Can Anyone Help with an Exhibition Stand Manufacturer in Europe?

If you need a bespoke solution in order to add value to your brand try this Romanian manufacturer called Graphtec.They have over 20 years expertise of working with multinationals custom made projects.Can anyone help with an exhibition stand manufacturer in Europe?.

1. how to get into exhibition shooting?

You are not a particularly stand-out candidate, but sure, you should give it a shot and see if you squeak in there somehow. What have you got to lose (aside from the application fees)??

2. how hard would it be to hold a photography/art exhibition?

Do you also intend to try to sell any photos? If so, you need to be able to accept credit cards or watch over half your sells walk away. Along with the answer from Bunny, you could also help defer cost by having any artists that want to display share in the expenses. So, of course, the more artists, the less cost to each, and the more likely you may be able to get it off the ground. steve

3. Does anyone know if any of the preseason exhibition games of the Philadelphia Phillies will be on TV?

I think in the local market for philly, will show select games. Im from NH and the sox station is NESN, and they show maybe 6 or 7 games, so i suppose it all depends on the station

4. Complete a virtual tour of an art museum exhibition located on the Internet. Post a 350-700 word response disc?

Wow! You are not even pretending it's not homework. Way to disguise it. Your parents should be proud. When you are in college, are you going to pay people for your essays? Or just post the requests here and hope some sap who wants ten lousy points will jump at the chance to earn your grades for you?

5. anyone with idea how to raise funds for s project betwwen france and kenya for exhibition for aids orphan

getting it into france, i mean. then hold a fundraiser with all the "right" people. i suggest getting some art from the orphans themselves. that sort of thing usually sells well, tugs the heart strings

6. I am invited to a Photography Exhibition, what should I wear?

WhatEVER You decide, make SURE it's Photogenic . THAT Way if You show up in the "Arts & Entertainment " Section of your local Sunday Paper,- you wo not think to Yourself, " Damn ! -I KNEW I should have worn that Other Dress !" ! ;)

7. How do you find a location to set up a photo exhibition?

One aspect of exhibits that I do not really see represented in the current answers is the concept of exhibits used for advertising and marketing. This is the cornerstone of my retail business and so I wanted to mention it briefly (even though it appears that your gig is selling prints as opposed to selling sessions). Hopefully it will help someone whose bread and butter is more in the portrait space than the landscape art space. ..At any one time in the city I live in I generally have between 5 and 10 displays set up at various locations around town. The displays consist of 3 or 4 pieces of my work, sized large (24x36 canvas wraps generally) framed and placed on easels... In addition I leave a stack of 'take away' brochures with all my information. The old adage of 'you sell what you show' is really true, but also it's a 'natural selection' move. .. If a person views my work and has no need (or can not afford) my large pieces they are less likely to call... Which means that a large chunk of my customers are 'pre-screened' before they even pick up the phone. Of course I also have a screening process during the initial call, but I get far fewer radically under-qualified solicitations this way. Getting the first display placed was the hardest part for me... Once I had the first one I used that as a building point when pitching to the next location "I just placed a 1 month exhibit at XYZ Restaurant across town and they've been raving about it ever since." A surprisingly large number of establishments would love to have your work up. .. for a while. When I approach businesses I will often 'trade' a portrait session for the owner in exchange for one month of putting a few pictures in his/her entryway... These 'foot in the door' deals often lead to longer engagements for me because I rotate the work around so it's not always the same pictures for months on end, and because the work lends to the atmosphere. Getting into public spaces is even easier. .. Most locations have offices of public affairs, public relations departments, etc. They are often just itching to have works to show off...Now in terms of who to approach, my strategy is to place it in upscale locations around town. .. Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, High end restaurants, hospitals (this was a huge find for me... You would not believe how many doctors I have coming through my door because I set up displays in all 4 of my cities hospitals...), doctor's offices, libraries in 'upscale' neighborhoods. .. In fact, just about anything in upscale neighborhoods works. Again, this is a 'screening' action... I want as many people as possible who pick up the phone to be able to afford what I sell, and I want them to already be predisposed to purchase what I am selling (because the last thing I want to do is sell 5x7s).I can tell you that far and away this generates more business for me than anything else I do in the retail space. .. And at most it costs me a handful of portrait sessions given away to business owners every year. If I had to give up every form of marketing and advertising that I do except one, this would be the one I would hold onto (yes, even above the internet).Anyway, that's the 'nutshell' of my exhibit marketing strategy.

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