Any discount for large order banquet table ?

But how big the order is? You are expected to contact us first. Then specific salesperson will be arranged. Price, service, technology and suchlike product details will be provided. banquet table is a key product to us. The mass production and production capacity make it possible to offer discount if the order is big enough. The point-in-time you place an order may be considered when the discount is offered. This is dependent on the operating rate in different periods.

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Foshan San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd is one of the world’s largest folding stage manufacturer and world’s leading integrated service provider. stacking banquet chairs is one of San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd's multiple product series. The product has excellent performance, stable and reliable quality. It is available in a variety of rich styles to fit any space. Sustainability touches all aspects of San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd's business. Its color can be customized according to needs.

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San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd has been working for many high-end corporate clients. Please contact us!

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