DIY Idea: Make a Mercury Glass Lamp

It's easy to love everything about mercury glass -- except for the price tag. (We found this similar Pottery Barn lamp for more than $200!). That's why we were thrilled to come across this do-it-yourself option. Blogger Katherine Jalaty made this faux silver lamp for PaperNStitch using an old apple cider jug. Topped with a burlap shade she picked up for $15, it mixes shabby with chic for a look we love. Keep reading for the easy tutorial.For this project you will need:A gallon glass jugBottle lamp kitSilver spray paintSteel woolLamp shadeBegin by covering your clean jug with a light coat of spray paint. Then, gently rub the painted surface with steel wool to give the base of your lamp a worn, vintage look. Continue doing this until you get your desired effect. Next, assemble your bottle lamp kit (it comes with instructions) and attach it to the inside of the jug. Screw in a light bulb, put on your lamp shade, and you have a brand new lighting fixture you made yourself.For the full tutorial, visit PaperNStitch

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