Future Presidents Will Be Able to Welcome Trump into the White House.

I guess so because even if he is a crazy toddler, he is an elected President. Though a majority of Americans disapprove of him from his 7th day in office, which is unprecedented in American politics, the trend has shown that after leaving office, former presidents see a gain in popularity levels, just like in case of Barack Obama this year.If you remember the Nato summit in Brussels this year, Trump managed to isolate himself from other leaders by whining about the money paid by US as compared to nothing contributed by other Nato allies, so to speak. So it will not be surprising to see Donald Trump getting isolated like that in a group photo in the oval office years later. But still he will be welcomed as a former President if he manages to leave the White House respectfully and without controversies

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As a nurse, what is the laziest mistake a patient made that led them to get injured?

I had a patient on dialysis who was receiving an antibiotic after treatment called Vancomycin. He was told that it would take an hour to infuse and he became very upset because he had a date scheduled that afternoon and needed to get ready for it. I explained that this antibiotic needed to be infused slowly to prevent Red Man's Syndrome, (a reaction much like anaphylaxis ), and that it had to be given over at least an hour for safety's sake.

I started the Vanc dripping at a rate to go in over an hour. 5 minutes later he started screaming. He had stood up and adjusted the line to administer the medicine as fast as possible and was now in full blown Red Man's with a high fever, red face, chest, and neck, difficulty breathing, and severe chest pains. This also led to a panic attack. Because of the chest pains we had to transfer him to the ER.

While he recovered fine, he spent hours in the ER and missed his date all together


Which was bigger, the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union?

Which was bigger, the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union?The Russian Empire was larger in territory than the Soviet Union. After two military uprisings in Russia in 1917, the Russian Empire did not exist. Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and part of Western Ukraine were lost.

After WWII war, the situation changed. The USSR returned some of its territories. There was a division of countries into spheres of influence of the USA and the USSR.Germany was divided, the countries that supported socialism were: Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, a little later Cuba, China, Vietnam, Angola, Nicaragua, Chile, North Korea. When the Communist Party leader Gorbachev was in power in the USSR, the division of the USSR began. Gorbachev, for reasons unknown for many reasons, destroyed the USSR and all countries of aid.Watch the video how the borders of Russia changed. Video in Russian but everything is clear - look at the dates. It is clear which territories were joined and which ones were lost


Who was the oldest person to go into combat?

This is from Wikipedia, but it is backed up elsewhere :"On 1 June 1192, Dandolo became the forty-first Doge of Venice. Already aged and blind, but deeply ambitious, he displayed tremendous mental and (for his age) physical strength. His remarkable deeds over the next eleven years have led some to hypothesize that he actually may have been in his mid-70s when he became Venice's leader, but Madden demonstrates that he was almost certainly born in or around 1107.

...1This ultimately led to the conquest and sack of Constantinople on April 12, 1204, an event at which Dandolo was present and in which he played a directing role. "If he was born in 1107, he would have been about 97.Supposedly, blind as he was, he led the fight right up and over the walls of Constantinople.

The sack of Constantinople was a terrible mistake, but that is another story.The diet of the Venetians, by the way, was famously full of vegetables. No one else in Europe ate so many vegetables. Just saying.


Why do Roma Gypsies not have their own country and even don't want to have?

Where are they going to have it at? It never ceases to amaze me how many insist the Roma people should be deported or expelled from Europe. Nobody can answer where exactly they should be sent. To India? Well their ancestors are thought to have left the Indian subcontinent.

over 1,000 years ago. How does it work to force a large alien population who cannot prove they have any ties legitimate ties whatsoever on a modern nation? Moreover thanks to British colonization the Indian subcontinent currently encompasses the separate nations of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Add to that Nepal, parts of Afghanistan, and China. Where exactly do we send Romani now?Personally I like the idea of deporting them from Western and Northern Europe where they've migrated to most reasonably and sending them back to Eastern Europe where they've spent most of the last centuries. Gypsies were largely an Eastern European problem before such countries were admitted to the European Union and began exporting their problems to wealthier countries


What are some differences between the Justice League and the Avengers based on their morals?

Like Ben said, the main moral difference between the two is that the Avengers are a lot more willing to kill their enemies than the Justice League. Though the Avengers are led by Captain America, one of the most heroic heroes in the Marvel Universe, he took lives during times of war. Tony Stark used the first Iron Man Armor to kill his way to freedom, and should I even get into Thor or hell, even Wolverine?The Justice League believes in redeeming their enemies, no matter how horrible their actions were, when dealing with Darkseid, he's usually dealt with by New Genesis. If that fails, there's always the Source Wall to keep him in place.When it comes down to it, they're two different kind of stories and teams. The Avengers would be compared to A.R.G.U.S., a DC team that's similar to them


Why is there still no decent alternative to the Windows OS?

There are a few Microsoft Windows OS alternatives out there. Linux of course, would be the obvious first alternative choice. And there are numerous distros to choose from. Ubuntu and Mint just to name a couple. Unfortunately these other choices are somewhat only attempted by people who are comfortable with tinkering with their computers. The average consumer is not going to go to Dell and ask, how will Linux run on this?Unfortunately, Microsoft has a extremely heavy foot on the consumer PC market and its been there for years. Nearly every machine comes installed with a version of Windows. Anyone else trying to squeeze themselves in there will have a very, very tough time trying to get attention. Also the average consumer is used the Windows OS. They are used to the interface, the style and functions of it. Trying to throw something else at them will only confuse them and turn them off to it.The only other true competitor is the MacOS


How did Gandhi and Nehru harm India?

I try to avoid these questions but they keep on appearing in my feed any how lets talk about Gandhi first:Gandhi: Harmed India by uniting both hindus and muslims, upper and lower caste, village and towns, when there was no FB, whtsapp, radio and Indians could not even read his one call could stop entire nation, dandi march/civil disobedience was not spread on FB/whtsapp, so he harmed India by uniting every one, else we would be having civil war after British left.Nehru: He harmed by dreaming of modern and progressive India, that atomic center, Dams, PSU, IITs it was his dream and that made India progressive.Now there is one party in India whose parent organization was so patriotic that they did not even hoisted national flag and suddenly has become so patriotic that they can kill in name of cow.

And all these kinda questions have started coming because since last 4 years NOTHING GOOD HAS HAPPENED IN INDIA


Why is Japan's birth rate so low?

No immigration.Admit it: its the quickest way to increase the # of people.85% of Us population growth since 2001 (ish) was due to immigration.people fight against immigration, out of fear, and then fight their taxes going up.

Populations do not receive simple yet clear and transparent feedback when making voting decisions and there is not adequate feed back to people on these complex matters.simple knowledge can be codified and reproduced and disseminated. Complex knowledge can only be known by collaborative sense making which most people as evidenced by their level of EQ and exposure, simply have not taken much part in.

I have also noticed elements of emotional abuse (if they where a pattern over time) in many political discussions.Politics in the US for instance is nothing more than a reflection of the countries emotional maturity and ability to hold 2 ideas in its mind at a time without committing to either


How did you create the emotional bridge to healing?

You start by being open to others and, their cause in life. One needs to be accepting of their flaws in life and, correct them at the same time. I think that the emotional bridge to healing starts out with acceptance of a problem. I also think that it starts with writing about ones upsets in life like I do all the time.You create it also by using what we call I" language. The road to emotional healing was tough for me but it took me almost 5 years to get healthy. I was addicted to anxiety meds for close to 25 years but now I am clean thanks to a retired doctor, a close friend, and a mentor. I also knew where my values were in life. I also know that I speak about the healing and, how one does it and, techniques used and, the success I developed in order to gain acceptance.

I also believe in a higher power but that is separate in nature. I know that the road is tough but bearable in life


Why didn't the UK retaliate directly against the Argentinian mainland for invading the Falkland Islands? Why didn't Margaret Thatcher bomb Buenos Aires after such an outrageous act of aggression?

Almost half of the Argentinian deaths during the conflict resulted from the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano by the Royal Navy while the ship was outside the nominated exclusion zone and steaming away from the conflict.It could be argued that this was a retaliation intended to demoralise Argentina rather than to achieve the mission of recovering the Falklands.Of course the circumstances werent quite as simple as that, and notably the Argentinean Navys ships took no further part in the conflict.

The feeling in the UK was that most of the Argentinian soldiers and sailors involved were unwilling, poorly trained and poorly led conscripts who didnt deserve this fate. Much of the UK press avoided a jingoistic view of the war, did not demonise Argentinians generally, and regarded Argentinas military dictatorship at fault.Margaret Thatchers decision to attack the ship has led to decades of rancour and controversy in the UK. Bombing the mainland would have been a very bad idea


Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?

The expressed reason was that he broke the Tenure in Office Act. This was a law passed by the Radical Republicans in Congress which prevented the President from firing any of his cabinet members without the consent of the Senate. President Johnson vetoed the law but the Congress overrode his veto.

The issue was that Congress did not want President Johnson to fire cabinet members who had been appointed by Lincoln. Congress did not trust Johnson to keep up the reconstruction policies that Congress and most of the cabinet wanted. Further, Congress simply wanted to impeach Johnson so they could install a Republican who would more faithfully execute the Republican agenda for reconstruction following the end of the Civil War.

When Johnson fired Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Congress began impeachment proceedings.Not that it would have mattered for the impeachment, but Congress repealed the tenure in office act in 1887, after President Grover Cleveland challenged its constitutionality

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