Any Sad Korean Songs?

Do not Love - F.T Island (the lyrics are really sad) Bad Woman - F.T Island I Will - Zhang Li Yin Happiness Left Shore - Zhang Li Yin Just For A Moment, Goodbye - M.C The Max Memories Of Eden - M.Street I am really sorry I can not reccomend any more songs, I rarely listen to sad songs. Hope that helped a bit ^^

1. Sad but dramatic film scene!?

The last scene in the time traveler's wife when her husband and her father comes back for after years for a few brief minutes and then disappears

2. Name 5 sad songs???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

1. Michael Jackson - Little Susie. 2. Evanescence - Hello. 3. Christina Aguilera - Hurt. 4. The Rasmus - Funeral Song. 5. Bon Jovi - Cold Hard Heart.

3. How is the movie "UP" sad?

I thought it was sad that the little boy's dad was not interested in spending time with him and he did not show up at the end of the movie to pin his son's final badge on with the rest of them

4. Poll: How sad would you be?

well.....i dont have boobs, so i cant feel your pain :/

5. Isn't it kind of sad......?

No, I just see the good in life

6. Helmet Breakouts = sad, sad day...?

How about one of those athletic sweat band things. The maxi pad idea sounds like it would work but how embarrassing if it fell off

7. How sad is it that Americans.............?

At least they are not kicking around a ball for 9 hours and calling it a "sport".

8. what are good songs that are sad?

I will follow you into the dark- death cab for cutie The preist and the matador- senses fail Death of seasons- AFI (This song is high energy but if you listen to the words its actually really sad.)

9. Happy but sad to be an American today?

I am completely blown away by Prop 8. Everyone I know thought they had to vote YES to accept gay marriage. I kept telling people to vote NO. I honestly think that this was a screw up in voting. They thought they were voting YES but they should have voted NO. I am pissed off.

10. Name some sad songs?

staind- its been a while pearl jam- man of the hour pearl jam- nothing man seether- plastic man korn- hollowed life acoustic evanesence- forgive me the nirvana song they play in the movie Jarhead, cant remember the name right now linkin park- my december brad paisley- whiskey lullaby nin- something I can never have 10 years- shelter hour cast- memories and lies smashing pumpkins- thirty three godsmack- voodoo perfect circle- halo staind- outside creed- dont stop dancing gary (something)- mad world (donnie darko soundtrack) Bush- glycerine zero 7- when it falls mars volta- widow hope that helps. i got thousands more.

11. What is something sad to draw?

Anything can be sad if it is painted or drawn with the right mood. I suggest deep shadows and muted colours. Perhaps your subject could be something like a dead tree with a bird nest in it, all of the eggs have hatched, except one which is cracked and has the yolk oozing out. Or you could do a picture with juxtaposition, which shows something like a child at a birthday party, all of the kids are playing but he is away from the group looking at , oh i do not know... a hearse across the road or a dead animal on the roadway or something like that. Even a picture of a wilted rose, a burned out candle stub and a sliver of dried up wedding cake can be sad. Just keep the mood of the picture somber and it will work out fine. Good luck! Hope I've inspired you

12. Is it a Sad Day in America when ?

Yes and it would be a better election that way!

13. Why is "sad” not a verb? [closed]

"Sad" is a verb, but at this point it is both rare and nonstandard. The OED lists the following as one definition:It gives some old examples, like this one:In addition, I am able to find some very recent examples:Note that to the vast majority of native speakers (myself included), "sad" is not not a verb, and trying to use it as one sounds weird and wrong. The verb you should use is "sadden"

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Name This Sad Song??
Can you be anymore vague?1. What will that sad, sad woman do next?? Britney Spears...........?she will go into a very deep depression for a long time and will not be seen in public. She may even attemp suicide. I feel sorry for her. Why can not everyone just leave her alone2. What are some screenshots that are sad and true?Here are some,Hope you liked it..With love..(v)Gargee3. Songs that start sad, get happy, then get sad again?To Live Is To Die-Metallica4. I am so depressed and sad ?what do u call a hot blonde? a golden retriever5. what is a sad Asian drama/movie?Watch the movie: 'A millionaire's first love'. Oh my God,I cried so much during and after the movie,my eyes turned red. Its Korean. Its a story of a young millionaire who falls in love with a girl and discovers that she is very sick. It broke my heart to see his love and care. I highly recommend it. I watch it everytime I feel like crying. And because you said Asian,I will recommend an Indian movie- "Kal ho na ho". It is a very successful film and believe me,I cried my eyes out. Loved the film. :') Hope I helped =D6. what are some sad songs?If you want to find sad songs I suggest getting the app 8tracks or going on the website. "blues", "calm", and almost anything else. You then choose a playlist and you will find a bunch of great new songs and familiar songs depending on your mood. Some of my favourite sad songs right now are: Echo - Jason Walker One Last Time - Jaymes Young Over The Love - Flourence and The Machine Small Bump - Ed Sheeran Oblivion - Bastille Also most of Lana Del Rey's songs are sad. I hope I've helped!7. Is the movie eight below sad?????//?????Both! I'ts a happy/sad movie! One of the best movies by disney ever! I loved it! I hope you enjoy it! Well see it's sad then it gets happy, then sad again then happy again.. Definetaly recommended though, enjoy!8. how to not be sad/depressed?call your guy friend, or if you can not just cry it all out. remember happy moments, eat a good meal, exercise, take a cold shower, try to forget everything, listen to music, make a list of 100 things that makes you happy or make a list of 25 best memories, write a journal, and take a nap!9. Im looking for a sad song to listen to?Kiss From A Rose - Seal Mad World - Gary Jules The guy who posted the Finch cover is dumb, the Finch version sucks. Rest In Pieces - Saliva that saliva song is honestly really good, i dont care what anyone else on here says, this song is really down and this is coming from a guy who normally doesnt even show emotion.10. Very sad in an Unhappy marriage?You must get ot a woman's shelter when he is not home. Call the cops and tell them what is going on and ask how to do it all...take all you can of value with you. tell them about the beatings, and show them these parts in writing: ------------------------------------- i have been with my husband for 8 years, married for the past 10 months. We've lived together for 6 years. When he is angry he hits me kicks me and drags me by the hair and sometimes spits on me. My husband is VERY controlling. only letting me go out with friends in the last 2 years and that's only been a few times. If i am luck he will only scream in my face. He is very moody and constantly puts me down. ....he tells me I am ungratefully because he provides everything. i know he looks at porn....i found a web site he's been on with live cam where the girls strip and do whatever with live chat window. I tried it out and it worked you could chat. ,,,, he says should be grateful and treat him like a King,,,, ---------------------------------- Ask them and the cops to help you get a criminal order of protection against him so that he cannot return or be anywhere near you under poenalty of goiung top jail. Go to the doctor complaining of the beatings. Show the doctor bruises and tell where pain is. You want to show sometime. If not, go to cops anyway, and get criminal order of protection. He will have to leave the house. Or else, you can to go to a girlfriends to live or family. You must stand up to him in friont of the cops. Forget the povery issues, You will be under the protection of your county and the cops. Get a free lawyer from the county and divorce him. You are entitled to 1/2 of everything you two have acquired since the marriage, including spome calue of those and car. He will love tha...and alsom, some calue of his retirment accoutyn, IRAs, etc bank accounts... tell cops and the shelter he is a big bully and your life in in danger. he is frankly nuts
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How to Not Be so Sad After the Holidays?
Why Are Circus Clowns Always Sad?
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