Aurora Habet Aurum in Ore

I love Latin proverbs. This one, "Aurora habet aurum in ore", means that morning has gold in its mouth — in other words, that doing things in the morning usually brings better results.It's 5:59am, I have been awake for an hour, and about half an hour ago I decided to stand up, get dressed, and have a short, 20 minutes walk.I thought a lot during that walk. I also "listened" to myself very deeply. I am embarking in a new adventure, potentially with two or three other partners, and I spent most of my walk thinking about it. There are still some unresolved questions, but the morning walk, the empty stomach, the fresh air, the absence of cars driving around, they all made my thoughts clearer than usual.I wanted to share this with you. And now, let me have breakfast, put my bed sheets in the washing machine, and get ready to drive to Palo Alto for a board meeting. The day is splendid, and I am very excited to see it unfold.

So I like the name Aurora but

the name is very pretty and you dont have to tell people you delivered there

Is it possible that the Aurora, Col. shooter was just "standing his ground"?


Why did no one in that Colorado theater shoot back?

Because Aurora has strict gun control laws

are you interesterd in auroras?

yeah ive got a strong one

Eliminating or removing halos in Aurora HDR

You can uncheck the Ghosts Reduction option and check Alignment instead. In this photo, alignment will do a good job handling moving objects and there will be no effects in the image

What do you think of Aurora...?

I love the name Aurora. Ventimiglio is too hard to pronounce, too long, and ruins my liking for Aurora when it's in that combo. Sarah Elizabeth

where can i go and see the northern light or aurora?

Go to Alaska in the winter

What does the Aurora Borealis really look like in person?

This is a mild but beautiful show near Calgary. I was showing it to some friends visiting from France

Where can i see the aurora borealis most visibly?

Generally, the farther north you are, the better. However, I saw better displays in Massachusetts than I saw in Alaska

aurora as a girls name?

I like it I think of aurora borealis I never would think of adult entertainment my mind does not go there at all

What causes the Aurora Borealis?

In neon and flourescent lights, charged electrons (electricity) is sent through a low pressure gas. Collisions with the gas's electrons cause them to gain energy. When they then lose that energy, it is in the form of photons of light. For the Aurora Borealis, the charged particles come from the Sun. They are deflected along the Earth's magnetic field lines, which dip down near the poles. When those charged particles interact with upper atmosphere, low pressure gas, a natural flourescent light is created. The colors are determined by the type of gas (eg. nitrogen is red, oxygen blue-green).

What is an Aurora, and how is it caused?

It is an interaction between charged particles emanating from the sun during solar flares with our magnetosphere, causing light as it does in a fluorescent light

WDYT of the name Aurora?

I dont like it, plus it is getting super used

Where can I see Aurora Borealis?

The Arorora can rarely be seen in mid-Latitude areas like Illinois. It does happen, just not often. Your best bet is to travel closer to the poles in order to see it

How Much Should A Nanny In Aurora, Illinois Get Paid?

Generally, with so many responsibilities, the standard rate would be minimum $12/hr up to around $20/hr for someone with a lot of experience

How are aurora's (aka Northeren lights) made/formed?

Aurora Borealis is formed when plasma from the sun is caught up in the magnetic field around the earths poles

what is the aura boeralis?

Auroras (North/South Polar Lights; or aurorae, sing.: aurora) are natural colored light displays in the sky, usually observed at night, particularly in the polar zone. They typically occur in the ionosphere. Some scientists[who?] call them "polar auroras" (or "aurorae polares"). In northern latitudes, the effect is known as the aurora borealis, named after the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek name for north wind, Boreas. It often appears as a greenish glow or sometimes a faint red, as if the sun was rising from an unusual direction. The aurora borealis is also called the northern polar lights, as it is only visible in the North sky from the Northern Hemisphere. The aurora borealis most often occurs from September to October and from March to April. The Cree call this phenomenon the Dance of the Spirits

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