24 Hour Urine Collection?

A 24-hour urine collection is a simple diagnostic procedure that measures the components of urine. The test is noninvasive (the skin is not pierced), and is used to assess kidney (renal) function.

Twenty-four hour urine collection is performed by collecting a person's urine in a special container over a 24-hour period. The container must be kept cool during this time until it is returned to the lab for analysis.

Urine consists of water and dissolved chemicals such as sodium, potassium, urea (formed from protein breakdown), and creatinine (formed from muscle breakdown), along with other chemical compounds. Normally, urine contains specific amounts of these waste products. If these amounts are not within a normal range, or if other substances are present, it may be an indication of a particular disease or condition. The results of a 24- hour urine collection may provide information to help your physician make or confirm a diagnosis.

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disputed collection on credit report....?

You don't have to send in letters to dispute. The company has records of your calls on file, and can not delete them. If the dispute for collections was legitimate, then it should be taken off. But if you went past 30 days, it's legitimate and they won't take it off. If you were disputing a charge, for example, and just didn't pay until it was "taken care of" and you let it go past 30 days, then it was legit to put it on your credit report. You always pay a minimum payment on your stuff while you're filing a dispute and through out the dispute process. But what are you diputing exactly? In order to give you an accurate answer, I would need more details.

EDIT: exactly why are you disputing them? you said they went unpaid. when something goes unpaid, it goes on your credit report after 30 days of non payment. i'm confused, what is there to dispute?..


How big is the average teen makeup collection?

Well the way i see it there is really many different averages for different classes of people :S

the really rich kids whos parents provide money for their makeup will have a large collection.. mainly

the folks who work for the money to buy their own collection usually start off small and then really bgin to expand it :)

the kids who save their pocket money for makeup usually have a small collection growing as the save up more and more :)

the average i guess would be a pallette of eyeshadows, eyeliner or two, a few mascaras, a few foundations (lighter for winter and darker for summer ) maybe a conceler, and blush or bronzing pearls and some people buy the different makeup brushes so not to use the ones provided in sets as such and dont forget the lipglosses and stuff :)

Good luck with your makeup collection :D

Mine is always growing :D:L


is there statue of limitation on debt collection in the state of ILL.?

The statute of limitations for this type of account in IL is 5 years. However, if you lived in another state when you incurred the debt, it could be shorter if that other state has a shorter SOL.

What this means to you is that you cannot be forced to pay although the collections agency can still keep trying to collect. However, if you are out of statute of limitations, you can pretty much tell them to piss off and never contact you again and they have to comply - just put it in writing.

After 7.5 years, the debt will fall off your credit report. Do yourself a favor and keep a copy of your old credit reports so if they try to reage the debt or sell it and someone else lists it, you can prove when it first went late and get the notataion removed from your credit report.

You need to read both the FCRA and the FDCPA to learn your rights. I would also suggest reading the forums at www.creditboards.com to learn how to fix your credit.

Good luck!


Postage stamp collection value?

The answer is 'no', it can't be done like that.

For one thing a collection has many parts and only a few items are of any value.

It is impossible to value a collection in this way because rare items can be difficult to spot in a collection, and rare items in poor condition will have a very low value. In addition rare items usually need to be 'expertised' to realise their full value in the marketplace.

Nowadays, philatelists are more interested in postal history than stamps as such. perhaps some of your collection is still on the covers? Perhaps they have interesting postal markings, if so that could be good

The only way is to approach someone at your nearest philatelic society and ask what they think.

My personal experience is that I can tell within five minutes what a collection is likely to fetch at auction. An hour or two will allow the identification of any really good items.

It is best not to leave your collection with anybody - you never know and stamps are very portable!

Very few collections are worth great sums and there is a category of collection often referred to as 'juvenile'. They are schoolboy collections which even fifty years later are likely to contain little of great merit.

Of course, some people had a good eye for potentially sound investments and your collection may be one of these.

Best wishes,

Bruce Gillham

General Secretary of the India Study circle


what to do about collection accounts?

Paying off old debts can sometimes hurt your credit score. Most damage is done once the account is reported as collection, the longer they stay on your credit history, the more impact they loose.

The FIRST thing you should do is to request a Validation of the debt from the collection account, most can not provide a valid one, if they fail to do so, then the item must not be removed from your credit history.

To find out who to deal with, is the original creditor reporting the account as a charge off/collection account with a zero balance on your credit report. If they, then you will have to deal with the Collectors. The easiest way to tell is to simply call the OC, and try to discuss your account, if they refer you to the Collection Agency, then they no longer service the debt. You can not rebuild your credit by making payments to collection agencies.

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Can the Creditor Or Collection Agency Remove a Collection Account From My Credit Report? How to Conv
A collection agency can remove or change reported information on your CR. This is much easier to do if you negotiate this before settling. Since you have already paid the account, they will only do it if they are decent folks to deal with. You might get lucky with that. At least they should delete you from their files so that any CRA cannot verify the information. You can always write the bureaus and dispute iformation on your report. I have attached a form letter for this purpose. All you need is a copy of your current utility bill for address verification. Paid off accounts are more likely to be deleted from your report as there is no economic reason for collectors to keep that information on file. Remember, it is the credit bureaus responsability to verify (within thirty days) that all information on your report is accurate. For further questions1. Fourth Hat of Antique Hatrack CollectionLooking at the West of Loathing Wiki article on the hatrack provides some insight as to what it could be; it seems the hats match the order yours are in.By process of elimination I believe the missing hat to be the are ally nice cowboy hat' which is found in the Temporal Nexus at the West Pole.For reference, here is the hat list (information from the article); they must be in your inventory at the end of the game for them to appear in the credits sequence:.2. Does owning a collection of guns necessary for protection?You only need one firearm for protection, in the same way that you only need one golf club to play golf.Firearms, like golf clubs are tools that help you perform a specific task more proficiently.The reason that there are so many various types of firearms is that technology is constantly changing, and you never know what type of firearm will be needed for the situation you are in... so if possible, have more than one. Throughout my house I have numerous types of firearms that I've placed in specific safe places. I feel confident that no matter the situation, I stand an excellent chance of coming out on top if my home was to ever be invaded.If you have just one firearm, you may be safer by simply keeping it with you at all times.3. What are qualitative methods of data collection in research?You want to start secondary research to search for existing insights, then get anecdotes using qualitative methods with open-ended questions and then get data to support your conclusions using quantitative methods.Interviews and observation are the best ways to discover new insights and problems to be solved. You can quantify these in focus groups such as customer forums. Then validate your conclusions with experiments using prototypes and the data from surveys.Surveys are not a good discovery tool. Remember, the problem with surveys is that you do not know what you do not know. Do some interviews and observations to learn what you don'y know then use customer forums and surveys to quantify what you've learned. For more on customer interviews, see my free ebook Customer Interviews: A Field Guide4. Is having a DVD collection a waste of time and energy?there are many factors that have to be taken under consideration to answer this question; however, many people will say yes because of that cold, rainy miserable dark day outside when all one wants to do is curl up by a warm fire, on a soft couch, under a comfortable quilt, and watch an old movie! others may have no nostalgia gene and say it is not worth it. personally, i opt for the ...front of the fire ... theory.5. Better to settle with the creditor or with Collection Agency?Wow, you really do not know what is going on. The Statute of Limitations for trying to collect a debt in most states is about 3 to 5 years, only a few states have it at 6 to 8 years. I am in Missouri and the Statute of Limitations is 3 years, after three years, the debt is too old for them to collect, I can send them a letter letting them know that the debt is now too old to collect on. If you've made a payment recently the statute of limitations starts over again from the time you paid them. You do not pay a third party collection agency nothing, they are not even legal. If you read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which is Federal Law, if the third party collection agency buys your information from the Primary Lender, the debt is only "Assumed" to be valid if you do not ask them to validate the debt. They've never produced a good or a service for you, they have no right to collect any money from you, it's only assumed that they have the right if you do not defend yourself. Do not pay the Primary Lender any more money unless you get it in writing. The laws in the US still favor the debtor, not the debt collector. The debt collectors still win because 99% of Americans do nothing to defend themselves.
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