Can the Creditor Or Collection Agency Remove a Collection Account From My Credit Report? How to Conv

A collection agency can remove or change reported information on your CR. This is much easier to do if you negotiate this before settling. Since you have already paid the account, they will only do it if they are decent folks to deal with. You might get lucky with that. At least they should delete you from their files so that any CRA cannot verify the information. You can always write the bureaus and dispute iformation on your report. I have attached a form letter for this purpose. All you need is a copy of your current utility bill for address verification. Paid off accounts are more likely to be deleted from your report as there is no economic reason for collectors to keep that information on file. Remember, it is the credit bureaus responsability to verify (within thirty days) that all information on your report is accurate. For further questions

1. Fourth Hat of Antique Hatrack Collection

Looking at the West of Loathing Wiki article on the hatrack provides some insight as to what it could be; it seems the hats match the order yours are in.By process of elimination I believe the missing hat to be the are ally nice cowboy hat' which is found in the Temporal Nexus at the West Pole.For reference, here is the hat list (information from the article); they must be in your inventory at the end of the game for them to appear in the credits sequence:.

2. Does owning a collection of guns necessary for protection?

You only need one firearm for protection, in the same way that you only need one golf club to play golf.Firearms, like golf clubs are tools that help you perform a specific task more proficiently.The reason that there are so many various types of firearms is that technology is constantly changing, and you never know what type of firearm will be needed for the situation you are in... so if possible, have more than one. Throughout my house I have numerous types of firearms that I've placed in specific safe places. I feel confident that no matter the situation, I stand an excellent chance of coming out on top if my home was to ever be invaded.If you have just one firearm, you may be safer by simply keeping it with you at all times.

3. What are qualitative methods of data collection in research?

You want to start secondary research to search for existing insights, then get anecdotes using qualitative methods with open-ended questions and then get data to support your conclusions using quantitative methods.Interviews and observation are the best ways to discover new insights and problems to be solved. You can quantify these in focus groups such as customer forums. Then validate your conclusions with experiments using prototypes and the data from surveys.Surveys are not a good discovery tool. Remember, the problem with surveys is that you do not know what you do not know. Do some interviews and observations to learn what you don'y know then use customer forums and surveys to quantify what you've learned. For more on customer interviews, see my free ebook Customer Interviews: A Field Guide

4. Is having a DVD collection a waste of time and energy?

there are many factors that have to be taken under consideration to answer this question; however, many people will say yes because of that cold, rainy miserable dark day outside when all one wants to do is curl up by a warm fire, on a soft couch, under a comfortable quilt, and watch an old movie! others may have no nostalgia gene and say it is not worth it. personally, i opt for the ...front of the fire ... theory.

5. Better to settle with the creditor or with Collection Agency?

Wow, you really do not know what is going on. The Statute of Limitations for trying to collect a debt in most states is about 3 to 5 years, only a few states have it at 6 to 8 years. I am in Missouri and the Statute of Limitations is 3 years, after three years, the debt is too old for them to collect, I can send them a letter letting them know that the debt is now too old to collect on. If you've made a payment recently the statute of limitations starts over again from the time you paid them. You do not pay a third party collection agency nothing, they are not even legal. If you read the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which is Federal Law, if the third party collection agency buys your information from the Primary Lender, the debt is only "Assumed" to be valid if you do not ask them to validate the debt. They've never produced a good or a service for you, they have no right to collect any money from you, it's only assumed that they have the right if you do not defend yourself. Do not pay the Primary Lender any more money unless you get it in writing. The laws in the US still favor the debtor, not the debt collector. The debt collectors still win because 99% of Americans do nothing to defend themselves.

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Is There a Data Collection App That Exports CSV to Dropbox?
I was able to complete this exact process using Tap Forms for iOS.Once installed you can use an existing or newly created custom form to collect your data. Once complete you can export the file. The .csv will be available in the Export folder in the Files area. From there you can select the . csv and Upload to Dropbox. This will upload the . csv file to the root of your Dropbox. Additionally you can open the . csv in Tap Forms and then use the share button (top right) to "Open In...", which will allow you to select the Dropbox app (assuming that you have it installed. Once Dropbox launches, you will be presented with the Dropbox upload process, which allows you to select the upload folder in your Dropbox account. You can also create a new folder as an upload destination.Tap Forms also appears to support importing files from Dropbox as well1. 2013 Moderator Election Q&A - Question CollectionHere's one by Lori G. from the last round of elections:2. What did the Mormons call their collection of settlements in Utah?The Mormon pioneers called their territory Deseret, which is the Book of Mormon term for honeybee. The chuch members wanted Deseret to be the name fir the state, but the US government refused. It is commonly thought that the government insisted on the name Utah because at the time the Ute Indians were considered to be an inferior race, and because the LDS (Mormon) religion was considered to be an inferior cult, the name was an apropos put down.3. How can tax collection be improved?The answer is extract from another answer written by me ( Rahul Khachane's answer to What are the best ways to fight corruption in India?)I found the Question quite relevant and my answer does satisfy the need of the question to some extent so shared it.Now, I will again not go into already existing institutional mechanism to curb corruption and their efficiency. There are already ample of discussion and debate on the same. Rather a bigger concern today is how various economic transactions can be monitored to detect fraudulent activities. The need is to interlink our country like never before.Aadhar indeed will play crucial role. The overall government moves are now in this direction to link all transactions and ensure everyone is under rule of law and tax net. Even the tax is zero, one must report the earnings. This also propounds need to calculate agricultural output and farmer incomes. Government may not tax them, but government has every right to know what is your Income from agriculture. On other Hand, various databases in the country like Land records, Assets( movable, immovable, financial, gold etc) need to be interlinked and identified.It's just not about asset, the whole unorganized sector must get registered with government and report their transactions. This is very simple if you use Digital means. If hard cash is used, appropriate bills must be made available to government authorities in 24 hrs through database. Post dated pre-dated bills is big nuisance which facilitates corruption in the country. India has Bharat Bill payment system in place now, a centralised billing system. This must be scaled in unprecedented ways.The old IRCTC kind of excuses should not be the problem. While we interlink so heavily and deeply there has to be big backward infrastructure. Huge servers, Huge databases, and security establishment.Coming back to coordination and integration, shop and establishment bills in all states must ensure all shops report their earnings to banks within set frame of time.On other hand we need to develop a standard billing format for goods and services which are being sold at the last end in value chain. Even the chai wala must be able to issue bills without much expense and without hampering his efficiency. For example, if chaiwala sells 10 cups every 30 seconds... How can he manage to give bills? The answer to this is Scanning QR code once. It can give u bills automatically to your cell phone through internet. Another solution is generate small paper bills in bulk through a machine and give it to customers. I think it's not good solution. Now there is possibility of using bare mobile network to deliver SMSs. Government is working on this idea for financial transactions. USSD ,Unstructured Supplementary Data Service which is available on all cell phones in India, in all languages. This is more reliable than internet. USSD can be used to issue bills. CCTV cameras must be made compulsory for all establishments in Urban Areas. Slowly in rural areas as well. The payment modes are now being digitizing. We must think of billing systems in the same manner.Local Government operations must run on same principles. Any acknowledgement has to be electronic, so that it gets recorded. The interlinking must then be recategorised on the basis of ration cards. Each members of family, must be traced and their residence address must be recorded. This can be cross verified with census records, socio- economic caste census. Benami transactions and Benami properties can be dealt effectively only through interlinks.Land ceiling acts must be enforced with help of such interlinkages. Even in a family land is distributed, there has to be a concrete proof that land is being utilized by land owner. And this has to be reflected in report to authorities. If not, that means land is given on tenancy and not being utilized. Again, the tenant must be traced through aadhar card number and he must be asked to report this extra income. We have to keep in mind that agriculture income is not taxed in India. So why farmers are not reporting the incomes, this is because it will bring them under some or the other regulations. Land holding pattern in India is grossly unequal. This inequality if not captured by authorities through technology.This will always remain a source of black money and illegal activities. Federal states role is crucial in fighting corruption. They have the ground level data. Union government has big limitations over data collection and availability. That is why as I said ,there has to be a standard interface between all three tiers of government. May be some state government might have all possible features, different laws but that's not a issue. Whatever is under standard banner, that must be integrated. This will help in utilizing resources in best possible ways without any doubt. Integration and then coordination is key to fight corruption. If this is not done, it will not be feasible to track incomes of people.We can not rely on voluntary disclosures anymore. There has to be a logical counter check to voluntary disclosure information.Use of Big Data analytics, Drones, Satellites and connectivity with be crucial in handling the issues with black money, corruption.The standard procedures are not in place, that's the biggest reason of corruption and mounting cases in courts. It is well known fact that complexity of laws promotes corruption. Laws has to be simple. Goods and services Tax reforms is good step in this direction. The corresponding reforms in direct taxes is important to take GST to logical end. The various organizations of Indian Government and State Government demand organizational restructuring. Again, interlinkages between various government agencies crucial to facilitate, interlinkages in outside world.Organization structure of many government agencies has loopholes which promotes corruption. Basically the senior management level or Tribunal authorities in Taxes need to have some regulations, Or counter checks. Even in case of courts cases must be logically brought under one umbrella to understand basic problem in Laws and organization structure. The pending cases apart from criminal cases points to administrative flaws, loopholes in our system. Recently, Number of cars and Tax payers number was taken as reference point to get idea of tax evasion in country. If India can simply identify which license has which cars, aadhar card then I think tax base can be easily increased to great extent. This interlinkages can be made gradually. Like, every transaction above 10000 should be reported under PAN. PAN, license, Aadhar must be interlinked. Commercial licenses in same way can be interlinked. Doctors, lawyers got their own registration ID, link these databases
How Big Is Your Collection?
i have 30 videos on my psp1. How is debt collection done?What is the debt collection process?Different lenders have various ways to collect unpaid debts. For More Information Visit This Website:Free Online Debt Advice2. is this a good horror collection? 10 pointss?you seem to have a lot of the newer horror movies that are all the same in my mind. not really scary just something to poke fun at. what about all the originals-(not the remakes) halloween,nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, candy-man,land of the dead,dawn of the dead,saw. ...tons of them i can not even think of. you mostly seem to have teen slasher flicks3. Is it possible to find an uncountable collection of subsets of the natural numbers so that for any two sets in this collection, their intersection is nonempty and finite?Yup.This is a tricky question. One can spend many rainy afternoons looking for a method, an opening, a way in, with nothing to show for it. I know. I did, a long time ago.The trick is to change the question. This sounds like a bad idea, but it's a good idea when you can change a question in such a way that it becomes easier, though still close enough to the original so that solving it is helpful.Here, what you want to do is to switch the "natural numbers" with "rational numbers". And now you have two problems to solve, but they are both easier than the original:How to find a family of distinct subsets of the rational numbers with only finite pairwise intersections.How to transfer such a solution back to the natural numbers.The second question is easy. You know what "countable" means (otherwise you would not be here), you know that the rational numbers are countable, bingo. For the first question, you are looking for sets of rational numbers. It may be easier to think of sequences of rational numbers. It may even be easier to think of a special kind of sequences: Cauchy sequences. How many distinct ones can you pick? What can you say about their intersections?Good. You are done.(By the way, the condition "nonempty" mentioned in the question is meaningless. You can solve the question without worrying about empty intersections, and once you do, add the single element 23 to each set. ).4. Do you have a collection?Coins & currency from around the world. Harley Davidson Memorbilia Frogs Unique bottles and last but not least, DUST... unwillingly though.. : )5. Is it weird that I have a collection of souls?What are you saving them for?6. Who is Comcast's Collection Agency?com7. Is the collection of water in the body a symptom of tuberculosis?No, not at allCollection of water in the body and in specific parts have wide variety of reasonsFirst you have to descriminate whether its real collection of fluid or just your feeling of bloatingThere should be another symptom along with water collection in specific part or generalisedSo if its real collection of fluid with any particular symptom then immediately consult a doctor for perfect analysis and evaluation of the problem8. If I want to donate my beanie baby collection to a children's hospital?That is a loving idea, However. Many of the terminally ill children are not allowed to have plush toys that are not brand new in the wrapper. Plush toys in any environment pick up germs and dust which can make a sick child even more ill. If you want them to be donated to a great place where kids are in need. You can donate them to the Police Department who provides animals to children they come across on domestic abuse calls. A scared child in the arms of police officer is more trusting when handed a cute cuddly animal to hug, Nice idea, but the hospitals I donate to will only take brand new toys. Police, homeless shelters, and battered women's shelters take all great donations. Thanks for being a giver. Tracylyn S9. Spongebob Collection... How much?? (pics included)?I would buy it for $40!10. A specific collection of subgraphs in $K_70, 70$Based on the comments about finding 70 partitions of 70 into distinct parts, with part $j$ appearing $j$ times among all partitions, I came up with an alternate integer linear programming formulation and found a solution. Let $P$ be the set of all (14136) partitions of 70 into distinct parts of size at most 24. For $j in 1,dots,24$, let $P_j subset P$ be the subset of partitions that contain part $j$. Let binary decision variable $x_p$ indicate whether partition $pin P$ is used. The problem is to find a feasible solution to the following constraints: beginalign sum_pin P x_p &= 70 sum_pin P_j x_p &= j &&textfor $j in 1,dots,24$ x_p &in 0,1 && textfor $pin P$ endalignHere's one such solution:Edit: Here's an updated formulation that captures both left ($i=1$) and right ($i=2$) sides and the rule that prevents the same pair $j,k$ from appearing together on both sides: beginalign sum_pin P x_i,p &= 70 &&textfor $iin1,2$ sum_pin P_j x_i,p &= j &&textfor $iin1,2$ and $j in 1,dots,24$ sum_pin P_j cap P_k x_i,p &le j y_i,j,k && textfor $iin1,2$ and $1 le j
Who Will Protect the Data That KCR Telangana Will Collect on Me?
In my opinion,Scams in Indiramma Houses, Fee Reimbursements and Arogyasree are the main reasons to collect this data.Telangana Government wants to make sure the benefits of the above social schemes reach the actual beneficiaries.To effectively implement the Government Policies, they need data and it is not available in the needed(meaningful) format.Lot of alternatives are suggested. One of them is.,Linking up Aadhar Card with Ration Card, White Card, Pan Card and eliminate the duplicates. The main problem here is TIME. It may take about 4 years to properly link up all the data.One day's exercise mooted by KCR will help Government to take important decisions.• Other QuestionsHow big is our collection of ancient human remains? How well documented are the different eras in our past?There aren't a lot of complete human skeletons, but there are many thousands of partial remains. The documentation of eras varies in thoroughness, and we can not expect to fill in all the blanks.There is enough reliable documentation for even non-archeologists to get the sense that most cultures were influenced by other cultures, adopted some things, modified them to suit their own circumstance and influenced their neighbors.The definitions of eras is more of an attempt to divide or group periods of time that mostly was a continuum of small changes. Progress has been in fits and starts and subject to revision.Answering the question: "How big is our collection of ancient human remains? How well documented are the different eras in our past?".------How does a narcissist wear down the boundaries of an ordinarily strong and collected person?Yes. Slowly over the years over months over a period of time until you dont remember what your boundaries are you dont remember who you like what you like you were just lost and consumed. Until one day you wake up and you ask who is this Im staring at in the mirror?When you try to reclaim yourself the shit hits the fan you are not that person you changed you are not what they want- a strong kind loving person they want a low self esteem miserable soul that blames others as they do.Run away from them and n ow they are mean bc they are mean to themselves and I get sly feel guilty for all the horrible things they have done.------From where can I download latest collection of HD wallpapers for Christmas?Hello Everyone. First of all let me wish you all a Merry Christmas 2018. Now, If you are looking for the best Merry Christmas Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pics, Clipart and Pictures then you are on the right website. Merry Christmas is a very beautiful festival which is celebrated all over the world on 25th December. Countdown already begins for the Christmas Day and Merry Christmas 2017 Images.Here we are presenting some HD images of Merry Christmas 2018 For Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. So, you don't need to bother about where to get the stuff as we have collected something best for you that too free of cost which you can easily share and download to send to your friends and special ones.------What is/are your favorite book(s) or novel?I'm approaching this question differently. I can't possibly stratify books as the best or the most favourite because I usually cherry pick the best from the reviews.I'm going against the tide with a rather obscure book that may not figure in many people's list - Eric Segal's 'Man, Women and Child'. I read this very early in my reading career. This was the first time I was emotionally stirred - my first culture shock. It left a lasting impression on me. The maturity of the young boy, the way the family overcomes the tide, their outlook towards life all made it a fabulous read.It is the small things that we carry to our graves..pic: google------Is a coin collection Muktzah on Shabbos?Theres no yes or no answer to this broad halachic question, it depends on the reason & function of this collection. (Many collections are certainly mukza)This will depend on the purpose of the collection. If its intended as a collectors item meant to be eventually sold for a profit & stored away from being touched by people then it would be Muktza machmas chisaron kis, valuable & fragile objects like a camera or precious coins are considered set aside by the ownerIf its simply a collection of coins intended for entertainment & leisure & will not to be used for purchasing items, & you arent too conscerned with the condition they are stored in then there are poskim who permit it to be handled.------Do you plan on keeping your book collection for the rest of your life?As long as the books dont fade, and they are books I enjoyed reading, I would say yes! However, as my tastes change and I need to make space in my home, I find myself either purchasing e-books more often, or just borrowing from the library. Books I read that were just purchased for a fun read or to pass the time, I share by leaving on the bus or at a lending library drop-off for others to enjoy. I plan on reading some of my favorites again, though after all these years, I still remember many of the characters in each book and what the outcome of the story was! Books are something I definitely enjoy buying for myself and others.------If Capcom released a Resident Evil Legacy Collection, what should be in it?ZeroRE 1 (and RE remastered maybe?)RE 2RE 3Code VeronicaTo me these would be the bare minimum. I consider them the original RE canon.Now, I understand that people would be upset if the massively overrated RE4 that started all the las plagas nonsense was not included because it is supposedly the best RE game ever eventhough it isnt.So maybe also add 4 to satisfy the angry masses. Arguably to make it make sense story wise you should add some more las plagas nonsense and add RE5 as well though I imagine most people would find this not worth increasing the price of the collection. Honestly Id just leave them both off to keep it tight and consistent------Why does the Dalai Lama, while supposed to be an enlightened being, own a collection of watches worth millions, including a few Rolex?Why does the Dalai Lama, while supposed to be an enlightened being, own a collection of watches worth millions, including a few Rolex?Ive seen reports that he has two high-end watches, a Rolex and a Patek Philippe. Perhaps he has a collection, but you didnt point out where that is reported.I am an engineer, which HRG DL has said he might have been, and I appreciate mechanical watch mechanisms, as he says he does. Im sure both watches were given to him, and I dont tend to sell things given by friends.Where did millions come from? Both watch brands can be had for well under $10,000, though some versions of each can cost well over 10x that much.Why do you ask?------What is the collective term for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and moved reality?The word youre looking for is X Reality (XR). I know, I know, a silly, cop out of a word. The terminology for Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR) is still developing. While AR and VR have been around for at least half a century, Mixed Reality wasnt officially coined until Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino published this paper on it:technologies have just recently begun to reach mainstream popularity, so feel free to introduce a new word into the English lexicon. If you think of something better than XR, let me know, Ill use it!.------What do you think of the Junji Ito Collection (2018 anime series adaptation) so far?Did not work as an anime. Its format could not retain the original's essence. There are certain manga which can't retain the essence when adapted, examples are :- Kokou no Hito, Oyasumi Punpun, Eden its an The Endless World, Kokkoku, Vagabond, Dorohedoro etc. The reason is the timing of each frame, theme rendering the adaptation useless, art style which could not be recreated for anime as it would be time consuming and expensive, sometimes its the demographic responsible as seinen goes unnoticed that is why Shiguri never got a second season.For Ito Junji it was both demographic and format responsible for its failure. Too bad but atleast we have the manga of the great author------What makes a book collectible?Original first editions, especially of well know books or authors can be collectables. It can be more difficult for modern day books to become true collectables due to large print runs. However, for new authors the initial print run is usually quite small and when they make it big those books become collectable. I have an excellent copy of the first edition of Fight Club that i picked up for $5 which, the last time i checked was fetching around $100 on Ebay. Another example is on the initial print of Alice and Wonderland there were certain drawings which were excluded in the subsequent prints. That initial print is worth a very tidy sum.The reason people pay for collectable is because it is rare and the chances of getting some like it again are slim. Well done on your find------As a collector, do you like to show off your collection?Yes! Theres two ways of doing this:I take my collection (or a part of it anyway) to a local stamp club meeting and show it as part of a show & tell session or even make it a part of a longer program.I create an exhibit. Thats not the same as a collection. For example, I collect airports on stamps. Thats a collection, but doesnt really lend itself to the requirements of an exhibit, which has to tell a story. So, I would have to develop this collection of stamps that feature airports into a storyline about the evolution of airports (or something similar).To find stamp exhibitions (either at a local or national level here in the USA), visit the American Philatelic Society website at American Philatelic Society------Why is collecting rainwater illegal in California?Not absolutely but generally yes.Any water that lands on your roof or land that is not in a runoff channel can usually be collected and stored legally.Barrels, an otherwise isolated small pond, an underground storage system...those are all generally okay (unless otherwise not permitted by codes) as long as the water that you put in them came only from your roof or fell on your land.But if a creek or drainage that flows water that did not fall on your property runs through your property, you cannot dam it and hold it, even if it also inevitable flows water that fell on your land.Is it legal to collect rainwater in California?------What is that one thing Indians collectively lack?Theres honestly nothing that we indians collectively lack. We do lack a lot of things, but that is someone lacking something specific or the majority of people lacking some basic qualities.The educated new generation is aware of our flaws and most of us want to change and change India along with us. We will succeed too, it will take time but we will do it. Isnt being aware of the flaws, the first step?So weve taken the first step. Being open to change is the second step. We have taken that too.Its only a matter of time before India becomes much better than most places in the world. Our generation will do it. Give it time.------Can collection agencies keep changing the date of the open collections attempt on your report each time they sell the account to another collection agency?There are two dates to consider when looking at a collections account: The date of first delinquency, and the date the collection was opened. The date of first delinquency refers to when you first stopped making payments on the debt (eventually leading to the debt being charged off, usually after 120 or 180 days). The date of first delinquency is fixed, and cannot be changed. Doing so is illegal.Collections can stay on credit reports for 7 to 7.5 years after the date of first delinquency.The other date is the date when a collector gained control of and opened the account. That date can vary over time, as one collection agency is fired, and another hired. However, the date of first delinquency cannot be changed. Doing so is often grounds for a lawsuit
How Do I Automate Leads Data Collection?
If you're looking to automate lead data collection, you're going to want to rely on tools/services.These tools help collect data on your prospects such as who visited your site or contact information so that you can follow up/reach out to potential prospects.Here's what I recommend:Leadfeeder: This tool tells you what companies visit your website, even if they never fill out a form or contact you. All you need is Google Analytics and Leadfeeder can tell you who visited your site in the last 30 days. It also finds contact information for employees at the company. This allows you to follow up with visitors who never inquired about your product or time your outreach to prospects in your sales pipeline.Pricing: 14-day Free Trial, Paid plans start at $59/monthRating: 4/5 stars on GetApp (Based on 54 reviewsDatanyze Insider Chrome Extension: This tool gives you metrics for a site you are visiting such as site revenue or Alexa ranking. You can then export this information to Salesforce with contact information.Pricing: Free to start, Paid plans start at $10/monthRating: N/AYou can read more about these and other ideas surrounding lead generation in the source article here:Leadfeeder | 41 Top Lead Generation Tools of 2018.• Other QuestionsWhat are the top-selling movies of all time?The biggest box office hits of all time1. 'Avengers: Endgame'Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame" ($2,797,800,564), the fourth in the "Avengers" franchise, which shattered the record for largest opening weekend of all time, both domestically and globally, was released in 2019.2. 'Avatar'James Cameron's sci-fi fantasy, "Avatar" ($2,790,439,000), starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana, was released in 2009.3. 'Titanic'James Cameron's film, "Titanic" ($2,195,169,696), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was released in 1997.4. 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'J.J. Abrams' sci-fi fantasy, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ($2,068,223,624), starring John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Harrison Ford, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac,and Carrie Fisher, was released in 2015.5. 'Avengers: Infinity War'Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War," ($2,048,359,754) the third in the "Avengers" franchise, had the highest-grossing domestic opening weekend of all time after its release on April 27, 2018.6. 'The Lion King'A live-action-looking CGI remake of Disney's 1994 animated feature, Jon Favreau's "The Lion King" ($1,750,841,157) was released in 2019.7. 'Jurassic World'Colin Trevorrow's sci-fi horror, "Jurassic World" ($1,670,400,637), starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins, was released in 2015.8. 'Marvel's The Avengers'Joss Whedon's action/adventure film, "Marvel's The Avengers" ($1,518,812,988), starring Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, was released in 2012.9. 'Furious 7'James Wan's action film, "Furious 7" ($1,515,048,151), starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Michelle Rodriguez, was released in 2015.10. 'Frozen II'The animated sequel 'Frozen II' ($$1,450,026,933), released in 2019, surpassed the 2013 original.What are the top 10 movies which collected the highest collection all over the world?.------If I were to read a collection of short stories by Alice Munro, which collection would you recommend?When I'm recommending her work to someone who hasn't yet read it, I suggest stating with Friend of My Youth (1990 or 1991) - that's the volume in which it became clear that she wasn't "merely" a powerful writer who could skillfully reveal the interior lives of human beings but that she was also an unmatched craftsperson who had found new forms with which to display those truths. Some of the stories in that volume are dazzling in their complexity and innovation (not gimmicky but innovative); it's the volume in which she unveiled stories with subtle but powerful time-shifts, stories in which other stories were embedded, stories that showed a thorough understanding of eras that she hadn't lived through (or hadn't lived through as an adult), eras that she could render with a few carefully chosen, idiosyncratic words.Her next three volumes built on those skills, and they're superb (I can't pick a favorite): Open Secrets, The Love of a Good Woman, and Hateship Friendship Courtship Loveship Marriage. Runaway isn't quite as good; it's the start of the slight arc downward, in which she stopped innovating. (Her stories from then on were still psychologically rich and powerful, but they weren't quite as dazzling.)------Are cheap guitars worth collecting?Im a big fan of cheap guitars. Quite often if the SOUND is great, but it feels like unplayable piece of junk, you can tinker with the trussrod and the action, maybe shave down the nut (or replace with a nut made from bone), try different string gauges etc and you end up with an instrument that is worth far more than you paid for.A luthier once showed me a neat trick which works on electric guitars. Before you even take down any guitar from the rack in the shop, place your index finger just under the volume and tone controls on the lower bout. With your other hand, twang the B string. If you can feel a strong vibration with your index finger it means that the guitar is put together well and the nut, neck, body, bridge and saddle are transmitting the string vibrations strongly which will give a better tone than if not.If a guitar for half the price has this stronger vibration than one for double the price, you dont even need to take the expensive one off the rack.This is a valuable trick if you adhere to the school of thought that the sound of the guitar is more important than it looks.Quick note: Obviously the neck needs to feel comfortable in your hand too. Theres no point buying a great sounding cheap guitar if you cant even get your fingers onto the strings!.------What is the approximate value of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's collection?Somewhere between $100,000,000,000 to $400,000,000,000.This is such a difficult question, and nobody at the Metropolitan will go anywhere close to answering your question in public. There are so many priceless pieces that have never been offered on the market before.The best answer that I have read is in the Michael Gross book, Rogues' Gallery: The Secret Story of the Lust, Lies, Greed, and Betrayals That Made the Metropolitan Museum of Art.He quotes Michael Botwinick, director of New York's Hudson River Museum, formerly the assistant curator in chief of the Met.Consider today's art market. Twenty-five million dollars is not an unusual price for 'sought after' objects, $50 million is not an unusual price for 'important objects,' masterpieces are certainly going to fetch $100 million, and then there are the touchstone pieces that are worth let's say $250 million. Let's say there are 1,000 in the $25m sought-after category, 500 in the $100m important category, 100 in the $100m masterpiece category, and 10 in the $250m touchstone category. That sum alone is over $60,000,000,000.Add to that all of the harder-to-figure things like the Cuxa Cloister, the Wrightsman period rooms, and the Temple of Dendur. Add to that the high-volume collections. I have little trouble thinking you could argue $100b easily.nnThat was written in 2008/2009.Related: in 2011, a Cezanne "Card Players" canvas was reportedly sold by private owners to Qatar for $250 - $275 million. The Metropolitan Museum of Art owns one in this series that is of similar value------A business owes me a refund and is not paying, can I turn that debt over to a collection agency to collect for me? It's a substantial amount.I encourage you to gather evidence of refund owed and pursue him in small claims court. Of course, depending on if the business is in your jurisdiction or not, you may pursue legal recourse in that matter.If for instance, the business be outside of your jurisdiction, then get as much detail as possible on their respective jurisdiction to study and understand the recourses available.From this perspective, seeing that the amount owed is substantial enough, I encourage you to take media/internet awareness to let others know of your experience. In addition, it will increase the threat of bad publicity on the business's side which may in turn cause them to comply to the refund. There may be a possibility to collect your refund in a short term installment plan as per negotiation (it's not a bad idea considering that you may hold legal threat over the business in case of missed or none payment)Last but not least, write up and affidavit of truth and fact, get it notarized and submit it to business regulators office of that company's jurisdiction that you are dealing with along with a copy of verifiable document or proof that a refund is owed.Hopefully these steps should help.Good luck!.------What are the best tools, services and methods for sorting through and selecting the best photos from a collection of over 3,000 photos?That is a lot of photographs, but my concern is that if you use some sort of automated system, you are going to miss or accidentally delete your best photographs, or just the ones you want to keep.I still do this the old-fashioned manual way, because I like to have control over what happens to my photographs. I normally get home, and immediately file them with in a folder with a proper date and name.I would suggest that you use software that you can rate your photographs as has already been suggested. This only you can do and there is no way around it, unfortunately. I do recommend that have one final look at all the photos you might have marked for delete. If you accidentally mark a photo to delete, its rather difficult to recover it later.If I were to choose software, I'd probably go with Xnview Software. It's software that I have used before, but as I have said, I file right away and do it all manually. The software is generally stable and I have used other software from the company too.Here are some links to free and paid software reviews which might help you to choose the right program for you.10 Free Photo Management Software You Should KnowThe Best Photo Organizing Software of 2016 | Top Ten ReviewsBest Free Digital Photo Organizer.------What is the best way to collect addresses for wedding invitations?To get started, create your Basic Invite account by clicking on the Account dropdown in the upper right-hand corner and selecting "Sign up". Once your account is set up, follow these four steps. Your address book will be organized and ready for the big day in no time.Step 1:Login to your account and select "My Address Book" in the left-hand navigation if on mobile, or click "Account -> Address Book" in the upper right-hand corner if on desktop. On your address book page, there is a section that says "Share your private link." You can send the private link to friends and family, so they can add their addresses to your addressStep 2:When your contact browses to the personalized link, it will bring them to a page where they can fill out their contact information. They can include names, mailing address, and email.Step 3:As contacts submit their information, it will be be stored neatly and securely in the address book of your account.Step 4:After you have received all of your guests addresses, you can easily select them when placing an order with our mailing service option. You can also import contacts via our import feature located on the address book page. This page allows you to update, delete, and add contacts as necessary, which makes sending invitations a breeze.
Led Table Lamp Design Collection
Degradable recycling led table lampWith the rapid development of photoelectric technology, LED lamps have become a veritable cold light source, and the temperature is much lower than that of traditional lamps. The design of LED lamps can use materials and designs that can not be used before, bid farewell to plastics that are troublesome and difficult to degrade, and use waste paper that can be completely recycled. Through a simple pulp mold, it is easy to produce table lamps with various shapes. For example, this triangular conical lampshade is like carefully designed flowers with petals. If you like this style of design, you can consider matching Philips LED bulbs to make your table lamp more uniform inside and outside.Versatile playful led table lampThis is a playful table lamp tr17 with great personality among many table lamps. It comes from the creative table lamp designed by Danish designer Tom Rossau. The whole design style is simple and neat, and the lamp holder, lamp pole and lampshade can be adjusted separately. The whole table lamp is 680mm high. The table lamp is made of wood and metal. There is a strong contrast between the two materials. The solid wood base of birch supports the metal lamp frame. The two ends of the lamp frame are spheres of different sizes. Standing up like a tumbler, it feels playful and interesting. It is also convenient for users to adjust the appropriate lighting angle of the table lamp. Another highlight is the translucent birch lampshade, It is light and beautiful under the light of the built-in LED bulb, and it is adsorbed on the small ball through the magnet, which can be rotated and adjusted arbitrarily. It has a strong hands-on style, which is very suitable for the lighting decoration of the living room, bedroom and study.Dual purpose led table lamp with mirrorLadies who love beauty should like this led lamp with a mirror. The shape of the table lamp is a table lamp on the front and a mirror on the back. It is placed on the bedside table. It is usually lit as an LED table lamp and turned over to be a makeup mirror. The soft light from the LED lamp is very suitable for beauty and makeup lighting. Even if you are eager to go out and take a quick glance at the mirror, the performance of the mirror lamp will make you full of confidence. This is a multifunctional decorative lamp. In addition to helping beauties dress up, it can also better decorate your bedroom and living room.Practical LED desk lamp for green plantsMore and more plant shapes appear in the design of LED table lamps. The following green table lamps called dinosaurs were displayed at the New York international design week. The LED lamps at the top are like sprouting leaves. Unique reflective materials are used around them, which can effectively increase the brightness of light. The neck of the lamps can also be bent freely to meet the lighting angles of different needs. Using recycled materials similar to felt texture, the whole lamp has a simple appearance and fresh style. The cylinder design on the base is very practical. It can also be used to place pens and small office objects. If you like, you can also put small potted plants in it to bring a green symbol of health and vitality to the desk. It is not only convenient and practical, but also has a great decorative effect.LED desk lamp for bringing sunshine to indoor plantsDo you often ignore your potted plants, forget to water them, and forget to take them out in the sun. Sunlight is very important for plants, especially for plants that like sunshine, photosynthesis should be carried out regularly. If it's OK to keep it on the balcony, if it's dark in the room, I suggest you consider lighting an LED table lamp for them. It's a very friendly pure white modeling design. It adopts LED photoelectric technology, and the spectral composition is close to the sun, which is different from ordinary energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps. Kill two birds with one stone is also very energy-saving. While lighting the desktop, help the plants have enough light, so that your lovely green plants can grow healthily.
Metalwork Collection
Metalwork CollectionSheffield's metalwork collection comprises more than 13,000 objects and has been awarded Designated Collection status by DCMS, signifying a 'pre-eminent collection of national and international importance held in England's non-national museums'. The collection includes what is probably the most extensive grouping of Sheffield-made cutlery, flatware (forks and spoons) and holloware (e.g. bowls, teapots, containers) in existence and was amassed as a reference collection; showcasing examples of excellent design and high quality craftsmanship from around the world to inspire the city's manufacturers, designers and makers.— — — — — —Metalwork ProductsThe company handcrafts metalwork products and other items in Sheridan, Wyoming. All custom pieces are made at the fabrication shop where they are precision cut into parts and fitted together, instead of being cast. Each part of every product is made to 1/1000 of an inch accuracy. Their products include spurs, custom spurs, heel bands, spurs, shanks, and rowels. They also handcraft bits made for shank bits, snaffle bits, baseline bits, bit shanks, and mouthpieces for Western and English markets. The company also sells other items such as jewelry and belt buckles, including a variety of silver and turquoise jewelry; money clips, leather belts, and photo albums. Tom Balding Bits & Spurs products are known for their design and craftsmanship and have been featured in galleries and in museums. The company has also been featured on Discovery Channel's How It's Made.— — — — — —Metalwork and sculptureDecorative ironwork and metal sculpture were important elements of Art Nouveau, used in the decoration of facades, in small statues and in the handles and other ornament on furniture. One of the most versatile artists was the painter and bronze sculptor Georges de Feure. Born in Belgium, he moved to Paris, and became a lead designer for Art Nouveau gallery owner Siegfried Bing. Besides metal work, He designed furniture, wrote for newspapers, and created stage sets and posters for the Le Chat Noir cabaret. His work was featured at the Exposition Universelle de Paris, and in 1901 he was named a Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur for his contribution to the decorative arts. Examples of his work can be found at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Ironwork gate of the Petit Palais, Paris by Charles Girault (1900) Balcony decoration of Castel Béranger by Hector Guimard (1903) Enameled copper floor vase by Georges de Feure and Jakab Rappaport (1902) (Budapest Museum of Applied Arts) Woman playing a violin, bronze by Georges de Feure (1868-1943).(Musée des Arts Décoratifs) Mantel clock by Louis Chalon and E. Colin, gilded and silvered bronze (c. 1900), (Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt - Darmstadt, Germany) Table Lamp by François-Raoul Larche in gilt bronze, with the dancer Loïe Fuller as model (1901)— — — — — —Insular metalworkChristianity discouraged the burial of grave goods so that, at least from the Anglo-Saxons, we have a larger number of pre-Christian survivals than those from later periods. The majority of examples that survive from the Christian period have been found in archaeological contexts that suggest they were rapidly hidden, lost or abandoned. There are a few exceptions, notably portable shrines ("cumdachs") for books or relics, several of which have been continuously owned, mostly by churches on the Continent-though the Monymusk Reliquary has always been in Scotland. In general it is clear that most survivals are only by chance, and that we have only fragments of some types of object-in particular the largest and least portable. The highest quality survivals are either secular jewellery, the largest and most elaborate pieces probably for male wearers, or tableware or altarware in what were apparently very similar styles-some pieces cannot be confidently assigned between altar and royal dining-table. It seems possible, even likely, that the finest church pieces were made by secular workshops, often attached to a royal household, though other pieces were made by monastic workshops. The evidence suggests that Irish metalworkers produced most of the best pieces, however the finds from the royal burial at Sutton Hoo, from the far east of England and at the beginning of the period, are as fine in design and workmanship as any Irish pieces. There are a number of large brooches, including several of comparable quality to the Tara brooch. Almost all of these are in the National Museum of Ireland, the British Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, or local museums in the islands. Each of their designs is wholly individual in detail, and the workmanship is varied in technique and superb in quality. Many elements of the designs can be directly related to elements used in manuscripts. Almost all of the many techniques known in metalwork can be found in Insular work. Surviving stones used in decoration are semi-precious ones, with amber and rock crystal among the commonest, and some garnets. Coloured glass, enamel and millefiori glass, probably imported, are also used. The Ardagh Chalice and the Derrynaflan Hoard of chalice, paten with stand, strainer, and basin (only discovered in 1980) are the most outstanding pieces of church metalware to survive (only three other chalices, and no other paten, survive). These pieces are thought to come from the 8th or 9th century, but most dating of metalwork is uncertain, and comes largely from comparison with manuscripts. Only fragments remain from what were probably large pieces of church furniture, probably with metalwork on wooden frameworks, such as shrines, crosses and other items. The Cross of Cong is a 12th-century Irish processional cross and reliquary that shows insular decoration, possibly added in a deliberately revivalist spirit. The gilt-bronze "Athlone Crucifixion Plaque" (National Museum of Ireland, perhaps 8th century) is much the best known of a group of nine recorded Irish metal plaques with Crucifixions, and is comparable in style to figures on many high crosses; it may well have come from a book cover. The fittings of a major abbey church in the insular period remain hard to imagine; one thing that does seem clear is that the most fully decorated manuscripts were treated as decorative objects for display rather than as books for study. The most fully decorated of all, the Book of Kells, has several mistakes left uncorrected, the text headings necessary to make the Canon tables usable have not been added, and when it was stolen in 1006 for its cover in precious metals, it was taken from the sacristy, not the library. The book was recovered, but not the cover, as also happened with the Book of Lindisfarne. None of the major insular manuscripts have preserved their elaborate jewelled metal covers, but we know from documentary evidence that these were as spectacular as the few remaining continental examples. The re-used metal back cover of the Lindau Gospels (now in the Morgan Library, New York) was made in southern Germany in the late 8th or early 9th? century, under heavy insular influence, and is perhaps the best indication as to the appearance of the original covers of the great insular manuscripts, although one gold and garnet piece from the Anglo-Saxon Staffordshire Hoard, found in 2009, may be the corner of a book-cover. The Lindau design is dominated by a cross, but the whole surface of the cover is decorated, with interlace panels between the arms of the cross. The cloisonn enamel shows Italian influence, and is not found in work from the Insular homelands, but the overall effect is very like a carpet page.
Semiconductor News Collection: the Average Monthly Salary of China's Integrated Circuit Industry Is
One week fast reading1. Qualcomm announced the sample of 7Nm processor: or renamed Xiaolong 8150, and the opponent of Kirin 980 is coming2. Nokia announced that the unified rate of 5g patent license is lower than that of Qualcomm and Ericsson3. Huawei: Australia prohibits Huawei and ZTE from supplying 5g network equipment4. Under pressure from the United States, ASML, a photolithography giant in the Netherlands, was exposed not to recruit Chinese employees5. In 2017, Amazon ranked first in R & D expenditure, followed by Google and Samsung6. The average monthly salary of China's integrated circuit industry is 9120 yuan, which is very short of talents!7. The energy consumption of single atom quantum transistor computer developed by Germany may be greatly reducedOriginal factory dynamics1. Qualcomm announced the sample of 7Nm processor: or renamed Xiaolong 8150, and the opponent of Kirin 980 is comingNot long ago, Huawei officially confirmed that the Kirin 980 chip adopts the 7Nm process. Qualcomm recently announced its official account that the upcoming flagship mobile platform will be a system level chip (SoC) using 7 nanometer process technology. It can be matched with Xiaolong x505g modem. The 7 nm SOC is expected to become the first mobile platform supporting 5g function for smartphones and other mobile terminals.Gao Tong said that at present, it has sampled the upcoming flagship mobile platform from a number of OEMs developing the next generation of consumer terminals. This is the rumored Xiaolong 855 processor, but it may eventually be renamed Xiaolong 8150.2. Nokia announced that the unified rate of 5g patent license is lower than that of Qualcomm and EricssonAccording to the Wall Street Journal, Nokia recently released its expectation of patent fees related to 5g mobile phones. Nokia expects each new mobile phone using patented technology involving its 5g network to generate up to 3 euros ($3.43) in revenue. Ericsson and Qualcomm have previously released 5g patent charging standards. Compared with Ericsson and Qualcomm, Nokia's charging standards are lower than the first two.Ericsson will set a maximum of $5 per high-end handheld device and a minimum of $2.50 per low-end handheld device; Qualcomm plans to charge a license fee of 2.275% of the wholesale price for each single-mode 5g mobile phone and 3.25% of the wholesale price for multi-mode 5g mobile phones. The maximum sales price of the whole machine is $400.Market situation3. Huawei: Australia prohibits Huawei and ZTE from supplying 5g network equipmentHuawei announced Thursday that Australia has banned the company from supplying equipment for its planned 5g network. Huawei Australia said in a statement through its official twitter account that this was a "result of great disappointment to consumers".Huawei is the world's largest telecommunications network equipment manufacturer and the world's third-largest mobile phone manufacturer. They have previously promised Australia to carry out comprehensive supervision and audit on 5g network equipment, including base stations, communication towers and radio transmission equipment.4. Under pressure from the United States, ASML, a photolithography giant in the Netherlands, was exposed not to recruit Chinese employeesIn the high-tech field, the United States has strengthened its prevention of the Chinese people in the past year, which is not limited to the United States. Even European companies have been under pressure from the U.S. government. It is revealed that ASML, a lithography giant in the Netherlands, no longer recruits Chinese employees.A microblog user broke the news that his friend was studying in the Netherlands for graduate school and was ready to find a job there after graduation. As a result, the reply received said that ASML company was prohibited by the U.S. government and could not recruit Chinese employees, so he could not submit his resume to ASML company. ASML said: This is a false rumor. When ASML recruits people, there are generally no nationality restrictions.5. In 2017, Amazon ranked first in R & D expenditure, followed by Google and SamsungAccording to a report released by consulting firm Ernst & young, American technology giants Amazon and Google ranked first and second in R & D expenditure with 20.1 billion euros and 14.8 billion euros respectively, Samsung Electronics ranked third with 13.1 billion euros, and American chip manufacturer Intel ranked fourth with 11.6 billion dollars.In terms of the average distribution of "R & D intensity" countries, Switzerland ranks first, followed by the United States, Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, China and South Korea.Industry analysis6. The average monthly salary of China's integrated circuit industry is 9120 yuan, which is very short of talents!The white paper on talents in China's integrated circuit industry (2017-2018) jointly released by China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and the software and integrated circuit promotion center of the Ministry of industry and information technology in Beijing recently shows that the existing talent stock in China's integrated circuit industry is about 400000, and the talent gap is 320000.After the statistical analysis of the white paper, it is found that the average salary level of China's integrated circuit industry is 9120 yuan per month, which is still far from the average salary in the fields of Finance and mobile Internet.7. The energy consumption of single atom quantum transistor computer developed by Germany may be greatly reducedA research team at Karlsruhe Institute of technology in Germany has developed a quantum transistor composed of only one atom and can operate at room temperature. This research opens a new chapter in computing power and efficiency. The new transistor turns on or off the circuit by moving a silver atom.Nanowerk, a materials science news website, calls the transistor the smallest in the world. More importantly, the new transistor is described as a "quantum switch", which means that it can carry more complex information than current transistors. The energy consumption of the new transistor is only one tenth of that of the current silicon technology.
IDT Launches Power Smart Technology, Which Will First Be Used in the Collection of Consumer Applicat
IDT launches power smart technology, which will first embed the company's integrated circuits for consumer applicationsIDT, a leading provider of mixed signal semiconductor solutions, is committed to enriching the digital media experience ® The company introduced new power smart technology. This technology will first be embedded in the company's integrated circuits for consumer applications. IDT power smart technology will integrate power management functions into IDT devices and provide IDT customers with various design options - extending battery life, improving power consumption, enhancing design flexibility or any combination thereof.IDT power smart technology is indeed a "smart" technology. Its uniqueness lies in the integration of programmable intelligent power management function with other IDT core silicon technologies, so that IDT can provide additional value-added at the system level. Providing solutions to specific problems helps IDT optimize the whole system through integrated functional modules, so as to reduce redundancy and improve system reliability and overall performance. These technologies no longer have simple and independent functions. Compared with adding functional modules on a single chip, the integration of various technologies has greatly improved the performance.Dr. Ted Tewksbury, President and CEO of IDT, said: "In today's digital world, power consumption is changing the way we operate and live. Therefore, at the chip level, we need to rethink the way we power our digital media devices and build them from the bottom up, rather than integrating power as an additional function later in the design process. We are committed to expanding our value, helping customers achieve success, and Expand our market and technology leadership. In times of market and economic instability, expanding market and technology leadership is particularly important. IDT power smart technology is part of this commitment. At IDT, we are taking measures because the current economic crisis provides us with an opportunity to actively invest in technology and meet the expected improvement, which will help us Promote the next generation of consumer electronics devices and functions. "Power smart technology also demonstrates IDT's determination to become an overall solution provider by providing customers with solutions that can achieve the highest efficiency in the market without affecting performance. Power smart technology also helps IDT customers launch new advanced functions by using the board space traditionally allocated to power management chips.In order to make the whole company fully focus on efficiency, IDT has established a simulation expert group - including Mr. Paul brocaw - to integrate power management into highly integrated application specific standard product (ASSP) for consumer multimedia products. This group has more than 100 years of experience in integrated simulation design.Paul brocaw, senior technical expert of IDT, commented: "on behalf of the whole simulation team, I am glad to be a part of IDT. We are convinced of the company's system oriented approach to customer applications and look forward to using our simulation expertise to help IDT become a more comprehensive supplier of mixed signal system solutions."The analog design team will initially support the IDT video and display business unit, which is currently designing and producing the industry-leading IDT DisplayPort for flat panel displays for digital TVs, displays and laptops ™―― Compatible receiver and integrated timing controller solutions.The power smart technology and simulation design team perfectly complements Dr. Tewksbury's theory of IDT. Dr. Tewksbury said: "As a growing company, a key element of IDT's strategy is to provide comprehensive solutions, such as our product portfolio of panel back components. Power management is a key component because power saving and intelligent integration are the main components of the strategy. If we continue to focus on the basic principles - listen to our customers, understand their systems and provide what we have learned What's not worth it - IDT can definitely survive this recession with a stronger company. "
Knowledge About Collection Agency - Selected Publications of Collection Agency
Selected publications of collection agencyArmstrong, Eva V. (1933). "Some Treasures in the E. F. Smith Collection". General Magazine and Historical Chronicle. 25: .citation qquotes:"""""""'""'".mw-parser-output .id-lock-free a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-free abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .id-lock-registration a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-limited a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-registration abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .id-lock-subscription a,.mw-parser-output .citation .cs1-lock-subscription abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:9px;background-position:right .1em .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-subscription span,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration spanborder-bottom:1px dotted; .cs1-ws-icon abackground-image:url("");background-image:linear-gradient(transparent,transparent),url("");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-size:12px;background-position:right .1em code.cs1-codecolor:inherit;background:inherit;border:inherit; .cs1-hidden-errordisplay:none; .cs1-maintdisplay:none;color:#33aa33; .cs1-subscription,.mw-parser-output .cs1-registration,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-left,.mw-parser-output .cs1-kern-right,.mw-parser-output .citation .mw-selflinkfont-weight:inheritArmstrong, Eva V. (1933). "Some Incidents in the Collection of the E. F. Smith Memorial Library". Journal of Chemical Education. 10: 356358. doi:10.1021/ed010p356.Armstrong, Eva V. (1936). "Playground of a Scientist". The Scientific Monthly. 42 (4): 339348. Bibcode:1936SciMo..42..339A. JSTOR16089.Armstrong, Eva V. (1937). The story of the Edgar Fahs Smith memorial collection in the history of chemistry. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania.Armstrong, Eva V. (February 1938). "Jane Marcet and her "Conversations on Chemistry"". Journal of Chemical Education. 15 (2): 53. Bibcode:1938JChEd..15...53A. doi:10.1021/ed015p53.Armstrong, Eva V.; Lukens, Hiram S. (January 1939). "Lazarus Ercker and his Probierbuch. Sir John Pettus and his Fleta Minor". Journal of Chemical Education. 16 (1): 553562. Bibcode:1939JChEd..16..553A. doi:10.1021/ed016p553.Armstrong, Eva V.; Deischer, Claude K. (January 1942). "Johann Rudolph Glauber (1604-70). His chemical and human philosophy". Journal of Chemical Education. 19 (1): 3. Bibcode:1942JChEd..19....3A. doi:10.1021/ed019p3.Armstrong, Eva V. (1947). "Dr. Henry Moyes, Scotch chemist". Journal of Chemical Education. 24 (4): 169. Bibcode:1947JChEd..24..169A. doi:10.1021/ed024p169.Edgar F. Smith Memorial Collection; Armstrong, Eva; Smith, Edgar F. (1960). Catalog of the Edgar Fahs Smith memorial collection in the history of chemistry. Boston: G. K. Hall.------Lyman Draper Manuscript Collection of paris jacksonThe Lyman Draper Manuscript Collection includes his extensive notes and correspondence as well as the works and papers of a number of notable early Americans, collected by Lyman Draper on the history of the trans-Allegheny West. This area includes portions of the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, the entire Ohio Valley, and the Mississippi Valley. Among the most notable of the figures whose papers he collected are Joseph Brant, Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, Thomas S. Hinde, John Donelson, James Robertson, General Joseph Martin, and Simon Kenton. Most materials cover the time period from the 1740s through the 1810s. The Draper Collection comprises nearly 500 volumes.The State Historical Society of Wisconsin (now Wisconsin Historical Society), for which Draper served as corresponding secretary from 1854 to 1886, owns the collection of original 18th and 19th-century papers. Major research libraries around the United States have microfilm of the collection. An index of the Lyman Draper Manuscript Collection is shown below:Series Title Volumes:A George Bedinger Papers Vo. 1B Draper's Life of Boone Vol. 1-5, 7-9C Boone Papers Vol. 1-6, 10-33D Border Forays Vol. 1-5E Brady and Wetzel Papers Vol. 1-16F Joseph Brant papers Vol. 1-22G Brant Miscellanies Vol. 1-3H Daniel Broadhead Papers Vol. 1-3J George Rogers Clark Papers Vol. 1-64K George Rogers Clark Misec.. Vol. 1-5L Jonathan Clark Papers Vol. 1-2M William Clark Papers Vol. 1-6N William Croghan Papers Vol. 1-3O Daniel Drake Paper Vol. 1-2P Draper's Biographical Sketches Vol. 1-3Q Draper's Historical Misc Vol. 1-8R Draper's Memoranda Books Vol. 1-3S Draper's Notes Vol. 1-33T Thomas Forsyth Papers Vol. 1-9U Frontier Wars Papers Vol. 1-24V Georgia, Alabama & So. Carolina Papers Vol. 1W Josiah Harmar Papers Vol. 1-2X William Henry Harrison Vol. 1-5Y Thomas S. Hinde Papers Vol. 1-41Z Illionas Papers Vol. 1AA William Irving Papers Vol. 1-2BB Simon Kenton Papers Vol. 1-13CC Kentucky Papers Vol. 1-36DD Kings Mountain Papers Vol. 1-18EE London Documents At Albany Vol. 1FF Mecklenburg Declaration, By Draper Vol. 1-3GG Mecklenburg Declaration Papers Vol. 1-3HH Mecklenburg Declaration Misc.. Vol. 1-2JJ Newspaper Extracts Vol. 1-4KK North Carolina Papers Vol. 1LL Paris Documents at Albany Vol. 1MM Robert Paterson Papers Vol. 1-3NN Pittsburg and Northwest Virginia Papers Vol. 1-10OO Pension Statements Vol. 1PP Potter Papers Vol. 1QQ William Preston Papers Vol. 1-6RR Rudolph-Noy Papers Vol. 1-10SS David Shepherd Papers Vol. 1-5TT South Carolina Papers Vol. 1UU South Carolina In The Revolution Misc Vol. 1-2VV Thomas Sumter Papers Vol. 1-24WW John Cleves Symmes Papers Vol. 1-4XX Tennessee Papers Vol. 1-7YY Tecumseh Papers Vol. 1-13ZZ Virginia Papers Vol. 1-16------Public law libraries and access to self-help of collection agencyPublic law libraries, once used primarily by legal professionals, now serve mostly non-attorneys handling their own legal matters. In court, self-represented litigants are a growing percentage of litigants, particularly in family law. Other non-attorney library patrons include entrepreneurs; people documenting personal loans, sales of goods and services, and simple real estate transfers; and people settling the affairs of family members who have died. For many of these patrons, attorneys' services are unaffordable, while others mistrust lawyers or find self-help to be more convenient than finding, evaluating, and hiring an attorney.Many of these patrons are referred to the law library after seeking pro bono representation, or contacting a legal aid program such as those funded by the Legal Services Corporation. Due to chronic shortages of volunteer attorneys and of funding, only a fraction of the need is met annually. These programs often refer people to a public law library.Because of the specialized nature of legal information resources, these patrons often need more hands-on assistance than law libraries' traditional patrons. Many law libraries now provide assistance by offering seminars and workshops; collaborating with public libraries; and using the internet and other media to provide instructions and forms. Some libraries either run or host self-help centers with attorneys or paralegals available to assist self-represented litigants.In a 2013 survey of public and academic law libraries, the Self-Represented Litigation Network found that virtually all of the 153 responding law libraries provided some services to self-represented litigants. Services included:traditional and computerized legal research help and referrals to other programse-mail reference, pathfinders, guides, and explanations of the legal processlegal information websites for self-represented partiescollections of materials for the non-lawyerdocument delivery of resources in the library by fax, scan, and delivery referral sheets to their librarychat referencecourt forms: forms instructions, forms in plain language, forms in multiple languages, form document assembly programs, assistance with filling out forms, forms creation, writing of form instructionspublic computers with access to the Internete-filing supportLEP service with books and/or brochures in multiple languages, bi-lingual staff, and provision for either interpreters or access to a language line, andservices to prisoners.Libraries hosting self-help centers and programs reported providing:legal clinicslawyer in the library programsmediation programsself-help centers either staffed by law library employees, hosted in the law library but staffed by another organization, or providing support for self-help centers in another location, andeducational services such as workshops and webinars.An earlier compilation, "Directory of Library-Based Self-Help Programs," lists 29 programs in 16 states and the District of Columbia, providing information about services offered and program administration.------Abu Ghraib's "ghost detainees" of collection agencyThe practice of ghosting first achieved widespread attention in 2005 when the Washington Post broke a story suggesting that the U.S. Army and the CIA were detaining "unlawful enemy combatants" at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq with little or no due process. According to the article, the CIA asked military intelligence officials to let them house ghost detainees at Abu Ghraib by September 2003 and proposed a Memorandum of Understanding between the agencies on the topic that November. The Army and the Defense Department have acknowledged that the United States has used ghosting in the past, but have said it was limited to isolated incidents. According to documents obtained by the Post, "unregistered CIA detainees were brought to Abu Ghraib several times a week in late 2003."The Post cited as evidence the 2004 report by Major General Antonio Taguba:... in a report describing abuses of detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, he blamed the 800th Military Police Brigade, which guarded the prison, for allowing 'other government agencies' a euphemism that includes the CIA to hide 'ghost' detainees at Abu Ghraib. The practice, he wrote, 'was deceptive, contrary to Army doctrine, and in violation of international law'.When news of a detainee known only as Triple X became known to the public in late 2003, U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was questioned about him. Rumsfeld was evasive, and speculated about why someone would want to keep a prisoner hidden from the Red Cross. This is considered a war crime under international law.On September 9, 2004, General Paul J. Kern testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee, stating that an inquiry he led found that the Army had cooperated with the CIA in hiding dozens of ghost detainees from the Red Cross. Kern told the Committee there may have been as many as 100 ghost detainees.In addition to allegations and reports about ghost detainees in Iraq or East Asian countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, there have been reports that the US had held prisoners in detention centers in some European states. In 2006 the Swiss senator, Dick Marty wrote a memorandum on "alleged detention in Council of Europe states." He said the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had captured about 100 persons on European territory and subsequently rendered them to countries where they may have been tortured. The BBC reported that this number of 100 extraordinarily rendered persons is in addition to the estimated 100 U.S. ghost detainees.
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