Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 Exhibition for Kids to Thailand.

I am interesting every time, if some technology exhibition is created by government.Furthermore, This is the first exhibition that introduces and explains concept about "Thailand 4.0" such as digital ecosystem, smart cities, many startup businesses using technologies. In the interior zone of exhibition is very huge. Surround with many booths, stages and competition stadium about technologies products.I am sorry that my path direction is not same as exhibition's recommendations and this exhibition is very huge so I select only some booth that I favorites. The first zone that I visited is "Digital Ecosystems" zone. This zone explains about how many technologies affected to macroeconomics. This zone features "." It's network system that scatters in the country for better lifeThat's not all. Thailand must have the big epic show. This show is interested too. Next, The "Digital Park" zone. This zone introduce "Smart City" concept from subsystems like university, academic, transportation, shops until urban planning using technologies like image processing.While I am moving to next zone. I see many booths from theirs co-organizer. This question is interesting.In this exhibition have many stage and many famous businessman, but with my english skill. I decide to skip it…I think another great reason to recommend this exhibition.They have many booth that children can play something like their playground. So cute! It's also improve technology skill in many families with many intelligence devices. Therefore, The next zone should be "Digital Playgrounds". In my opinion I like this zone so much. This zone is about intelligence device such as IoT (Internet of Things) that make everyday's life or learning technologies easier.This zone also have booth that show their digital contents from many co-organizations. This zone starring by "Dino Park" inspired from a scene from the famous movie "Jurassic World."This last zone called "Digital Community & Smart City" see some real "smart" product in local.Last but not least, This exhibition have a lot of competition such as e-sport, rescue robot, racing drones and more!Everything that I said is not a part of show! This exhibition has many of interesting thing that I does not tell. Unless political does not take place and "Thailand 4.0" is not clearly right now, but this is first step of "Thailand 4.0" and some services that sponsored by government is awesome! I believe that it will be useful in future. (Thanks for reading my story. Sorry for grammar misuse. ).

Can anyone help with an ant problem?

carpenter ants are not attracted to the common ant baits..there are a couple of professional products that are designed for carpenter ants and you can find them at a do it your self type pest control store or over the web. The one that you want would be Maxforce carpenter ant gel. As a pro I would have products that would be an aerosol but has a straw tip (like a can of WD40) to be able to spray into small openings where the ants are coming from, maybe you could find something similar...actually using a non insecticide like WD40 may be enough of an irritant to get them out. If you get the center of the nest disturbed many winged ants will be coming out. ..even if a pro did it with the best insecticides for a couple of weeks you would still see ants emerging, not so much as their eggs are hatching but one of their stages of development they are in a cocoon, protected from any insecticide.--- side note- as they in general emerge from the cocoon and it is discarded from the colony and piles up in one area it looks just like saw dust so people panic buy a pest service and many services feed on this fear. A $75-$100 pest service will get rid of carpenter ants just as well as a $300 service , maybe better , the cheaper one wo not be drilling holes all over the place for show.

Canadian shows vs. American shows?

Degrassi is Canadian. I love it!!!!! Do not watch Instant Star or anything on Disney though

What was this show called??

pelswick was the first and ive only seen kablam on like once at 4 am in the morning but i dont think it airs here anymore try for some of those episodes

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