Can You Swim Or Do You still Use Those Inflatable Arm Band Things Like I Do?

I can swim. Yippee!

1. high blood pressure-wrist readings vs arm band readings?

Yes, the reading CAN in fact be that far off. Auscultation (with a stethoscope) is the most accurate method of taking a blood pressure. The automatic cuffs, especially wrist cuffs, are infamous of not being accurate. I am a paramedic in Las Vegas and our FD first responders use the automatic cuffs and their readings are generally way off from the readings we get with a manual BP cuff. These cuffs need to be calibrated often and in my experience need to be placed on properly. Next time you see the doctor, ask the nurse or CNA to take a manual reading...if they have not forgot how to do so.

2. Why am I attracted to this man with the arm band?

Hitler was very charismatic

3. Most comfortable arm-band keys holder while jogging/running?

I used to hide my car key above my tire. No one ever bothered it. But now i just carry it it my hand. I place my thumb through the key ring and hold the key in my hand. I perfer to take my key with me, it takes some time to get use to but beats the hassle of having to untie your shoe just to get your key, some of my teammates do that

4. Arm Band Training and its average ? cost to hire a personal trainer?

Just get back in the gym. You do not need to pay somebody $400 to tell you to do the workout you got results with before. I talk to other folks at the gym and get tips all the time, without having to waste money on a trainer. They will mainly keep you committed to showing up. But if you have the discipline to stay with a schedule, they are not necessary for getting good results on your own.

5. Runescape Arm Band glitch?

Solomans store stuff man look up how to remove it

6. Is there an arm band case for the iPhone 4s that will fit with another case?

Yes... Try the heavy case... Good luck!

7. i want my arm band tattoo removed!?

Rorschach Gallery in Edison NJ offers non laser tattoo removal tatt2away

8. I'm trying to design an arm band tattoo and I'm not exactly sure how to measure the dimensions...???

use a string, loosely go around and measure your arm. On a piece if paper mark the circumfrence. As for how long that depends on how thick you want the tat. The artist will need to redraw the design, pick a good custum artist

9. Question about Petco Parakeet arm band?

Absolutely not. The band identifies which bird mill the bird was produced in. If there should be a psittacosis issue Petco is required by law in all 50 states to notify you of the potential and instruct you to take the budgie to an avian vet. If there is a psittacosis break out in the store anytime soon after your purchase they will notify you. The band provides ID which is needed to report the illness to the bird mill which produced the budgie. It also serves to protect Petco from being held liable if someone with a sick bird having no band claims the bird was purchased from Petco. The band stays on

10. My gf has a tattoo that shouldn't be out at certain times. is there some type of arm band she can buy?

Have you looked around for those metal arm bands that wrap and twist? You might find one the right size if the tattoo is not too big. If you both like it, cool and I agree that it would be good to cover it in those situations. I hope you find something, it would be horrible if your family hates her because of it. It sounds awesome to me!.

11. Arm band tattoo's on skinny guys?

arm band tattoos are gay all together. everyones got them. come on you have a brain use it. come up with your own ideas

12. Why was Woodrow Wilson's treasury secretary wearing a dark colored arm band in this picture?

He was mourning his late wife

13. Are arm band tatoo's sexy/hot on a guy?

tribal arm bands are hot, also, for military guys, something military. never a chicks name, nothing that is subject to change!

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