Can a Black Hole Absorb Another?

Yes, though sucked up is not really the correct image. Black holes attract each other, just as other objects do, due to gravitational attraction. If they meet they merge, combining most of their mass. A tiny fraction is converted and released as energy. It was just such a collision/merging of black holes that the LIGO detected, thereby confirming gravity waves as observable phenomena

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Where do black holes lead?

First thing is black hole is not a huge ball, it is a small hole which eat up all things , matters ,and non matters within it by conversing them into pure energy.

That intensive energy is so much powerfull that it can create crack or hall in time-space fabric and that hole can lead something to another space-time fabric hole.

You have to learn more about time - space fabric to understand this better.



Who was a better general during WWII between Bernard Montgomery, Georgy Zhukov, Dwight Eisenhower, and Erich von Manstein? Why?

Its hard to judge because being a great strategist like Manstein involves great logistics planning and execution for success. The German army never had any where near enough trucks and still used horses and wagons for transport so that always slowed him down. Ike was a great strategic planner including logistics and Montgomery was always over-rated in my book. Zhukov was a brilliant strategist as well


How will the USA respond when a Chinese navy vessel finally rams a US ship in the South China Sea?

Depends on who is in charge.I would normally expect something like the carefully orchestrated climbdown by both sides after the same thing happened in the air in the Hainan Island incident.Donald Trump, however, might do anything from gifting the USN ship to China, to declaring war.Original question:


What can you do after your wife tells you she loves you but was never in love with you after being together for 10 years?

Live your normal life. Being in love is overrated, is just an neutrottransmitters "soup" that fades, I would say if she got and remained with you for so long without never falling in love, then her love for you is real, deep, and the kid that resists anythings... What matters for a good marrige is love and commitement, being in love is good for teenagers...


Should I be worried if I want to kill people?

Probably. Actually, definitely, although depending on how serious this urge is.But again, if it is very serious, the best advice Quora can really give you is to go see a licensed psychologist- we dont know you, the intensity of your urges, or your background.If you want to kill people, and youre not worried about it, that, ironically, is also something you might want to worry about.


Why is Jimmy Carter considered to have been a bad president?

I remember him while he was President. He was ok. I could say a lot of intellectual pontificating and get It right in words about him and say why he, a seemingly decent Christian man, is remembered the way he is. And regarded poorly. But I hate to. I never knew him personally or in his private self. He led the country and I voted for him. Never did warm up to him emotionally though.


Why is Trump picking a fight with China?

Since Bill Clinton sold us out to China, China has been stealing billions every year. Example, I had a golf club makes tell me back in the 90;s that they could spend a million dollars designing a club. And China would saturate the market with a fake at a 3rd of the cost. Someone has to stand up to China and stop this at some time. Trump is the only one with s to do that


How poor is Vietnam compared to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia?

I think we can use the following as benchmarks -

1 infrastructure in the rural areas

2 urban planning and transport in the cities

3 constant availability of telecom, electricity and water

4 good transport

5 presence of extreme poverty. Ranked 1st - Malaysia 1B 2B 3A 4A 5 ARanked 2nd - Thailand 1C 2B 3A 4B 5CRanked 3rd - Indonesia 1D 2C 3C 4D 5DRanked 4th - Vietnam 1D 2D 3C 4D 5DRanked 5th - Philippines 1D 2D 3D 4E 5D (just think of their NAIA 1)


Did Trump's campaign ad use doctored photos of Joe Biden?

Yes. The background of the pictures was modified to change or de-emphasize the context. For example, one picture where he is shown looking defeated and downtrodden, he was actually at a church for a funeral, where that sort of attitude was totally to be expected. But Trump doesnt understand that sort of thing.

The background in the church picture was almost completely faded out so that you had to look really closely to see what was actually going on


Did they ever find out if George Floyd was guilty of the crime he was accused of, i.e., using a counterfeit $20.00 bill that he may or may not have known was counterfeit?

That question is irrelevant. It doesnt matter the crime, if any.The man was restrained. He was helpless. He was completely at the mercy of the police and the police killed him even amid George Floyds pleas that he couldnt breath.This was a murder. There is no getting around that. The world saw it with our own eyes.Crime or no crime


Why did the Native Americans fall behind in technology compared to the rest of the world?

Because until Europeans came there were no conquering influences other than other primituve tribes. If you look at early world history most cultural and sociological and technical advances occured when more primitive peoples were conquered by larger more advanced peoples.Within native cultures there were more advanced and less advanced societies and tribes. But there was nowhere near the trchnological advancement of Europe until Europeans brought those advancements. Horses, guns, sheep, farming techniques, medicines, machinery, etc


Is a black hole really a hole?

Not a hole in the ordinary sense certainly.A block hole is an object that has so much mass that photons can't find their way out. Hence the name.Black holes start their lives as stars before collapsing into themselves.

Is a black hole a "door" to somewhere else?That's what some people think but, because the interiors of black holes are inaccessible, evidence is hard to come by


What are some savage tweets you saw?

These are some of the most savage tweets I foundFirst one-This one is my favourite Another oneA fake account of Indian pm congrats Indian cricket teamSo a guy respones by saying- Chutiye (an Indian abusive word) do what you are supposed to do. Why are u watching cricketThen tags Narendra Modi and says please don't arrest meLast but not least-If you liked it then please upvote me


How would the US take out Chinese military installations in the South China Sea?

With ridiculous ease.An Ohio class SSGN submarine carries 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles. A single Ohio SSGN could send 15 surface skimming Tomahawk cruise missiles to every Chinese military base in the SCS, timed so every one of those 15 missiles arrived simultaneously at the island from 15 different directions, completely overwhelming their defences. Those islands are small, and cannot take evasive action, and all would be coral rubble one minute later.

Thats one submarine.

And the US navy consists of a lot more than one submarine


How do Russian citizens feel about their government?

Our Duma is often called a "crazy printer" meaning that it issues totally insane laws one by one as if it were a printer gone mad. Well, I agree. Our government is mostly a bunch of thugs, and if there are any good people, they are suppressed by the majority and Putin's authority.An average Russian either does not support the government or thinks it is the best one possible (i.


, it is bad, but any other would be even worse)


What band matched or came close to Led Zeppelin or The Beatles?

The Beach Boys.Seriously. But then it was really Brian Wilson who created all that wonderfully intricate music for the rest of the band to sing and play. I think Brian Wilson may be the only person Paul and John were ever jealous of. Paul said God Only Knows was the best love song ever written, and how could we possibly top Pet Sounds.

Then they gave us Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club Band.


What is a great 60s rock song that is never played anymore?

Come on. We are talking about music that is 5060 years old. Plus, we live in an age when radio is as dead as the daily newspaper.Most of those songs are now the soundtrack of Gods waiting room.

imageA more appropriate question would be, What great 60s rock songs are still played today?Number one on that list has to be Steppenwolfs "Born to be Wild," which has been used in over 100 films and television series


Why is it that Canadians dislike Americans but Americans like Canadians?

Like the rest of the world, Canadians hate ignorance. We all dislike ignorant people in any country.America is our closest neighbour so we get the most tourists from there so based on their population size, it will appear there are more ignorant Americans. In actuality, outside of China and India and few other countries, America has a huge population so the percentage is no different than any other country


Was Clinton, Bush, Obama, or Trump the best for veterans?

Obama's Veterans Choice Program allowed me to go to my local doctors instead of driving over 200 miles to the VA hospital. Trump has done nothing other that try to take credit for the law sponsors by senators Sanders and McCain and signed by President ObamaFACT SHEET: The Bush Administration Has Provided Unprecedented Support for Our VeteransClinton signs bill giving vets more benefitsPresident Obama Signs Bill to Give the VA the Resources It NeedsTrump takes credit for passing veterans bill that passed under Obama


What will the Trump family do if Trump loses?

Lately, he has said he will leave the country if he loses. It may be wise of him to pick a destination without an extradition treaty with the US. Venezuela? Savor the irony for a few seconds. Otherwise, he is almost certainly going to go to prison for money laundering and other financial crimes. Its possible that Jared has also benefited from shady dealings with Russian oligarchs and mob figures


Was John Bonham really irreplaceable in Led Zeppelin?

I think it was more than a bit of Well no one plays like Bonham, which is certainly true, and quite a bit of Were sick of each other From what Ive read they were on the down slope anyway, and Page was increasingly checked out of the songwriting. They needed at least a break, and once he died, well it was the final straw


What happens when a narcissist knows you know who they are?

When a narcissist knows youve figured them out they will discard you. Depending on how low your self esteem is they may or may not stay and continue to abuse you. Most likely theyve been cheating, and are preparing for your final discard. If they choose to stay with you the abuse you suffer will be the worst abuse youve probably ever endured your entire life and you will become a shell of your former self.if you live that long


Do you think China's military is a paper tiger that'll lose very rapidly to the U.S. when a war begins as some US government official claims?

There are a lot of reasons for China to hit back out of revenge because of past actions by others. It will be foolish to push them to action. When the price of inaction becomes significantly higher than the price of action, then China will hit back rigorously. A nuclear bomb hitting Beijing versus one hitting New York. Anyone wants to play? The Chinese are a peace-loving people, but they love a good fight too


In which things India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to do this?

In the words of a famous Indian comedian, Modi is Indias first International PM.Modi is the first Indian PM to visit Israel, which has been a devoted partner of India for years.Modi is the first Indian PM who is more popular than Bollywood starsModi is the first man to become a PM merely on the basis of his proficiency in words.

Modi is the first PM who is bold enough to follow people, utterly racist on twitter


What is an introductory explanation of the existence of a criminal?

Criminals are called sociopaths. They have a criminal personality. They come from all walks and economic status of life. They commit crimes because they can. Doing crimes excites them. They get a scored reward plus self-grandisement. Their crime routine: MO planning and risk assessment, casing the move, building up the nerve, executing, the score, the celebration and party.

Criminals have a criminal lifestyle and personality

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Why Is There so Much Greed in This World and What Can We Do on an Individual Basis to Counteract Gre
We live in the age of greed, not much can be done about it because its been conditioned into the population since birth, entire world is obsessed with money (paper) with a false belief attached to it, you can see it everyplace and will continue to get worst like a illness, people long ago were duped into the money system which has lead to this point in time, Money and how we live has been ingrained into the population as the only way, the older generation paved the way for this by submitting to the elite and well working and being treated like shit for generations• Suggested ReadingIf Lalu Prasad Yadav is corrupt, then why did Bihar voters elect him or his party?This answer of mine to another question is relevant here.Indian National Congress, when it was ruling almost all states, was a party which tried to include everybody. It neglected the needs of specific groups. Moreover, most of its leaders came from elite groups. This has led to the political mobilisation of non-elites on the basis of caste, region, ethnicity and so on. Hence India got a generation of leaders who have led the mobilisation of specific social groups. The name mentioned here is part of this generation. Of course, some of them got into corruption cases later, but their emergence is an important part of the political transition in India------Why did Socrates oppose pure democracy?Why socrates hated democracy?See this video:Apparently he didnt so much hate democracy then express concern about people lacking education in terms of what rulership is about.If you were heading out on a journey by sea, asked Socrates, who would you ideally want deciding who was in charge of the vessel? Just anyone or people educated in the rules and demands of seafaring? The latter of course, says Adamanteus. So why then, responds Socrates, do we keep thinking that any old person should be fit to judge who should be the ruler of a country?See alsoWhat are your remarks about the video titled "Why Socrates Hated democracy"?.------Has there ever been a movie in which the actors who portray the characters romantically involved are actually married in real life?Eyes Wide Shut - Tom Cruise and Nicole KidmanBridesmaids - Melissa McCarthy who ended up in the film with real life husband Ben FalconeThe Long Hot Summer, Paris Blues and Mr and Mrs Bridge - Paul Newman and Joanne WoodwardDon Johnson and Melanie Griffith - ParadiseKim Basinger and Alec Baldwin - The GetawayRoberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi - Life is Beautiful - plus she's starred in most of the films he's directedVanessa Redgrave and Timothy Dalton - Agathacan't live without mentioning Bacall and Bogart, and Taylor and Burton, though I haven't seen every film they appeared together in as romantically involvedThere are many more, and surely from many countries------What do people think Nancy Pelosi can do to control President Trump when they say that she might tear up papers or do clapping that is not genuine, but that she should control Trump and his activities?Which of the two, Trump or Pelosi, has been impeached? And will forever be impeached regardless of what happens in the Senate?And if the Senate trial is the farce that is promised, the payback may come in the form of a Democratic-controlled Senate come November.And in the event, likely or otherwise, that IMPOTUS is re-elected (many people are unsure if Americans will do the right thing), besides being a lame-duck president, he will likely face a second impeachment with vastly different results.Will he resign? I hope not. I want to see him carried kicking and screaming out of the White House. To think I might get to see that. :).------How much of a person's autobiography is generally sensationalized or true to his or her life?Thank you, my friend, for asking me to reply to your question. Good Afternoon.I think the accuracy of an autobiography is probably a very individual thing.Now, I have done many things in my seventy years of life, many things, indeed.And, I am pleased to admit there are actually a couple of things Ive done that wouldnt be an embarrassment to a decent human being.I guess its just a matter of who we ask for an autobiography. People, being what they are, are prone to exaggeration, embellishment of the facts, and just plain old skulduggery.I hope you remain healthy, my friend, and enjoy a pleasant Afternoon------What is your favorite "hidden gem" from Led Zeppelin? A song that was never very popular.My favorite Led Zep hidden gem is Tangerine from the album Led Zeppelin III. It is a seriously under-rated song that otherwise is brilliant.Here are the lyrics -Measuring a summer's dayI only find it slips away to grayAnd the hours they bring me painTangerine, tangerineLiving reflection from a dreamI was her love, she was my queenAnd now, a thousand years betweenThinking how it used to beDoes she still remember times like theseTo think of us againAnd I doTangerine, tangerineLiving reflection from a dreamI was her love, she was my queenAnd now, a thousand years between------Can a black hole be destroyed?Yes, even a black hole has a finite life. This discovery came about when Stephen Hawking discovered that black holes should radiate energy due to quantum mechanical processes. This radiation is called Hawking radiation. As a black hole radiates energy, it shrinks and the more it shrinks, the more it radiates and so finally it will completely evaporate. However, the timescale for this is extremely long: a black hole of the mass of the Sun will take more than a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion times the age of the universe to evaporate completely! So it is not a process which has any significant effect------Which star from the TV show Friends has been the least successful since it has ended?Theyve all been working consistently since the show ended. When youre measuring the success of an actor, thats the most important factor. Many stars of hit shows arent able to get work consistently after the series run ends. None of the Friends stars has gone wanting for work, and theyre making an equal killing when it comes to Friends residuals, so at the end of the day, does it matter how they rate against one another? I guarantee you, this is not something the actors themselves think about. I doubt that Matthew Perry lies awake at night wondering if hes more successful than Matt LeBlanc, or vice versa------In Friends (TV series), which pair of friends were the closest?Hi!All of them were equally close with each other. You can't choose one over the other. Each friendship was unique and would feel best of friendship.But Phoebe and Joey looked closest. There are some instances which prove that.Joey broke up with Ursula so that Phoebe does not feel bad. They would always do craziest things together without the fear of being judged by other be it playing chess in their own way. Phoebe always supported Joey like in TOW with Vegas she was on board with Joey's identical hand twin bit or when Joey could not speak French she lied to Joey's director so that Joey would not feel bad.There are a lot such instances which prove that Joey and Phoebe are Closest.Thank You------In the guitar solo on Led Zeppelin's Heartbreaker, it sounds as Page fumbles. Does he, and if so, is this "intentional"?I personally dont like the solo. What makes that tune so good is Joness bass playing & the guitar playing immediately after that sloppy solo ends. That brief section before the main bass line of the tune returns for Plants last remaining vocals is some of Pages best playing on the early albums. The sloppy solo almost sounds like it was added as an afterthought actually. If it was removed from the song I dont think many would miss it. For blues rock soloing Peter Green & Danny Kirwan were the most tasteful of the British blues rock players. I dont think Page was concerned with neatness in his soloing.------How do Russian citizens feel about their government?Does any nation in the world (fully) like its government?Concerning Putin specifically, here is my answer on a similar topic: Eugene Radchenko's answer to Why do Russians love Putin?If you go to lower power levels, things become even more complicated. E.g. many people all but hate the Prime Minister Medvedev (I personally do not think this hate is well-grounded) but also many believe that he and the economy ministries are actually handling the issues fairly well. Also many no not like their regional governor and/or local administration (e.g. for low teacher salaries, for traffic jams, for paid parkings, for lots of road construction, or for the lack or delays in it) Still others basically think that they do like many things the government does------Why didn't Phoebe and David end up together on "Friends"?Phoebe certainly loved David. He was her first love (after the guy in van). Unfortunately after he finished up his pointless research in Minsk, Russia, she was already in love with Mike. Sometimes love is not enough, as she shared a cosmic connection with Mike as well as a history. In Barbados, after Mike and Phoebe broke up as he said he was not ever going to get married again, David showed up to propose to her. Everyone knew that Phoebe was hung up on Mike.At the very moment David was to propose, Mike shows up in Barbados and proposes. She falls for Mike and apologises to David. Pheobe and Mike wed in season 10------As a police officer, what is the worst duty weapon you carried?For me it was the Beretta 92fs pistol. Beautifully crafted, smooth as silk action, but just to damn fat of a grip for me. Couldnt shoot it for crap. Chief was giving me crap at the range one day about how bad I shot with it. Said I couldnt shoot for crap. I pulled my personal Springfield Armory 1911 out and shot a perfect score with a very tight group. Shut him up quick. He asked me too see my Beretta and I handed it too him. He then said your authorized to carry your personal 1911 if you want. I never touched the Beretta again. Carried the 1911 for a year until we sold all the Berettas and bought SigP220s.------Why does the forward voltage and voltage drop differ between different colors of LEDs?Basically the atom consists of a nucleus and a lot of electrons following elliptical path at different levels around the nucleus. If electrons are pumped up from one energy level to another and these drop back through multiple different energy levels, then the colour depends on a particular drop back of electrons between energy levels. It is like pumping up water up high and water will drop back through different size steps. In semiconductors this size of the steps, hence the colour, is dependent on the material uses.One may look upon the different materials used as requiring different energies to do the pumping up and this reflects upon the different voltage required for different colours.------Is Donald Trump running a good campaign against Joe Biden? Why or why not?Looking in at the craziness from the UK where our political system is entirely different, the US presidential race appears to have degenerated into a battle between two senile old men, each trying to prove the other is more senile. Thats the sort of behaviour youd expect from residents of a care home, not potential heads of state.So the answer is no, Trumps campaign doesnt seem very effective. Hes focused more on making Biden look bad than making himself look good, so the principal message is that Trump is the lesser of two evils. Hardly a ringing endorsement of his own competence, and more of an indictment of the failure of the US political system------What are some of the best examples of the theory of relativity?I'm not an expert at this, but will try to answer, anyway. Theory of relativity made many predictions, one was that time should appear slower when near a massive body, like a planet. This is true, time is indeed slower when near a field of gravity.A clock, near to the surface of the earth, will be slower than a clock in space. This has been observed and is of practical importance; GPS satellites have to consider this difference in time to accurately measure distance/position. If this difference is not considered, the accuracy will decrease exponentially over a small period time.I suggest you read GPS and Relativity.
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