Alibaba Cloud Has a Strong Performance in the Internet of Things Market, Mainly Focusing on Complex

Recently, Gartner, an internationally renowned research organization, released the latest report on the competition pattern of global Internet of things platforms. Alibaba cloud and others have become the 10 most competitive enterprises. According to Gartner's report, Alibaba cloud has a strong performance in the Internet of things market, providing connectivity of 10 billion IOT devices and solutions for tens of thousands of industries, covering smart city, industry, medical treatment, aviation and other fields.

In this latest annual research report on competitive landscape: Internet of things platform suppliers, Gartner analyzed hundreds of technology companies and compared them from the perspectives and dimensions of product landscape, technical advantages and ecological layout, and finally selected ten enterprises: Alibaba cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft azure IOT, automation intelligence, AspenTech, cloudplugs, samsara Samsung SDS、Toshiba、Tuya Smart。

Not surprisingly, Amazon AWS, Microsoft azure and Alibaba cloud, which occupy the first tier in the cloud computing market, also appear in this pattern and occupy a strong position. Amazon AWS focuses on industrial IOT, Microsoft azure focuses on manufacturing, energy, construction, etc., while Alibaba cloud focuses on solving complex cross domain applications in urban, transportation, industry, medical and other fields.

3a is transferring the layout and technical advantages of cloud computing to the field of Internet of things. If cloud computing is compared to the heart of adults, the Internet of things is a neural network, AI is equivalent to the brain, and data is the flowing blood, so that the whole body can operate efficiently. This is also the reason why cloud computing giants have laid out the Internet of things.

Manufacturing is the first bridgehead to be broken by the Internet of things. In Guangdong Province, where China's manufacturing industry is the most developed, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises have connected to Alibaba cloud's industrial Internet of things platform to realize the vertical connection of machine IOT and the horizontal coordination of industrial chain, and fully digitize enterprise orders, procurement, production and warehousing logistics. The average digital transformation cost has decreased by 80% and the production efficiency has increased by 30%.

"Alibaba cloud IOT needs to do three things: the reconstruction of digital factories, the integration of production and consumption in the industrial chain and the intelligent upgrading of products." Ku Wei, President of Alibaba cloud intelligent IOT, believes that as a new infrastructure of digital economy, Alibaba cloud should build the infrastructure of the Internet of things and provide IOT developers with a lower cost and more efficient development platform, connection platform and trading market.

Gartner pointed out in the report that "the future of the Internet of things is driven by vertical market segmentation and needs to pay attention to the application of segmentation fields... But most suppliers still stay in the rough technology stage. Therefore, technology companies need to give priority to the in-depth strategy of the Internet of things in order to grasp the opportunities in the future market."

At present, Alibaba cloud has launched four Internet of things platforms including city, industry, life and park, and provided more than 20000 Internet of things solutions and applications with partners, covering complex interactive application scenarios in urban, transportation, industry, medical treatment, aviation and other fields.

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