Did Draco Malfoy Have a Crush on Hermione Granger?

He didn't have a crush on her. Jk only said that to please Dramione shippers. But in the books he constantly called her a mudblood and he wished death upon her

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Why is George Washington considered a founding father?

Win a major war, youre popular. Win against the world Empire at the time and youre superhuman. Britain beat Napoleon at Waterloo and beat Spains Armada. Yet somehow, against all odds, Washington beat the major world empire.


Why should teens join the military?

I was 18 when I joined the Navy. However, I maintain that the military isn't for everyone but it was good for me. I came of age in the Navy and grew into a pretty responsible and productive adult


I am 23. I told my parents that I will move out in the future and they scolded me (including vulgar words). My parents are naturally rude though. What should I do?

Make your plans for 5 years down the line and work your ass off to achieve every bit of it and more. Dont talk to them about it, dont reveal any details. Just work as hard as you can.And when youre ready, move out.DO NOT BURN YOUR BRIDGES though


Why did Katara outmatch/defeat Azula nearly all the time they faced against each other in ATLA?

Because of one big difference. In a clutch fight, Katara never loses her shit. She remains focused, even when desperate.In contrast, Azula was already in Mental Meltdown before she even started her duel with Zuko.


Why do some so-called liberals claim that only they are right, anyone who thinks differently is not?

For the same reason that some so-called conservatives claim that only they are right.It would be pretty foolish to embrace a political ideology that you didn't feel was right, wouldn't it?


Which astrologers accurately predicted BJP's and Narendra Modi's win?

Even without using astrology, it was known to many that Modi and BJP were going to win.But I predicted on April 24 that BJP-NDA would win 350 seats.Aalok Varkhandkar's answer to Can BJP win 250-300 seats in 2019 election?.


If Dennis Ritchie can develop a programming language in a few years, why can we not master it in few years? Why does it take a lifetime?

one has nothing to do with the other. developing a language will not make you a master of the language. The C inventor Stroustrup is probably not the best C programmer ever


Do LED lights use a lot of electricity?

They use about 15% of the amount an incandescent light bulb of the same light output would use, if that is what you are talking about. They also last up to 50 times longer


I lost the remote, and I am trying to manually set up an antenna to my Samsung TV, but there is no enter button on the front of the TV. How can I do this without a remote?

Its also possible one of the buttons functions as the enter button, but its not labeled as such. Assuming you have the normal buttons (vol, vol-, ch, ch-, input), the input button will probably be the select or enter button. Or, if you have a menu button, that might do it.


If you could go back in time what would've you advised Neville Chamberlain (British Prime Minister) to do in the late "30s to avoid WW II, knowing what you know now?

Nothing he could reasonably do , the malaise predated his government go back to 1928 and as soon as the 10 year rule is up start rearmament and have a military capable of crushing the Germans as soon as they went near the Rhineland in 1936


Which animal would dominate the Earth if there were no humans around, why?

First off, were not predators, at least Im pretty sure were not. We just manipulate the environment around us which endangers many species. Just today the last Male Northern White Rhino died, I hold everyone on the planet responsible for 1/7,000,,000,000th of the blame.


What new discovery will completely change humanity for the better or for the worse?

A new source of really cheap energy: it will solve most of our present non-political problems, but allow us to continue to overpopulate the Earth driving all other life forms to extinction!


How does a US president prevent a military coup by a powerful general?

They don't need to take specific measures. The authority of the US Constitution is tremendous. Also Congress has the power to impeach.It would take an extreme situation. One such is set out in a film called Seven Days in May, in which a US President has signed an unpopular disarmament agreement.


Would the Confederate Army have continued its invasion of the North if they won at Gettysburg in 1863?

No it would have not. Lee had all ready had a letter prepared to be given to Lincoln. It gave the details for Union surrender. Did not work out that way. Lee wanted this war over and was not planning to shed anymore if he had been victorious


What happened to the Vikings? Did they disappear?

Many moved and bred into the local populations. The Rus founded Russia. The Northme founded Normandy. There are Scottish and Irish clans that started with Norse colonists.At home they converted to Christianity and faced domestication by endless inquisitions.


Why did Manchester United release Angel Di Maria?

He had a frustrating first season where mostly he was played out of his position .he developed a not so good relation with LVG and when PSG came calling he preferred a move there


If Buddhism is a peaceful religion, then why do Burmese Buddhists (especially the monks) advocate violence towards the Rohingya Muslims?

Its the misguided believers who did the wrong but hide behind their religions/beliefs. All religions which promotes peace is basically good, but the peoples who practicing it were not so


Who controlled the Roman army?

A group of legions could be controlled by a general, and individual legions were controlled by legates. All legions (the entire armed forces) were under the control of the Emperor, and prior to that the Senate and individual consuls


Why did Congress exempt itself from Obamacare?

The hypocritical Congress-Rats have a great health insurance that is run by the government. Yep, folks, all those Repubs that claim to hate the govemnt, love their GOVERNMENT RUN health insurance plans


Is the Holy Spirit a person, place or force?

No, the Holy Spirit is not a place, and not a force. He is indeed a Person - and with a captal P because He is God.My answer here spells it out in more detail: Emmanuel Oladipo's answer to What is the Trinity?.


Is anyone making money in bitcoin mining anymore?

Yes - and lots of it.The key is to have recent ASIC mining gear running in an area with very low electric costs - LESS than 5 cents per watt for serious miners, and preferably less than 3 cents/watt (which IS available in a 3-county cluster of Central Washington State among other areas worldwide)


Which is the best cigarette in India?

You must try Baba Khalif black cigarettes. I started loving from the day I tried first. Its ultra luxurious, ultra smooth, does not leave a smell after smoke and has a superb kick of fine tobacco. The whole group of my friends has shifted to baba khalif cigarette


Why did Greece have better weapons than the Persian army?

At first hey greek have the better weapon, later the Persian use the Greeks weapon as a refrence and make their own weapon, here is the Immortals equipment, an elite soldiers of the ancient Persian empire with experience and skill in warfare.Hope it help


Every Congress leader, including Siddaramaiah, resigned after the bypoll debacle in Karnataka. Who is left to lead the Congress Party in Karnataka now?

In fact ground reality is that Cong doesn't have Natural leadership to lead the party out of dynasty (Bar girl presently as interim head ) , so every corrupted face tries to prove honesty at least in his own profession by tendering resignation, by this way Cong lost everything in all the states


Why didn't the Eastern Front of World War I end in a stalemate, as the Western Front did?

The Eastern Front was much longer than the Western Front and the military resources were similar so the soldier per yard density was much lower- this allowed much more fluid combat. Then Russia collapsed politically. Germany had won major battles on the Eastern Front. Austria-Hungary was falling apart.The Eastern Front was extremely fluid


What was the most important decision you ever made in your life? And how did it change your life?

The most critical decision of life was to leave a person whom I love a lot just to persue my dreams . I found that sometimes loving urself is more important than loving others. It doesn't mean you are selfish , it makes you self-lover . Now I am more happy and more satisfied.


If God (the Christian god) is all powerful and all caring, why does he allow abuse? Why doesn't he do something about abuse that happens?

I think this is not an indictment of God, but a serious indictment of a religion that encourages childish belief that God is ever seen as having the ability to take action in the world. God's power is solely in Spirit


I feel empty. Is this normal for a teenager?

It normal for anyone. Not just a teenagers. Well, everyone accept kids I guess.It's just means that you're growing up and beginning to look at yourself and the world very differently


How does globalization affect me personally?

Less expensive maufactured goods, fewer manufacturing jobs.And as evidenced here( in April 2020) a shortage of goods necessary for national security only available from overseas because of slow retooling for domestic production


Did Confederate soldiers join the US Army after the war?

Did Confederate soldiers join the US Army after the war?Sure they did. By then they were Union soldiers. The nickname they had was Galvanized Yankees.The had to take an oath to the US and swear in like anyone else.


What is the real title of Led Zeppelin 4?

It intentionally doesnt have one. After getting bad reviews on Led Zeppelin 3, they refused to have a title and chose hand drawn symols instead. Page came up with the idea and they had to fight the record company over it.In interviews Robert Plant simply refers to it as their 4th album.


When did you first start listening to BTS?

The first time I discovered Bts was 2016. One of my favorite youtubers at the time made a reaction video to Blood Sweat and Tears. I was intrigued but I didnt really get into their music until August 2017. My best friend was a hardcore army and basically reintroduced me to Bts.


If I get screened out in my first ssb attempt does that mean I am not fit for the armed forces?

No. You must have got screened out because you could not draw the attention of the assessors through your insignificant/poor participation. Now that the inhibition is gone, appear again and not only get screened but also get Recommended.Best of luck


How can you assess someone's leadership skills?

Find ways to put them in leadership situations casually. They may want to help with training. Or, they could lead a small group project. You can see how they handle leadership in a hands-on way.


Why/When did ancient India started losing its amazing technology?

It may seem like it has disappeared.....But I would say it's not yet discovered!!There are many more things that we don't know or know a Little less about India's technology!!!


Where does the continent name "Africa" come from?

It didn't have a name that we know of. The Romans coined the word to refer to all the land south of the Mediterranean Sea. Remember that until the European Renaissance, little was known about the continent as a whole. In fact, it wasn't even fully mapped out until the 19th century.


Which camera is best for selling photos online?

There is no criteria for any image to sell with camera brand or type, it is your creativity and person's choice to like , appreciate and buy your photograph. Photograph must be available to download in various sizes without loss of image quality or in hard print version depending on your options you want to sell


Why did France leave NATO?

No.Although France left NATOs military structure officially, there were French liaison officers present at all major NATO headquarters and the French pretty much remained part of NATOs military planning


How many times did India win when Sachin scored a hundred?

I m not going to explain his records because if you are Sachin hater you don't like it. If you are Sachinist you don't need it.I limit myself to just answering your question.Out of the 49 hundreds in ODI, India won 33 , Tied 1, Draw 1 and we lost only 14.

Thanks for reading.


Does HDMI 2.1 work with HDMI 2.0 ports on TV?

Such standards include backward compatibility requirements. Even if a device is capable of doing things that require 2.1, it can still constrain itself to use a display that only supports 2.

0. (E.


, same principle for a USB 3.

0 device connected to a USB 2.

0 host.



What makes you trust/distrust Trump?

Anyone who trusts Trump at this point, knowing what is now public knowledge of his current and past bad behavior, is just living in a fools paradise, and deserves what they get


What will you do when you cannot trust your government?

This question isnt very clear.Who trusts their government?You vote once in a while, and hope to minimize the hits you incur. Perhaps even minimize the idiotic, or criminal spending of your tax money.But trust? Nah. It is, imo, obvious that governments are not worthy of trust.


What are the best and affordable 40 inch LED TVs?

You can check out daenyx Led tv range starting 24 to 55 .Sleek design, good picture quality yet affordable to indian customers.you can go to company website for further information.





Is Obama's IQ really 102?

Heres the Snopes site for that question: FALSE: President Obama Scores 102 on IQ Test, Lowest in Presidential Historytl;drthe newpaper that published that story is there for entertainment purposes only, you know, like The Onion? A satire site


What does Germany get out of the European Union?

Good publicity. We weren't exactly on our best behavior during the first half of the last century and people still seem to be a tad miffed at that. Justifiedly so, if you ask me.A nicely undervalued, export friendly currency. (FTR, I'm not happy with that.)


Is Winston Churchill's revered place in history deserved?

Yes no matter what side of the political divide you stand he had charisma and was a powerful orator. He refused to back down and had the strength required of a leader during war time. His speeches were designed to stir the soul and at the end of the day they worked.

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MCU Knowledge Is One of the Foundations of Linux Driver Development
This is the wiki text version of lesson 1 and lesson 2 of arm bare metal phase 1 enhanced version.Why do you want to learn SCM without a future?Because it's a good entrance.Learning MCU can let us put aside the complex software structure and master the hardware operation first, such as looking at the schematic diagram, chip manual, writing program operation register, etc. In the last video, I just belittled the single chip microcomputer to nothing, saying that the single chip microcomputer has no future. In this video, I want to tell you that if there is no future, you should also learn the single chip microcomputer. Why?First of all, I don't need to learn MCU, which means don't use the old learning methods to learn MCU. What is the old way?·Hardware: do not use C51, STM32 these special MCU development boards. If you don't plan to engage in MCU development in the future, why do you use these chips? After studying for two or three months, you can use these registers clearly, and you can't use them. It's unnecessary.·Software: do not use KEIL, MDK and other highly integrated software. If you use these software, you can write main (), and then call various libraries for fool operation. These easy-to-use tools encapsulate many technical details, making it impossible for us to understand the essence of bare metal and single chip microcomputer.In the future, we will use a new set of methods to develop MCU. A new set of methods will be introduced later.The reason why we have to learn MCU is that its knowledge is still useful for us to learn Linux. Let's first look at what a Linux system is all about. Software composition of an embedded Linux system: MCU bootloader – > linux driver – > linux app – > linux GUI (Android / Qt). When our PC is powered on, the BIOS will be displayed on the black screen. The purpose of this BIOS is to start the windows kernel. The windows kernel then mounts Disk C (system disk) and disk D (application disk), and finally starts applications, such as QQ and online games. Similarly, our Android phones or industrial control devices also have BIOS, but the embedded Linux system is not called BIOS, but bootloader. Its purpose is to start the Linux kernel. It first identifies the storage device where the application is located, mounts the root file system (Disk C and disk D in Windows system, called root file system in Linux), and finally starts the application.Carefully analyze the bootloader. It starts the kernel. Where does it start the kernel? Obviously, it reads the kernel somewhere. For example, BIOS reads the windows kernel from disk C, and our bootloader reads the kernel from flash or SD card. Therefore, bootloader should have the ability to read flash or SD card. Some bootloaders also display logo, so it also has the ability to operate LC D. bootloader also needs to set the environment of the development board, such as initializing the clock, initializing the memory, and setting the network card. So many things are implemented in bootloader, which is too complex. It is very difficult to analyze the whole bootloader when you come.So how do we learn? Take it apart and write a separate program, such as LED lighting, clock, network card and flash. These are single-chip microcomputer programs. Therefore, bootloader is a complete collection of single-chip microcomputer programs. In order to better learn bootloader, we should practice the hardware one by one in advance. When we are familiar with each hardware , and then combined, it's a bootloader.Let's take another look at bootloader. After bootloader starts the kernel, the kernel mounts the root file system, which means that the kernel also has the ability to operate the hardware, which is the driver. First, let's take a look at a simple driver. First, our application calls open(), read(), write() These standard interfaces are used to access the hardware. Then enter the driver, which has the corresponding drive_open(), drive_read(), drive_write(). Finally, configure the hardware in the driver. For example, for an LED lighting driver, drive_open() should set the GPIO as the output pin, drive_read(), return the GPIO status, and driver_write() Write GPIO and let the pin output high level or low level.For our LED driver, you need to provide drive_open(), drive_read(), drive_write(). This is its framework. The specific operation of hardware is hardware operation. Therefore, we are familiar with and master the hardware operation in the single chip microcomputer in advance. That is, the composition of the driver:Driver = software framework hardware operationYou need to learn to see the schematic diagram, how to connect the hardware, read the chip manual, and know how to read and write registers. All these can be learned and mastered in the single chip microcomputer. When learning linux driver in the future, focus on the software framework.We can learn single chip microcomputer in advance. The learning of single chip microcomputer allows us to put aside the complex software structure and master the hardware operation first, such as looking at the schematic diagram, chip manual, writing program operation register, etc. This is why single chip microcomputer has no future, and we also need to learn. It is because the hardware operation involved in it is very useful for our subsequent learning.Now we know that we learn MCU not to master the development skills of MCU, but to master bootloader and hardware operation.Original post transferred from: http://bbs.elecfans.com/jishu_1544437_1_1.html
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