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1. Do I need therapy, I'm 13 and scared, please help?

Girl girl girl you're normal because you were just like me i'm 19btw well I had my hair red cut it short was a cutter had weight issues a binger anxiety attacks where i'm on the ground thinking i'm gonna die! I would think I had this and that disorder and wabam its called being hypochondriac thinking you have every disorder alot of people develop it. All you feel really is alone and sad so you want girls you're age to understand darling they won't they barely understand there own lives and period and hormonal changes it happens to the lot of us. And you're depression and sadness you want to express but don't know how is by you being sad and showing you're friends that all the time makes them think she's the sad girl completley not you're fault though everyone is a major major prick in.

middle school I was glad to be out of there highschool was annoying but not as bad as the dipshits in middle school!! Well you'll prob be depressed until you find that real best friend and a really understanding bf who loves you for ur crazy awesome sad emo self then you prob won't be sad anymore. Mom's can be bizotches my mom called me a freak everyday I wore tutu's pirate costumes fairy costumes and crazy **** pajamas and crazy crap but everyday my mom would call me cra but I'm a verry strong willed crazy girl who knew I was different and I was just like bye love ya mom her nagging was just a distance voice in the backround even tho she still makes fun of me I still love her crazy aszz see there opinions are just suggestions don't take them searously and you're sensitive so am I or I used to be one bad thing and I would either think suicide or razor just learn to channel and control that anger with tv show stickers and ways to outsmart there stupidity all the while making you look classy and them trashy learn to never take negativity to seriously with the other person learn to explore in you're head why the other person is a biskit menapause, perod, racist brainwashed family, raped person, ggetto family, obesity, foods they eat, failing school, other shiz to why that other person was mean to you yah got to view other situations. Hope I helped:) and you seem cool we should be instagram buddies or messaging pple I like flipping lovers you<:3333 you so perfect we could be sad together sigh the coolest pple are always darthest away: best way to get hydrogen from water easiest produced oxygen will electrolysis of water. dropping a battery in some with an electrolyte do trick but it not very elegant. and hard start stop reaction. what i would suggest is use two pencils for electrodes. graphite conductor won react chemicals your electrolyzer. cut off erasers as metal band sharpen both ends. repeat second pencil. ideally should have couple wires alligator clips at ends test tubes or substitutes them equivalent beaker this in. dissolve spoonful sodium bicarbonate beaker. amount isn too critical. become solution that conduct electricity. fill then turn upside down tricky thing find hold all together. clip leads go on battery. into angle open right above tips they gas travel up displace collect h2 o2 gas. here picture.except inverted filled pencils. one work nicely.when held place decomposed by electricity gases tubes. fun.>------






You can also produce hydrogen by reacting aluminum metal and sodium hydroxide solution. It's the old "Drano bomb" trick. The solid white "crystals" in Drano are NaOH.

The hydroxide ions dissolve the aluminum oxide coating on Al metal and expose the Al metal so that it can react with water to make H2 gas.

Al H2O --> Al(OH)3 H2(g)

In fact, the Drano company puts small pieces of Al foil in with the NaOH. When it gets wet the reation starts and the H2 that is produced agitates the clog to help the NaOH dissolve it better.

The danger with this is not so much the H2 that is produced, that quickly dissipates in the air. Instead it is the "caustic soda" (NaOH) that is left over. Sodium hydroxide can produce nastier burns than many acids. Dilute it with water, and then combine with NaHCO3 to neutralize it. Careful, even that will create lots of bubbling and some heat. Follow up

I would NOT recommend using sodium to generate hydrogen. The reaction is too potentially dangerous.


3. Emergency Survival kit. What would you bring?

The Do-it-yourself Coffee Can Survival Kit

This is a compact kit that can be carried in the car, on the boat, or in a pack for hunting, hiking, exploring, etc. Most of the contents will fit in a one-pound coffee can which doubles as a pot for melting snow and device with which to dig an emergency snow shelter. (However, if you can carry it, include a small shovel. It is far, far better than trying to use a coffee can.) You should be aware that if this kit is carried while on hiking or hunting trips, you still need to carry the other Ten Essentials not included below.

Keep three points in mind when putting together a survival kit. First, make it small enough that you'll actually carry it and not leave it home. Second, use the list as a guide and customize it to your needs. For instance, if you are allergic to insect bites, bring the appropriate medicine, or carry appropriate wrap if you have knee problems.

Thirdly, bring enough to enable you to spend at least one night out. It is usually the first 6 hours that determine whether you'll be able to survive an emergency. If you can make it through the first night, then your chances are good that you can make it a few more nights if necessary.

Thanks to Allan Priddy who helps teach the Wilderness Survival class for putting this list together.

General Items

Braided nylon rope (25 feet)


Matches (2 boxes)

Fire Starter

Poncho (bright orange to attract attention)

Toilet paper

Candle (wrapped in aluminum foil)

Paper and pencil

Fishing line, hooks, split shot leads



Money (2 nickels, 2 dimes, 2 quarters, $20 bill: helpful for making phone call or paying for gas if broken down along highway)

Garbage Bags (2 large size bags)

Bright orange surveyor's tape

Repair Kit

Sewing kit

Dental floss (It's strong and useful as thread for sewing, or a fishing line or for lashing branches for improvised shelters.)

Safety pins

Wire (bailing wire)

First Aid Kit (Also see Lightweight First Aid Kit)


Sterile pads (2 x 2 and 4 x 4)

Sterile Gauze




First Aid Tape


Honey Packages (available in small foil packages available at convenience stores)

Instant Soup or tea (a couple packages)


Folding saw

Compass (learn how to use)

Hard Candy

Carrying container

Coffee Can (1 lb size) or nylon stuff bag

All contents except the plastic bags and the optional items will fit in a 1 lb coffee can. (Or you can flat "Spam" cans or oval-shaped containers available at outdoor stores.) The plastic bags can be affixed to the outside of the can with a rubber band. To keep things from rattling in the can, wad up some wax paper and stuff it around the items. The wax paper stays dry and also doubles as a fire starter. To save weight the contents can be placed in a stuff bag and a metal cup can be used instead of the coffee can.


2/13/98. Compiled by Allan Priddy

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