for a fiver – cheapenough to give to someone you don’t like,” says one stallholder, chucking a boxof flowers towards a punter waiting with hands outstretched. “So cheap youcould stick them on your mother-in-law’s grave,” cries another. Halfway down this East London street, crammed with colours,scents and stems, is the stall run by 83-year-old George Gladwell, who has beenworking at the market since 1949. “The secret to the banter,” he explains, “ismaking people smile. If you can make people laugh, you’ll do alright.” No matter what the weather, it’s always spring on Sundays atColumbia Road. There’s been a market here since the days when cattle traderswould march their herds down this road from London Fields to Smithfields. Thearrival of the Jewish community in the 19th century saw the trading day shiftto Sundays, which meant that vendors could pick up the leftover flowers fromthe Saturday market at Covent Garden, stack them high and sell them cheap. Behind the stalls, the independent shops and cafés are anintegral part of the market’s magic. There are little art galleries, jewellersand shops selling antiques. Turn off at Ezra Street and there’s a maze of cobbledstreets bursting with the wares of the area’s creative community – wovenbaskets, handmade trinkets and vintage clothes, alongside freshly shuckedoysters and a three-man folk band busking sea shanties. Far from the touristsqueeze of the markets in Borough and Portobello, this little quarter of Londoncomes into bloom every weekend – and the flowers are just the start of it. More unique LondonmarketsThe hidden heath “You don’t just stumble across this place,” says David Humphries, tree officer ofHampstead Heath and a man whoseexcitement at clambering up the nearest trunk puts even the keenestfive-year-old to shame. “It’s a place for locals only, really. You’ll be luckyto see two dog walkers a day here, unlike the rest of the park.” Here on SandyHeath – a serene wooded glen in the western section – there is a preternaturalserenity. It’s difficult to believe that this peace can be found just a coupleof miles from the frantic tumult of the City, nor in a park that attracts sevenmillion visitors a year. “In spring, when it’s in full leaf,” says David, “youcan’t hear anything except the rustle of leaves.”David has worked atthe heath for 26 years, first joining as a 16-year-old apprentice. Despitebeing London born-and-bred, he says that he was never a city type, and wasalways drawn to the rural lifestyle. The remarkable character of HampsteadHeath has allowed David to fulfil his dream. Unlike London’s more sedate Royal parks, the true mark ofthe wild remains in the heath. Trees are allowed to grow in crooked angles orto fall to the floor, and dead stumps slowly rot (they are a vital habitat forinsects and bats) while leaves are left to pile up and decompose. “Some otherparks are more sanitised, like a Victorian pleasure park,” says David. “Everyleaf is cleaned away so people don’t get their shoes dirty. On the heath, we’remore about leaving nature to its own devices.” A short walk from Sandy Heath are the ruins of Pitt’sGarden, which once belonged to the 18thcentury prime minster, William Pitt theElder. A red-brick arch is all that remains, incongruous amid the woodland. Ahuge beech has sprung up beside it, the roots pushing the wall of the arch overto such a crazy angle that David had to insert a support frame to stop itkeeling over – a quick intervention to satisfy both the historians and thenaturalists. Across the road is Hill Garden, perhaps the greatest of allthe heath’s hidden treasures. The huge stately home here has been turned intoluxury flats, but the long, serpentine pergola walkway that winds its way abovethe grounds for a third of a mile is open to the public. Its stone path islined with pillars that in spring are wound with wisteria and roses. “Spring is a time of natural noise. You can actually hearthe sap rising,” says David. “Summer is a time of buzz, the insects andcrickets. And winter is a time of dormancy and silence. That’s my favouritetime of the year, when the heath feels at complete peace.”More ways to see wild LondonTales of the TateImagine that in your hands lies an artwork worth millions of pounds. Oneaccidental kick and you could go down in art history. “It does cross my mindfrom time to time” laughs Kyla McDonald, assistant curator at Tate Modern. “It can be a bit scary,but we have a huge team making sure that each painting or sculpture istransported and stored in exactly the right way.”Since its opening in 2000, Tate Modern’s spectacular TurbineHall exhibits and blockbuster shows have attracted 45 million visitors. Yeteven in a place as popular as this, there remain overlooked spaces. Kylacurates one such space – the Level 2 Gallery. Sitting right next to theThames-side entrance, this area is often missed by visitors marching straightthrough to the Turbine Hall. It’s dedicated to emerging international artists,giving the public a first chance to see the work that may one day hang in thehallowed confines of its permanent collection. “This is a space for young artists to enter into a dialoguewith the established names upstairs,” says Kyla, walking around the currentexhibition – showcasing art from Morocco, Lebanon and Romania – and carefullywatching how the visitors are reacting to the art. Even a small show like thistakes six months to prepare. Upstairs, on the fifth floor, is Kyla’s other favouritespace – the Architecture and Power room. Its position, at the back of a roomfilled with Picassos and other big names, means it is doesn’t get the focusfrom visitors that the art here deserves. Highlights include a model of thePeruvian military headquarters in Lima, topped with a printer spurting out tillreceipts with live Google search results for the word ‘brutalist’. This searchcaptures the past dictatorships of South America and references to architectureitself. “This room and Level 2 represent a shift away from the normal canon ofWestern art,” says Kyla. “It’s about trying to integrate a more global senseinto Tate Modern and allow new voices to be heard.”More cutting edgegalleries Olympian caféThe scrum for Olympic tickets left thousands empty handed, and othersdesperately trying to pretend that they’ve always loved dressage and claypigeon shooting. Yet for those wanting to tap into the Olympic spirit evenwithout a ticket, a visit to a small industrial island in Hackney Wick shouldbe a priority. “When the Games start, it’s going to be insane,” says JessSeaton, co-proprietor of The Counter,a brick and steel diner filled with retro furniture and gleaming iMacs. “Alreadywe can hear the intercom, and the floodlights shine straight in the windows.God knows what it’s going to be like when the crowds get here.”The Counter overlooksthe Lee Valley River, a ribbon of water snaking through the industrialheartlands of East London. Raise your eyes above the bank and you’re greetedwith the sight of possibly the biggest construction site in the world – theOlympic Park. It’s so close that customers are in danger of being hit by astray javelin. “We didn’t plan this,” says Jess. “We’re not Olympicsellouts! Before we opened there was nothing here.” She’s not kidding. From theoutside, Fish Island is little more than a ring of warehouses, shippingcontainers and lorries. “There’s only one road in here,” says Jess. “It’s asecret community. But all of those dull warehouses are packed with creativepeople. Hackney Wick has the highest concentration of art studios in the world.”The Counter’s superlative breakfasts and views have drawn people in from acrossthe city. And now its prime Olympic location has put the area under a globalspotlight. Despite worries that the Games’ proximity would push rentsup and artists out, Jess has been happily surprised that this hasn’t happened.“This will never be a post-Olympics ghost town. We’ll still be here when theattention moves on,” she says. “It’s a very special area and everyone wants tokeep it that way.”More alternativeOlympic views The article 'An insider's look at London' was published in partnership with Lonely Planet Magazine.
Hotel Banquet Furniture Maintenance Knowledge
First of all, the problem of humidity. It is humid in summer, and you can often see that the wall or floor is affected by moisture. Therefore, you can keep a gap of 0.5-1 cm between the wall and the wall of hotel banquet furniture, so as to minimize the chance of moisture. If water mist appears on the surface of hotel furniture, wipe the water mist condensed on it with a soft dry cloth and keep the room ventilated. If the ventilation effect is not ideal, charcoal or desiccant can also be used to absorb the moisture in the room. Especially for leather furniture and metal parts of furniture, such as hotel sofa card seat, it must be handled immediately in case of moisture.In addition to the above heat and moisture protection measures, pay attention to the daily cleaning of furniture. Panel hotel furniture is relatively easy to clean, so we should take care of solid wood furniture and leather furniture. Solid wood home had better wax regularly, once every three months, and do a good job of cleaning before waxing. For leather sofa, wipe with damp cloth. Large pieces of condensation stains can be cleaned with foam cleaning agent. It should be noted that the pores of the leather will absorb sweat. High temperature and humidity will cause chemical reactions between the organic matter in the sweat and leather, and produce odor easily, so the cortex furniture must be rubbed.Remind you that whether it is solid wood hotel furniture, panel furniture, soft hotel furniture or leather sofa, you should try to avoid the exposure of outdoor sunlight to the whole furniture or the Bureau for a long time. It is best to place it in a place that can avoid the sunlight, or use translucent Tulle curtains to separate the direct sunlight. In this way, it not only does not affect the indoor daylighting, but also protects the indoor furniture, killing two birds with one stone. In addition, the furniture should be kept away from the heat source or air conditioning outlet, so as to avoid the damage or premature aging of the furniture caused by the huge temperature difference.
New Holtzman Headquarters in Old Mart : Convention Center Work Brings Relocation of Office Furniture
In a relocation move necessitated by expansion plans for the Los Angeles Convention Center, Holtzman Office Furniture Co. has established new headquarters and a showroom at 2155 E. 7th St.After 30 years at its previous downtown location at 1417 S. Figueroa St., Holtzman now occupies the historic Peck & Hills Furniture Co. building, a 60-year-old landmark that was Los Angeles' first furniture mart.The relocation was not by choice, said Steven Silbert, Holtzman's president. "But we simply had to find a new site, and the easiest solution was to relocate to a new building nearby or an existing building that would allow for showroom space." When asked why they chose to remain downtown, senior executive and owner Harold Silbert said, "We've been downtown for so long, that we wanted to maintain our identity as a downtown firm with our distributors, dealers, designers and retail patrons."By continuing here and renovating and modernizing this historic building, we feel our presence will also contribute to the upgrading of the entire area." The Silberts searched and negotiated for more than a year before obtaining the old Peck & Hills Furniture Co., making Holtzman's new 265,000-square-foot facility one of largest office furniture outlets in the nation. The renovation architect was William A. Walden.The owners regard their business as a one-stop shopping establishment. The firm carries 400 lines of furniture and accessories that are available for sale or lease or loan out to customers, and provides space planning and interior design, repair and refinishing services and has its own fleet of delivery trucks."It's a family operation," said Harold Silbert, whose daughters Susan and Nancy have been instrumental in building a major profit outlet for Holtzman--the rental of furniture to studios to be used in television and movie scenes, such as "Dynasty," "L.A. Law," "Dallas," "Simon & Simon," "Matlock" and "Beverly Hills Cop" I & II.
High Quality Small Outdoor Rattan Storage Cabinet Furniture Wholesale
Model No.: YSJS-425 Size: big 90*40*100,small 43*30*90CMCM Material: rattan,1.2–1.8mm aluminum frame tube Package: Plastic foam,kraft paper,carton. Loading quantity: 180set/40HQRattan undergoesphysical property testing,tensile report,heat and cold resistancereport,high temperature test, REACH report.Normally we have three designs rattan ,warranty 2 years,warranty 3 years and warranty 5 year.Our goods already pass DEU — -CP certification.DEU — -CPR certification,EN581 certification.Other test certification could be make if client need it.Payment Terms: 30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by T/T or L/C should be paid before loading. Sample cost: Paypal ,western union , moneygram and cash also is available.FAQQ1: What is your MOQ? A: For tables,the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs per item.B: For chairs,the Minimum order quantity is 50pcs per item.Q2: What is the warranty policy? A: Most of our products can guarantee at least 3 years.While above the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applicationsand unreasonable conditions or abusive use.Q3: Could I take some samples from you? How about the sample charges?A: Yes, samples are available. The sample cost is triple of the unit price.But we will return the extra once received your next order·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the use of a fire alarm control module?On the most basic level- and many systems are still like this- a fire alarm system consists of two separate electronic loops- one is the detection loop and the other is the alert loop. In the middle of these two loops is an alarm panel that contains several components, commonly including a monitor module and a control module, along with an automatic phone dialer or other external monitoring connection.[Of course panels and alarm control systems can contain a lot more parts, but that goes beyond the question]The detection loop usually contains a collection of devices that have "normally open" relays- heat detectors, smoke detectors and pull stations, for example. When one of those relays "closes"- completes an electrical circuit- the monitor module on the panel sends a signal to the control module.A control module is the output side. It activates warning devices like a bell or horn strobe. It can also activate relays connected to automatic door closers, elevator controls, fire suppression systems, smoke ejectors, and the like.What is the use of a fire alarm control module?
Dining Room Ideas: Home Design
Regardless of whether your table and seats are packed into the most diminutive of rooms, or are simply taking a corner from another space in the house, there are loads of things you can do to make dinner times a joy.Think about furnitureOutwardly grow a little lounge area by utilising a monochromatic palette. Keep the dividers and floor mess free and insignificant, giving the identity a chance to come as shrewdly planned furniture. Buy a round table with seats that can be tucked in when not being used. There are no corner legs to squirm around and it can be moved about effortlessly when required. Before purchasing, consider what estimate table your space will oblige, your optimal size (round or oval) and which material will best supplement your present plan. Convenience is critical, as well, and do consider what you’ll do with seating when it’s not being utilised overlay up or stacking seats are incredible choices.Round upPick a round platform table and armless eating seats to outwardly upgrade a space. Maintain the concentration off your little quarters and attract thoughtfulness regarding one of a kind subtle elements in a little lounge area. Utilize a sugary palette of pale pastels to keep the unobtrusive shading even over a minimized room. Make your eating region the superstar by painting a roundabout outline on the divider to characterize a zone.Think past your spaceIn the event that you don’t have a different feasting zone, investigate your home. On the off chance that the event requests, or you simply feel like it, for what reason not set up a transitory eating zone in an underused space? Position a slimline table in a tight passage or lobby. Keep the space complain free and get furniture from different rooms or utilize pieces that can be collapsed away, stacked or moved around immediately.Work each inch.Try not to give a little lounge area a chance to confine you. Increment the space in a thin lounge area with a slimline table and divider hung embellishments. On the off chance that you have an extensive family or a ceaseless stream of visitors going by then a little, round table may not be a possibility for you. Rather, put resources into a thin table that will fit flawlessly into a tight space, for example, a kitchen-coffee shop, center or even a lobby. Free up floor space with divider hung lighting on turns that can be situated over your table to give proficient undertaking lighting. Wire it up to a dimmer switch for an encompassing sparkle — perfect for hint dinners. At long last, accentuate the plan with work of art and table beautifications to include character and identity.Utilise colourLittle doesn’t need to mean plain. Where space isn’t the wow factor, draw the consideration with shading and example. One side of this little lounge area has been offered over to lively paint and example. A component backdrop becomes the dominant focal point, flanked by fuchsia pink nooks in a brilliantly vivacious finishing plan. Seat seating is an insightful decision for this little space, while pendant lights include a little state of mind lighting come evening time.Make a comfortable cornerAt the point when space is tight, choose additional solace with a banquette. Mix it into whatever is left of the room by picking furniture and hues that ring with the encompassing style. Not exclusively do banquettes offer a more easygoing, laid-back style of eating, but on the other hand they’re an awesome space-saver, requiring less room than seats and offering significant capacity under the seats. Re-make the laid-back vibe with stacks of pads and extras, all custom fitted to fit your plan.Keep it minimalHope to extract innovation when outlining a lounge area its direct furniture and sharp, clean lines are ideal for a conservative space. Join a ledge that is nearly retire like in its appearance, while bar stools with thin, axle legs are an awesome decision for insignificant and conservative plans. Proceed with the toning it down would be ideal approach on the dividers and ground surface.byAmritha m nair.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the craziest contract language you have caught?From the Amazon Web Services Terms of Service (with my emphasis):57.10 Acceptable Use; Safety-Critical Systems. 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Three Elements That Make Contemporary Furniture NYC Excellent
There are four important elements that make contemporary furniture NYC truly excellent. So when you go shopping for modern furniture, pay close attention to these three elements. First is the form factor. Modern or contemporary home furnishings have excellent structural design. In fact, most of these products are ergonomically crafted so you can fully enjoy them. For example, if you are buying a modern sofa, make sure that it has a comfortable backrest and arms rest. This is also true when buying recliners, lounges or sofa beds. The furniture should be comfortable enough so you can enjoy it better.Next is the utility factor. Almost all types of modern home furnishing are very functional. But make sure that the functional qualities of contemporary furniture NYC will be useful for you. So if you need to de-clutter your home, you can buy modern cabinets, drawers, or space saving contemporary dressers. These furniture pieces have lots of storage spaces and they are very stylish too. And last is the aesthetic factor. There is no denying the fact the modern furniture is really stylish and elegant. But you need to choose furniture that matches the color scheme and layout of your room. Choose furniture that will enhance the beauty of your home. Your home will surely get a big upgrade if you can choose furniture with the right design and style. You have to consider these three key elements before you decide to purchase furniture. This way, you will be able to get the best contemporary furniture NYC. Mabelle Sese
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