Coca Cola Is Testing an Autonomous Robot Delivery Service

It is reported that Coca Cola's European partner (CCEP) is testing the automatic driving distribution service in a theme park in the UK, using an automatic driving robot to distribute drinks

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It is reported that CCEP ventures, an innovation investment fund of Coca Cola's European partner (CCEP), is cooperating with teleretail, an automatic driving expert, to test the automatic driving distribution service in British theme parks and distribute drinks using an automatic driving robot. Coca Cola European partners Co., Ltd. is a multinational bottling company committed to the marketing, production and distribution of Coca Cola products.

The project was carried out by CCEP ventures in altonta theme park in the UK to test whether it can successfully operate the robot in places with high traffic. With a speed of 3 mph (about 1.6 km / h) and a range of 50 km, the robot will pick up goods from the distribution center in altonta Park and then transport them to the sales point opposite the park.

In addition, these robots are also equipped with GPS technology, vision, sound and motion sensors, which can safely drive around people and objects. They will also use laser sensors to judge their distance from potential obstacles, so as to stop safely and avoid collision.

This test, conducted in cooperation with teleretail, an autonomous driving company, is one of three tests conducted by teleretail in industrial, retail and pedestrian environments to capture data and improve software.

Leendert den Hollander, general manager of Coca Cola's European partner UK company, said: "teleretail robot is a perfect example of testing automatic driving technology, which can make all-weather on-demand logistics service possible, and finally the technology can be extended to larger transport vehicles."

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