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1. Video Card Questions?

They were telling you the truth. Laptops run mainly off of on-board video which is a chip IN the motherboard, a video chip. So you are stuck with what you have and there is no way to upgrade it

2. what david archuleta thing could i get my friend? (not the cd)?

Tough without online purchases. You could download large photos of David, put them on a disk and take them to a Rite-Aid or other drugstore that lets you input your own photos from a disk to a machine, and make her a 4x6 print of each. (I did that to make myself some pictures). You could get her a scarf like David or the girl wear in the A Little Too Not Over You video. Or any piece of clothing that is like something David wears.

3. What are fun things to do with your best friend?

Make your own music video and make up dance moves or do a dance interpretation. You guys can also sing a duet together and capture it on video. Make up a song. Make a scrap book. Go to the skating rink, go play at the park or watch movies at each other's house alternatingly. Whoever is coming over the house has to provide popcorn.Little things like that are fun and memorable at the same time

4. Where is this video from?

It's from an old episode of M!Countdown. Around SHINees debut based on their styles. If I am not mistaken.. it seems as if they are doing a 'skit' in order to introduce the/some of the guests who will be performing that week. I can not give you the exact air date, sorry, but it's definitely M!Countdown. (:

5. How can I control mind-rape ?

Do not watch those movies. Or watch "making of" video, where they show the dude who pull the doll's strings, or how they did the makeup and effects for the ring girl (I think they filmed her was walking backwards, and then reversed it)

6. Rat owners, any funny rat stories?

I have a fancy female hooded rat named Pooky. She is a doll, so loving and adorable. She was running free one day on the couch and my Dooney and Bourke purse (of course it was, could not have been a cheap one) was there also. I went to the kitchen and when i returned she was gone. Where to? My purse. I got her on video of taking everything out. She is a strong little thing. I mean she took out my wallet,keys, pens, everything. Then i say that she cut off my key holder that is attached to my purse and she decided to keep it. She jumped off the couch and rat to her cage, crawled up the bars and took it in her house. Every time I would try and get it back she would hang on her dear life. Finally I gave up and let her have it

7. Problems adding video to video timeline in Windows Movie Maker?

happens to me each and all the time! shop the action photograph In "shop as" then delete some sections in ur action photograph to make It shorter the save the action photograph record. Then, open up the a number of stored record And shrink it the. shop it. Then placed them on an identical time upload ur music and shop it!.

8. FFmpeg Upscaling Video

As you said your original video is raw, means its not compressed, when upscaled manually using your player, its still uncompressed but interpolated. means its still at highest quality. But -crf 24 is high compression, if you want your video look like the upscaled raw one, you can try -crf 19 or lower.

9. Why is the video blinking?

It's may be problem with your video card. Try booting in Recovery mode

10. When are External Microphones and Flash Units Needed?

I like having the flexibility to use something if needed. Mic connectivity first. There is no single "best mic" that will meet all your needs. Lets say you are doing a music video, recording the band. Under certain conditions, the audio you use is pre-recorded and the band is playing along "lip-synching". The camcorder's internal mics are good enough - and the audio recorded during that video capture will be muted after synch with the external pre-recorded audio. If you are capturing a video of a dramatic event that has the camcorder on one side of a street and the subject is speaking across the street and you want their audio - and you also want traffic passing through the video frame... The camcorder mics will be too far away to hear the dialog and it is likely the traffic noise will drown that, too. A wireless lavaliere would be ideal. If you are capturing dialog with someone who has nowhere to hide a clip-on mic and the camcorder is about 10 feet away form the subject... a shotgun mic (possibly at the end of a boom) would provide superior audio capture than the camcorder's built-in mics. There are lots of other scenarios where an external mic makes sense. If, however, you decide to get a camcorder without a mic jack, you can still do all these things using an Audio Field Recorder (like those from Zoom, Edirol, Tascam, Fostex, M-Audio and many others). When you import the video from the camcorder for editing on a computer, import the audio from the field recorder, use the audio captured by the camcorder to synch, then mute the audio from the camcorder. Many of these field recorders have internal mics and can attach external mics, too. The advantage to using an audio field recorder is that the mics are not mounted to the camera (unless you want them to be). In a stereo audio environment, this lets the camera move - but the audio does not... or lets the audio move spatially - which the camera remains put. The advantage is similar to using a cabled mic on a camcorder (again, not camcorder-mounted) assuming the camcorder has appropriate audio-in connectivity. Lighting: Video is very different from still image capture. I would not depend on a camcorder's still pictures - use a still camera for that - so do not worry about a camcorder's flash. But a video light is a very handy accessory, especially if the camcorder has smaller lenses an imaging chips as will be common in the camcorder price range you are looking at. Your price range puts us in the mid to high end of consumer camcorders. If you are working in daylight, generally, fill-in lighting is not required (but in the still image environment, fill-in flash is pretty common) - unless you shot/sequence really calls for it. Generally, video add-on lighting (either camera mounted or external) is used for indoor or low-light situations. In any case, learn to use the white balance feature...

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Progress of VVC Coding: the Bit Rate Is Reduced, and the Speed still Needs to Be Improved
Progress of VVC Coding: the Bit Rate Is Reduced, and the Speed still Needs to Be Improved
In the past period of time, the performance of VVC video coding has gradually improved, and the required bit rate has gradually decreased under the condition of the same coding quality. PSNR index is also growing steadily.VVC is the most promising candidate scheme of ITU h.266. It replaces h.265 (we call it hevc), and its goal is to provide at least 30% lower bit rate than hevc under the same coding quality (of course, higher quality under the condition of equal bit rate).First: the running speed is very slow. The latest version takes 50 minutes to encode 60 frames of 1080p video (system specification and data). In fact, I haven't seen any VVC content, so I don't know whether it looks good or the numbers do.We need to establish VVC. You need git, cmake and make.1rm -rf VVCSoftware_ VTM; 2git clone https://vcgit.hhi.fraunhofer.de/jvet/VVCSoftware_ VTM.git; 3cd VVCSoftware_ VTM; 4cmake 。 - DCMAKE_ BUILD_ TYPE=Release; 5make -j; 6cd 。。;VVC also fails to properly process. Y4m input files that contain raw video data and titles that contain resolution, bit depth, frame rate, and such information. We must enter it manually with. Y4m or. YUV.It also needs a configuration file that can fix some use case settings (for example, low latency).1/home/ewouth/VVCSoftware_ VTM/bin/EncoderAppStatic -i Morocco-1000.y4m -b vvc-test-2.vvc -wdt 21920 -hgt 1080 -fr 60 --InputBitDepth=8 --InputChromaFormat=420 -f 60 -c 3VVCSoftware_ VTM/cfg/encoder_ randomaccess_ vtm.cfg;The bit rate has been declining in the past versions. Excellent! (see Y-axis)As a simple indicator of coding quality, PSNR is also growing steadily. There are better metrics, such as vmaf.The encoding speed is...... just so so. VVC vtm-2.0 starts from frame 0.047 by default and has now dropped to frame 0.020.From some historical data, it is very good, but without specific content, these figures are not very attractive, so this is what we will do.nextActually decode and view contentIt is compared with different hevc (x265) and AV1 (AOM, svt-av1) encodersMore statistics (SSIM, vmaf)Test with more sequences and different resolutionsUse more different encoders and speed settings for testingI hope this can be achieved through awcy integration (PR #169), but the use of configuration files complicates things.We will try something new and publish it on R / VVC or doom9.If necessary, compiled files on windows can be provided here.I will constantly update this spreadsheet with new data that may be collected.
Skype Video Call, Is It Safe?
Skype Video Call, Is It Safe?
It is possible for your wife to record the video call, but other than that there is a direct link between your computer and hers. If you want to take things to extremes then nothing on the internet is safe, there could always be a CIA official monitoring your internet traffic or something ridiculous like that. Realistically though, yes it is safe. Much much safer than crossing the road.1. After installing a spy app in someone's mobile to monitor their camera, can I watch them when they are on WhatsApp video call? Is it possible?we have been selling apps for quite some time now and have seen various apps ....what app is a third party app so fooling it is pretty tough as they keep on increasing their security.though most of the apps we use give you control of the target phone camera .... .in this case you can use their front and back camera for clicking images and shooting videos ...without them knowing about it .....as far as whats app is concerned ....you get text from both sides , all images sent or received, at times video but as far as calls are concerned ..specially video calls it has always been a beta version and nothing beyond that .... .in totality what apps we use the video calling in whats app is still at large.thanksAfter installing a spy app in someone's mobile to monitor their camera, can I watch them when they are on WhatsApp video call? Is it possible?2. iPhone 4 Skype video call to iPhone 3G?Yep. If u both get the skype app in the app store than y'all can have a video conversation as long it has a camera on Ur phone I think3. How do I activate the WhatsApp video call feature?i used this link..Enable whatsapp call feature ? | get free invite from us |official updated4. Can you video call using the PS4?Yes On Party Chat5. Best App to Video Call From PC to Galaxy Tab?Android has a few so called video conf apps but none are satisfactory still you can try them 1. fring 2. QiK or I have not tried but look for some video conf websites6. My BF asks me to come on video call so that he can masturbate. We hardly meet because of his tight business schedule. Should I agree every time?Dont you know you are being used as a porn video??Better dont call it a relation if its one sided.Do two things,Stop being usedTell him to watch porn not you7. How do I make a video call on Airtel?The answer is simple. This video calling feature is either on your smartphone or by different video calling applications8. Using Google Hangouts on Google Chrome: from time to time "Couldn't start the video call because of an error”I have to do a "Quit" in Chrome and then reload the hangout. It seems to happen if I leave the browser open for days.Beware closing all the tabs does not seem to be the same as Quit, as the Chrome process stays around (at least for me).9. Help pls; My landlord wants to come in the house to turn on the water for the sprinkler system; He's not respecting our decision that we're not letting anyone in due to pandemic; I offered to video call & help & he declined; what should I do?I agree with Russ Zaccari on this issue. The landlord owns your residence. So, I doubt you would be legally able to bar him entry unless he was obviously displaying virus symptoms. Please do not terrify yourself further by assuming that everyone is either ill or carrying the virus! He may be 100% healthy. Wear a mask and gloves when your landlord enters your home. Stand even further away from him than the six to eight feet- even going into another room, or out on to a balcony (if you have one). And wipe down every surface he might have touched with bleach or another disinfectant cleaner. A minimum of 60% alcohol content in your disinfectant is likely to kill this virus. If still concerned about virus droplets lingering in the air afterwards, continue wearing your mask for a full 72 hours (without touching your face) after you disinfect the place and then wash it thoroughly. Just do not suffocate yourself! And then take a very warm soapy shower to ensure you have cleaned away any traces of germs. But do not panic and scrub away all of your skin! Stay as safe as you can. But also stay sane.
Man Did Not Land on the Moon (video Clip Included): Which Facts Are Wrong and Which Are Right?
Man Did Not Land on the Moon (video Clip Included): Which Facts Are Wrong and Which Are Right?
Man landed on the Moon 6 times. Twelve men did it. The whole world, including the Russians were watching. They watched the astronauts get into the Apollo capsule 330 feet above the ground, they watched the Saturn V's take off, they televised the trip to the Moon, the weightlessness, brought back pictures of the moon from orbit, brought back rocks that have been studied by thousands of geologists around the world (rocks that had never been seen anywhere else). Then they returned, splashed down in the middle of the ocean in full view of another set of cameras, were picked up by US Navy personnel who opened the hatches and helped them out. I watched it happen. I know people in NASA. I know the Russians would have told the whole world if the landings did not take place. I know that television programs that are controversial sell advertising because a lot of people watch. I've heard all the "fake landings" arguments and seen them ALL get shot down. I am not going to waste 45 minutes watching a video put together by a bunch of guys trying to sell books and videotapes. Abraham Lincoln and JFK were not really assassinated either. They both live together in a retirement home in Arizona, along with Hitler and Elvis. It's a stupid waste of time to try to disprove the most widely and closely watched events of the 20th century, but there are stupid (perhaps 'sly' would be better) people willing to try it, just like those who say the Holocaust of WWII did not happen. Investigate all you want, but ignore the super-slanted video on google/FOX.1. why the sound of the video clip in power point doesn't start?You probably do not have the right codecs installed, most computers have this problem A codec is just another name for sound driver Just search on google klite codec pack, it's free and allows you to play all video clips on your computer , it's the thing I use, and install on every computer I have and all my friends2. Can I use a Youtube video as my music for a video clip on Windows Movie Maker?No, you cannot copy a youtube music video onto your computer. But, there are ways you can copy the sound from the videos you watch on youtube. It will convert it and let you download it onto your computer. Hope this helps3. Icannot see CNN news video clip ,I did what ever yahoo asked for example i updated the windows media player?I am sorry that no one has answered your question. This is a continual source of frustration. If I were you I would uninstall Windows Media Player and use only Real Player of Quick Time. They are both superior products. Lots of Love, Good Luck, and Best Wishes!!4. How To Make A Video Clip Go Backwards?1.) Build Time Machine 2.) Stand in front of monitor and hit Play 3.) Turn on Time machine and go BACK 4.) Watch movie in reverse 5.) Profit But na really you can not , there's other software that you can use, then bring it back into here though. Sorry! I use Movie maker all the time too. Edit: I have not tried any of the software so I wo not recommend any, but if you good "Reverse Movie Effect" you can get a lot of different 3rd party links.5. Meaning in Dr. Dre ft Eminem & Skylar Grey video clip?he couldnt take it any more (dre) so he tries to hurt himself and he survives and thinks back. so its like he needed a "Doctor"6. Patterns in nature? Not totally random?'If nature was TRULY random like evolutionists say' NO! That is what dishonest theists trying to discredit Natural Selection say. Darwin NEVER said nature evolved randomly - 5 digits 'worked' better than 4 or 6 so this 'model' passed on to future generations not the 4 / 6 possibility as it was either too economic or not economical enough. There are MANY examples of 'bad design' in nature for instance the laryngeal nerve among MANY other examples (see video clip). Why would any intelligent designer create such an unnecessary detour? Natural selection explains precisely how this anomaly occurs. If you REALLY want to why in detail I strongly recommend you read The Greatest Show On Earth by Richard Dawkins
Looking for Left Handed Video Camera?
looking for left handed video camera?Camcorders are designed for the majority of humans, who average out to be righted handed. So, JVC, Sony, Panasonic, all produce camcorders for right handed people. The right handed design is not hard to work and can be used by anyone. I am sure that even though you are left handed, it wo not matter that much— — — — — —i need a goodhave a christmas fashion show, get out ur camera (or if u have a video camera, even better) have her try on different christmassy stuff, even garlands draped on her or lights or ornaments pinned to her clothes and take pictures of it. better even if you have other kids there too.like invite preschool friends or whatever.— — — — — —still prints shot with video? ball hitting the bat-puck-stick etc.?you are unlikely to be satisfied w/the quality of stills from a video camera. if you really want to try it, set the shutter speed on the video camera to it's highest setting (on my older Canon, it is something like 3000fps). this will minimize the blur and give you crisper images. the photo's in the paper/etc that are so very good are probably done w/a still camera with a very fast shutter speed and a very rapid ability to take the next image, and they probably take a hundred shots to get that one spectacular shot.— — — — — —can you take a video camera in Alcatraz?the policy of the national park service is amateur photography is always allowed. however setting up tripods, lights and using models/actors is considered a distraction to other visitors, and so professional style photography requires a permit— — — — — —what should i ask for my birthday? answer plz this is my lik 7th question of this!?How about makeup or a video camera— — — — — —Plz tell, is this a good video camera?Nikon S3100 Rs. 6742 The Nikon Coolpix S3100 is a 14 megapixel digital camera, that's powered via EXPEED C2 image processing technologies. The digital camera has a million/2.3-inch CCD sensor and element ratios of four:3 and sixteen:9. The Coolpix S3100 is slimmer than its predecessors interior the Coolpix sequence. This Coolpix digital camera makes use of TFT liquid crystal exhibit visual exhibit unit with anti-mirrored image coating. the two.7-inch exhibit has a determination of 230,000 dot pixels. The digital camera comes with an inner memory of 40 5 MB, and extra memory would be extra utilising the SD, SDHX, and SDHC memory card. The rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL19 is able to taking 220 photos or checklist as much as 1hr 35 min of HD video in one cost. good selection with all beneficial components, good regular overall performance and is value for money product. =====SM=====— — — — — —Can anyone help me pick a DSLR camera by Nikon!?Depends on how much you've got to spend. If you are looking at the D90, I will assume you lie within that price class - I own the D80, it's predecessor and could not be more impressed with it's build, the way it feels in my hands, and its performance. The D90 is its replacement, pretty much the same build, feel, and performance, with an updated 12 mp CMOS sensor (the D80 has a 10 mp CCD), a larger 3" 920K LCD, live-view, and an HD movie mode (though I could probably go without it, I've heard it is quite mediocre). I myself would love to upgrade, and would highly recommend it. The D90 will be a highly useful DSLR for those using it, I can gaurantee that (because I've used the D80 for 3 years), and do not worry about the HD movie mode being a useless feature, you do not buy a DSLR because it can shoot a 3 minute video clip. I use the 16-85 VR on my D80, and it's the best VR zoom I've ever used. So, if the D90/18-105VR kit is running about $1,150 (B&H photo), you can get the D90/18-200VR in a kit (from B&H photo) for $1,600, and it would be well worth the extra investment. I learned the hard way that kit lenses, are garbage. Besides, if you are trying to start a business, you want quality, not cost effectiveness - no? So know that the best investment is in the lens, not the camera. Get a good camera, but invest in the best lenses ------ like the 85mm f/1.4, 105mm f.2.8 micro, 70-200mm f/2.8 VR, and the like.
Windows Movie Maker Delaying Audio After Splitting a Video Clip?
i think that if you right click on the video, one of the options is volume, that way you can enable audio of that specific clip1. how to take music from a video clip to burn it do a CD?EXTRACT Audio from Media files: 1. Use AoA Audio Extractor (freeware) to xtract or 2. Edit using Video Editing app, save as audio Burn to a cd or dvd2. Does anybody has a video clip on how to desapear a coin?Put nickels in the broken jukeboxes at Johnny Rockets. They all magically disappear3. What is that 1 favourite video clip from Haifa/Nancy Ajram?none of them, they are a shame for the Lebanese people and lebanese music ! all my girl friends who travelled throughout arab countries told me how they were considered by the arab people: they were considered like whores and bitches ! by doing such erotic clips, these "stars" are spoiling the lebanese girl aspect !4. Which video clip or image brings a smile to your face and makes you happy?2-states movie marriage scene:-This scene gives me a different happiness. Because,when a person wants to get something for a long time and after facing many difficulties, he/she gets it too.So the happiness he/she feels is reflected in his/her eyes. And when he/she laughs with the same tears, a new definition of beauty is created.ufe0fWhenever I see this scene, I think that when we want to get something with our whole heart, then the whole world comes together and gives it to usud83cudf0fud83cudf0eud83cudf0d5. How can I rotate a video clip 90 degrees?How do I rotate video that I have recorded with my digital camera in the Player? You can rotate video clips in Windows Movie Maker by doing the following: 1. Import the video clip into Windows Movie Maker. 2. Drag the imported video clip and drop it onto the timeline. 3. On the Tools menu, click Video Effects. 4. To rotate the video clip to the right, drag the Rotate 90 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline. -or- To rotate the video clip to the left, drag the Rotate 270 video effect and drop it onto the movie on the timeline. 5. On the File menu, click Save Movie File and follow the instructions in the Save Movie Wizard.6. Christians, could you please give your opinions on this short video clip?That is a very good question, and I think I may have an answer for you. The bible says do not try to take out a splinter out of a neighbor's eye with a log in your own eye. First remove the log from your own eye and then help your neighbor. It looks like that guy had many problems of his own when he tried to correct that lady. He was acting out of his own pride; he wanted to be right. If he was just tring to prove a point he should have acted out of love, not in anger. The bible also says that when Jesus came to the Earth he made a new covenant with new laws.7. why i cannot play video clip files (*.avi) im my pc with windows media player11,(only sound playing,no videos)install a codec pack such as k-lite or use a different player, try VLC media player8. Why isn't there sound on my converted video clip? Codec Problem?No, i think this is not codec problem, maybe your converter software have something wrong, I think you just need to choose a right converter to convert mp4 to avi. I am using RZ Video Converter which can do this well, it can convert any videos or audios between different formats with good quality, try it by yourself. Yahoo or google search and download rz video converter. Hope it can help you. .9. Music Video Clip Ideas Please?Remember probably the most lyrics and pass to Google. For instance, if the lyrics are : I am anything you are saying I am, then you will be able to google seek "Lyrics: "I am anything you are saying I am" " after which you will be able to have your reply. The external charges of that are supposed to be eliminated and charges need to be located round lyrics for probably the most correct reply.
Looking for Some Cool Online Adventure Games for Kids?
video games for toddlers are everywhere yet do not be fooled via that. not each and every of the video games are sturdy to your toddlers. enable them to play only the video games that have something to benefit. as an instance, your toddlers can play Rhyming words video games at Nimble Minds. those video games will help your toddlers learn on a similar time as taking part in. that's a good sort of relaxing yet on a similar time that is sturdy to your toddlers.— — — — — —Video gamesThere are a total of seven Yuna video games, and a few related software releases: Galaxy Frulein Yuna for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM in 1992. The first Yuna work to be released to the public. Galaxy Frulein Yuna II: Eternal Princess for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM in 1995. Galaxy Frulein Yuna FX for the PC-FX in 1996. Galaxy Frulein Yuna Remix for the Sega Saturn in 1996. An updated re-release of the original 1992 Yuna game, enhanced by improving the graphics and adding new animation cutscenes. This game was released in both a normal version and a collector's edition which included special oversized packaging and many omake items. Galaxy Frulein Yuna 3: Lightning Angel for the Sega Saturn in 1997. Galaxy Frulein Yuna 3: Final Edition for the PlayStation in 1998. A PlayStation port of Lightning Angel with slightly enhanced graphics and some bonus content. Galaxy Frulein Collection for the PlayStation Portable in 2008. An unenhanced port of the first two Galaxy Frulein Yuna games, along with Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, on a single disc. Other than the addition of an image gallery, no enhancements were made from the PC-Engine versions.In addition, two Sega Saturn discs entitled Mika Akitaka Illust. Works, volumes 1 and 2, were released in 1996 and 1997 respectively. While these were software for a video game console, they are not true games, but rather collections of artwork, music, and digital omake material. Also released in 1997 were two computer software packages: Galaxy Frulein Yuna Hybrid Collection and Galaxy Frulein Yuna Visual Soundtrack. The former was a collection of PC-related omake such as desktop wallpaper, custom cursors, and screensavers. The latter contained a few music clips with slide-show style "videos". All Yuna video games are mainly of the visual novel type. Combat scenes are played out in turn-based role-playing video game style. Yuna 3 incorporates a 3D Isometric view "tactical simulation combat system", transforming the combat into that of a tactical RPG. Yuna also makes a cameo appearance in Saturn Bomberman as a secret unlockable character.— — — — — —Best and worst video games.?halo (all of them) i havent really played any games that were horrible so i could not say— — — — — —Why are there no Bible video games?Because Super 3D Noah's Ark is a disaster— — — — — —how can I convince my parents that I'm not addicted to video games?Stop playing the video games for weeks or months. Try some outdoor games— — — — — —In video gamesIn the video game Ogre Battle 64, the Goddess Danika, was seduced by Demunza, the king of the netherworld by eating a cursed fruit, which turned her into the queen of the netherworld. However, when she is summoned by someone pure of heart, she will revert to her goddess form. In the video game BioShock 2, Persephone is the name given to the prison facility that spans over two levels, Inner Persephone and Outer Persephone. Persephone is depicted as goddess of life in Sacrifice In Elite: Dangerous, Persephone is the name given to the game's fictional depiction of the hypothetical Planet Nine in the Sol system, a world made largely of ice but with no atmosphere. In Skylanders, Persephone gives Skylanders upgrades in exchange for gold and is the most powerful fairy. In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Persephone is depicted in the first episode of The Fate of Atlantis DLC, titled Fields of Elysium. She is depicted as ruling over Elysium. Like her depiction in Greek mythology, she is mentioned as being married to Hades and is therefore the Queen of the Underworld as well as ruling Elysium. She is also mentioned as being the goddess of spring and nature. She is essentially the antagonist of the episode. In Hades, Persephone is depicted living in Greece, having left the Underworld. She is the mother of the game's protagonist Zagreus, and is the motivation to his repeated escapes from the Underworld.
Is It Appropriate to Mute Others in a Video Call
I think the most appropriate thing to do is to mention in the call that a person is unmuted. Depending on culture you can mention who is unmuted. You can do this no matter if you are the organizer or not, if it's a problem for you it's most likely a problem for other persons as well.1. Can I get in trouble for smoking on a video call while working from home?I am rabidly anti-smoking, but I find their argument, as presented, absurd. To say that your office is a smoke-free workplace and since you are now working from home, your home is the office is outrageous. Offices have non-smoking policies in their buildings to avoid polluting the indoor air in the workplace, and I am glad they do. Back in the 1980's I worked in an office that allowed smoking at your desk, and it was awful. The building had poor air quality to begin with, and the cigarette smoke made it much worse.However, when you work from your own home, the air quality of your home is your call. If you choose to smoke the health consequences are yours to deal with. Had they said that smoking during video meetings is not allowed it would be a much more honest and legitimate argument. I am a manager, and would complain if any of my people smoked during a video conference because it is now considered unprofessional in the workplace, and projects a bad image. I would talk to the person and frame it that way, and ask the person to refrain from smoking during video meetings in the future. I would never presume to tell them that they could not smoke in their own house however. (I am friends with most of my co-workers, and might push on them to stop "driving nails into their coffins" since cigarettes kill a significant portion of their users over the years, but that would be a person-to-person message, not a manager to employee message. )I do not know if your employer has legal grounds for their position or not. I would suggest talking to a lawyer before deciding to fight it. As a new employee, it's probably safest to just respond by apologizing, saying that you were not aware of the rules, and ask for documentation on those rules in order to avoid future accidental violations.2. In Carly Rae Jepsen's music video for call me maybe what does the guys tattoo say on his chest to the right? ?Carly Rae Jepsen Tattoos3. How can I do a WhatsApp video call on my laptop in Windows 10?Did you know that you can make a whatsapp video call using your laptop?But you never found the option on the WhatApp application, so how can I make a Whatsapp call on desktop? Are you surprised?Yes, it is true that you cannot make a Whatsapp video call by using the WhatsApp desktop but there is certainly a way to make a WhatsApp video call on your Windows/MAC. And that is the point for me making a post for you.Well! If reading is boring for you then watch this videoBut if you are a person who enjoys reading then pay strong attention to my post. First, you need to download Bluestacks. Once it is downloaded, follow all the given steps.Step 1: Open BluestacksStep 2: Connect your Google Account.Note: Once the google account is linked to Bluestacks. A windows will appear in the same way you do over your phone.Step 3: In the search bar, search for WhatsApp and hit install.Step 4: Open the App and go through the set up procedure. Link your Whatsapp number. And click on video call button.That's it. Job is done and you can call anyone you like. Now, you know how to make a video call using your MAC book or Desktop.Was this easy for you? Let me know in the comments.How can I do a WhatsApp video call on my laptop in Windows 10?.4. I can't use video, call, or voice clip on windows live messenger. Someone please tell me what to do.?get Skype or use the inbuilt video chat in Gmail other then that, you need to really give more information. does it have the correct and fully updated drivers for the camera? is windows live messenger updated? maby your hardware is not configured properly go to control panel > sounds and audio devices > audio tab and check if your inbuilt microphone is set as the default inbuilt hardware like a camera or microphone usually come with a setup disk or driver disk try reloading the driver
Can I Video Tape a Police Officer?
Get a mini cam. however if you are black and he is white forget about it ,or just do a Rodney King and take the cash (should you survive)1. Video Tape Engagement at Walt Disney World?The Big Question is where and when do you plan to Propose? If it's in a public place or the lobby you can probably just ask a Cast Member to do it for you at no charge. If you want it professionally done you have several options. If your not going to be in the parks you can hire a local Videographer to "Visit you" in the hotel and film the big event. If you want to do it someplace inside the parks, or in one of the more formal locations, or just want to make it extra magical you can Hire Disney to do it. The Weddings Team is available at 321.939.4610 and they can help you with some amazing ideas and set everything up just the way you want, but I will warn you they are not cheap, and you should definitely be up front with them around your budget when you call. They are not pushy and I've worked with them for client's wedding trips before so I can tell you the results of a Disney Wedding and everything leading up to it are absolutely amazing, but again, they are not cheap but then again neither are the results either! Best of luck to you both!2. Why don't men believe women's account of how they are groped multiple times, until they "go to the video tape"?Because people don't behave the same way with everyone.e.g. Racists can be very nice to people of their own race and turn into nasty bigots when it comes to someone of a different race. People have a hard time reconciling the two personalities. A man who gropes women is perfectly aware that he is doing something shitty unless he is mentally ill.He will usually only grope and harass when there are no other males around or at least no men likely to intervene are looking.A guy who would never do this to a woman cannot imagine that someone else would do this. (The same way many women refuse to believe that another woman would lie about sexual assault. They wouldn't do it thus they don't believe another woman could. Who in their sane mind would??)I often travel to various parts of the Middle East where, I've had more metoo experiences during a dozen business trips than I had back home my entire life, and I've had quite a few in the States and Europe as well. The men who harassed me on the street on my way to work, would never repeat the same if I was walking with a male colleague. They would double down if I was with a female colleague.If I walked by a shopkeeper with a male colleague present, the same shopkeeper who was commenting on my body the day before, the same guy wouldn't even so much as look me in the eye. I worked out that if I felt threatened, I quickly found a group of older local women and sat down next to them.I told a male colleague about how I got groped once in a touristy part of town. He didn't believe me because the local men were all buddy-buddy with him and he had a great experience. A week later, we went down to the market and an old guy yelled at him "hello my friend! nice wife! Do you do her often"? He was shocked and stunned into silence. He apologized for not believing me.I've had cab drivers ask me for sexual favors as "payment". Foreign woman without male chaperone = free game, apparently. It made no difference how conservatively I dressed and what I covered up. It made no difference how much of the local language I learned to speak. I learned that when a man tried to speak to me on the street, I was a "bitch" if I ignored him and a "whore" if I stopped to talk to him. You just can't win.I had another cabbie offer to give me foot rubs when the car stopped at red lights.A local female friend of mine in one of the countries told me off that I was being nice. Nice here was an invitation. "You have to be rude! They don't understand nice."The worst things that happened to me in a cab with a significant other, male colleagues, male friends or family around was to get ripped off for the fare by a few dollars.No male colleague ever had the same experience. No woman who lived in or traveled to the same destinations alone ever questioned it.I chose not to name the countries as I don't want to offend anyone and also because unfortunately I had this repeat experience throughout the region. It was however, only a part of my experience, among many positive ones. Most men have better things to do than hang out on the street harassing women.That however, still doesn't negate the reality women experience with the occasional scum in public, often on a daily basis.Perhaps, because so many of us can't behave ourselves, we need cameras everywhere, both for our own protection from others as well as protection from false accusation. Why do not men believe women's account of how they are groped multiple times, until they "go to the video tape"?3. Are audio cassettes analog or digital? How about VHS video tape?Both audio cassetes and VHS tapes are analog. Audio recorded as digital, has to do with the analog wave being sampled, and then stored as a sampled rate. In analog audio recording, the wave is recorded directly onto the medium. The easiest way to think of this is your computer. it reads binary encoding, and that's really what digital is all about. If it will play on a computer, it's binary encoded, and therefore it's digital. Audio cassette tapes or VHS tapes will not play (directly) on your computer, and are therefore, analog. They can be played on a computer, but the signal or wave needs to be encoded (digitized) before it will play on your computer.
Present Ideas for 13 Year Old Boyfriend?
present ideas for 13 year old boyfriend?get him a gift card for itunes or a football or a video game— — — — — —So Low Video Dedicated Ram?as you can see in your computer's information,you can sometimes see "dedicated memory RAM = 0" .if it says 0,it means that the graphics card has its own RAM to prevent slowing down the computer's RAM and while playing a video game, wmp.etc.if your computer video card has a low dedicated memory is to prevent slowing down the computer,because your graphic card has not its own RAM memory.— — — — — —Does anybody know a good gift for an eight year old?Oh get him a skateboard or a video game— — — — — —Who is the best video game villain?Sephiroth from ff7 was pretty bad ass. The erhereal queen in the star ocean series, though she was more of a hard opponent than a real villian. Tarjan in bards tale three was pretty badass too, killed all the other gods. The villian in the newer bard tale was cool, since she flirts with your character, and you can even join her— — — — — —Why would a large percent of an otherwise sane population regularly play a virtual game that could get them killedPeople could be so board with reality that they do not mind the risk of death and it is something they look forward to. Instead of turning to drugs they turn to this video game. Think of it like the people are so smart their minds need stimulation and turn to a video game that could possibly kill them.— — — — — —Trying to find a video game?The only one that commes to my mind is Wild Arms 2 The main character is called Ashley (a guy) and if I remember correctly if his story begins like that. It's an RPG an he was sort of in the Army at the beginning of the game and this game has a lot of cave / ruins in it Try looking for a youtube wlakthrough of Wild Arms 2 to see if that's the one that you played— — — — — —What is the best video game ever?Any old Mario game....because that plump plumber is a genius— — — — — —what do i get my boyfriend forMaybe you should get him the ipod. Maybe you should get him a gift certificate to a store like game stop or best buy. You could buy him a video game. Try a lava lamp or black light - some guys really want those. You could get him clothing like a hoodie, shirt, jersey (favorite team/athlete), custom made hat. Try jewelry like a nice watch or a chain. There are an endless amount of possibilities. Shoes, cologne— — — — — —15 year old guy birthday present? HELP!maybe a video game— — — — — —Hockey: Do hockey video game questions belong in the hockey section or video games section(bonus)?I think it should under the go to a video game section because it is a video game and it makes alot more sense to do that good luck— — — — — —What makes a video game educational?Witcher 3:This game teaches you about Butterfly Effect and causality like no other game. The world is in a fantasy realm, but is similar to life here. There are no black and white, only grey shades of morality as no one (except the main antagonist) can be called purely good or evil. Even you as a Witcher, a professional monster hunter, will often get entangled in morally complex situations with the sole aim of getting paid.You learn about the necessity of letting go of your loved ones so that they can grow even stronger.You understand why immortality is not as awesome as it sounds. You also learn, that going into a situation with good intentions alone will not guarantee a good outcome. Complete information here as in the real world is lacking, and we have to try our best and muddle through.League of Legends:A hyper competitive MOBA which has earned infamy for the most toxic player base. Ranked games have been an eye opener to me in more than one way.Here as in real life you work along with others as a team. Yet if my team fails, I have learnt that I gain nothing by blaming team mates. Instead I try to rationally see what I could have done better:Was I performing significantly better than my team mates? If my performance was similar to my team mates, its as much my fault as their's that we lost.If I was performing significantly well (i.e winning lane, getting fed), did I do enough to carry my team mates? Was I able to make the right rotations, the right shot calls?In most cases, these analysis reveal one big thing. I suck, irrespective of how my team mates perform. So I try to improve myself first.The second biggest thing that I learnt from ranked is handling stress and performing effectively under pressure. Your team mates are on tilt. There is massive rage in chat. Yet you still got to try win the game. You have to extinguish the fires, you have to be the voice of reason, and in case you are the target of all the abuse, you have to keep calm and play as rationally as possible (without further inflaming your team mates, since surprise surprise, you still need them). These are some immensely valuable skills to obtain and hone even for real life. You have learnt to handle stress, lead unknown people towards a common goal, and you have to always critically analyse what you could have done right and improve yourself.Any game, or any experience in life can teach you something, if you are receptive enough to it.
Amazon Video Games? Are They Brand New?
Yes. You can also buy them used though and save a little money— — — — — —Are video games causing kids to be sexist?This is, to be blunt, laughable. The article is terribly written and researched, and distinctly inaccurate. GTA 5 and other games in the same style are not meant for kids. This is what the ESRB rating system is for. On top of that, most kids old enough to play games with any sort of proficiency are capable of differentiating fantasy from reality; they can tell that a video game is not real life, and behavior does not translate from one to the other— — — — — —The new addicition: Video Games?Violence...How about the Road Runner and the poor Coyote. Put limits on the games. While you are at it lats address the Internet addiction— — — — — —Video games not working on playstation??Yes you need to play games from your region, them games wont work cause there not from your region— — — — — —How to Balance Videos Games and StudyingVideo games have been present in my life since I can remember. I clearly remember getting my first video game system, a Gameboy Pocket with Pokemon Blue. That first experience sparked a huge passion and hours of video game addiction that still lasts until today. While I was a kid this addiction did not affect me that much (minus some awkwardness and lack of female friends) but once I felt the need to be productive with my time, I started feeling guilty after spending the whole day playing Skyrim. The pressure of needing to be efficient with my time allied with the feeling of mindlessness let me to see video games as an unnecessary and expendable activity. So I stopped playing video games.and then I restarted.and then I stopped. This struggle happened enough times for me to come up with a conclusion. Videogames are here to stay. I can spend the whole day playing and feel guilty afterwards or I can find a way to integrate gaming into a productive day. I picked the second one. Here's how I did it. Unless you play in eSports or do gaming videos full-time on youtube, you will not produce anything while playing video games. You can still learn and find a meaning in them but face it, the goal here is to relax and be entertained. Do you agree? Once we frame gaming as something non-productive, it's easier to consciously decide if you should be playing games. I say consciously because majority of these daily decisions usually are automatic. The lack of motivation and potential work obstacles can trigger the videogame habit and before you know it a whole day passed without any real achievements. But you may be thinking: "Should not I get rid of all activities that are not productive?" I tried this before. Uninstalled Steam from my computer and banned all gaming from my life. It worked for a time actually. But then. like a calm moment before a storm. I returned to gaming with a vengeance. Activities like gaming need to be seen as necessary moments. We need a moment where we do not think about our problems and escape the real world. For other people that means watching TV or doing drugs (that escalated quickly), but for us it's videogames. It's just like cheat day during a weight loss diet. A day of eating whatever your heart desires will serve to lower any cravings for a period of time. Gaming falls into a non-important, non-urgent activity (learn more about this concept here). All these activities should be kept to a minimum. We must pull ourselves together and carefully monitor how long we spend with such activities. You want to spend the whole day playing League of Legends? But maybe you also want to be successful at your job? Well. pick the most important and then reward yourself with some pentakills. The main point is: Gaming should serve as a reward. Completely eliminating it creates a vacuum that will implode in the form of excessive gaming. I talked about the Parkinson's Law in the blog before. Basically says that the time it takes to complete a task will expand to fit the available time. Which means that if you do not define how long a task should last, you will never be done with it. This sound familiar to any gamer. Example: - "Well, now I am not gonna do anything productive. Might as well play more. #noregrets The regrets only come when I am in bed and I feel that I wasted all day and did not accomplish anything in the real world. #wasted Do not fall into the trap of starting an unproductive activity without defining how long it will last. Before you start, define how long you intend to play. Some games like DoTa or LoL, should be planned by the number of matches you intend to play. I like to keep my gaming sessions between one to maximum two hours (maximum two matches if the game is match-based). This amount of time makes me feel like I spent enough time in the game to enjoy it and that I did not spend the whole day playing. You can experiment to find the best gaming window for you but it should be around the one I recommended. Do not send me emails complaining that you failed all your exams because your gaming windows was 8 hours. be responsible. Having a lot of something too often can make you not appreciate that something. Deep right? Restriction and clever planning can turn an ordinary activity into a deep and meaningful experience. Now that was deep. Imagine playing every day the same game. It becomes part of a routine. It's not special anymore. Now imagine that you plan a 2 hour gaming session for every Sunday. Imagine how excited you will be for that Sunday to arrive. This approach to gaming serves two purposes: Short and controlled bursts of gaming will satisfy your need for relaxation without letting you fall into a downward spiral of unproductiveness. It works just like the cheat day in a diet. A well enjoyed gaming session will serve to satisfy your gaming cravings and help you not to over game. By allowing yourself to game for a limited amount of time, you will make sure every minute counts. While gaming like this, I tend to enjoy the game much more. I know that I only have a limited amount of time with the game so I am more invested in the experience. Give it a try. I find that Saturday or Sunday after lunch is the best time to do it. Having fun and digesting. At the same time. If this is not being productive I do not know what is. Stop Gaming at the Right Time News flash, just because you made a schedule does not automatically mean you will keep it. Remember, you are dealing with dangerous stuff. When starting a planned gaming session, you MUST have mechanisms in place to stop you from gaming too much. How to win? Here are some ways you can set yourself to success: • Set a timer and put it away from your gaming area. When it rings, you will need to get up to turn it off. • Get someone to hold you accountable. If you live with someone, explain them your plan and ask them to make you stop playing. NOTE: Do not rely on your gaming friends for the last one, they will probably want to game with you. There is a third method which involves a box glove, a pneumatic cylinder and a timer but it gets too complicated. Personally I prefer the "timer outside the room" method. Gives me full responsibility if I do not go through with the plan, which is good to promote self restrain. On the other hand, if self restrain is still low, the second method might work best. If none of both methods work, email me so that I can send you the plans to build method 3. Power tools and ice required. OK, I stopped gaming. Now it's time to slowly stroke it and tell him that everything will be OK. I am assuming here that you used gaming as a reward and now you want to return to a somewhat productive mode. There are two techniques I have been experimenting with that I find extremely useful in getting me in productive gear. The Pomodoro Technique must be the most popular productivity tool. Simple and effective. After your gaming session, set a timer to 25 minutes and try to only focus on being productive. I did a blog post and video about productivity tools including the Pomodoro technique, check it out after this one. Another method is an app I recently started using. Actually I was super effective at writing this blog post exactly because of this app. It's called Forest. Plant and grow a tree every time you start a productive activity. The tree will grow as long as your phone stays in a productivity app. For me, Evernote is where I write my blog posts. If you open another app like Instagram, the tree dies. Simple concept. VERY powerful results. Give it a try. These tools should get the ball rolling and force you into work mode. You might want to stop playing games because you want to focus on more important things. But at some point you will need to relax and videogames definitely can fill that gap. I truly believe that videogames can be part of a productive day and I hope you too believe this after reading this. I bonded with friends over videogames and I love the gaming community so I wanted to make sure videogames keep being part of my life. But I do have goals and things I want to accomplish so it is imperative to find a balance between relaxation and productivity.
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