Can I get any discount on wood chair in my first order?

In general, whether customers can get a discount on wood chair offered by Foshan San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd mainly depends on the order quantity, and some special situations such as the promotion activities. In the industry, there is an unwritten rule that "More products, More discount". Thus, while meeting the minimum standard of the order quantity, the order may be priced more favorably if the amount is larger. Actually, excluding the packaging cost, freight fee, and so on, we have offered a relatively economic price to customers.

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San Dun has a full set of management system and sound technology methods. stacking banquet chairs produced by San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd is very popular in the market. The mechanical parts of San Dun banquet table require precision machining. They have to go through deburring, polishing, milling, drilling, threading, grinding, turning, etc. Featuring stain resistance, it has a long-lasting surface. folding stage is produced according to GB and IEC standards. With the high quality lacquer, it looks elegant.

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We have established a sustainable way to conduct our business. We consciously minimize the environmental impact during the entire life cycle of our products, including recycling and disposal.

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