Amazon Video Games? Are They Brand New?

Yes. You can also buy them used though and save a little money

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Are video games causing kids to be sexist?

This is, to be blunt, laughable. The article is terribly written and researched, and distinctly inaccurate. GTA 5 and other games in the same style are not meant for kids. This is what the ESRB rating system is for. On top of that, most kids old enough to play games with any sort of proficiency are capable of differentiating fantasy from reality; they can tell that a video game is not real life, and behavior does not translate from one to the other

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The new addicition: Video Games?

Violence...How about the Road Runner and the poor Coyote. Put limits on the games. While you are at it lats address the Internet addiction

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Video games not working on playstation??

Yes you need to play games from your region, them games wont work cause there not from your region

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How to Balance Videos Games and Studying

Video games have been present in my life since I can remember. I clearly remember getting my first video game system, a Gameboy Pocket with Pokemon Blue. That first experience sparked a huge passion and hours of video game addiction that still lasts until today. While I was a kid this addiction did not affect me that much (minus some awkwardness and lack of female friends) but once I felt the need to be productive with my time, I started feeling guilty after spending the whole day playing Skyrim. The pressure of needing to be efficient with my time allied with the feeling of mindlessness let me to see video games as an unnecessary and expendable activity. So I stopped playing video games.and then I restarted.and then I stopped. This struggle happened enough times for me to come up with a conclusion. Videogames are here to stay. I can spend the whole day playing and feel guilty afterwards or I can find a way to integrate gaming into a productive day. I picked the second one. Here's how I did it. Unless you play in eSports or do gaming videos full-time on youtube, you will not produce anything while playing video games. You can still learn and find a meaning in them but face it, the goal here is to relax and be entertained. Do you agree? Once we frame gaming as something non-productive, it's easier to consciously decide if you should be playing games. I say consciously because majority of these daily decisions usually are automatic. The lack of motivation and potential work obstacles can trigger the videogame habit and before you know it a whole day passed without any real achievements. But you may be thinking: "Should not I get rid of all activities that are not productive?" I tried this before. Uninstalled Steam from my computer and banned all gaming from my life. It worked for a time actually. But then. like a calm moment before a storm. I returned to gaming with a vengeance. Activities like gaming need to be seen as necessary moments. We need a moment where we do not think about our problems and escape the real world. For other people that means watching TV or doing drugs (that escalated quickly), but for us it's videogames. It's just like cheat day during a weight loss diet. A day of eating whatever your heart desires will serve to lower any cravings for a period of time. Gaming falls into a non-important, non-urgent activity (learn more about this concept here). All these activities should be kept to a minimum. We must pull ourselves together and carefully monitor how long we spend with such activities. You want to spend the whole day playing League of Legends? But maybe you also want to be successful at your job? Well. pick the most important and then reward yourself with some pentakills. The main point is: Gaming should serve as a reward. Completely eliminating it creates a vacuum that will implode in the form of excessive gaming. I talked about the Parkinson's Law in the blog before. Basically says that the time it takes to complete a task will expand to fit the available time. Which means that if you do not define how long a task should last, you will never be done with it. This sound familiar to any gamer. Example: - "Well, now I am not gonna do anything productive. Might as well play more. #noregrets The regrets only come when I am in bed and I feel that I wasted all day and did not accomplish anything in the real world. #wasted Do not fall into the trap of starting an unproductive activity without defining how long it will last. Before you start, define how long you intend to play. Some games like DoTa or LoL, should be planned by the number of matches you intend to play. I like to keep my gaming sessions between one to maximum two hours (maximum two matches if the game is match-based). This amount of time makes me feel like I spent enough time in the game to enjoy it and that I did not spend the whole day playing. You can experiment to find the best gaming window for you but it should be around the one I recommended. Do not send me emails complaining that you failed all your exams because your gaming windows was 8 hours. be responsible. Having a lot of something too often can make you not appreciate that something. Deep right? Restriction and clever planning can turn an ordinary activity into a deep and meaningful experience. Now that was deep. Imagine playing every day the same game. It becomes part of a routine. It's not special anymore. Now imagine that you plan a 2 hour gaming session for every Sunday. Imagine how excited you will be for that Sunday to arrive. This approach to gaming serves two purposes: Short and controlled bursts of gaming will satisfy your need for relaxation without letting you fall into a downward spiral of unproductiveness. It works just like the cheat day in a diet. A well enjoyed gaming session will serve to satisfy your gaming cravings and help you not to over game. By allowing yourself to game for a limited amount of time, you will make sure every minute counts. While gaming like this, I tend to enjoy the game much more. I know that I only have a limited amount of time with the game so I am more invested in the experience. Give it a try. I find that Saturday or Sunday after lunch is the best time to do it. Having fun and digesting. At the same time. If this is not being productive I do not know what is. Stop Gaming at the Right Time News flash, just because you made a schedule does not automatically mean you will keep it. Remember, you are dealing with dangerous stuff. When starting a planned gaming session, you MUST have mechanisms in place to stop you from gaming too much. How to win? Here are some ways you can set yourself to success: • Set a timer and put it away from your gaming area. When it rings, you will need to get up to turn it off. • Get someone to hold you accountable. If you live with someone, explain them your plan and ask them to make you stop playing. NOTE: Do not rely on your gaming friends for the last one, they will probably want to game with you. There is a third method which involves a box glove, a pneumatic cylinder and a timer but it gets too complicated. Personally I prefer the "timer outside the room" method. Gives me full responsibility if I do not go through with the plan, which is good to promote self restrain. On the other hand, if self restrain is still low, the second method might work best. If none of both methods work, email me so that I can send you the plans to build method 3. Power tools and ice required. OK, I stopped gaming. Now it's time to slowly stroke it and tell him that everything will be OK. I am assuming here that you used gaming as a reward and now you want to return to a somewhat productive mode. There are two techniques I have been experimenting with that I find extremely useful in getting me in productive gear. The Pomodoro Technique must be the most popular productivity tool. Simple and effective. After your gaming session, set a timer to 25 minutes and try to only focus on being productive. I did a blog post and video about productivity tools including the Pomodoro technique, check it out after this one. Another method is an app I recently started using. Actually I was super effective at writing this blog post exactly because of this app. It's called Forest. Plant and grow a tree every time you start a productive activity. The tree will grow as long as your phone stays in a productivity app. For me, Evernote is where I write my blog posts. If you open another app like Instagram, the tree dies. Simple concept. VERY powerful results. Give it a try. These tools should get the ball rolling and force you into work mode. You might want to stop playing games because you want to focus on more important things. But at some point you will need to relax and videogames definitely can fill that gap. I truly believe that videogames can be part of a productive day and I hope you too believe this after reading this. I bonded with friends over videogames and I love the gaming community so I wanted to make sure videogames keep being part of my life. But I do have goals and things I want to accomplish so it is imperative to find a balance between relaxation and productivity.

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A father abandoned his 18-month-old daughter to die a sweltering car while he smoked weed and played video games with his friend, police say.Ty Martin, 23, was charged with manslaughter after authorities found his daughter unresponsive in the back seat of his vehicle in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on Saturday.Police tried to give the infant CPR, but she died after she was taken to a local hospital.According to investigators, Martin admitted to officers that he was smoking marijuana and playing video games with Noah Grabowski, 23, at his home on Tailstar Lane, The girl was reportedly left in the car for 45 minutes as temperatures neared 90F(32C). have found that a car’s internal temperature can quickly reach 130F when the temperature outside is in the mid-80s.Police said they later discovered a marijuana grow operation at Grabowski’s home and arrested him for cultivation and possession of marijuana.Both Martin and Grabowski appeared in court on Monday and were held without bond.Police wrote: ‘The incident is tragic for everyone involved, and completely avoidable.’They continued: ‘The Lake Havasu City Police Department would like to remind everyone that it is never acceptable to leave a child unattended inside of a motor vehicle.‘Inside temperatures can spike rapidly, even with the air conditioner running. Also, an unattended child inside of a vehicle, running or not, could be subjected to a host of other dangers.’It is unclear when Martin and Grabowski are due back in court.
I Want to Start Playing Video Games...?
video games is a bout having fun dont worry about failing its never to late to play go out to the nearest games store and buy your self a wii or whatever u think you will have most fun i suggest a wii— — — — — —What do look for in a Video Games?Storyline and multiplayer.Graphics help but they do not make the game.Good music helps,too.It's playerbase helps too.I do not want to play a game with a bunch of spoiled 10-year-olds *cough* Modern Warfare 2 *cough*— — — — — —How is Violence in video games goodWell it is to make the game fun and exciting because if there was a game with no violence it wouldnt be really fun. But that does not mean you use violence off of. Video Games. though!=Yoshirules=— — — — — —top 5 video games ?sims sims sims sims and did i mention sims— — — — — —Gender Studies: Who plays more video games, Men or Women?Definatly men, but some girls like video games too— — — — — —Selling Video Games on Amazon?You can sell games to amazon. Search for the game you want to sell, then there's a price in how much you can get from amazon. Click the sell button, fill out some forms, a shipping slip, then ship your games to amazon. Once amazon receives your games and agree with your condition, you get a gift card. You can use the gift card code to apply to your purchase— — — — — —At what age should i buy my child a video game?While many people are pushing video games for young children, I would not until they are seven or eight and even then very limited usage. Every kid is different, and some can play such games at four. But I really think running around, and reading books would teach him a lot more then a leapster at this age. A friend of my got a Smart Cycle for her young four year old, and he it was frustrating him to tears so they've put it away. I am not sure if a hand held would be the same but most of the difficulty was connecting your movements to the game's movements. If I turn right the car on the screen will turn right and get stuck? He also did not understand that the game had objectives, which was not the biggest deal on a smart cycle because he could just go in circles, but I could see that being an issue when objectives are key completing the game.— — — — — —Is it mean to ban video games from your house if you have a kid?You need to understand the video games are the new "playing outside" for this generation. While she is younger, limiting video game access is fine, but as she gets older all her friends will be gaming on the newest console and she will be out of the loop. I think you are hatred of video games stems from a bad experience, and you should work on making what video games you allow in the how fun for you both. There are lots of learning games for young children, and maybe you can both play together. EDIT: Oh seriously. I do not believe video games are better than playing outside, but talk to any child under 12 these days and see what they say. Stop giving thumbs down before reading the comment fully.— — — — — —Do girls play video games?Fk yeah we do! Have you been living under a rock or something?— — — — — —cool video games for ds?super mario brothers is awesome and spectrobes looks great. im getting it for my birthday and it looks so great. and also i have been told the animal crossing wild world is good. i hope this helps xxxxxxxxx.— — — — — —How do you quit/give up playing video games?Limit your gaming time. Find other hobbies that you are good at like playing football or playing guitar etc. You do not have to completely stop playing video games— — — — — —Video Games waste of time and money?WOOOOOWWW! You and me sound A LOT ALIKE! I play basketball and am very active but I always find time to play them. Like when I come home from school after a long day I have nothing to do except turn to video games, trust me, buy the ps3.
Spouse's Video Games / Computer Usage...I Want Both Male and Female Input on This Please.?
I am a woman, and in my marriage, I was the one with the computer game addiction. I wanted to play that game more than I wanted anything else, even sex or being with my husband or talking to him. Needless to say, it was really destructive to our marriage and caused a lot of pain and loneliness to my husband. He was always loving to me even though I did not deserve it. He showed me kindness when I showed him indifference. Eventually his love won me over and I quit the game. Our marriage has been so much better since then, we have grown closer and I've just grown to appreciate the wonderful man I am married to that I do not deserve. We only live one lifetime. Although the addictive force of the game and the intense but useless and imaginary pleasure it provides was extremely powerful, I am so glad to be living real life. We live one lifetime. I do not want to waste mine on sitting on a chair in front of a screen imagining that I am doing something cool or worthwhile or fun when all I am really doing is getting fatter and duller and more self-absorbed when there are actual human beings who need me and love me that I am blowing off. I read about how video games overactivate the pleasure centre of your brain to the extent that you become unable to enjoy normal things anymore. Like a real conversation or watching a sunrise or swimming or hiking or making love with your spouse.1. Why isn't Deepika Padukone's video 'My Choice' banned yet?It should not be banned because it is an awesome video. I personally like it because it has helped expose some of the top and well known Indian Quora writers as hypocrite and pea brained. Spitting venom against it is trending now and some of the writers have chosen to manifest herd mentality. Most of the Young Indian men and women seems to have problem with the line 'sex outside marriage'. But the whole thing was metaphorical and one should not take it in literal sense. What the line tries to imply is if a man can cheat on a woman without feeling any qualms about it and without society frowning upon him then the society should also refrain from calling a woman a slut or whore if she choses to cheat on her husband. The only person who has right to confront the woman is her husband, not the society. If you can see comedy in movies like 'No Entry' why are you making fuss about this video? Believe me in a month or two there will be a new trend. Indians will realize where they went wrong and will start supporting this video and they will claim they were never against it. But for now, by critisizing this video Indians have proved they are not ready for change in this arena. All this Indian Quorans writing stuffs in Quora about equality and modernism is pretentious bullshit. You guys are way behind.2. How would I set up an S-Video cord?why did you ask this question twice with different wording?!3. Is it worth buying Dr. Najeeb's video lectures for the NEET PG/AIIMS PG preparations?Yes it is worth buying Dr. Najeeb video lec as he makes the complex things into simpler and easy to digest texts for students.U can check out him by his video and can know his depth and detail knowledge that he sharesHope got ur answer4. I am looking for something that can do the job of a VCR without playing tapes....and must output S-Video.?Pick up a DVD Recorder with a built in Hard drive, then you can have the best of both worlds in one. Toshiba has a nice model5. How do i connect my computer to my tv if my video card does not have s-video out or vga?There are converters which convert a VGA signal to S-Video or Scart, but they usually result in a poor quality picture because just about every resolution is too high for a TV. I've not seen one made by a reputable manufacturer and you will end up with sore eyes unless you are running an application in 320x240. So what I am getting at is... do not buy one. The other option would be to buy a more recent TV with proper support for VGA or DVI inputs which will display a native resolution. Or.... buy a new graphics card.
What Are the Most Widely Believed Myths About Video Games?
I will start with the most obvious/common one.Video games cause violence - This has never been proven. Itu2019s that kind of phenomenon or hoax created by people who think ONLY with common sense, not facts. You shoot in video games -> you automatically become serial killer in real life.nNo, it really doesnu2019t work like that. Actually considering how many people play video games (hundreds of millions of people all around the globe), there is really small amount of aggressive or dangerous people, and most of them donu2019t even play video games at all. nnNow, of course there may be cases when someone is so addicted to or affected by a video game that they will go crazy and potentially dangerous. But it is more of an individual exception than rule.Video games are for kids - This obviously is not true since there are now probably more adult games than those for younger audience. Plus it is just a myth that games (even those that are not 18) are made for young audience. There are games which are very complex and are meant to be played by intelligent and skilled players - which are mostly adults. nThis myth still comes from the 80u2019s and 90u2019s when games were played only by children, teens and hard core geeks. Today games are same entertaining medium like TV or the internet.Video games are for lazy and dumb people - There are tons of people who argue that games are only for lazy and dumb people who donu2019t or canu2019t do anything else, like sports or whatnot.nThe thing is that video games are meant to be intellectually challenging, not physically. It is more like playing chess. However chess is admired by most people, yet video games are frown upon.nMaybe it is just my opinion, but think it is much better for your brain when you play an interactive and challenging game than watching TV brainlessly and just passively receiving random information and commercials · Other Questions What did Japan think would happen after attacking Pearl Harbor? Japanese pride and very survival were at stake when FDR ordered the shutting off of US vital materials to Japan, including 80% of the oil they used.So the striking out at Pearl Harbor was seen as a necessary attack to protect its national interests.Japanese leadership knew they would have a six month to year advantage before the US could respond offensively. Japan had been stalled in China, prior to Pearl Harbor, and had toyed with US help to consolidate its gains in China, as it was a financial and military drain on Japan. The massive Japanese attack launched starting with Pearl Harbor greatly overwhelmed the undermanned opposition. US military bases on Wake island and Guam quickly fell with US and Filipino troops fighting a losing defensive battle till April 1942. The Japanese leaders and population were ecstatic. After the taking of British Singapore, the exuberant Japanese wondered what to do next, as their war plans had been so easily fulfilled.Doolittles raid would change everything. The US bombing of the Japanese homeland greatly shocked the Japanese people. Though the damage was minimal, it showed that Japan was vulnerable, damaging morale.Worst, it altered Japanese war plans.Convinced of success, that the battle of the Coral Sea where the US had battled the Japanese to a draw, was just a aberration, the Japanese Navy decided to expand eastward its umbrella of protection, splitting its forces, in all out assaults on the Aleutian Islands and capturing Midway, possibly with further attacks on the Hawaiian Islands.To this point, Japan felt very confident of success, as they had been dictating the offense against little opposition. There was a time factor involved, as the US geared up for war, that was still half a year away. The first American troops to see actions against Germany wouldnt happen till November, 1942, when US troops were landed in Algiers. So the Japanese were counting on the same time line. The Japanese continued to see their naval force superior to the US, which it was. The only problem was, that the US had broken Japanese codes, and set a trap for the Japanese Navy at Midway.Till the battle of Midway, only six months into the war with the US, Japanese war fever was running high. The despised Americans were being overpower by the Japanese. There was a feeling of invincibleness, foolish giddiness, that Japanese war victories would continue unabated.After the great Japanese lost of 4 aircraft carriers, coupled with Doolittles Raid, the Japanese knew they were more vulnerable to further attacks, and they had no power to extend their protective curtain. Japan knew from the start they could not win a conventional protracted war with the great industrial nation of the US, but by securing a perimeter barrier they had hoped to keep the US outside their zone of area they controlled. It was a pipe dream.The military was counting on an armistice, losses so great to the Americans, they would sue for terms. Defeating the Americans was never seen as realistic. With Germany having great success against the Soviets at this time, this seemed like a real possibility ------ I am dumb. I process info slow, hard time relating things being taught to what I know. I don't know a lot of things. I'm 21. How do I help myself? Dumb is a broad term, at least that is what I like to believe. At at very young age, I have found myself learning things much slower than most of my friends. But then I learned the concept of brain plasticity from my psychology class and found it is possible to rewire our brain through training. What I have learned from my research and experimentation is that it is very hard to increase your IQ(Whatever that is), but it is very possible to train yourself to become a better thinker.To process information faster:It doesn't means you have to force yourself to concentrate and think faster. You will be overloaded with too much information and stress, which can result in an analysis paralysis. Around 80% - 90% of the information in any given situation can be irrelevant. Our brain also tends to operate better when we are working with less information. Thus practice comprehending what is going on by only looking for the key points and filtering out the irrelevant information. People that have trouble operating on very little information tend to be good critical thinkers. They are the people that would think slowly through every possible angle of the information in order to reach a conclusion they are satisfied with. It is very good for philosophical thinking and generating ideas, but not for processing information fast. Learning things by relating it to what you know:It works very well, until it doesn't work. An example would be if a chimpanzee would receive a banana every time he performs a certain trick, he would come to learn that is the way his world works. Then one day his owner was in a bad mood and decides not to give him banana when he performs a trick. The chimpanzee gets confused and have a hard time relating this to what he knows.We are a lot smarter than chimpanzees, but we often make the same mistake on a higher level. I hit a block when I was trying to learn variables in math class in elementary school. It was too different from how I learned everything up to that point. How does 2XY3 turns into Y3-2X? And how did the 2X move to the other side like that? I had trouble relating to what is going on.The way we understand how the world works can be very limited compared to how the world actually works. Whenever you have to learn something new or solve a problem that is outside your usual area of expertise, you have to adapt a new way of thinking instead of just applying how you think it works to it. Overtime the limits of your thinking can be expanded, and you will become more flexible with your thinking ------ Why doesnt the US Military or even the Canadian military have something like a foreign legion like the French? Why doesn't the US or Canadian military have something like the French Foreign Legion?nGiven that these countries are popular for immigrants, some of who would like to serve in the ranks of these elite militaries but would have get through the immigration process, wouldn't it be good to have a foreign branch for those who do not mind gaining citizenship that way ?nBecause neither the US nor Canada had a tradition of recruiting foreign citizens for their military services, neither of them needed foreign troops, and neither of them wanted them. Today, only a handful of nations welcome foreign recruits.In the late Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, many reigning monarchs were linked by marriage to the royal families of other nations and were able to command the loyalty of foreign troop units in their military forces. France, following the 1789-99 French Revolution, embarked on imperial expansion with Napoleonic and other royal relatives married into various royal houses or placed as rulers by conquest. The Napoleonic armies often included units of foreign origin. This trend continued after Napoleon, but some of these units were unavailable or unwilling to serve in all cases. The French Foreign Legion was created by King Louis Philippe in 1831, from foreign regiments of the French armies. Recruits included soldiers from the recently disbanded Swiss and German foreign regiments of the Bourbon monarchy. The Royal Ordinance for the establishment of the new regiment specified that the foreigners recruited could only serve outside France. The French expeditionary force that had occupied Algeria in 1830 was in need of reinforcements and the Legion was accordingly transferred to Algeria.nWikipedia, French Foreign Legion The USA and Canada, for different reasons, each relied on their respective domestic populations to serve in their armed forces. In each case, however, the use of citizens as soldiers contributed to the formation of national identity and involved oaths of loyalty to the nation. In contrast, the Foreign Legion takes advantage of its unique tradition, requiring that recruits take an oath of loyalty to the Foreign Legion, not to France. The purposes of the Foreign Legion are (at least theoretically) abhorrent to the US and Canadian international policy ethos.The United States does make provision for prospective immigrants to serve. The fundamental concern for loyalty, however, leads to a requirement that the immigrant have committed to and been admitted to permanent residence. Service in the US military is an avenue for these immigrants to secure accelerated naturalization to citizenship
Are Video Games Good Or Bad for You?
Whenever I come across this question, I refer the questioner to the website of one Sam Hughes, a mathematician/coder living in the UK, and to this page in particular: Without copy-pasting the entire page (although it's not that long), Hughes argues that games are good because they develop the following:Character - Games require perseverance and active participationSkill - Games improve dexterity and hand-eye coordinationYour brain - Games make you think and use problem-solving skills Also, in his final point, Hughes says that games are valuable as entertainment and makes the case for them being better than TV. I'd have to say that I tend to agree with everything he says on his page. · Other Questions How do I build my first Warhammer 40k army? Depends on how much you're looking to spend. The Get Started sets are probably the best value for money, but if you've got a bit extra to spend, I'd have a look at online retailers, some of whom sell bigger starter sets, usually the Get Started set plus three or four other units. I personally buy all my 40k stuff from Element Games, but if you're not in Britain, it'll be useless to you. Also, don't forget to buy paints. If you want to get Citadel paints, then I'd advise you to buy a few colours at first; the base colours for whatever army you're buying, then expand from there.Alternatively, buy Indomitus, it's well worth it's value. You'll have two immediate armies to play with, plus all the ancillaries you need. ------ What is socially acceptable today but would be horrifying in ancient times? My answer is not what you want probably. But if you think of ancient times and the lives they lived and secrets they kept it would pretty much be the same as today. I think different societies would feel from here to there on many things. Perhaps wvery society from every society would find the technology of todays youth and the decline in any true socializing and any care in saying whatever horrible thing that pops into a persons mind is sent out on social media tohurt and injure without giving it 510 mins before speaking in anger and how our younger generation is really lacking in respect due to all our tech. Dont get me wrong. I love my phone , laptop, tv, tablet, and all the crap on them but having four kids and seeing the differences due to it that is what I think ancient times would find horrifying ------ What did Japan think would happen after attacking Pearl Harbor? Good question. Looking at the U.S. at that time, the U.S. was negotiating a peace treaty with Japan, and didn't seem too worried about Japan's rampage thru Asia. Including the massacres in China.The U.S. was dragging its feet getting into the German war, sending supplies to help England but no declaration of war.I believe Japan felt if the U.S. declared war on Germany they would be a weak opponent in the Pacific. Indeed the U. S. was a sleeping tiger that rallied the nation to mobilize after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Nobody guessed that the U.S. could industrialize their weapons production so fast and so effective, or enlist and put effective troops into the field so fast.And an more effective bombing of Pearl Harbor such as hitting the fuel storage tanks, disabling aircraft catriers, could well have changed the initial outcomes in the Pacific. ------ Why do most Muslim countries hate Israel? Very simple. I am a corrupt incompetent ruler. I know that I cannot keep up with my corruption or incompetence forever. Eventually the people will turn against me,unless.What if I can find another reason why my people are so unhappy?This is where Israel comes in, the country everybody loves to hate. Blame the miserable plight of the people on Israel, turn the peoples anger away from myself and onto someone else.As irrational and demented as it may seem, that is exactly what happens. Keep the level of education so low that no one will really investigate the history of the conflict, make up your own alternative version, and play it to the crowds. There you go, I have just found a way to keep myself and my decendents in power forever ------ What is more important life or beliefs? The word belief when re-arranged gives us BELIFE.Life can be led in any way possible. It doesn't have to be segregated into good, bad, ethical or unethical. But this is the most rudimentary inference of life. Belief gives this new angle to life. Of life being good, bad , ethical or unethical. Now it varies from person to person, how he wants his life to be. Whether living is important or believing. Whether he wants to experience the feeling of being alive or add complexities to it. Personally i think there is no better phenomenon than Life in the universe. So life is what i feel is important. Being humans however, we are bound to develop beliefs sooner or later in life. But the first step is to Learn to Liv. what is more important life or beliefs?. ------ Why are some nurses cold and uncaring with patients? Isn't it their job to be comforting and kind? In Australia at the university I study at we are trained to communicate in a way that demonstrates empathy as it is very essential to patient wellbeing and recovery. We are trained to care as many naturally do. This is essential for mental well being . being understood matters hospitsls do not need to dehumanise a patient. So according to our standards nurses are meant to be kind and caring and this leads to a quicker less expensive recovery too. Some nurses may be cold and uncaring because they may be tired of abuse and hate their job. Or maybe they have no empathy to demonstrat. I don't know why I have met a few and to be honest I don't think they are suited to their job ------ How powerful is Jared Kushner in the Trump Administration? I guess that Jared Kushner is very influential, I would not call him powerful. Being a senior adviser to Trump, Trump of course listens to him. It is a family business. He may agree and/or disagree with Kushner. But Trump makes his own calls. The President is more powerful than the Congress. But the Congress can get rid of the President through an Impeachment process. Trump cannot get rid of the members of the congress as they are all elected members, by the people. Likewise, Trump was elected by the people. Congress, likes it or not, awarded him the presidency. They cannot deny. This is a democratic process.I do not think much about Trump , Kushner or Ivanka. There are much better people to run this country ------ What could be an easy to do tiny campaign between two people for Warhammer 40k, with a small genestealer army and a small tau army? I think Ben D. Bollen is giving you guys some good advice, but I wanted to throw out the idea to do something that might not be pre-designed.In the back of the rulebooks/codices you can find those campaigns and battle plans that lay out the design for the field of battle. Use those to develop your own!Say you have a Tau world/outpost that has been invaded by some genestealers and the two come to blows. You can even start with a try to define a choose your own adventure thing and have the story continue from one battle to the next with small bonuses or disadvantages to one side or the other from one battle to the next.Just a thought! ------ Do whales and dogs have a common ancestor? Every creature on Earth today has a single common ancestor the seed of the tree of life, if you like which first appeared nearly 4 billion years ago. They were incredibly simple yet hardy little buggers they had no nucleus or cell membrane! with just enough of the right organic material to stay alive. They did this long enough to divide (their form of asexual procreation) and create sister cells, an endless cycle which helped to ensure the survival of its species. These single-celled microorganisms, called prokaryotes, are also the earliest known form of microbe. And from them and over those 4 billion years, evolution took over and left us with all the beautiful, manifold species including yourself which today live literally throughout the world ------ What are the major societal differences between Spain and Portugal? Besides what others have already said, you can see the main differences between the Spanish and Portuguese way of living (and acting) by:1. seeing what happens in major cities in both countries after 7 pm: - in Spain, youll see lots of people gathering outdoors near tapas bars with their relatives, including children and even babies, socializing, speaking loud, drinking and amusing themselves - in Portugal, youll notice that most people just go home for dinner (or maybe to the supermarket to buy last minute ingredients to cook for dinner)2. listening to their typical music. The Spanish Flamenco is a vibrant kind of music, while the typical Portuguese Fado is a sad, melancholic rythm.Maybe this is an oversimplification, but I hope it helps.PS: Im Portuguese, prefer Fado to Flamenco but love the way Spanish enjoy life :) ------ As an American driver, if I wanted to drive in the UK, would I need to take classes? No but read the highway code.'s an easy system to understand once you know it.Speed limits for cars and motorbikes.If you're on a road and there is no signage. With street light system always 30mphWithout street light system National Speed Limit (NSL) single carriageway 60mph or dual carriageway 70mph All other times there will be repeater signs 20, 30, 40, 50 and NSLTraffic lights anything other than green means stop.Drive on the left, that includes motorways, the other two lanes are for overtaking (I know British people can't keep to that simple rules either)Giveway to the right when approaching a roundabout.You'll be fine. If you get beeped apologise, if you get flashed (and I mean with lights, don't be so rude lol) show your thanks. ------ I want my boyfriend to feel free in our relationship. I want to trust him, but I feel like I can't trust anyone right now. How can I stop being so jealous of my boyfriend talking or dealing with other females? What steps should I take to improve my behavior? .and? Sometimes you can make a statement into a question simply by adding a question mark at the end (e.g. "Dinner at seven?") but it only really works for yes-or-no questions. Think about what you're really trying to ask, and ask that. Add some question details if you want answers that more specifically deal with your individual situation. Like most Quorans, I'm assuming right now that you think your boyfriend having female friends is a bad thing. It isn't. I'm also assuming you're feeling insecure, and rather than change how you see yourself, it seems like it would be easier to blame how you feel on the outside situation. That would be a bad thing. But I have no idea if that accurately reflects your situation or not. It's pure conjecture. ------ How do Israeli Arabs feel about Israel? From data I have seen from many sources, most Arabs who are born and raised in Israel, Christian or Muslim or Druze, are very very unhappy with the racism they experience, and are against the way Palestinians are treated.ButMost polled still prefer to be in Israel than in occupied Palestine, do not support land swaps of Arab towns into Palestine, and are a lot more pro Israel than Palestinian Arabs and every other group of Arabs.The question I wonder is how can Jews and Arabs coexist in an Israel where many extreme conservatives polled have said theyd move if their neighbors were Arabs and answered other questions in concerning the aha. And how can Jews and Arabs coexist when Arab culture is very anti Semitic and anti Israel? ------ Why do people around me think that I am smart? Heres something to think about. Public speaking, or speaking in situations where there is more than one person, uses the same skill as having a conversation with one person. Its just a conversation. You open your mouth and you speak.You might be reacting this way because you feel you can control the response of one person, but cant do so when there is a group of people.But if you think of the group discussion in terms of the mechanical process of speaking, you might be able to allay your fear. I dont feel theres a connection between your inability to speak with a group of people and them thinking you are smart. But sometimes, we cant see in ourselves what other people can see
What Are Some of the Most Disturbing Video Games Ever Made?
I have seen some good suggestions already in this thread, among them are Spec Ops: The Line, This War of Mine, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Silent Hill 2. But many of the other games like Manhunt, Hatred, and Outlast are not (in my opinion) disturbing so much as shocking or frightening.To me, a game that is disturbing has to have moments of realization, or reveal, like a good magic trick. Disturbing games need to have a building of awareness about the horror youre facing. Without spoiling too much, all three of the above bolded games has a slow reveal of how horrifying the situation of the character truly is, and the player is forced to slowly come to terms with that horror.With that definition established, here are some of the most disturbing games I have ever played that most people arent mentioning. All of the following are available on Steam or the Humble Store, and most are available on GoGA Wolf in Autumn, Fingerbones, The Moon Sliver, The Music Machine These four games, by the same single developer (David Szymanski), are extremely disturbing. Szymanski focuses his game creation on making emotionally impactful and narratively focused horror, and does it extremely well. The Moon Sliver is technically a prequel to The Music Machine, but you can play them in whatever order you want. The experience of playing each is hard to describe, but A Wolf in Autumn is about the experience of being trapped in an abusive situation, and the three others are about uncovering mysteries in very foreign worlds. They are well worth their (quite cheap) prices, and I highly recommend all of them.Fran Bow Fran Bow is a story about a young, mentally ill girl on a quest to return to her family with the help of her cat. Her journey is extremely strange, and disorienting to the player, and Fran. I actually have not finished it yet, as some of the puzzles can be quite complex, but it has been quite an experience so far.Lone Survivor Originally created as a pixel-graphics tribute to Silent Hill, Lone Survivor is a delightfully disturbing game all on its own, and one of my favorites. Your character is a survivor of some deadly disease that has ravaged his apartment complex, and the rest of the world. He must survive and find other survivors, but his isolation is steadily driving him mad and as the player, less and less of what you see and think you know about the world can be trusted as you progress.Knock-Knock Knock-Knock is a very strange game by Ice-Pick Lodge with very simple gameplay. It is not hard to beat, but it is extremely uncomfortable to play (I highly recommend headphones for the full experience, dont worry there are no jumpscares). You spend your sleepless nights wandering your house looking for the sources of noises, but awake in the forest outside every morning, and every night when the noises return, the house is a bit different than the last time you awoke.Everybodys Gone to the Rapture In this game, you play a person who explores a small English village where an astronomical phenomenon has caused everyone to disappear. All that is left behind are peoples belongings, and strange echoes of the last moments and encounters of the people in the village. It is a very disturbing experience walking through such an empty place listening to the last life that existed there.Pony Island I cant tell you much about this game without spoiling the surprises in it, but I highly recommend it, I think its very fun to play and well designed, and its a bit more light-hearted than the other entries on my listHonorable mentions: These are games that are very disturbing, but for one reason or another I cannot recommend. Most of the time, I cant recommend them because they are extremely confusing and overwhelming to new players looking for a purely disturbing experience. Others I simply havent played yet, but look very promising. Pathologic The Void The Grandfather The Cat Lady Uncanny ValleyThanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my recommendations! · Suggested Reading Do psychopaths know they are psychopaths? I understand that I may be wired differently than most people.I may have psychopathic tendencies and yes I am fully aware of them.Things I do that other people may find disturbing I take for granted and I dont realize most of the time why some people become troubled by my actions. I have sporadically hurt many people throughout my life (including members of my immediate family) not so much physically, as emotionally and mentally.I have used people for money and to ooze material things from them. I have destroyed peoples lives in certain aspects, I have interfered with others relationships, I have instigated conflicts and other things I care not discuss here. The fact, that I can do these things, and not feel guilty or remorseful and at times not even realize why I am doing something, as I will often act impulsively and without thinking things through.I live a parasitic lifestyle, as I dont like to work and only want to do the things I like doing. At the same time I want to live a comfortable and effortless life, in which case the ends justify the means. I have difficulty keeping a job long enough and sustaining healthy relationships.I dont plan ahead, and there are other things I simply dont process, cant understand or may often misinterpret entirely.I have no genuine need for human interaction, emotional bonding or support (this isnt the case for most people)I hold no sentimental/emotional attachments to people or objects, given the text book definition of these words I have not experienced these feelings. Certain other factors come into play, when other people expect me to feel and address the things I dont process.Feelings such as love and empathy, shame, guilt and remorse. I can only tell you the textbook definition of these words. This of course does not mean that I dont feel anything at all.I am not made of concrete. I am a human being, obviously I feel things. But I feel them differently than a neurotypical does and in ways I can not explain. I can be very reserved and calm and then an invisible switch is flipped and I become a loose cannon. This is mainly due to impulses, that in spite years (decades) of psychiatric intervention I still find hard to control and maintain at times.Ive engaged in reckless behavior a number of times, failing to assess the dangers, or what may come as a result of my actions. I may often get lost in the moment and have no clear understanding of why I am doing something.Purely by chance, given the number of things Ive done, a quiet number of them illegal, I have not been arrested once and have managed to keep a clean criminal record up to this point.Weird part of it all is that I dont care. People tell me this should bother me, but It does not bother me at all, as I simply flip the page and continue on unaffected by the outcome, in spite of what the outcome may be.I dont learn from past experiences and quite often I repeat the same mistakes and this again according to my psychiatrist, is due to impulses and my failure to assess the consequences of my actions.I dont think anything of these things, I dont dwell on them. I merely view them as life occurrences, something that already happened and cant be changed.So how do I remedy this?I limit my contact with people for their own sake, as well as my own. Of course this isnt a vaccine.And this urge to go out, meet new, unsuspecting people and f#ck with them, even when suppressed, is always present in me, as it stimulates and excites me in ways I can not logically explain. The same with sex, as I am not able to get properly aroused by conventional love making, I always need something extreme (of sadistic nature) and intense to get myself off.So on top of that, I am also a sexual deviant, (add that to my resume) although I personally dont see anything deviant in my behavior, because its normal to me, this is what I like and unapologetically take pleasure in.(sex with random strangers in dark alleys and inside underground S&M sex clubs. Sex with women, trannies, men. Bisexual orgies, with leather whips, chains, handcuffs, you name it, Ive done it all. Its like music to my ears, it makes me feel alive and it stimulates me in ways I can not put into words).This is enough for me to understand, that I may have a different wiring, than most people. I dont need an assessment of sort to tell me that
Knowledge Related to Video Games in Colombia
Video gaming is a growing sector in Colombia. The medium has been popular in the country since the 1980s, but little local development had taken place until the turn of the 21st century. As the country has been producing many engineers since the early 2010s, many of which specialized in electronics, industry and information technology, the local video game industry has been booming. . · Other Related Knowledge of s video Videography of s video Despina Vandi"Den Iparhi Tipota" "To Adiexodo" feat. Giannis Parios "Efyges" "Den Pethainei I Agapi" "Spania" "Katalliles Proipotheseis" feat. Giorgos Lembesis "Giatriko" "A Pa Pa" "Sta Dosa Ola" "To Koritsaki Sou" "Ipofero" "Lypame" "Gia" "Christougenna" "Anaveis Foties/Deste Mou Ta Matia" "Thelo Na Se Do" "Olo Lipeis" "Lathos Anthropos" "Ela" "Simera" "I Melodia Tis Monaxias" "Gia" (English Version) "Fevgoume Kardia Mou" "Oti Onirevomoun" "Come Along Now" "Opa Opa" "Happy End" "Na Ti Herese" "Stin Avli Tou Paradeisou" "Olo Lipis/I Believe It" "Jambi" "Amane" feat. Giorgos Mazonakis "Kalanta" "Mehri Ma Mina" "Thelo" "10 Hronia Mazi" "Fantasou Apla" "Agapi" "Koritsi Prama" "Erota Thelei I Zoi" "Mou Heis Perasei" "Girismata" "To Nisi" "Gia Kaki Mou Tixi"Giannis Ploutarhos"Enas Theos" "I Kardia Mou Ine Zalismeni" "Paramilao" "To kalytero Paidi" "Ti mpike anamesa mas" "Thisavros" "Tha ta spaso ola" "Panselinos"Angela Dimitriou"Eho Mia Kardia" "Den Eisai Tipota" "Kane stin akri" "Echoume Ke Leme" "Poia Ton Ehei Agapisei" "Fyllo Ke Ftero" "De Mou Charistike I Zoi" "Mavri Lista" "S'eho Anangi" "Ela Ela" "Einai Krya Ta Sentonia"Katy Garbi"Zisame" "To Kati" "Epitelous" "Ti Theloune Ta Matia Sou" "Thelo Apopse Na Horepso" "Viastika" "Emmones Idees Medley" "Katapliktiko"Evridiki"Simadi Sto Laimo" "Kai Den Teleionoume Pote" "Dese Mou Ta Matia" "Lepides" "To Koumpi" "Afta Pou Krivo Mesa Mou" "To Trito Sirtari" "Ta Diagrammena"Natasa Theodoridou"Den S' Adiko" "Pou Perpatas" "Acharisti Kardia" "Peripou" "Na Grapseis Lathos" "Paranomi Mou Agapi" "Katazitite" "Sou Vazo Diskola" "Den Se Noiazei Gia Mas"Vasilis Karras"Tilefonise Mou" "Aporo An Esthanese Typseis" "Aftopepithisi" "Phenomeno" "Gia Des Poia Milaei" "Ti Anthropoi" "Ti Esthanese" "Gyrise" "Dodeka Para" "Gela Mou" "Na 'Rthi Brosta Mou Na Ta Pi"Giorgos Lembesis"Katalliles Propotheseis" "Eksartisi" "To Moro Mou" "Mataioponia" "Etsi Eimai" "I Agapi Vlafti Sovara Tin Igeia" "Eliksirio" "Marilyn Monroe"Giorgos Mazonakis"Mi Mou Zitas" "Mou Leipeis" "Paliopaido Tha Gino" "Ston Erota" "Amane" (feat. Despina Vandi)Lefteris Pantazis"Filakia"Stella Georgiadou"To Allo Miso Sou Ime Ego"Triantafyllos"Ela Omos Pou Den Pernaei" "Moro Mou" "Afiste Minima"Giorgos Giannas"3/4" "Fyge" "Gia Ta Filia Sou"Litsa Giagkousi"Apistia" "De Les Tipota" "Mythistorima" "Asto Min Orkizese" "Para Poli" "To Thavma"Kalomoira"Nomizeis" "Pethaino Gia Sena" "Proti Mou Fora" "Paizeis?" "Ki Olo Perimeno" "Secret Combination"One"Proti Mou Fora" "Fovame" "Moro Mou" "Gimme"Hi-5"Ksero Ti Zitao"Kaka Koritsia"Geia Sou" "Ksanagennithika"Vicky Haritou"Erota Peirati"Marianda Pieridi"Meine Dipla Mou" "S'agapo" "Ta Pio Megala Onira" "Vale Fantasia"Apostolia Zoi"Mi M' Akoumpas"Michalis Hatzigiannis"Pou Einai I Agapi"Elena Paparizou/Antique"Alli Mia Fora" "My Number One" "Min Fevgeis"Sakis Rouvas"Ela Mou" "Mia Fora" "Shake It" "S'eho Erotefthi (Studio version) "S'eho Erotefthi (Forest version) "1000 Milia" "Horis Kardia" (The Blowgher's Daughter)Dionysis Skhinas"Zisame" "O,ti Kai Na Les" "Mou Tairiazeis"Kostas Martakis"Nai" "An Kapou Kapote"Notis Sfakianakis"Mavra Matia" "Kapse" "Agapi Ti Dyskolo Pragma"Antzi Samiou"Pes Mou Giati" "Imisfairia" "Kleftes ki astinomi"Giorgos Tsalikis"An Imouna Paliopaido" "Ksenyhtao" "Gia Sena Ta Spao (Valentino Mix)" "Thelo Na Oneirevomai Mazi Sou" "Tsalikis Hit Mix"Thodoris Ferris"Magnitis Sto Velmma" "Ta Amartola Sou Matia"Stelios Maksimos"Poia Stigmi"Sofia Arvaniti"Oso S' Agapisa" "Min Anaveis To Tsigaro"Yiannis Parios"I Monaksia Mesa Ap' Ta Matia Mou" "Tosa Grammata" "Gela Mou Ki As Einai Psema" "Dialekses Tin Tichi Mou" "To Simadi Tou Erota" "Den Eimai Ego"Haris Alexiou"Esi Me Ksereis Pio Poli"Eleni Dimou"Ta Ho Vrei Me Ton Eafto Mou"Lena Alkaiou"Tipota"Paschalis Terzis"Afise Me Mono" "Tipiki Diadikasia" "Kai Fovamai" "Rotisa Ta Matia Mou"Katerina Stanisi"Apo Pou Ki Os Pou" "S' Eho Kanei Theo" "Stamatise Tou Rologiou Tous Deiktes"Litsa Diamanti"Ti Zitas"Dimitris Basis"I Zoi"Giannis Kotsiras"Etsi Ki Allios" "Tifles Elpides" "Alexandria"Harry Varthakouris"Monaksia Kalimera" "" To tragoudi tou Harry no 3 (Tipota)"Antonis Remos"Ti Imouna Gia Sena" "To Kerma" "Gia Na Tin Kerdiseis" "Emeis"Nikos Vertis"Asteri Mou" "Pame Psihi Mou"Irini Merkouri"Kati Eho Pathei Me Ta Matia Sou" "Pou Na Fantasto"Petros Imvrios"Prosehe"Christos Antoniadis"Magia"Efi Sarri"Afou M' Areseis"Peggy Zina"Poly Kala Pername" "Efiges"Konstantina"I Kardia Mou Ine Zalismeni" "Ti Mpike Anamesa Mas"Elli Kokkinou"Kapoia Mera"Mando"Emeis" "Prodosia" "Never Let You Go"Thanos Kalliris"Matia Feggaria Mou"Antipas"I Nichtes Tou Trelou" "Den Se Perimena"Stelios Dionisiou"Anoiktoi Logariasmoi"Thanos Petrelis"Den Echo Matia Gi' Alli"Aggeliki Iliadi"Ti Monaksia Fovamai"Lena Papadopoulou"To Sfalma" "Poios Sou Emathe" "Pragmatika"Giorgos Christou"Paizeis me ton pono mou"Maro Litra"Metaniosa"Chryspa"Mou Kanei Plaka O Theos" "Antres 100%"Constantinos Christoforou"Mipos"Poimis Petrou"Kathreftis"Aggeliki Zika"Den Eimaste Dio Eimaste Ena"Nafsica"Mi Me Pairneis Tilefono" "Kano Onira"Tamta"Agapo (Wanna Play)"Nikolas"Tyfones"REC"To leei i kardia mas"Stereo Mike"Fevgo" (feat. Haris Alexiou)Christos Kyprianidis"Tha Sou Elega Polla"Vasilis Terlegkas"Enos Leptou Sigi"Dimitris Chrisochoidis"Topio Seliniako"Tzina Alexopoulou"Kathe Dakry Sou"Eleni Karousaki"Tora Den Anteheis" "Na Pas" "Mono Nichta Se Thymamai" "An Imoun Antras"Elena Basi"Nihta Me Pairneis"Andreas Konstantinidis"Mono gia sena" (feat. Julia Alexandratou)Valando Tryfonos"Sti Dipla Thesi"Katerina Stikoudi"6000000"Maria Karlaki"Enstikto"Irini Daniil"San Ena"Andri Karantoni"Esy" ------ Reception of s video Back to the Future Part II was criticized as a poor conversion of the film. Mark Patterson of CU Amiga wrote, "There's so many crossover plots in the film it seems almost impossible for a game to do it justice. . Obviously it was always going to be a difficult license to translate; I just wonder if anybody could have handled it in a more exciting manner." The introduction sequence was praised by some reviewers, although Robert Swan of Computer and Video Games (CVG), reviewing the Atari ST version, stated that the sequence was a nice idea that was poorly executed, writing that the DeLorean "jerks along like a slug with bunions". Chris Jenkins of Sinclair User reviewed the ZX Spectrum version and considered the sequence to be "astonishingly badly-drawn". The game's music and sound was mostly praised; Patterson considered the rendition of the film's theme music to be among the game's two outstanding features along with the introduction sequence. The character sprites were criticized, especially the design of Marty McFly. Some critics felt that the hoverboarding levels went on too long. Patterson believed that the beat 'em up level was poorly executed and the worst of the five levels. He also wondered why the fourth level would take the form of a tile puzzle game, questioning its relevance to the scene it depicts. In addition, Patterson believed that the second level was too easy and quick, and was critical of the final level being similar to the first: "It's a bit of a cheap gimmick to rehash an earlier game section so blatantly. I was very disappointed to get this far and discover I really had gone back to the future." Gerard Ryle of The Age wrote about the game's various levels, "Pretty weird stuff I admit, but this game's real strength lies in its reliance on a combination of quick reflexes and quick mind." Amiga Action criticized the music and the "weak" background details. Zzap!64 considered the levels to be slightly better on the Amiga version over the Commodore 64 version. Commodore Format criticized the "unoriginal" levels, but praised the sound, calling it the most pleasing aspect of the game. The magazine stated that the game's lasting appeal, beyond a few days, "is extremely questionable," and wrote that the game's "dozens of nice touches" only serve to "remind you that the game as a whole is full of unfulfilled promise." Mark Caswell of The Games Machine reviewed the Atari ST version and considered it a disappointing game, criticizing its slow pace. However, Caswell believed that most of the graphics were fairly good. CVG's Swan believed that the puzzle levels did not fit in well with the rest of the game, and stated that the game "isn't a total disaster," but "you do get the feeling that a lot more could have been made from it." Atari ST User stated that the game closely follows the film but that "this doesn't manage to salvage the average movie tie-in." The magazine praised the colorful graphics, but criticized the poor scrolling and monotonous gameplay, and concluded that the game did not have lasting appeal as its different gameplay styles provide only initial excitement. Neil Jackson of ST Format called it a "colourful and somewhat schizophrenic game" with an "interesting" combination of gameplay styles and "superb" graphics. However, Jackson criticized the first level as being "incredibly tough," due to poor collision detection and joystick control, although he praised the puzzle levels for providing "well-needed breathing space" between the action levels. Jackson concluded that while the game "is not what it could have been, there should be something in it for everybody - if you can just get far enough to reach it!" Rich Pelley of Your Sinclair reviewed the ZX Spectrum version and was critical of the game's long loading times. However, Pelley praised the variety and the puzzle levels, and considered the game to be addictive and "very faithful to the complicated film." Reviewers for Crash were disappointed with the gameplay. Mean Machines reviewed the Master System version and was critical of the graphics, poor controls, and poor collision detection, while stating that the levels were either too easy or too difficult. Sega Force called it frustrating and considered its graphics mediocre, both especially during the first level, although praise was given for the visual appearance of the puzzle levels.
What Would You Say Is the Most Iconic Symbol in Video Games?
Are we talking brands, or are we talking symbols?If it is symbols and symbols alone, I'd probably guess it is this:The D-Pad.No matter what type of controllers we have now, be it crosses, sticks, guitars, gloves, or whathaveyou, the D-Pad is in my estimation, the most recognizable and universally understood symbol in videogames.The equivalent to how this symbol:Is understood by all, even if kids (or some younge people in general) might not even know where it comes from or what it is. · Other Questions Kellyanne Conway lamented that Sen. Corker's tweet humiliated Trump in the eyes of world leaders and possibly diminished his stature and immense respect. Is she correct? That is because Kellyanne Conway thinks that Trump actually has some stature and respect in the world. Because he has them to her.In fact, Trump has long lost any stature with either world leaders or most of the rest of the world. What is losing stature is the US, and particularly the Republican party. The longer the Republican party, the only power which has the authority to remove Trump, fails to do so, the more respect they will lose, and the more respect the government of the US and the country as a whole will lose ------ Was anyone too old to audition for Harry Potter? In the books, when James and Lilly Potter passed away, they were 21 years old.21.This is how they appeared in the movies.Lily is played by Geraldine Somerville, who was 34 when the movies started and 44 when the movies ended, and Adrian Rawlins, who played James, was even older, 43, when the movies started and 53 when they ended.Maybe the casting of Alan Rickman as Severus Snape made this a logical change or maybe they were not yet aware of the age of Harrys parents at the time. Whatever might be the reason, I thought it was a bit weird ------ Is it scary to experience a solar eclipse if you don't know what it is? I remember one a few years ago, it's interesting and unusual. But if you follow the media on it you'll probably see some of this:A couple of idiots thinks it's the judgement dayEveryone warns you not to look directly into Sun 'cause you'll be blind right awayAnimals start to act strangelySuperstitious people get scaredEvery second is on the breaking newsSome guru will probably write a handbook, something like 'Awake the eclipse within'Nerd from the neighborhood will keep to play WoW like nothing happens, because he would be interested in just if the Sun hits him directly into faceWish you luck watching it ------ Do people exist with weird music taste like Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and others? You are a fan of what is known as classic rock. As you delve further into it, you'll find that classic rock gets even weirder and more awesome than what gets played on classic rock stations. For example, you should check out King Crimson (try the first album, the Red album, and THRAK), and you may like Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies and Welcome to my Nightmare albums. But I suspect that you want to meet other peeps your own age that like similar music. So here's a good place to start: ------ What did Indira Gandhi do for the country? Contributions are mere contributions. They can be good ones and bad ones.In my opinion, her contributions wereEvolving and maturing Indian politics in geopolitics. Creation of Bangladesh was her finest contribution.She consistently and systematically destroyed institutions, made PMO unreasonably powerful and almost destroyed democracy by imposing internal Emergency to save her political career. Through IRDP she corrupted an entire nation.Nationalised practically every industry and ended up creating white elephants of mammoth proportions.Single-handedly destroyed a democratic Congress Party and created a dynasty driven party. Sikh terrorism was her gift to the nation again for her narrow political ends ------ Did Elon Musk do anything directly to solve Tesla's production hell, or did he just tell his VP or whoever's in charge to sort it out? Elon Musk is very technical and very capable.He was part of the group solving the issue and not just a manager beating a drum.No, this is not some Elon cool aid. There are plenty of youtube videos out there where Elon gets a very technical question and not just answers it but nails it. When he started at SpaceX, he actually did study rocket science, he knows his stuff.He is far from being the sole mind of these companies, but he is very technical ------ Why donu2019t more countries copy the United States? The dont copy the US, mostly because they have already copied the US. The basic idea of modern government came in part from the US example that a strong Republican form of government could succeed. The US had inexpensive colleges before Europe. Europe expanded the idea and improved it. The US has moved away from that concept.The US today isnt an example that anyone wants to copy, particularly more densely populated countries. Nobody in European cities would want people to carry handguns and start shooting. Nobody in Europe would copy our approach to healthcare ------ Did any English or British kings or queens have any Irish ancestry? Richard de Clare (Strongbow) married Aoife of Leinster.Issue: Isabel de Clare m William, Marshal of England.Issue:Isabel Marshel and Eva Marshel (There were more, but these are the ones who had flashy descendants. )Descendants include Robert the Bruce or Robert I of Scotland, his Grandson Robert II was a bit of a shagger and he had 27 kids legitimate and illegitimate and married them into the Scottish Nobility. Which basically makes everyone in Scotland descended from Robert Bruce and also from Aoife of Leinster.Another descendant was Anne Boleyn which of course makes Queen Elizabeth I also descended from Aoife of Leinster. ------ Why did Robert Baratheon marry Cersei? Practicality, His true love was dead and he wore the crown,i imagine the realm was waiting to see who hed marry. He had the North,Riverlands and Vale at his back with Tywin having thrown in his lot with them nearing the end,doing what the heroic and honorable couldnt do.Leaving a man like Tywin with a dick in his hands wasnt wise and it would basically secure his reign as very few would dare to stand against Tywin who would be a close ally to the crown. It made political sense. ------ For the atheist, what will be their reaction, if there is life after death and God appears as the judge with all his attached qualities? An afterlife could hold surprises for believers as well as atheists (although atheists would be the ones surprised by the existence of afterlife which, to an atheists, is a form of magical thinking).Not sure what attached qualities the OP is referring to since I dont know his religious tradition, but I should remind him that there are many, many religions, each with particular claims about whats waiting for us after we die. I wish the OP all the best, but suggest he not be too smug. Its possible hes the one who will be disappointed ------ Why was Harvey Weinstein required to leave behind his walker when he was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs following his conviction in February 2020? If he actually needs a walker, he will be provided with one in prison. However, anyone who has ever used a walker knows that he didnt actually need the one he was using.Walkers are meant to help bear the persons weight. He had his very far out in front on him and was just pushing it. There was no way it was being used because he needed it. He pushed the walker for effect, to make himself look weak and ill. Seems the jury saw through his pathetic attempt at getting pity ------ Why is BIMSTEC so important for India? Rahul Dwivedi has given a comprehensive answer.The importance these smaller countries look towards India to take up developmental initiatives in these smaller states, otherwise the Chinese drag on is just waiting on the wings to fool & later cripple their economy & therby reducing them to poverty.India cannot afford to lose on them at any cost & this is also to segregate Pakistan out of the picture - as it has only one point agenda - to trouble India at any cost & at the same time help China to trouble India. ------ Iu2019m a CS major at a no-name school. How much will my schoolu2019s abysmal reputation affect my job prospects? I went to a school with a very good academic reputation. However, in 18 years in the software industry and interviewing fairly often, the school I attended was mentioned in 1 interview ever. When I review resumes, I MIGHT give a small amount of extra attention to someone who went to Carnegie-Mellon, MIT, Stanford or Berkley but in reality, they might be better junior developers but they are still junior. But I would prefer a GitHub resume and an associates any day to someone with a bunch of academic credentials and zero real world experience ------ Did Led Zeppelin under use John Bonham? I dont think so; within reason, Led Zeppelin would NOT have been Led Zeppelin without him - thats why they called it a day when he passed away. Just listen to When The Levee Breaks - even Good Times Bad Times from their debut album; he out-manoeuvred his hero Carmine Appice!HOWEVER, when he got hold of a Ludwig kit with 2 bass drums in the early days, Page & Jones were not too happy - & that extra drum was given marching orders!John Bonham in 1969 (R.I.P.) ------ You are a skilled sniper in the Star Wars universe and you have the opportunity to shoot either Darth Vader or Lord Sidious in the head. Who are you shooting and why? If I was a sniper in the star wars universe, I would use a slugthrower. Blaster bolts go at the speed of a baseball throw, bullets are not dodgeable. Blaster bolts can be deflected with a lightsaber, bullets become globs of molten metal. Blasters use tibanna gas and delicate electronics, slugthrowers are literally just guns. It is hard to focus on or even use force powers while in combat, so I would hire some goons to also shoot at them. While they are getting their shit wrecked, Id try to get a kill shot on palpy. ------ Studies have shown that most college-educated Americans are liberals. So is being liberal superior to being conservative? People who believe in liberalism or who are liberals usually see the good in people or in a certain situation. It is my responsibility to help the homeless person, and once I help him, he will help himself.People who are conservative on the other hand, see people's environment as a responsibility of their work ethic. (this is true for some, but not all. Some just have shitty luck. )If college teaches to see the best in people, instead of realistic expectations, then more gullible college students are going to be liberals ------ Do you think that Rahul Gandhi being portrayed as the Joker is part of the BJPu2019s agenda to create such public opinion? Yes, it was a well plan strategy by BJP PR/IT cell.This was the pattern. Not only Rahul, any one opposed BJP policy and showed some stance was discredited and made to look like joker. Suddenly their memes, funny videos and photos started appearing on Social Media. Their every silly mistakes are projected in bad light and shown as joke. Such pictures were designed specificall to forward.I hate many people politically but I never get time to make such memes and videos. This thing are definitely were done by Professionals ------ How do you overcome feelings of inferiority when you see what others your age have achieved? Iu2019d be surprised if I am alone in this. Edit: Iu2019m glad to discover that a moment of weakness led to the single question that has taught me the most on Quora. Comparing where you are and where they are is like comparing a snowflake on a tree to a snowflake in the air. One may landed but eventually it will melt or evaporate then it may help the tree grow, fall later as rain or snow, or maybe even and animal will take it as nourishment. The one in the air may do that too when it lands, but if a strong breeze carries it away it could be a while before it stops. Just remember no journey is done until it is done ------ Media marketing led me to believe I will be able to attract a boyfriend if I have beautiful lingerie. So I bought Victoria's Secret lingerie. Why can I still not find a boyfriend? Well I assume you aren't Maddona and wearing it on the OUTSIDE of your clothing.Here's a tip, honey, by the time he can *see* your underwear its generally not an issue.I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself what you are looking for and why? If its just sex, and thats the only thing the underware has anything to do with, its pretty easy to find a guy. If its more, then maybe you should think about THAT side of things and how you effectively meet guys with similar interest and communicate your interests to them
Has Politics Ruined Some Video Games for You?
Thanks for the A2AMost of the answers that are already here talk about how politics in games affected their experience, I would argue that the most damage that politics has done to ruin some video games actually comes from outside the games themselves.Meet Joe LiebermanThis man was the first Senator to really exploit violence in video games as a platform. It was basically because of him and his rhetoric about games like Mortal Kombat and Doom that the ESRB was formed. This was perfectly fine, after all kids used to be the primary targets for video game sales, so having a way for parents to choose what kind of content their kids are exposed to is fair. Unfortunately it did not stop there. Lieberman turned this into a pet project to censor, ban, or otherwise prevent violent video games from being produced.This viewpoint was later carried forward by one Jack Thompson who went so far as to describe video games like GTAIV as u201cMurder Simulatorsu201d that train kids to be killers. Now none of their arguments actually bear out in the statistics as violent video games are more prolific than ever and yet violent incidents among the youth has significantly decreased over the same time period (1.,No evidence to support link between violent video games and behavior, 2.Violent Video Games - idea is nothing new, as in the 1950u2019s Frederick Wertham made similar arguments against violence in comics(Protecting the Children (Part 1)). It wasnu2019t true that reading gritty and violent comics didnu2019t cause kids to become violent and neither does playing violent video games.The arguments made by all of these people are pure sophistry that eschewed all scientific evidence available at the time, that showed that video games basically had the same effect as any activity that involved competition. The aggression brought out from playing Grand Theft Auto is the exact same as that which is brought out when playing football, or even chess if the players are invested in the outcome. There is a certain truthiness to their statements, though which is why it resonated with voters. It would seem to make sense that playing something violent would cause a person to be desensitized or even fantasize about real world violence, right? Well the big problem is that the two things are nothing alike. No one cares about killing an avatar in a game, because we know it is not real. Now if these were real life gladiator tournaments like they had in Rome, where real people were being killed and actual death and dismemberment was occurring before your eyes, then we might see more prevalent psychopathy develop in those who participated.So, getting back to the question:Has politics ruined some video games for me?Yes, absolutely. By having politicians and well-intentioned voters and parents scare a burgeoning industry with the thought that their products could be banned if they were deemed u201ctoo violentu201d, we have likely missed out on a great number of games that would have otherwise been made. There is no doubt in my mind that many of the games that were never made would not have been the ultra violent gore fests Lieberman and others fought against. The reason is that the shadow of censorship often stretches far beyond itu2019s original intention when implemented and thus has a chilling effect on a market.So, hereu2019s to the games that died on the drawing board because of politics!. · Other Questions How easy is it to convert from Christianity to Islam? It is not difficult for this to happen. Those who seek to convert from Christianity to Islam do not take the claims of Christ to be true. They do not believe that he is Divine nor that he is the perfect sacrifice to atone for human sin. They do not believe he conquered death by rising from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God to intercede for those who accept his sacrifice as atonement and truly repent of their sins. For those who turn to him, he has sent his holy spirit to assist with living a God-fearing life pleasing to him. The Christian God is three in one and one in three and is one in being but 3 in essence and this makes up the Christian concept of the trinity. To the Muslim, this is three Gods and liken it to polytheism as opposed to their belief in one God. But as the Christian God reveals himself in the human form of Jesus calling His followers to have a personal relationship with the divine living God the Father, Islam does not accept that God could have a son and reject that Christ was God incarnate in flesh and becoming a man to live on earth. This may sound absurd but who are we to question what God chooses to do in order to redeem mankind and reconcile his creation to himself?The greatest collective good that has ever been done on earth has been by the true followers of Christ which can never be quantified.Muslims believe in Jesus's virgin birth and that he was a great teacher/ prophet. But reject his death by crucifixion and resurrection which are the defining beliefs of Christianity.Hence for a nominal or even skeptical Christian who does not take these claims seriously it is easy to accept the easier counterclaims of Islam and its opposition to Christianity.Islam places upon a person the task of pleasing God by their actions. This they do by external deeds of praying 5 times, not eating pork nor drinking alcohol( though they can smoke and take drugs) and by women covering themselves to appear asexual and pious! The more they do this they hope that Allah will grant them entry into paradise after death.However they do not like non-believers, and even curse or kill non-Muslim and are critical of western ways and their lifestyle and dress that provokes the sexual instinct.Muslim men, however, chooses to live in non-Muslim countries filled with uncovered women while demanding that their women cover themselves. ( this is hypocrisy which could amount to sin) and are intolerant of all other faiths while living in non-Muslim countries that protect them by Judeo Christian laws. This is a case of hostile dependency which is covert anger towards western lifestyle and laws but overtly living under their peaceful governance. This too is hypocrisy.The extremists will kill innocent non Muslims and the majority Muslims do not express regret but project blame onto western foreign policy. They distort fundamental truths which are that one man killing another is wrong which cannot be mitigated by the wrongs done by elected governments for geopolitical reasons. Arab countries are also complicit in this.If nominal Christians can walk away from a faith that calls one to to 'turn the other cheek' 'pray for those who curse you 'and 'love your enemies' then they are not willing or able to live up to the high callings of Christ and are free to accept any religion of their choice. Christ does not compel anyone to follow him. They are free to walk away from the truth that he has proclaimed which is the source that sets us free ( able to learn to be without feeling condemned by God) and can transform a human life from the inside as opposed to external transformation and rituals accepted by other religions.Christ said ' I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me'.Christianity is the story of God reaching down to man. The aim of all non-Christian religions is to have humans ( however weak or disabled) to reach up to God. The choice is ours. ------ Now that elections are so close, who has the greater probability of winning, the BJP or Mahagatbandhan? The whole premise mentioned in the question is wrong. Where is the Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance)?There may be u201cgathbandhanu201d (alliance) between individual parties, but there is no u201cmahagathbandhanu201d among all or most opposition parties in India.Let me briefly analyse the situation as of today, when the first phase of polling is just about one week away. In Delhi, AAP and Congress are not together.In UP, there is no alliance between Congress on the one hand and BSPSPRLD on the other. So, there is a triangular contest. In fact, in addition, a faction of SP, led by Shivpal Yadav is separately contesting all 80 seats. Lack of grand-alliance will be most disastrous for the opposition in UP, because UP has the maximum number of 80 seats.In MP, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, again, Congress is fighting alone against BJP. It does not have alliance with BSP, as was expected. In Odisha, there is no alliance. It is a triangular contest between BJD, BJP and Congress.In West Bengal, there will be 4-sided contests between TMC, BJP, Communists and Congress.In Telangana, there is no alliance between opposition parties. There may be 3-sided or 4-sided contest in many seats, with TRS, Congress, BJP, and Owaisiu2019s party (AIMIM).In Andhra Pradesh, again, there may be 5-sided contests. TDP, Congress, YSR Congress, JanaSena party (of Pawan Kalyan) and BJP. Kerala will have triangular contests: LDF (left parties), UDF (Congress led front) and NDA (BJP led front). So, here also, left parties and Congress have no alliance. In fact, due to Rahul Gandhi deciding to contest in Wayanad in Kerala, the fight between Congress and LDF becomes more fierce. In Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, there is more or less a 2-party system for quite some time. So, no scope for mahagathbandhan.In Punjab, AAP and Congress are again not allies.In Haryana, there is no major alliance of Congress, and there will be at least a triangular contest. In North-east, it is BJP led NDA which has more alliances than the Congress led opposition.Of course, in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, there is an alliance of Congress. But, in Bihar and Karnataka, these are already on shaky wickets. For example, in Bihar, Congress in not happy with seat-distribution (for example, Kirti Azad not getting his existing MP constituency), and Tej Pratap Yadav (elder son of Lalu Yadav) has formed a separate party. On the other hand, in Maharashtra and Bihar, BJP has better alliances.In Tamil Nadu, while Congress has alliance with DMK, but then NDA also has a multi-party alliance (with AIADMK, PMK, DMDK, BJP). Kamal Hassan is also contesting with his own party.So, you may notice that while there can be some alliances at local levels in some states, there is no grand-alliance or mahagathbandhan of opposition parties at the national level. In fact, grand-alliance even at state level is missing in most states. This will lead to division of opposition votes.On the other hand, just last week, Mamata Banerjee called Rahul Gandhi u201cjust a kidu201d. A couple days back, Kerala CPI(M) also called Rahul Gandhi a u201cPappuu201d. So, is this what is u201cmahagathbandhanu201d, as mentioned in your question?Lack of a strong mahagathbandhan among opposition parties, opposition votes will be divided and BJP will get some advantage, like last time when BJP got 282 seats with 31% popular vote.Well, now coming back to your question, my personal assessment is that BJP is likely to win the 2019 Lok Sabha election, either alone or along with support of NDA allies.In fact, most of the predictions of experts in the media are also on these lines. Now that elections are so close. Who has the greatest probability of Winning, BJP or Mahagatbandhan?
Knowledge Related to Video Games (disambiguation)
Video games are electronic games that involve interaction with a user interface. Video Games may also refer to: Video Games: The Movie, a 2014 documentary film by Jeremy Snead VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, later VideoGames - The Ultimate Gaming Magazine, a defunct American periodical "Video Games" (song), by Lana Del Rey, 2011 "Video Games", a 1980 song by Ronnie Jones · Other Related Knowledge of videogames Biography of videogames Playing careerFerraro was a prolific scorer in junior hockey, including a 108-goal and 192-point season for the Western Hockey League (WHL)'s Brandon Wheat Kings in 198384. He also was a member of the 198283 Portland Winter Hawks squad that won the 1983 Memorial Cup. Ferraro's teammates on the championship-winning team included Cam Neely, Mike Vernon, Brian Curran, John Kordic and other future NHLers. In his NHL career, he scored 408 goals and 490 assists for a total of 898 points in 1,258 games spanning 18 seasons. He was named to the NHL All-Star Game in 1992, held in Philadelphia. He also had two 40-goal seasons. Ferraro had a memorable Stanley Cup playoff run for the New York Islanders in 1993, scoring two overtime goals against the Washington Capitals as the Islanders defeated both the Capitals and the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Ferraro assisted on David Volek's game- and series-winning goal during overtime of Game 7 against the Penguins. The goal advanced the Islanders to the Wales Conference Finals, which they lost to the eventual champion Montreal Canadiens. Ferraro finished that playoff season with team-leading totals in goals (13) and points (20). BroadcastingFerraro retired from the NHL on August 2, 2002. He has done work for ESPN hockey broadcasts, including on NHL 2Night with John Buccigross and Barry Melrose, where he began working while still an active player. On that show, Ferraro was often referred to as "Chicken Parm" by Buccigross after an accident with Chicken Parmesan moments before going on the air. He later worked as a studio analyst for the NHL on NBC, as a colour commentator on Edmonton Oilers broadcasts on Rogers Sportsnet West and on Sportsnet's other hockey programs. Ferraro works as a color commentator and studio analyst for the NHL on TSN. Ferraro provided colour commentary and analysis for CTV during the 2010 Winter Olympics. After Pierre McGuire left TSN for NBC/Versus, He became the lead color commentator. After Rogers Media, the parent of TSN's rival Sportsnet, gained the national NHL rights with effect in the 2014-15 NHL season, Ferraro became a color commentator for the networks regional NHL telecasts, primarily working Toronto Maple Leafs games. On May 5, 2014, EA Sports announced that Ferraro would be an "Inside-the-Glass" reporter for NHL 15 along with play-by-play commentator Mike Emrick and color commentator Eddie Olczyk. He returned as an "Inside-the-Glass" reporter for NHL 16. On November 23, 2015, Ferraro became the first hockey broadcaster to broadcast a game where his child also played in the same game, with the Toronto Maple Leafs hosting the Boston Bruins at the Air Canada Centre. During the 2019 NHL Awards, Ferraro was named as a color commentator in NHL 20. Also in 2019, Ferraro and Darren Dreger started a podcast, The Ray and Dregs Hockey Podcast, hosted by TSN. Personal lifeFerraro's second wife is former U.S. women's ice hockey team captain Cammi Granato, who also worked as a women's hockey analyst during NBC's 2006 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Olympics coverage. The couple has two sons Riley, who was born in December 2006, and Reese, born in December 2009. Ferraro also has two sons from a previous marriage to his high-school sweetheart, Tracey Ferraro Matt, born in 1988, and Landon, born in 1991. Landon, a centre, was drafted second overall by the Red Deer Rebels in the 2006 WHL Bantam Draft and in the second round of the 2009 NHL Entry Draft (32nd overall) by the Detroit Red Wings; he was later traded from Red Deer to the Everett Silvertips, where he was named team captain. Landon made his NHL debut with the Red Wings on March 18, 2014. Matt, a former goaltender, was drafted to the WHL in 2003 by the Prince George Cougars, but has since become a financial planner. Following the Swedish women's team upset of the U.S. at the 2006 Winter Olympic games, Ferraro publicly criticised U.S. women's coach Ben Smith for failing to bring the best U.S. players to the games, which led to the team's downfall. His comments were broadcast on MSNBC during the intermission of a men's game. This appeared to be directly related to his wife being cut in August 2005 because she wouldn't give up her NBC Sports job, along with other veterans in favour of younger, faster players. Some critics and fans also questioned Granato's cut from the team and cited it as a factor in the U.S. team's disappointing performance. Ferraro currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Ferraro played in the 1976 Little League World Series. ------ Description of videogames Forum 2010Initially something between a satire of and homage to the original Forum 2000, Forum 2010 made its debut on July 29, 2000. The site, which began as a college web project by Andrew Chinnici, used personas from regular patrons of the WTnet IRC channel #watertower in addition to "celebrity" personalities. A check of that site in May, 2012 took one to web host, whose online chat representative said could provide no further information about its client. The ConversatronThe Conversatron, which began to take questions December 12, 1999 was first to break the Forum 2000's format. The Conversatron made it clear that the site was not run by artificial intelligence, and called the site's personalities "Askees", in contrast to the visitors, called "Askers". The Conversatron stated in a thread that it would be "going down for permanent maintenance" at some time in early 2005, but that it may be supplanted by something "different, but still the same." Since that time, the site has been back and forth, sometimes being replaced with the cryptic message, "So, web huh." The True Meaning of LifeMore commonly referred to by its acronym TMOL, the site was originally started in early 2000 as a version of Forum 2000 and The Conversatron, but one that focused on the idea that videogames reflected a deep, self-actualizing message that could improve one's life. The conceit of the site was that it evangelized this videogame-centric, pseudo-Buddhist philosophy via a "Virtual Meditation Chamber", where the site's visitors, or "Supplicants", would ask for the advice or the opinion of the "Gurus". Headed by the fictional "lead Guru wrangler", The Seeker, TMOL ran from July 2000 January 2004, and the best-of archive of this run is still available online. The Hateatron and the Ministry of MisanthropyThe Hateatron went online January 15, 2002 at a time when many other Q&A sites were springing up. The Hateatron ran on software written by its creator Safiire Arrowny and has gone through many different incarnations since its launch. The Hateatron's defining factor was that aside from just answering questions with its characters, known as "Haters," it had a fully integrated forum called the User Owned or UO Forum. The evolution of this kind of forum was a fluke, and it turned into an extension of the Q&A format. The Haters who answered questions on the front page now sprang to life inside the UO Forum, interacting with the users who had become active in the community. The Hateatron sported a community and readership of over 100 regular users, organized a yearly convention called Hateakon, and answered nearly 5000 questions. Some time in early 2005, the Q&A portion of the Hateatron was dropped from the front page of the site for unpublicized reasons. The rest of the site has since been decommissioned, although it is still occasionally updated with bizarre messages. The Ministry of Misanthropy is the official successor to the Hateatron, launched July 26, 2005. The Ministry's administrator is one of the former Hateatron users, and many of the other users have also made the transition. The Conversawang and WangcodeJason Nelson, creator of The Conversawang, released the PHP-based software used to run the site. The software, dubbed Wangcode, became open source under the GNU General Public License. Previously, the major impediment to creating a Q&A website was that each site had its own unique, proprietary software. Once the code became available, numerous Q&A sites sprouted up, many of them outliving the Conversawang. An example of a Wangcode-based site is Deuce Tre Conspiratron. Other Q&A sites started out using Wangcode but ended up rewriting the entire back-end at one point or another. Jerk Squad launched an improved back-end in August 2004, though the code was not made publicly available. The back-end used for Ask Dr. Science, codenamed Beakertron was expected to be released under the GNU General Public License by its author, David Perry. However, several years have passed since its future availability was first announced. QNA2K/QNA2K10QNA2K began in 2000 as an homage to Conversatron and True Meaning of Life. It was updated until late 2002, and was removed from the internet when Yahoo! removed the Geocities portion of its webhosting. More recently, QNA2K10, a more modern interpretation of QNA2K, has taken its place. This site has since gone offline sometime around November 2012
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