Ac/dc, Led Zeppelin?

Ridiculous is not it?! Posers and wannabes is all people like that are.. posers and wannabes. Clearly she does not even listen to their music if she's never heard of Stairway to Heaven.. That's just sad

1. LCD vs LED vs PLASMA?

Plasma and LCD as both are dying technologies

2. What events led to the Vietnam War?

I think the Vietnamese people were tired of foreigners occupying their nation for hundreds of years. China, France, Japan, then the French again and then the U.S. came to block the communists from taking over the Republic of Vietnam in the South. I do not regret my service at all, but at least now the people exercising control over them speak their language. I hate all of the death and suffering inflicted on everyone involved, but it appears they have achieved a lot for their nation since the country has been unified

3. Whose mistake led to defeat of 1962 China war?

1. Diplomatic front: The biggest culprit for India's debacle in 1962 was Nehru. His foreign policy blunders like calling for ceasefire in 1948 during Kashmir conflict, accepting Tibet as a part of China, not responding to Aksai Chin violation by China, lobbying for UN membership for China and promoting Communist leadership of China in various international fora proved his foolishness. 2. Military point of view: Nehru was also responsible for continuous and systematic neglect of military, promoting sycophants ignoring capable officers in the armed forces and later instead of concentrating on defence, following suicidal 'forward policy' and also not allowing Air Force to take part in the war. 3. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister was the second culprit for assiduously following and further augmenting stupid policies propagated by Nehru.4. General P.N. Thapar for not protesting against suicidal policies of Nehru and Krishna Menon.5. Lt. Gen. L.P. Sen, GoC in C, Central Command, for not showing effective leadership qualities in Eastern front. 6. Lt. Gen. B. M. Kaul, GoC, newly formed IV Corps, an incompetent General promoted solely because of family relationship with Nehru, for pushing Nehru's suicidal policy and destroying the fighting morale of the lower-level officers and soldiers in Eastern front

4. Has liberalism led to a neglect of God?

Liberalism has led to a distraction from what is really important to what people are told is important, which is manipulated by political gain of others. University students are taught by some teachers what their values should be and what their priorities are, and from an academic standpoint, devotion to God is a very low priority and certainly, saving the whales, or whatever, is so much more important. The Bible tells us to put God first, and that is the priority we should have. I have nothing against whales, and certainly they should be protected, but like the trees and sea lions and three toed sloth and everything else that needs saving, God is just saying that saving one's soul is far more important. Do that FIRST. There is a continuum of values and priorities, and God is supposed to be at the top. The world has many, many problems, and I'm not saying they are not important, but "liberalism" is just one of many ways to re-arrange priorities in life so that God is towards the bottom somewhere, if on the list at all. Liberalism is not the only thing that does this

5. A Buying Guide on LED Tube Lights

LEDs that stand for light-emitting diodes give great lighting at your home and office premises. You can get LED tube lights or in multiple colors according to your requirements. It is the alternate solution of traditional light bulbs which cost more electricity. However, these led tube lights are more expensive than other traditional light bulbs. But it only requires a one-time investment and gives great comfort to your place whether it is indoor or outdoor. LED tube lights are an excellent option for maintaining lighting at your home and office premises. To illuminate space with bright lights is the favorite thing of all people in today's world. Nobody wants to compromise with the lighting in the modern world. There are many types of lighting available in which we can use led tube lights like indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, road lighting, cultivate lighting, floodlights, and many more. However, before buying it, it is very necessary to know all the facts about this product. Today we have decided to explain a buying guide on LED tube lights so you will have clear knowledge about your product. This guide will help you to save your time and money. If you do not want to get the wrong product or waste your money on an expensive product, you can read about buying a guide on LED tube lights for detailed help and knowledge. Let's check our buying guide on LED tube lights from for getting more knowledge and information to save time and money- Go for lumens - While buying LED tube lights, you do not have to check the watts. You can check lumens for the correct product. In led tube lights, wattage does not identify the brightness. Lumens are the right indicator for brightness level in LED tube lights. So we will suggest you check lumens correctly for getting the right product in your hand. If you want a brighter light, you need to get LED tube light with a higher lumen. So choose smartly and get the best purchase for your home. Design and color- The next thing while purchasing LED tube lights, you can check their design and color. There are many types of designs and colors available for tube lights. Each color has its advantage so you can choose it according to your convenience and preferences. LED tube lights come in a wide range of colors and can make the place attractive and brightening. Wattage and Efficiency - One of the most important things while buying any LED tube light is to check the efficiency. Higher wattage will cost you more energy which is not beneficial for electricity bills. If you want to get the brightest tube light with low energy-consuming nature, you can choose low wattage and high-efficiency tube light for your use. As for domestic tube lights, the efficacy should be greater than 85 lumens per watt and for office ones, it should be 100 lumens per watt. For the long run always choose high-efficiency tube lights. It will help you to save electricity bills and time both. Color temperature - As we have stated earlier, LED tube lights come in different types of colors and have their temperature. You must have heard of warm and cool colors which have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are going for a warm yellow light, it will give you a relaxing experience. White light or cool blue light also gives nice silent light for your home and office premises. So you can also check for color temperature for avoiding any type of issue. LED tube lights are popular because of having great temperatures by unique colors. Lifespan - You should also check the mentioned lifespan of each LED tube light on their description for avoiding any wrong investment. If we talk about the ideal run, it should be around 30,000 hours on a daily basis. Other features - besides all these features, there is also some feature which can be looked at while buying a perfect LED tube light. You can check for remote controls for easy convenience and proper use. Many tube lights come with remote control with an expensive price range. Some tube lights also have settings for controlling brightness levels. However these features can cost you more money but if you have the desire for these things, you can easily get them in the market. We have tried our best to cover all the important points while buying the best-LED tube light. In our buying guide on LED tube lights, you will get everything required for getting a clear knowledge. We hope this article assisted you to narrow down your purchase list. If you want to know anything more, you can ask us in the comment section. We will be very delighted to answer you with our detailed solutions. For more updates, stay tuned with us and keep searching.

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