Can You Be Freelancing and Collecting Unemployment?

In the UK, as a freelance you pay a self-employed National Insurance which is higher than an employee. This is to compensate for the fact that your would be employer (which of course does nor exist) is not paying their equivalent of Employers National Insurance . So being self employed in effect your own employee then that is a cost that you take for being a freelances.

That said there are people (myself included) who may be a freelancer in so far as I deal with my own tax affairs and bargain with the the counter-party, given the sensitive. sometimes unstable of clients, I will create what is known as a back-to-back contract with an employment Agency who does the billing for me and they pay me the gross sum at their risk of collection from the client. I have to do my own taxation and National Insurance.

However back to back engagements do have a kick in the shin in so far as although I am paid by the agency in full, and potentially absorb a potential debt of the client doesnt pay; equally I lose out on the rate I would have otherwise commanded- often as much as 25% premium. It is better having that insurance since if at least things do go wrong I know I will get my money, and it is the Agencys problem to recover the debt. Usually with the types of company/business I get involved with they are very high risk, in terms of insolvency.

To that end I am very vulnerable to losing money, so this would be premium to the agency pays for not only my taxation and other issues, but I know that i am going to get paid that week, as opposed to having to do my own debt recovery from a client that I am trying to help, resulting in hostility. Of course the other side of the coin is: If the employment Agency are not prepared to underwrite the potential loss; I am certainly not going to !Finally since you are technically the employee of the agency, and you pay your National Insurance through them; they become your employer. That way you contract finishes and in effect you are redundant so can clam Job Seekers Allowance/Unemployment benefit.

Chris R- London.

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What is it that engineering students in India are collectively doing wrong?

Spamming faculty mailboxes with internship requests.Yes, students, I'm sorry to state this bluntly, but 99% of you do this. Be it to an Indian or a foreign professor, this is what you do. And you can't imagine how pissed we get.We get it, you want to work with us. But instead of showing some real interest, this is what you do:Write the same e-mail to all the professors you wish to contact. That's the oldest trick in the book. If you think we don't recognize this, then it's time to increase your intelligence.

Writing the same e-mail to multiple professors, and putting all their e-mail IDs in that mail, for every recipient to see! This is legendary! Are you guys actually serious about getting an intern, or are looking for extra special timepass?Write about yourselves, yourselves, and yourselves. We get it, you wish to sell your profile. But why do you wish to work with that particular professor? How can we help you, and you do the same for us?Writing the e-mail to a power electronics professor, when you clearly want to work in nanoelectronics. At least take one minute to view that professor's profile!Now, here's the problem you guys fail to see:When you do this to an Indian professor, we get irritated for a moment, and reward your efforts by preserving your precious e-mail in a special place. It's called the trash folder. But that's all we do, and move on.But, when you do this to an American or a European professor, there's a good chance s#!t gets real. Some of them treat this as a spam mail, and initiate the means to ensure that you, or any e-mail from your institute gets blocked. Essentially, you, or worse, your institute, are blacklisted.By doing this, you are jeopardizing not only your career, but in the larger sense, you are potentially jeopardizing the career of a really good or deserving student too, who actually is among those 1% that takes the pains to actually write a proper mail, who has to suffer for no fault of theirs.What's worse, you are making a mockery of your country on an international platform. Congratulations!So the next time you wonder why some professor you want to work with, has not bothered to reply, there's a good chance you are among the 99% who do the above stuff.Please. Don't


Why is a map not included in the collection framework in Java?

All the other answers to your doubt is pointing to a same and correct point.What I will be explaining you is from the technical point of view, so better if you refer Java Platform SE 7 while reading my answer for more clarity.First, your question should be "Why Map does not extends(in java interface extends interface but not implement that's why extends) Collection interface in collection framework in Java?".

Here in my answerCollection : I'm talking about interfacecollection : I'm talking about the word "collection"- clusterSo, theoretically in java collection is sub-categorized further to list, queue, set and map as these all are used to collect info and organized in the required form (required to solve real time issue- like you can't create application on ticket counter line with map but can with queue).So, when Collection is created they gave Collection a powerful ability, ability to acquire data from collections automatically without giving headache to user(us), called Iterability(ability to iterate through out the collection). How? By extending Iterable interface to Collection (bonus- Iterable contain only one method: iterator() which provide object of a class which is created by JVM at runtime which implement Iterator interface).

Now they noticed that this iterating ability can only be applied to 1-Dimesional collection like list, queue, set but not to map (bonus- why 1-D only? Because Iterator internally uses index to retrieve next element as well to check whether more element is present or not). As Map doesn't support index but key-value structure and hence is a 2-D, so can't be iterate and hence can't extends Collection which further extends Iterable.So, the above para gave you your answer, one thing, you should say "Map is a collection but not a Collection"Bonus: As Collection is a Baap(Hindi of Father) of other collections so it contains all the common methods(refer API/documentation), like addition of elements, comparing of elements, removing of elements etc, BUT (a big but to notice) why not method to retrieve elements? Because of the same above reason, it has to support other collections and other collections like set and queue doesn't allow user to provide index (but internally uses index as mentioned in above para), hence different collections have different implementation as well as method signature of retrieving element.

Conclusion: To generalize all collections with less controversy, Collection doesn't have method to retrieve elements plus kept Map out of itself to support other collections.Ashok if you get the internal reasons plus Collection's history very easily, don't forget to UPVOTE *wink*


How much should one put in the collection basket?

The traditional suggestion is that 10% of your income (net) should go to charity and the support of the church, if you are able to do so.Which charities and how much to them or your local parish or diocese or other church-related ministries and missions is entirely up to you. A balance between local and distant is good, however, as your dollar/euro can go a lot further in some mission areas, but help is always needed in the local area too, and, as a member of a congregation, you should support it.

Remember, it is not just the clergy, but all ministers, and all support staff at the parish who make their living from parishioner donations. So if you want youth ministry, a school, religious education, music, good liturgy... to say nothing of people answering phones and cleaning the bathrooms, support your parish.Of course, if you have a very high income you can give away a greater percentage. Once you start making more than is really necessary to cover the cost of both needs and reasonable wants/luxuries - probably around $75,000 per year, on average, in a place like the U.S. - you can start donating greater percentages to charity until you are reverse tithing, or living on 10% and giving away 90%. But that would be the top 1% or so.Also, it is probably better to use an electronic funds transfer or bill pay if that is an option, set up a monthly donation direct from your paycheck or your account, rather than simply dropping cash in the basket. Makes it easier for you to budget, and easier for the parish to plan, too.If you are just visiting somewhere, or not yet a member, consider dropping in what you make in an hour or two of work.The answer above was written from the perspective of a situation like the U.


, where the very idea of the government collecting a 'tax' to pass on to the Church, or any other religious organization, is utterly unthinkable. However, here in Italy, as in many other countries, there is a built in 'church tax' of some kind.If that amount is already 8 or 9% as in Germany, I think you've done your share, and maybe just give a little extra directly when there is some particular need or to express your gratitude for some extra effort.

If that amount is fairly small, like the 0.8% in Italy, then you should not really rely on that as a substitute for your own charity.Catholic Apologetics

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