A Night Light Made on Lasers

A quick easy way to make acustomizable night light on a laser.Materials needed:Access to Corel Draw (thanx TechShop)Access to a laser cutter (thanx againTechShop)A 1/4"X6" led strip (thanx lumenedge)1/8" thick 24"X18" clear acrylic1/4" thick 5"X24" wood (i used mahogany, no reason why)digital caliperswood glueclamps- the picture shows more stuff, but I didn't need it all after allI made this at TechShopFor my design I used Corel Draw. My daughter likes giraffe's, so I made my new grandchild a mom and baby giraffe design with her name at the bottom.When I designed it, I wanted to make sure all the etching would be on the inside to keep the image clean and finger print free. Notice her name is spelled backwards so that when the night light is sandwiched together everything is facing the correct way. I split the giraffe's up to help the light get through the name on the bottom. I got my width from the led strip I bought and thought the height looked good at 8".Next, I cut out my clear acrylic. I put my 2 pieces together in my led strip so that I could take some dimensions to ensure my base would fit properly with the assembly.Using what I found out from the prior step, I designed my base in corel draw also. I needed 1 solid piece as a bottom, 1 piece with the acrylic slot cut in and also a slot for the wiring to come out of as a middle, and 1 piece to have an acrylic slot in it for a top. When I was set, I moved over to the laser and cut them out.With a little glue on each piece of the base, start at the bottom and work up. When the middle piece was done I mounted the night light, then put the last piece down over the acrylic, lined up the bases and clamped them together about half an hour. Plug it in and there ya go - a quick easy customizable night light.

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LiTTT Snaps LED Strips Together Without Solder
LiTTT Snaps LED Strips Together Without Solder
Programmable RGB and RGBW LEDs, especially in strip form, have revolutionized the kind of lighting effects that creators can easily make. Working with strips, however, normally means breaking out the soldering iron. If for some reason you need to make changes, you then have to repeat the process over again — hopefully without damaging anything.If you’d prefer for things to be more plug-and-play, the LiTT Snap! system, by Daniel Tooker, features electrical connectors that — you guessed it — simply snap together. They form connections by bending the strip inside of a square piece of RPVC extrusion, or into an equivalent 3D-printed shape. The system is now available on Kickstarter, featuring 90 and 45 degree connectors, extrusion, and the RGBW LEDs themselves, along with the pigtails needed to connect everything to power and your favorite dev board.It’s an interesting concept, but the stretch goals expand things even further, including a 135- and 180-degree connector, as well as mounting hardware, and even a rotating corner connector. As an added bonus, if successful, this campaign will help in the development of the LiTTT HUB. The aim of the hub is to be a connected lighting controller “to rule them all,” further simplifying what you can do with these amazing strips!.·RELATED QUESTIONWere can I get quality outdoor LED lighting for my landscape project?If short maintenance, eco friendly landscape lighting is a precedence for you, outdoor LED lighting is a ideal option for your landscape lighting design. LED landscape lighting offers the protection, security and artistic qualities as any other landscape lighting solution, but it also offers a concentrated ecological footprint and lower maintenance.You can emphasize the beautiful architecture of your home’s external or landscaping with tactically placed outdoor lighting by LV Lightings. While your options may seem endless, it’s significant to believe the role you want your outdoor lights to play. Will they be for security reasons, or for more ornamental purposes?Outdoor LED lightingmay be more luxurious up front than other options, but in the long run it will go easier on your wallet than other bulbs. From LV Lighting’s LED lights have a long life span and offer excellence lighting that is power efficient.Whatever options you settle on, you’re sure to find a extensive selection of charming and well-designed landscape lighting right here on LV Lightings.
Chaining Up 5v LED Strips Using 5v Cellphone Chargers [duplicate]
If you go on ebay they sell 1 male to multiple female connectors. Having multiple power supplies is not ideal because if one goes out it puts stress on the LED strip and could short out the strip and other power supplies. With one power supply and wires to divide it evenly if it goes out, the whole thing goes out without the risk of a short in the microchips in the strip. One strip one power supply is best. An adjustable power supply to lets you choose your voltage and amperage and they are cheap. The 50/50 rgb has more versatility then that brand in you picture which looks like a 30/30. The 50/50 come with built in power connectors. You will have more difficulty tracking down the bad power supply in your example if it goes bad without a multi-meter.If you hard wiring this without a control box(small control CPU that con be programmed for sequenced patterns and brightness) a 3 12volt dimmer switch for each color would work. The control box does have a timer and can be thrown off by multiple power supplies. Some of the answer came from the comments1. im trying to make sound reactive LED strips for a car subwoofer?definite, that is conceivable, yet you gotta make constructive your sub is not stressed out down bypass 4 ohm, otherwise your reciever will bypass into look after mode. I also advise you hook up a house sub extremely of a motor vehicle sub. They both are outfitted in yet in a unique way and the residing house sub will sound alot extra proper. sturdy success.2. Why are most RGB LED strips common anode instead of common cathode?I was not able to find any definitive reasons, but I did come across:- EEng (source)It may be that the slight advantage that sinking current offers over sourcing for most devices, leads manufacturers more often to design displays in a common anode configuration3. Why don't people power LED strips in parallel instead of using amplifiers?Watts = Volts x Amps, so the current and wire size required to deliver a certain amount of power with minimal voltage drop is much larger at 12V or 24V than at 110V or 230V, and that thick cable has to be run all the way from the power source. Where will you put the cable? Not in the LED strip channel because there is not room. Not alongside it as that would be unsightly. That leaves in the ceiling or under the floor, which makes for a difficult installation. But let's say you do not mind seeing the extra cable or crawling through the ceiling to get it to the destination - just how much larger does it need to be to eliminate visible loss? The human eye is very sensitive to intensity variations, and the strips have multiple LEDs in series so they are quite sensitive to voltage drop. So to achieve 'insignificant' power loss the current has to be much lower than the ampacity of the cable. Therefore the cable needs to be oversized. A typical LED strip may draw several Amps - your cable might need to be rated for tens or even hundreds of Amps to match the output voltage of a local controller. However the room probably already has multiple mains power points that can be tapped into to supply additional LED drivers. So now you do not need to run a long thick cable to each remote LED strip, and each strip gets full voltage from a local power supply so it has the same brightness. The only problem is how to operate them all from a single location. LED 'amplifiers' or are peaters' solve this problem.4. How To Create Ambient Lighting with LED StripsHow To Create Ambient Lighting With LED Strips Ambient light is defined as the general illumination within a space. The availability of ambient light throughout the home is one of the most critical considerations in interior design. With LED strip lights, there are many more ways to effectively create ambient light to brighten the home for family and guests. Strip lights capitalize on the well-known benefits of LED technology - providing ample, beautiful light with low energy costs and incredible durability. But there is another important factor exclusive to strip lights, and that is their supreme design versatility. Our strips can be cut, curved and connected to fit any space and shine light exactly where you want it. Here are four ways to create attractive ambient light with LED strips: One of the best uses for LED strip lights is in indirect lighting projects. Indirect lighting is a great way to add focus, texture, layering and accent color to rooms throughout the house. Many people choose to run the strips above cabinets in the kitchen, behind mirrors in the bathroom, or in coves through hallways. Modern designers have expressed a preference for indirect lighting because of the way it hides fixtures and because it produces an evenly distributed glow of ambient light throughout the room. Pro Tip: Take extra care to make sure the high energy areas of your house have ample lighting. Where does the family gather? In the kitchen or the living room? Make sure that the lights you install are bright enough to energize a crowd, making everyone feel lively and excited to be together. Our LED strips are some of the very brightest LEDs you will find on the market. Ambient light in a room is not only measured by how attractive it is, but also by its functionality. One advantage of LED strips is that their versatility makes them great for task lighting installations. LED strip lights are perhaps the best solution there is for under cabinet lighting - a common example of home-based task lighting. Further, this is a simple DIY project that wo not require a huge electrician expense. To add kitchen task lighting, just peel back the adhesive on the back of our strips, stick them under the cabinet and connect them to a power source for incredible kitchen task lighting. Pro Tip: When installing task lighting, it's a good idea to put in more light than you think you will need. First, these lights will last many years into the future, and who could not use more light as the years go on? Second, when you are focusing on a task, more light means better concentration and improved accuracy. Dimmers are important for creating the right ambient light atmosphere in the home. With dimmers, you can turn down the lights as night falls, which will relax your mind and bring you closer to sleep. Dimmers can also be used to add light to a room where natural light normally enters, but perhaps clouds are letting in less light than normal and you need a little extra. With a dimmed LED strip lights, you will have full control to add the perfect level of light necessary for any given situation. Pro tip: Before you add a dimmable LED strip lighting system, it is a good idea to consider whether you want a hardwired wall dimmer or a remote inline dimmer. The first option is easier if you have a professional electrician on hand, while the second option can be done as part of a DIY installation. LED strip lights can also improve a room's ambient light by adding accent. Running strips along toe kickers or under counters is a great way to add color or textures to a room. With LED strips, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. If you are looking to add an extra creative flair, add color-changing RGBs and harness the power of color psychology. For instance, say you want to create an excited mood in a room, add red light and the occupants will feel stimulated and passionate. On the other hand, add blue light and the occupants will feel relaxed and comfortable. Pro tip: Many color changing LED strips on the market are of low quality. Be sure to compare options before making your purchase and make sure that the lights come from a trusted brand. While many lights claim to last 25,000 to 50,000 hours, make sure there is a warranty on the product to guard yourself against disappointment. We truly enjoy the opportunity to provide clients with the LED solutions they need. It's a great pleasure for us to see our strip lights installed in the countless innovative and sustainable projects that we see developed every single day. Your vision is what inspires us to do what we do! Do you need any help deciding which LED strip lights are right for your commercial, industrial, or home renovation project? Give us a call at 1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or shoot us an email to and we would love to get involved!
Where Can I Find a LED Strip That Has All Ranges of Colors with a Control Box and Remote?
Hi Try Ebay. Regards John1. RGB Led strip connecting to pc.?Hi Yes that should work but if it does not then try the reverse ie ground to the ground connection and 12V to the color.2. Can you connect multiple LED strip to one of their ends, or multiple to one power supply but you have an extension cord to one, or do you need more watts?Yes. Maybe. It depends on factors you have not described3. ATTiny45, LED strip, MOSFET, touch interface, but Vcc drops and tiny resetsI've solved the problem by putting a 100nF capacitor (the only one I had here, but with the xoscope it seemed to work very well) between the gate of the mosfet and ground. It seems that this way I've provided a low impedance path to the high frequencies of the spike when turning off the gate driving. Maybe the manual wiring to ground had a higher impedance than if it has the ground layer as it was supposed to have.Thank you all for your time. ale4. Speaker not producing the right sound after a led strip was introducedThe tone() command is interrupt driven.To get the tight timing needed by the LED strips interrupts are disabled while sending the data.That means the tone() command stops while you are updating the LED strips and starts again afterwards.The end result will be the sound is corrupted - maybe sounding like it's bubbly or underwater or just "rough". The two basically can not work together and I am not sure what to suggest to make them work together on a low-end MCU like the AVR5. How do you properly test an LED strip?Use a battery or transforma of the same volts needed. - to - and to 6. How many amps does a 12v LED strip draw?USE 25A FUSE7. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?As far as I understand the DAT (Green wire) is a digital data wire. Try the following: 1. VCC to 5V pin 2. GND to GND pin 3. DAT to 2 Digital pin.Then try to change the state of the 2 digital pin from high to low and see if anything happens... That's what I would start out with.8. LED strip, one wire is red other is black, which one should I connect to ve & which one to -ve terminal ?red is positive and black is negative9. Wiring 12V LED Strip to plug into an outlet?A common 12V DC wall-wart power supply (AC adapter) would be very easy to use, and relatively cheap. I've picked up a number of them at thrift stores, estate sales, and elsewhere for as little as 25 cents each. I've never paid more than $3 for a used one. New ones normally cost between $7 and $20.10. Hi, I would like to know what are the consequences if I use a weaker power supply on a led strip, other than have weaker light.?It will depend on what you mean by 'weaker power supply'. For example, for this discussion let's assume the LED strip is rated for 12V DC and draws 1A. If you were to feed it with a power supply that is only 10 volts, and say 800 mA, then the LEDs will be a lot dimmer and with this reduced voltage most likely draw way less than the rated 1A. Perhaps only 200mA. That's not a problem for this power supply at all, so you just end up with low brightness. On the other hand, if you were to connect it to, say, a cheap traditional wall wart that is rated at 12V DC but only for 300mA, then the brightness will still be limited due to poor current capability, but also the poor thing will be severely overloaded and most likely overheat. Often these things have an over-temperature fuse built into the windings (or rather, between the layers of plastic tape that's covering the windings) These will usually melt to prevent the thing from catching fire, say when it reaches 85 degrees Celcius. In such case, it has self-destructed. It will no longer draw/supply power. If it does not have an integrated thermal fuse, there will be a much greater fire risk. More modern, switch mode type of wall warts may have better current limiting protection circuitry, in which case they probably do not overheat much. Still, it's never a good idea to use one that cannot deliver the required current capability (amperage).
Led Strip Lights and Light Therapy
Light is not just for furnishing our homes. It can also serve remedial purposes. The most notable example is 'light therapy.' Light therapy is a form of alleviative treatment where patients are exposed to specific wavelengths of artificial light for set number of hours a day. It is used in the treatment of common skin disorders, psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders and has been proven highly effective in most cases. The therapy itself entails the use of devices called light boxes. As the name suggests these are containers filled with light bulbs or LED Strip Lights and covered by a pane of frosted glass. The light emitted by the box is directed towards the effected area of skin or shone directly into the retinas, depending on the type of ailment in question. In the case of skin disorders the light is concentrated on those areas of the body needing attention. For psychiatric disorders light is shone directly into the eyes. Light therapy has been shown to be particular effective in the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD relates to the regulation of two important hormones (mood altering chemicals) produced by the brain's hypothalmus; melatonin and serotonin. - Melatonin is a sleep regulating hormone. Production of this hormone is inhibited by light and stimulated in its absence. - Seratonin is a mood regulating hormone. It is produced under reverse conditions to melatonin. During the dark winter months when sunlight is in short supply there is a tendency for people to suffer a seratonin defficiency, thereby making them unhappy and despondent. The onset of SAD is marked by symptoms such as saddness, general lack of well being and insomnia. Symptoms recur on an annual basis between mid-autumn and lasting right through until spring. Light boxes can be used to correct the imbalance of seratonin in the body by shining light directly into the eyes of a patient. The light is UV filtered to avoid damage to the skin or retinas. Non-seasonal depression and other psychiatric disorders, such as bi-polar depression, can also be alleviated through the use of light therapy. A study conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration reached the conclusion that "for patients suffering from non-seasonal depression, light therapy offers modest though promising anti-depressive efficiacy." The treatment of SAD is particularly important for businesses, particularly offices, as it can retard the performance of employees. Upgrading the lighting system in an office to an improve Colour Rendering Index (CRI) has been proven to increase the happiness and comfort of employees, and therefore raise productivity. Cool White LED Strips have exceptional colour rendering , making colour appear more vibrant and natural beneath their light.
What Do You Think About LIFX LED Strips and Can They Light a Small Bathroom ?
They look pretty cool. According to the company's website a 2-meter strip gives 1400 lumens. A 75-watt bulb (which is bigger than what I've got in my own bathroom) only gives 1100 lumens. So, it should work fine in your bathroom.1. I want to install led strips under my dash how do i wire them up 2 turn on only wen i turn my headlights on?tap into the incoming power on the dimmer switch , or you can tap after and the dimmer will allow you to turn them up and down2. How many of these LED strips should I install. 2 or 3? Ecoxotic Panorama Pro 12K?glowsticks!3. Can I hook up multiple LED strips to 1 Toggle Switch?particular i would use a connector that suits the toggle & connect the wires to that. and twine length does be counted to small it gets warm, you do not desire a twine thats to special it want harm in spite of the undeniable fact that it rather is huge and cumbersome,examine on line for the stunning sizes of twine for various purposes. good success4. how to tie in led strips to subs so that they strope when bass hits?just connect the LED wires directly to the wires 2 wires that are connected to the back of your speaker, its not going to blow them because the LEDs will only use what the speakers use and 1500W will blow the speaker before the LEDs...youll be fine5. i have 10 led strips what would be the best way to power them?I got led strips on my car to, just wire them to the battery. Have someone that knows what there doing install it. Its dangerous if you dont you could cause a fire or something if it shorts. I googled everything and i cant seem to find anything. Im sure if you keep searching or ask someone thats good with electric they will know. You need to wire it to some type of battery. Most LEDs dont require alot of power. Sorry i wish i could give you more info man6. where can i buy the purple led strips?hi, we are making LED strips, then I will send list to you.7. Controlling 10x 5m led strips with 10 individual analog floor switchesUnless you want to do fancy things with the LED strips you really do not need an Arduino to accomplish this task. You can just switch each strip with a powerful enough MOSFET and control the gate with the sensor:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLabIf you really want the Arduino (for example to add effects like delays, fading, blinking patterns, etc) it would basically go into the circuit at point A in the circuit. The sensor into an input and the MOSFET into an output. Since these are just presence sensors (not pressure sensors, they do not sense pressure, only presence) you do not need an analog input to read them - a digital one will suffice and also make your programming simpler.You can use shift registers or IO expanders to increase the number of input and output pins you have, or you can use a larger Arduino with more pins8. Are there any rgb LED strips that auto fade?ebay amazon?9. Is it possible to use a raspberry pi to control these LED strips?For DMX512 you need a UART capable of 250000 baud and 8 data bits with two stop bits (or 8 data bits a space for parity and one stop bit) I tried a cheap* RS485 dongle and while it claimed to manage the necessary framing minicom could not make it do 250000 baud.I am not sure what the exact capabilities if the Raspberry Pi main UART are.(*)it cost less than $1it looks like FTDI uarts can do 250000 Baud so one of them and an RS485 interface chip should probably get you there. You can of course buy DMX adaptors that connect to USB or to GPIO but shopping questions are off topic here10. i want to install led strips under my dash how do i wire them up 2 turn on only wen i turn my headlights on?first off i need to know the type of hehicle
LED Lights Flexible LED Strips, LED Strips?
Is the LED strip battery powered, perhaps intended for car use? If so you can. If it is mains powered then that becomes more uncertain, waterproof normally means splash proof not immersion proof1. If you hate led zeppelin?! who hates led zeppilen? O.o zeppilen kicks a**2. led lights for growing!?Forget the LED's for growing. They do not throw the UV's flourescent or HID bulbs do. That is what will make your plants grow3. Mag light LED conversion?Yeah, it's expensive. But the LED conversion actually does a better job in one respect. The mag lights let you focus the light from a wide flood to a spot. The LED conversion will let you continue to do that. The flashlights with multiple LED's can not do this. You can not have all the LED's at the focal point so the light will always be difuse in a flood mode. You can not get a real spot to shine a distance. Even if one of the LED's were in the focal point, the other LED's mounted around in the reflector will destroy the narrow beam4. What tv should I buy? LED, LCD, or combination LCD/LED?All led are a combo of LCD and LEDS some are edge lit and other run across the entire back of the tv. these are LED advantages lighter better color than LCD life span is longer(up to 100,000 hours) LCD is about 60,000 doesent overheat like a LCD( kills the life of the tv) and you can get anything other than a LCD or LED at that size. toshiba is a good brand.5. Samsung led tv specifications?The UE40B6000 is Samsung's entry level LED TV and certainly the .... However, as you will notice later in the review, it does not stay there6. What are the advantages of design-led and development-led web apps?There are not advantages to either.David Kelley (IDEO) introduced the concept of the three lenses of design:Desirability (What do people desire?) - This is led by IXD and UX designers.Feasibility (What is technically and organizationally feasible?) - This is led by developers. Viability (What can be financially viable?) - This is led by business stakeholders. A successful product lies at the intersection of these three concerns.Forcing a hierarchy among three critical components is not necessary when you have intelligent people who are able to understand and appreciate the perspective and role of the other two.7. what led to FARMING IN CHINA?farming has been a part of life since day one, tehy grew the same things they do today, rice, corn, peanuts, fruits and so on8. Light bulb in replace of LED?You can stick it in and try it. But I doubt it will work for you. Incandescent light bulbs work by getting very hot. You either need high voltage or high current, or both, to light a light bulb. LEDs on the other hand, work by driving a specific interaction within the device. An LED usually operates at a low voltage and a low current. Furthermore, LEDs only work at specific voltages and currents, while a light bulb will work at a very broad range of voltages and current. I have no idea what the 308 ohm resistor is in your circuit, but if I had to guess, I would guess that it is a voltage divider to reduce the source voltage to the value required by the LED. If that is the case, removing or replacing the resistor would probably make the light bulb work better. Whether you want to remove or replace would depend on the circuit's configuration. In any case, I would guess that your LED circuit will not be able to light your light bulb no matter what you do.9. Multiple led drivers for a single LEDYou can not in general connect multiple drivers to a single LED, they are likely to damage each other.Why do not you replace it with four white LEDs, each connected to a single driver? That way it should be electrically good and you can adjust the brightness by an extra 6dB10. Help with Led Zeppelin shirt?I prefer the second one, but both are nice11. led light circuit ? ?"when i remove the power i would then like them to power down 1 at a time in sequence" Ca not do this, as you have no power to keep them lit. But you may be able to use a very large capacitor to supply that energy. If they are drawing 10mA each, that is 160mA average. If the power down sequence takes 1 second total, you would need a 10000 to 50000F cap. But the cap would take a lot of energy to charge up, and would be physically large and expensive. .
Top Ten Conjectures of 2012 American Consumer Electronics Show (ces2012)
Top Ten Conjectures of 2012 American Consumer Electronics Show (ces2012)
According to foreign media reports, when the world's largest science and technology exhibition is about to open, through ten guesses about the exhibition, maybe readers can infer the new science and technology products that will appear in the exhibition.1. Super book boomHas the super instinct reached 50 this year? There are rumors that Intel's new products are one of them.2. Tablet with Tegra 3 quad core processorAsus's Transformer prime tablet has been launched. It is certain that more tablets of the same type will come out in the near future.3. Smartphone with built-in quad core processorThe difference in screen size between smartphones and tablets has been shrinking. With the birth of smartphones such as HTC edge, the difference between the two will be even smaller.4. Naked 3D TVAlthough a few 3D TVs have been launched, 2012 may be the year of rapid development of 3D TVs. People don't have to be like buddy? Holly wore heavy glasses and 3D glasses to enjoy 3D TV programs.5. The next generation new host xbox720 supporting the second generation Kinect somatosensory peripheralsAlthough Microsoft has tried to break this rumor, the sign that it may launch a next-generation new host has made players have unlimited imagination.6. Nokia Windows 8 tabletEven now Nokia has officially reached a partnership with Microsoft, is it really ready to shift from mobile phone production to tablet computer production?7. Intel will launch mobile phonesAlthough we don't have great expectations for this rumor, we can't rule out that Intel will choose to launch its own mobile phone products in 2012.8. AMD's chip will be lighter and thinnerAlthough they can't be described as super original, will ADM's new products bring a heavy blow to the high-end notebook market?9. Consumer 3D scanning equipmentThere are rumors that Samsung may display a 3D scanning device on the market.10. 3D printing press with mass marketThe thing-o-matic 3D printer produced by American makerbot company is very powerful. 2012 may be a booming year for household product manufacturing for every customer.
Machine Needs F1 Key to Reboot, How to Skip This?
Machine Needs F1 Key to Reboot, How to Skip This?
This has nothing to do with the operating system. It's a BIOS thing.You need to enter BIOS just when you power up the computer with one of the following keys:DEL F2 F9 F10 F11 F12 depends on BIOS type, you should be shown the key that enters Setup during POSTThen go into the basic settings and change the setting for keyboard errors• Related QuestionsTerminal has no option to open new tab and no label in tabsEncounter the same issue after upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04. It took me sometime to find the "preference" window as the solution mentioned above in Ubuntu 16.04. In case some other people have the same issue, I share the way to find the preference window.You can find the preferences by: open a terminal, at the terminal right top are the hidden tabs -> terminal ->Preferences------how to simulate FX forwardsIf I understand correctly, you want to calculate the present value of some FX Forward contracts. The only part of the value I can see which could require any MC would be looking at the XVA components, which is much less about the forward and much more about the counterparty & collateralisation.If you just want to value some vanilla FX Forwards, don't do MC.------character and camera not moving in the same speedMaybe it is a point of view opinion but it seems you should use another approach : Good tools for that is :Making your cam position relative to a transform :this should already make your code easyer to maintain and it could allow you to switch between targets painlesslyEDIT:And to stress it even more as Byte56 stated : Get rid of all the useless stuff------Call fieldset multiple timesFor anyone else that stumbles on this. I found a solution. So remember my example is "How Many Players" i used select option 1-5. If user selects 1, fieldset 1 appears only, if he/she selects 2, FS1 and FS2 appear, select 3, FS1, FS2 and FS3 appear. To prevent the error I use and or statement for allow the fieldset and worked my down down. See image.------How to find the components of a perpendicular vectorYou have $$-n_13n_20$$ $$n_1-5n_22n_30$$Choose one of the three variables freely (but not zero) and solve the remaining system.It can happen that the remaining system does not have a unique solution (not the case here, no matter which variable you choose).Bue even this is no problem because in this case you can choose a second variable freely (even $0$).------How to get a data attribute inside an option of lightning:select componentYou can't get to it, at least not the way your code is written. Regardless, this still seems a lot more complicated than it should be. Here's a more practical version:Here, we just get the list back out, find the record we want, and, if one was selected (as opposed to none), we now have all the information we need from the record.------Shower stall kit around $300 but isnt made of cheap components?All shower kits are made of cheap materials that is why you find them in low end houses. Your best bet and it would cost no more than $300 is ceramic tile. It's actually easier to install than a surround especially in older houses where the walls aren't plumb. Do a little web research and ask some questions on how to do it------What is the purpose of a microcontroller bootloader? duplicateJust to also give a hobbyist's perspective:It makes life much easier in not requiring any additional hardware or much low-level knowledge. One extreme example I used was the particle photon (no affiliation) which can get flashed over the cloud. The only things required to flash this chip are:It makes the process rather inexpensive and is actually quite simple from a non-pro perspective.------Looking for a 1 to 1.5 mm pitch board to wire connector that locksYour best bet is to do a parametric search on one of the large suppliers sites. Here is an example search on Farnell that returns 2000 results for wire to board between 1mm and 1.5mm. You can narrow it down as necessary (e.g. contact number, orientation, etc)When you find a suitable part you can search for it elsewhere by product number if necessary.------Receive raspberry stream in C#It seems like you have already nailed the RPi part of the issue, and is only missing the windows component.As with your netcat setup, you need to create a listening socket in C#: suggest you try to ask for implementation details on stackoverflow, as this problem is highly relevant there and you will get some really good answers.------Export and import content from one drupal site to another?The Migrate module can migrate anything you want from the most databases.Depending on how your content is put together this might be relevant for you.Links:Also be sure to look into the Migrate module folder. It contains a Beer.inc file, which is an example of how you can do simple mappings. For more complicated migrations you can look into Wine.inc------PageObjects: Aggregation/Composition vs Inheritance for nested componentsI'm using the inherited based design. It worked great until the application I'm testing was also made available in another, more limited customer-facing UI. So now I have two applications which consist of the same components surrounded by different menus. That's a situation where the inherited design breaks.An aggregation-based design combined with some IOC container could be a lot more flexible, I guess------How to solve vector equations?The question has part of in application of calculus in physics. Ypu need to verify $curl vec F 0$ to determine if there exists $phi$ such that $F nabla phi$. $phi$ is called potential in physicsOnce you confirm there exisrs a $phi$, you can try to integrate partially and combine three to get $phi$I believe $curl vec F ne 0$, so there is no potential.------Expressing position due to gravitational acceleration as a 3-Dimensional differential equationThe easiest thing to do is to start from the gravitational potential$$phi-fracGm_1m_2sqrtx^2y^2z^2$$and use $vec F-vecnabla phi$, or in components:$$F_x-fracpartial phipartial x-fracGm_1m_2,x(x^2y^2z^2)^3/2 m_2 A_x m_2 fracd^2 xdt^2$$with a similar approach for your other components.------syllogism package new counterThere's no need to use a new counter (would be difficult, perhaps)I used another approach, replacing the list in @sylloc command with a special sylloglist which is a clone of enumerate, which provides the counter anyway.The 3rd item is a rule, I have to replace item ... with item there.The list spacing settings have been incorporated into the optional argument of sylloglist.------How to change the html of threaded comments?Could you give a little more info on what you are trying to do?If you want to add your view for displaying comments to a specific thread, please take a look at using panel from contrib ( module allows you to add views (and other components as well) to specific pages, other panels (when using mini panels) etc------Slope of tangent in $(x,y)$ on a circle $K(x,y)inmathbbR^2|x^2y^2r^2$ with initial conditions$r$ is indeed constant (otherwise $K$ wouldn't be a circle)It doesn't matter if separate constants of integration are included on both sides. (Two arbitrary constants can simply be combined: $c_1 c_2$ is still just a constant).$c2$ and $c5$ come from the initial values: $y(1) 1$ and $y(-1) 2$, respectively. In the first case $x1$, $y1$ which gives $c2$. Similarly for the second case------Would a triangle wave have finite or infinite sinusoidal components?a triangle wave is continuousQuote from here: -The triangle wave has no discontinuous jumps, but the slope changes discontinuously twice per cycleHaving the slope change discontinuously also means an infinite range of sinusoidal components.For instance, if you time integrated a square wave you produce a triangle wave but, all the hamonics of the original square wave are still present after the time integration: -------How do I explain to a team that the project they will work on for six months will certainly be cancelled?If the company is making a mark-up of 200%, one way to motivate your developers is to offer them some of that, surely? Say, an extra month's pay on acceptance of the sham product if (as expected) it gets cancelled after six months. You could even give them the option not to participate in the work, but I doubt that there would be many takers------Decomposing quasi-finite separated group schemesAt OP's suggestion, I am moving my comment to an answer. In the original question $U$ was the spectrum of a Henselian DVR $R$ with $K mathrmFrac(R)$.Define $G_1$ to be the union of those connected components of $G$ whose images cover $U$. Then use EGA $textIV_4$, 18.5.11 c) to verify that $G_1$ is a clopen $U$-finite subgroup scheme of $G$------How are files opened in unix?Generally you should read a book like this one to get answers for most such details inside kernel. But, in general, yes, the process is that:Details of directory search for this are very specific for particular VFS. It can be of any kind including memory-only ones (tmpfs), disk-based ones (ext4, etc.), but the common concept of hierarchy of directories is kept in effect------How to make the HT12E transmit (TE to low) only when one or both buttons are pressed?It may be easier than you think; if you look at the data sheet more closely: -So, any button being activated will automatically pull TE low and enable transmission and, in the case when buttons are released (thus deactivating TE), this diagram tells you that the device will continue to transmit the four byte message and thus inform the receiver that buttons are deactivated: -------how to post data of a form to an iframe in lightning component?The browser's same-origin policy prevents a page from accessing content or code in another page loaded from a different origin (protocol port host).You can use postMessage() to communicate between your Lightning Component and the content of the iframe. See this blog post for details.In Spring17, you can also use the Lightning Container Component, but be aware that it is in Developer Preview.------Need sorting method for coordinated, flattenned collection closedThis is not just a sorting problem. You are also updating the YOffset values based on the sorting. So assume the input data is valid(i.e. no missing offsets, consistent type of Value property). Here is the code:Source data:LINQ:Verify the result:The output:Note: I kept sortedByFirstColumn as IEnumerable and unordered, but adjust it the way how your application requires.------Defining real powor of linear operatorThis is impossible. Consider $Vmathbb R$ and $Tx-x$. A linear $T^frac 1 2$ would satisfy $T^frac 1 2T^frac 1 2 x -x$. All linear operators on $mathbb R$ are of the form $Ax cx$ for some $cinmathbb R$. Thus, assuming $T^frac 1 2 x cx$, we get $c^2 x-x$. For $x1$ this gives $c^2-1$ which has no solution in $mathbb R$------Why does water reflect light?EM wave consists of electric and magnetic component. Electric field is responsible for reflection. When EM wave hits the water surface electric component turn molecules of water (H2O is a dipole) Next moment water molecules want to go back in initial position. So they turn back and thus so many molecules at the same time re-emit new EM wave in the opposite direction------Basic tension and equilibrium confusionThe object is not in equilibrium. However, you can still calculate $F$. You know that the string isn't lengthening or shortening, so the net force in the direction of the string is zero.So you can decompose the three forces in the problem into components along the string and components perpendicular to the string, and set the net force along the string to zero------Is there any scrappable junk I should hold on to that could otherwise be used for other purposes?Over due library books can be returned at a library in exchange for book return tokens, you can trade in the tokens for misc items like a camera or toys, and if you have enough you can get a Surgical Magazine.I haven't figured out if subway tokens have anything similar yet so for the time being I've just been holding on to them------Find the coordinates for $v$ in the subspace $W$ spanned by the following vectors:Basically what @PrahLad said, $v a_1u_1 a_2u_2 a_3u_3$ So since $u_1,u_2,u_3$ are orthogonal you can use the formula $a fracy cdot uu cdot u$ or in your case: $alpha fracv cdot u_iu_icdot u_i$So the first one for example will be $fracv cdot u_1u_1 cdot u_1 $ (your calculation here)------What is the purpose of marking the positive terminal of an 50% duty cycle oscillating source?It is just common practice. In reality there is no need, but people like reference points, and things that feel familiar to them. People who have a lot of experience with electronics know that there is almost always a positive and a negative end (even if it is arbitrary and does not matter). Putting a is just a way to make people feel comfortable.
Siemens Is Considering Using Blockchain to Improve the Car Sharing Market
Siemens Is Considering Using Blockchain to Improve the Car Sharing Market
With the emergence of bitcoin, a new secure value transfer method has emerged through its underlying technology blockchain. Since the birth of bitcoin 10 years ago, a large number of mainstream entities have studied various ways to guide the potential of blockchain. Automation giant Siemens is evaluating technologies for various enterprise use cases, including improving the car sharing market.Siemens is following the trend of mainstream giants seeking to integrate blockchains. "We are developing industrial expansion products of blockchain system," Andreas kind, technical director of network security of Siemens, told me in an interview. The use cases mentioned above are related to supply chain, mobility, manufacturing and other fields.Kind explained that when entities are interested in moving towards blockchain, they usually have to go through a period of testing and discovery before they can choose the most effective and applicable use cases. "Siemens is at this stage," he added. Kind said that the company has just completed a period of exploration. "Now we have really entered a set of use cases related to Siemens business." Kind pointed out that Siemens especially wants to obtain the use license of blockchain.Blockchain in the mobile fieldThe director of network security and blockchain mentioned that the mobile field is one of the key applications of Siemens blockchain. Siemens has a separate branch in the mobile field. Siemens mobility, a subsidiary of Siemens AG in Germany, stated on its website that the company is committed to providing "transportation solutions" and integrating "people and goods" Shipped all over the world.Car sharing as an optionKind explained that people living or working in larger urban areas often rely on carpooling rather than undertaking some responsibilities related to owning a car, such as parking, car payment and insurance. According to the details on the enterprise carshare website, carpooling service allows users to rent a car at any time, even as short as an hour. Zipcar is another example of car sharing operation Son.This is a huge change. So in the future, there will be more opportunities around mobile services, not just selling a car. You have seen it in the context of car sharing. People want to go from point a to point B, rather than owning a car and moving, because sometimes it is much more convenient than owning their own car.As king specifically mentioned the "gas card", carpooling does have its difficulties. King said that in the car sharing subscription service, "you don't have to worry about paying parking fees or refueling your car, so all fees are included."However, kind said that sometimes customers may need to refuel their cars. Finding a suitable gas station may be difficult because customers need to refuel at specific gas stations, which cooperate with companies sharing their cars. When customers find a place to refuel, they must use a gas card and attach the relevant personal identification number (PIN) with detailed instructions.Kind pointed out: "this is not only inconvenient for drivers, but also inconvenient for companies, because gas cards will be stolen and sold on the Internet." he explained: "in an industrial environment, you need something, a technology that can bring together different participants who (do not) fully trust each other." "this is where blockchain can add value."Car sharing and blockchainKing explained that sharing cars is an area where Siemens is considering integrating the blockchain. "In this area, blockchain provides a more frictionless way of transaction." he added: "transactions can be car delivery or (simple) carpooling." king also noted many interacting groups, such as brokers, organizations owning cars "Garage provider" and so on. Kind said: "all this should be completely seamless in the process of transaction. Blockchain is indeed a correct technology."At Bosch's 2019 connected world conference, a representative of Siemens explained to me in an email that Siemens's enterprise technical team introduced in detail the concept of "Intelligent Parking Based on blockchain" as a possibility of using blockchain.
Pretty and Cool Halloween Witch Or Dark Fairy Costume Ideas for a 11 Year Old Girl?
Pretty and Cool Halloween Witch Or Dark Fairy Costume Ideas for a 11 Year Old Girl?
Hi there Here is an article I wrote recently when I was asked a similar question. I hope you find it useful. When it comes to girls, there are some standard costumes that you will see year after year at Halloween time. With many of them, they wear the costume year round in creative play. Birthday parties year round are starting to have "theme" costumes, as well, and many of these will fit with those beautifully. Princess - The Disney Princesses are the most popular. With gorgeous dresses that go with Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine, you will surely find one that fits your child and that they will enjoy. Most toy stores carry these costumes year round, so you can find them on sale and stock up for future Halloweens. Ballerina - A very simple costume of a leotard and a tutu. Best used in warmer climates, as Halloween night can get chilly in some areas. I've found that these costumes often come with wings, making the costume more along the lines of a "Fairy Ballerina". Blue from Blue's Clues - no matter what you may think, Blue and Magenta are both girls. Most children know this! Blue can sometimes be worn on little boys, though, and Magenta is quite popular with the girls. Dora the Explorer - What an easy costume to either purchase or make yourself! With a simple pink t-shirt, red shorts, yellow socks and white tennis shoes, you have the costume pretty much complete. Add a purple backpack and some jewelry you find at a dollar store and you little girl can be Dora all year long. Various Animals and Bugs - Little girls love dressing as animals. At Halloween time, black cats and bunnies are popular. Bugs like bumblebees, ladybugs and butterflies are also everywhere! These costumes can be bigger and bulkier than some, so make sure to take into account how heavy it is and how far you are expecting your child to walk. My best advice when costuming your child at Halloween is let them choose what they want. Do not make big plans and create a costume, only to turn around and see they want to buy something "cool" from the store. They are not going to have fun in a costume you force them to wear, which will ultimately ruin your night, too1. how much money should a child get from the tooth fairy for their teeth?i used 2 get a dollar a tooth then i would get a candy bar or soda from the gas station with it so maby 1-2 dollars2. Why we rarely see magic circle during battle in Fairy Tail : Final Series?I found this reddit post from 4 years ago that addresses this issue. Relevant comments from the thread:That might also be the reason why you feel the fights ended more quickly3. If you could do whatever you want with a fairy tale village, what would you do?that sounds like a very fun place to live, you need to add a well of spirits though, you know a central magical area :)4. Are fairy's real? if so, have you ever seen one?Fairies are real but i doubt many people have seen them. They like to stay away from humans i guess5. WHAT AM I??? AM I A VAMPIRE, fairy, mermaid ect...?...Yet another little girl who's read cursed Twilight one to many times. But anyway, none of the things you mentioned are criteria for being any kind fictional creature.6. What colour is Levy McGarden's guild tattoo in Fairy Tail?I think it's white. They show it during the tenrou arc when she goes to get help for Gajeel. And yes it's on the back of her left shoulder blade7. Why will Fairy Tail have 4 consecutive weeks of double chapters?I think this is mainly a marketing tactic, meant to attract more readers to buy copies of the Weekly Shonen Magazine1. When the magazine's copies hit the bookstore, a front cover caption Fairy Tail! Double Chapter inside!! ... and next 3 weeks too!!! (or something on those lines) will draw the buyer's attention, and would likely lead to an increase in sales. Regular readers would buy the magazine no matter what, but the tactic is mainly aimed at two categories of prospective buyers:People are made to believe that they are getting something "extra", which often leads to making a buy decision. This, by the way, is not much different from the "Buy One, Get One Free" offers. It is also quite common for popular TV shows to have "2-hour specials" every once in a while, which is also based on the same "principle" (if you will). Moreover, announcing 4 consecutive editions with double chapters increases likelihood of repeat business. People look forward to buying the next 3 issues as well. Buying 4 consecutive issues will lead to at least a sizeable number of readers "latch on" to the magazine, who would naturally choose to continue buying later issues as well. As for why Fairy Tail gets double chapters so often (as against other mangas), I think it mostly comes down to "because he is Erza Mashima!!" To elaborate, Mashima (and his assistants?) are able to spend more time and/or effort on their manga and can submit two chapters in a week, whereas most other mangakas may not be able to do so due to personal commitments or other reasons. As an aside, he published triple chapters of Fairy Tail for two consecutive weeks a year or so ago. (Chapters 338-340 and 341-343, IIRC)1 Weekly Shonen Magazine is different from Weekly Shonen Jump.
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