Comprehensive Interpretation of Smart Community

What is a smart community?

About smart community, Du Niang introduced it this way: smart community refers to making full use of the Internet and Internet of things, involving many fields such as smart buildings, smart homes, road network monitoring, smart hospitals, food and drug management, home care, personal health and digital life, through the construction of ICT infrastructure, certification, security and other platforms and demonstration projects, Accelerate the tackling of key industrial technologies, build a smart environment for community development, form a new model of life, industrial development and social management based on massive information and intelligent filtering, and build a new community form for the future.

Urbanization is developing rapidly across the country, which is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has upgraded the city with advanced science and technology, on the other hand, it has also had a certain impact on the development of traditional cities. Through the integration of informatization, decentralization and residential environment, some industries make the community no longer just a traditional residential center, To some extent, it has also become an important role in the reconstruction of social form of smart city.

Communication information network is one of the most important infrastructures in modern cities. It is the basis for the establishment of all information systems and the prerequisite for realizing informatization and intelligence. Vigorously develop the new generation of communication and information technology, build and improve the community information public service platform, and promote the sharing of information resources, which is conducive to promoting the community information service and the construction of smart community, and will have a far-reaching impact on the development of urban economic and social modernization.

The "money" path of smart community

The smart community integrates a variety of network resources, covering intelligent buildings, smart homes, video surveillance, health care, property management, digital life and many other fields, integrates and constructs the humanistic, living and economic environment of the community, and forms a new community management model based on massive information and intelligent processing, as well as a new community form for the future.

From the perspective of development, smart community has the following characteristics:

(1) Family information service

Interconnection: each family popularizes the information system and interconnects with the community information system. Realize daily life services such as schedule management, catering management and delivery services.

(2) Home intelligent service

Family safety service: control computer software through infrared, ultrasonic, microwave, laser and other sensors, and connect 110 alarm machine to realize automatic anti-theft alarm; Through the measurement and analysis of temperature, smoke, gas, oxygen sensors and automatic environmental regulators (heating, humidification, air freshness, oxygenation and air negative ions), then control various equipment and devices, and transmit the alarm to execute 119 to realize automatic fire alarm; Access control, intercom, telemedicine help, etc.

(3) Community management services

Community safety service: realize digital monitoring of the community, electronic patrol and automatic border alarm, anti-theft and fire alarm, and information control of entrances and exits.

In the smart community, people can conduct e-shopping and online medical diagnosis without leaving home; It is convenient to switch and watch different information and entertainment programs; In other places, you can remotely control the electrical equipment at home, and check the status and safety status of electrical equipment, etc. Building a smart community will improve people's living quality and bring people diversified information and a safe, comfortable, healthy, convenient, energy-saving and entertainment living environment.

How to build a smart community?

In the planning and design of smart community, it is necessary to systematically integrate diversified information services, property management and security, residential intelligence and other related aspects, and establish a centralized community comprehensive intelligent service system.

The future smart community can gather all family information services, home intelligent services, community management services and community business resource integration services on the community service management platform, process and integrate data by a unified platform, share interactive information, and continuously generate new businesses and applications, so as to better create community humanities, life Economic and environmental services.


The development of smart community conforms to the development trend of the times. It makes people's life more comfortable and convenient. Isn't this what we all pursue?

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Which Field of Smart Home Develops Best
Which Field of Smart Home Develops Best
In today's smart home market, there are a wide range of products such as smart speakers, smart TVs, smart washing machines, smart rice cookers, smart door locks, smart smoke detectors and so on. Buying smart home products has also become a new trend.The emergence of smart home products and multi-channel sales undoubtedly provide consumers with more diversified and broader space to buy home products. Compared with ordinary furniture, smart home products have achieved many improvements in appearance design and built-in functions. Some smart home products have become good partners for many users to travel at home because of their convenient carrying and simple operation.As a kind of smart home products, smart appliances occupy an important position. In the final analysis, smart home appliance is an ecosystem that takes the residence as the platform and connects various devices in the home through the Internet of things technology, so as to realize intelligence. Based on Internet of things, WiFi and other technologies, smart appliances can be interconnected with intelligent lighting control, intelligent electrical control, security monitoring system, intelligent background music, intelligent video sharing, home theater system, etc., so as to better meet the owner's audio-visual entertainment, home office and other needs.Different from the smart household electrical appliance industry, the development of smart small household electrical appliance industry can be said to be very rapid, with more diversified products and smaller appearance. The characteristics of simple operation and low power consumption of smart small household appliances make them quickly stand firm in the market. A number of smart small household appliance enterprises rise rapidly and speed up the development of new smart small household appliances.On the whole, domestic small household appliances can be roughly divided into small kitchen appliances such as soybean milk machine, electric cake pan and electric rice cooker; Air humidifier, intelligent breathing table lamp, intelligent robot and other small household appliances; And personal care small appliances such as razor, electric toothbrush and facial cleanser. At present, intelligent rice cookers, intelligent hot water kettles, intelligent dishwashers, intelligent air conditioners, intelligent fans and other products on the market are particularly popular with consumers.The accelerated arrival of 5g era also creates more possibilities for the development of intelligent small household appliance industry. 5g technology accelerates the commercialization and provides strong technical support for the release of the functions of smart home products. For example, 8K TV is difficult to run smoothly under the condition of 4G network. With the support of 5g network, the stability, transmission quality and transmission speed of data download have been further improved. At the same time, 5g makes 8K smart TV video programs play more smoothly and viewers have a better viewing experience.As another important place besides the workplace, home carries consumers' experience and expectation of high-quality living standards. In terms of smart home products, consumers not only hope to flexibly select products according to their actual needs, but also hope to realize barrier free interconnection between products of different brands, so as to experience the real integrated life of smart home. This requires smart home manufacturers to adopt multi protocol industry general standards to realize seamless connection between different products.Recently, strategy analytics, a market research organization, released the Research Report "2019 global smart home market". According to the report, by 2019, consumers' spending on smart home related hardware, services and installation costs will reach US $103 billion, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11% to US $157 billion in 2023.The report also predicts that the sales volume of equipment will exceed 880 million units in 2019; Equipment expenditure is US $55 billion, accounting for 54% of the total expenditure, and will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to US $81 billion in 2023. In addition, some analysts believe that with the deepening of people's understanding of smart home solutions, some consumers who have not purchased smart home products will try to buy smart small household appliances, which will also contribute to the wide popularization of smart home products in the Chinese market.With the rapid development of market economy, drastic changes in consumer demand, and the universal application of Internet of things, cloud computing, mechatronics and smart home appliance technology, smart small home appliances will usher in new growth opportunities in the new era. Intelligent dishwasher, intelligent hot kettle, intelligent temperature control desk lamp and other products are also expected to enter thousands of households.Source: Security Exhibition Network
It Is Estimated That the Global Optical Sensor Market Will Reach US $2.26 Billion in 2026, and Smart
According to the data of blueweave consulting, a market research organization, the global optical sensor market will reach US $1.3 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach US $2.26 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 7.86% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2026.The main factors driving the growth of demand for these sensors are the increased consumption of consumer electronic products and the development and application of renewable energy. The miniaturization of sensors will further increase their demand.More and more implementation in consumer electronics, automobile, building automation and other industries, the increasing popularity of smart home and the increasing popularity of optical sensors in smart phones and laptops are some factors driving market growth.In different applications such as automobile, intelligent building, home and outdoor lighting applications, the demand for optical sensors is growing, which provides a strong driving force for the growth of the global optical sensor market. The increasing use of optical sensors in consumer electronics products such as smart phones, tablets, digital displays and televisions, as well as the continuous technological progress in the consumer electronics industry, are also factors driving market growth.Due to the growing demand for ambient light sensors in the consumer electronics field, the Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve the fastest growth in the global light sensor market. The increasing popularity of intelligent household appliances is another key factor to promote the growth of ambient light sensor market in this region.At the same time, the use of advanced electronic equipment in medical equipment is growing. The availability of a wide range of electronic products, manufacturing and other applications and continuous technological progress have also contributed to the growth of the Asia Pacific region.In addition, it is expected that in the next few years, a large number of market participants and continuous technological innovation will also promote the optical sensor market.The ambient light sensor responds to the external light and adjusts it according to the human eye. These sensors rely on the external environment to adjust themselves to changing lighting conditions. Ambient light sensor is mainly used for backlight control of display equipment. They are usually used to adjust the display brightness of a specific device according to the brightness of the external environment. The growing demand for energy-saving solutions is a key factor driving the growth of the field of ambient light sensors.At present, due to the existence of many large, medium and small companies and many start-ups providing optical sensor industry, the optical sensor market is fragmented. However, the enterprises that occupy the main share of the optical sensor market include:AMS AG, Avago Technologies Inc., Sharp CorporaTIon, Stmicroelectronics NV., Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., Apple, Inc., Elan Microelectronic Corp., Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Heptagon, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sitronix Technology CorporaTIon, Rohm Co., Ltd., analog devices, Inc., MOLEX, integrated device technology, monnit Corporation, kingright, silicon laboratories, innovacom, etc.
Touch the Inspiration of Smart Home Detonates the Touch Switch Market
With the progress of the times and the improvement of the quality of life, people increasingly pursue the safety, comfort and convenience of the living environment. The emergence of smart home meets all this and has gradually become the standard for the decoration of new homes of young and fashionable people.What is smart home? It is understood that the smart home control system can enable users to digitally control any electrical appliances in the home, and organically combine various equipment related to home life with computer technology and network communication technology for centralized management, so as to make home life more comfortable, environmental protection, safe, convenient and artistic.As one of the indispensable members of smart home, smart touch switch has been paid more and more attention. Although the current price of an intelligent touch switch is 10 times that of a traditional switch, the price has never been the primary consideration for users in pursuit of quality life. Just like the perfect use experience of iPhone and iPad, no matter how expensive users are, they are willing to pay. The same is true for intelligent touch switches. Compared with the traditional switch, the intelligent touch switch has many advantages such as "beautiful appearance, long service life, high performance, low power consumption, high safety, intelligence, humanization, energy conservation and environmental protection, and centralized control". It can realize the function setting of "single line double control" or "multi line double control" according to the needs of users, and can implement timing, delay and remote control operation, It is the first choice for the family pursuing high-quality life.The multi-channel dual control single fire wire touch switch developed by Shenzhen ADA Electronics Co., Ltd., the first brand of touch application in China and the brand enterprise listed on CCTV-1, is the most cost-effective touch switch solution in the market. This solution solves the technical problems of single fire wire power supply and dual (dual control) touch function, and realizes multi-bit or multi-channel switch mode.According to the International Electrotechnical practice, the scheme adopts the self-developed electronic circuit, which has strong stability, high reliability and good anti-interference. The standby and energy-saving lamps with almost zero power consumption do not flash at least 1W (according to the test results when the power grid is stable, in practical application, it is recommended to use energy-saving lamps with power higher than 5W, and in some areas, it is recommended to use energy-saving lamps with power higher than 10W due to power grid stability problems). It does not flash after initial power on and power off, and can be used as two-color background light with a wide voltage range of 60v-280v. At present, its switch products have also been on the market, and its appearance design is also creative and beautiful.We know that many smart home products in China have many functions and good performance, but their appearance is not satisfactory, especially in the home design of high-end customers, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers. The appearance design of ADA electronic touch switch is very artistic, tempered glass panel design, very high-end, and blue indicator light creates a warm and romantic scene , it better caters to the trend of home decoration. Whether classical, luxurious, classic, fashionable, modern or simple, ADA electronics has suitable product panels for supporting. It is worth mentioning that ADA electronics has a strict and orderly after-sales service system. It is not to sell products, but to design perfect solutions for customers to realize their dream of smart home.In addition, ADA electronic's touch switch is easy to install, does not need to change the original line layout, and is not affected by the type of lamps. It can connect fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamps, spotlights, LED lamps, low-power motors and other common loads and lamps; the service life of the switch reaches more than 100000 times, and the annual standby power consumption is less than 0.1 degrees, which is less than the leakage current and power lost by wires passing through the wall Low; high safety. The opening and closing of the single live wire touch switch is controlled by electronic devices, without any mechanical contact and spark. It has the gas explosion-proof function. It is an ideal indoor gas safety explosion-proof switch. The blue indicator light is used as the switch position indication. After power failure, it will automatically return to the closed state. It can also be set to mute, warm and considerate, and is very humanized.In addition to completing the traditional switch function, this touch switch can also be upgraded to touch delay, touch dimming, touch remote control, touch with colorful background light, touch interlock, touch synchronization, touch linkage, touch timing, LCD pattern, remote control and other switches.This is an era of intelligence. It is just around the corner for smart home to enter ordinary families. It has become a general trend for trendy and convenient touch switches to replace traditional mechanical switches. Although the price of smart switches is relatively high, the revolutionary appearance design and high performance are beyond value. The author believes that people who pursue fashion personality and high-quality life can try to apply them first and enjoy them first A smart switch brings warm humanistic care. For ordinary families pursuing practical type, we can wait until its cost is further reduced. In selecting the brand of smart touch switch, we must pay attention to its R & D strength and product performance (stability reliability) And after-sales service, because it will affect the service life, safety, energy conservation, environmental protection and easy warranty of the product.
Design of Smart Home Monitoring Terminal Based on Cortex-M3 Microprocessor
With the continuous development and maturity of Embedded Internet technology, remote monitoring of smart home through Internet is becoming the direction of technology development in the industry. This method has the advantages of low cost, wide control area, high reliability, fast communication speed and simple operation. Its basic working principle is to design the information and control center equipment (control terminal for short) in the smart home system into a web server, and realize remote monitoring through the browser software on the remote computer to access the embedded web server. Therefore, the key to realize this system is to design an embedded control terminal that can access the Internet.1. Overall system structure1.1 system structureSmart home system is composed of three subsystems: information appliance, security alarm, three meter copy and a control terminal. Control terminal is the core equipment of smart home system. Its main functions are: distributed management and control of each functional module of the subsystem; Realize information exchange and sharing with each module with the help of field network; As an embedded web server, it realizes remote communication and monitoring through Intenet. Each subsystem is connected with the control terminal through the home bus, which adopts ZigBee wireless communication mode. The structure diagram of the system is shown in Figure 1.1.2 working principle of the systemThe working principle of the system is that the intelligent control terminal implements distributed round robin management and control of each functional module according to the instructions received from the field or remote network, and transmits the status information of the smart home system to the remote control terminal. The control terminal works with the remote computer through B / S mode. The control terminal acts as an embedded web server, and the remote computer works as a browser.Users can easily control household appliances at home through PDA embedded with ZigBee module.
What Smart Home Products Can Change Your Life
Consider using smart home products? Want to know which products might be a good choice for you? Here are five best products that really help improve your life.Intelligent lightingOne of the most important options to consider today is lighting. You can use your mobile phone or computer to control the lighting equipment you set up at home through technology. This ensures that you turn off the lights when you leave home and turn on some lights when you go home. They can also help prevent thieves.Intelligent air conditionerIt's a great feeling to be able to turn on the air conditioner before going home. Even better, when you get home, you will be waiting for a cool home. In this way, even the hottest days can be endured, because you know your home will be very cool.Intelligent irrigationWant to make sure your lawn is watered, even if you're not at home? The correct use of intelligent irrigation can be realized now.Smart appliancesWith smart sockets, any type of home appliances can be transformed into smart appliances. So you can start the coffee machine before you get up in the morning. It also ensures that you have turned off the iron or other equipment.Intelligent garageWorried about forgetting to close the garage door? When you choose smart home technology, don't worry. Wherever you are, as long as you have a connection, you can check the door, open or close it.These are just five of many different products today. When you search for the smart home products mentioned above, you need to ensure that you choose high-quality products. Make sure they can be added to your home without too much trouble and have the features and options you will need.
Views on Smart Home Market and Marketing
As a typical post-80s generation, President Xing of Linyi, Shandong Province, is full of enthusiasm for the cause of smart home. On weekdays, he also likes to study some new and fashionable things such as digital products. When chatting with people, he always smiles, giving people a sense of sunshine. Like many agents, President Xing became interested in this industry after he came into contact with smart home by chance. Although the real time to do smart home is not long, President Xing also has his own unique marketing experience. In this issue,'s "thousands of cities and hundreds of stores" smart home experience store visited the country to listen to President Xing's views on smart home market and marketing.Personal use: bring customers the most real feelingBefore choosing smart home brands, President Xing also inspected and tested many smart home brands, and was finally moved by the simplicity, ease of use, stability and other characteristics of Tianqiao smart home.President Xing said: "as a product and service installed at home, smart home must give customers the best experience, and we must be responsible for customers. You can't say that there are problems in installing at home as a whole, so I myself used the products of various brands in the market for more than a month, and finally chose the current brand."President Xing also said: "for the current smart home market in Linyi and even all over the country, no matter what brand you are, what we provide is not necessarily products, but services and experience to customers."Experience is king: we must let customers experienceIn the chat, President Xing mentioned the word "experience" many times. Mr. Xing believes that the smart home industry is "experience is king". Whose product experience is good can capture the favor of customers.In the process of expanding customers, experience is also an important way of publicity. President Xing said that when he first started doing it, even his parents didn't understand it and thought it was selling furniture. "My wife came to the store and walked around. She didn't know what I was selling."Speaking of this, Mr. Xing talked about one of his customers: "When the customer asked for something, he said he wanted to make something that others didn't have in their home, with a sense of technology and advanced." the curtains should be intelligent. They should be opened as soon as they enter the door, and the lights should be on when they enter the door. "The customer didn't have time to come to the store, so I took the product to the customer. When I went there, I knew that the customer just needed electric curtains and an inductive ceiling lamp. Demonstration After that, the customer said that his impression of smart home was completely subverted. In fact, I think it is not subversion, but the customer's lack of understanding of smart home. "President Xing said: "because the public's awareness of smart home is not high and the ground promotion effect is relatively general, we still don't quite understand what smart home is, so we must find ways to let customers experience! Or go to the store or go to customers' homes with equipment."Irreplaceable: advantages of offline experience storesPresident Xing believes that smart home is not just needed at present, and people's understanding and feeling of smart home are not enough, "Everyone is willing to spend tens or hundreds of dollars to buy smart speakers, because smart speakers can see the use scene through online video, but smart home can only be felt and understood through practical experience. Therefore, people are still reluctant to take the risk of spending tens of thousands of yuan to buy smart home online. So at present, this problem is not a big question for smart home Unless the industry has developed very mature, we all know what smart home does. At that time, the offline advantages may not be so obvious. But now the smart home market still needs a few years to expand. "Free your hands: let people do more meaningful thingsTalking about the experience of doing smart home at this stage, President Xing frankly said that the biggest feeling is difficult. "It's like taking water in the Arctic. I know there is water below, but there is a layer of ice above, which needs to be broken."But at the same time, Mr. Xing also believes that the warming of the smart home market is inevitable. "There are about 10 smart home stores in Linyi market. Everyone is exploring the market, and some people hold a wait-and-see attitude. Many people say that I will enter again when you make it, but you have no share at this time."With regard to the development of smart home, Mr. Xing believes that the current smart home is actually the integrated control of home appliances. The current social reality is that each of us will play with a mobile phone, so the mobile phone is a very good control terminal, but the future of smart home must "liberate our hands and let people do more meaningful things."
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development PlanFlagship ZonesUnder the plan, five "Flagship Zones" in the 221,634.1 hectares (2,216.3 km²) of land covered are identified as developmental focal points. Four of these Flagship Zones are found in the "Special Economic Corridor" (SEC) of Iskandar Puteri-Johor Bahru-Pasir Gudang. The corridor—which includes the significant ports of Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat— is prioritised for development in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), with particular focus on Iskandar Puteri. The CDP originally included "Free Access Zones", but these were dropped from the plan in 2007. Flagship Zone B is Iskandar Puteri, with planned development of the Kota Iskandar, Medini Iskandar Malaysia, a medical hub, EduCity, a resort for international tourism and an industrial logistic cluster and residences. Flagship Zone C, the Western Gate Development, focuses on the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, a free trade zone, the RAMSAR World Heritage Park and the Tanjung Piai. Flagship Zone D, the Eastern Gate Development, focuses on the Pasir Gudang Port and industrial zone, Tanjung Langsat Port, the Tanjung Langsat Technology Park and the Kim-Kim regional distribution centre. In the final Flagship Zone, Senai-Skudai, development is focused on the Senai International Airport, hubs for cargo and knowledge, a multimodal centre and the MSC Cyberport city. Both of these were developed in mind of the region's economic strengths in manufacturing and services, with 60% of value-added manufacturing derived from electrical and electronic (E&E), chemical and chemical products (petrochemical, plastics, oleo chemicals) and food processing sub-sectors. A number of service and other manufacturing areas have emerged in support of these. The SET focuses on such factors as strengthening existing economic sectors and encouraging diversity, through incentives, stronger international ties, and proper allocation of resources and space. The Future Growth Scenario is aimed towards strengthening the economy internally and internationally by such factors as improvements in global transportation and developing manufacturing and service clusters. Also promoted by the Future Growth Scenario is the encouragement of the immigration of skilled, monied foreigners to help develop an international lifestyle attractive to foreign workers and investors. The presence of foreign companies were also significant, with Singapore being the largest investor in Iskandar Malaysia followed by the United States, Spain, Japan and China as of September 2014. Residential enhancementPart of the CDP includes attention to quality of life of residents with emphasis on functional, liveable communities that promote social wellbeing. Among the components of this plan are factors designed to integrate various members of society into a cohesive whole while also ensuring that the needs and wishes of special populations are met, such as reducing marginalisation by mixed-cost housing communities, promotion of a sense of communal belonging, ensuring that adequate rental homes are provided for transient populations, monitoring the housing requirements of those with special needs, and ensuring that accessible housing is available to the disabled. Residential plans also include guiding residential development to minimise crime and maximise energy efficiency, through the application of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines and the implementation of a "Green Building" rating. Physical Development PlanThe Physical Development Plan (PDP) was designed to guide the development of land within Iskandar Malaysia to help promote the CDP's overall goals of economic development and quality of life. To that end, the CDP includes two major subdivisions among land zones, "Basic Zoning Districts" and "Special Overlay Zones". There are several dozen primary "Basic Zoning Districts" governing the use of land in commercial, residential, industrial and other sectors, including determining the density of development and what mixed use may or may not be allowed. Also governed by the "Basic Zoning Districts" are such special use zones as green space, wetlands, cemeteries and governmental developments. "Special Overlay Zones" are areas that require exceptional treatment. For example, the "Johor Bahru CBD" allows exceptions to general commercial plot ratio and height because the zone is the commercial and financial centre of Iskandar Malaysia and the capital city of Johor. Similarly, the "Iskandar Puteri Central Planning Area" is given special handling. Other "Special Overlay Zones" cover environmentally sensitive areas, historic areas, coastland, development around highways and rail stations and the "Water Catchment Zone" around the Sultan Iskandar Dam. Commercial developmentThe commercial focus of the CDP is on six services identified as "pillars", including creative, educational, financial, healthcare, logistics and tourism. The CDP included the establishment of the Iskandar Investment Berhad (formerly the South Johor Investment Corporation Berhad), a commercial investment holding company created to oversee and encourage regional development. The CDP promotes the "Strategic Catalyst Development" goals of developing waterfront areas, promoting tourism, expanding healthcare and iconic areas, and mixing commercial and residential development. It also incorporates a "Business Incentives and Support Package" (ISP) discussed by Prime Minister Badawi on 22 March 2007 which allows special incentives to encourage investment in certain concentrated hubs in the flagship zones. The specific zones involved were revealed in October 2007 and at that time included only Medini Iskandar Malaysia, which is a mixed-development zone incorporating leisure, residential, financial and high-end industrial components. Incentives include tax exemptions for qualifying companies for income from qualifying activities, exemption from Foreign Investment Committee rules, and flexibilities under the foreign exchange administration rules, including those restricting the numbers of "foreign knowledge workers". Doubling sizesOn 22 February 2019, Iskandar Malaysia will growth corridor which doubled in size and will include at least two new districts which is Kluang and Kota Tinggi. The region was 2,217 sq/km previously and will cover an area of 4,749 sq/km, which includes parts of Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Pontian.
Louis  Hon
Louis Hon
Louis HonLouis Hon (11 September 1924 - 5 January 2008) was a French association football defender and manager. He notably played for Real Madrid— — — — — —Did Louis XIV Respond?because of the fact he had absolute potential interior of his realm. that's a edge of "divine suitable monarchy". GOD himself has located Louis on the throne of France, so in spite of he says is a dictate from God.— — — — — —Bertie Louis CoombesBertie Louis Coombes, or B. L. Coombes (1893-1974), was a Welsh coal miner, notable for his autobiography "These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner in South Wales" (1939) which became an instant best seller. He also produced short stories, dramas and other autobiographical works about the lives of coalminers and the communities in which they lived— — — — — —Louis TracyLouis Tracy (1863 - 1928) was a British journalist, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M. P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century. He was born in Liverpool to a well-to-do middle-class family. At first he was educated at home and then at the French Seminary at Douai. Around 1884 he became a reporter for a local paper - 'The Northern Echo' at Darlington, circulating in parts of Durham and North Yorkshire; later he worked for papers in Cardiff and Allahabad. During 1892-1894 he was closely associated with Arthur Harmsworth, in 'The Sun' and 'The Evening News and Post'.— — — — — —Louis LowenthalLouis Lowenthal (Löwenthal, Lowendall, Lowendahl) (born 1836) was a luthier. He learned violin and bow making in Leipzig and Berlin. He founded his violin manufacturing business in Berlin, expanded into Dresden and eventually opened an American branch. That's where he anglicized his name to Lowendall. Different grades of his instruments were sold in Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs in the early 1900s.— — — — — —Louis BouveaultLouis Bouveault (11 February 1864 - 5 September 1909) was a French scientist who became professor of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris. He is known for the Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and the Bouveault-Blanc reduction.— — — — — —Louis BuffetLouis Joseph Buffet (French pronunciation: [lwi byf]; 26 October 1818 - 7 July 1898) was a French statesman. He was born at Mirecourt, Vosges. After the revolution of February 1848 he was elected deputy for the department of the Vosges, and in the Assembly sat on the right, pronouncing for the repression of the insurrection of June 1848 and for Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. He was minister of agriculture from August to December 1849 and from August to October 1851. Re-elected deputy in 1863, he was one of the supporters of the "Liberal Empire" of mile Ollivier, and was finance minister in Ollivier's cabinet from January to 10 April 1870. He was president of the National Assembly from 4 April 1872 to 10 March 1875, minister of the interior in 1875, and Prime Minister of France from 1875 to 1876. Having made himself obnoxious to the Republican party, he failed to secure a relection to the Assembly in 1876. Then, elected senator for life (1876), he pronounced himself in favour of President MacMahon failed attempt to grasp political control on 16 May 1877. Buffet had some oratorical talent, but shone most in opposition.— — — — — —Louis BlériotLouis Charles Joseph Blriot (/blrio/ BLERR-ee-oh, also US: /blerio, blerio, blrjo/ BLAY-ree-oh, -OH, blair-YOH, French: [lwi blejo]; 1 July 1872 - 1 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. He developed the first practical headlamp for cars and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. Blriot was the first to use the combination of hand-operated joystick and foot-operated rudder control as used to the present day to operate the aircraft control surfaces. Blriot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane. In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first airplane flight across the English Channel, winning the prize of 1,000 offered by the Daily Mail newspaper.[Note He was the founder of Blriot Aronautique, a successful aircraft manufacturing company.— — — — — —Louis NiedermeyerAbraham Louis Niedermeyer (27 April 1802 - 14 March 1861) was a composer chiefly of church music but also of a few operas, and a teacher who took over the cole Choron, duly renamed cole Niedermeyer, a school for the study and practice of church music, where several eminent French musicians studied including Gabriel Faur and Andr Messager
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