Having Trouble Connecting Power Supply?

i had the same problem get a fork and push it into the nearest power socket and that will solve your problems

1. Custom PC - Power Supply?

It relies upon on the kind of potential supply. Your video card demands (required) 550W or extra. i like to allow a touch room for capacitor turning out to be previous. So up that to 650W, and make it a Antec Truepower New

2. switching power supply pcb layout

Via placement should be of least concern here. The biggest problem in your layout/placement is that high-current loops are forced across planes (top and ground) via extra vias. Look again at the manufacturer's suggested layout: all high-spikes loops are closed into the same ground pad, top layer, and under the chip. All are tightly localized around the control switcher. In your design, the current must pass between layers (and along the signal ground), and inductance of vias will likely increase ringing, and EMI from your layout will be horrible. Please be less inventive and try to follow the suggested layout as close as possible, including suggested BOM. It will save you a lot of troubles.

3. Is it bad to use your laptop with the power supply plugged in?

The important thing you should be mindful is that when your battery is fully charged, remove the AC adapter because if you see that the laptop is fully charged when the charger is still plugged in can damage the battery. One word of advise use your fully charged laptop battery for emergency case like a power cut in your community/or at school. And if you wanna use your laptop for long hours than just remove your laptop battery and just plug in the charger. This way laptop is receiving power continuously while you are using it

4. Power Supply???? Where is it!!!!?

There is only one way to be sure and that is to open it up. It really does not matter that you do not want to open it up... Anyway, if you bought a clone PC say like a Dell, then maybe go on their web site and type in the model number and it will tell you what power supply was supposed to come with it, but it does not mean it will come with that one. Now if I were you, I would man up (yeah I know I am a girl) and just open the one side of the case, there will be a sticker on the side of the power supply RIGHT THERE!. It's the easiest thing to do. But since you have a "NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT 1GB" already, I am sure it will work for your new video card.

5. Is my 550 watt power supply enough?

As Proto said, 550 watts is more than enough- provided it's a medium quality or better model. There is no substitute for quality. You can try going with higher-wattage models in the hope that you wo not really stress it. But it's12V amps that really matter, not advertised total watts. George T is COMPLETELY wrong about the power consumption of other components. Monitors draw power from the AC wall socket they are plugged into, not from your computer's internal PSU. Moreover, the power draw of things like CPU, RAM, HDD etc are *ALREADY INCLUDED* in the GPU manufacturer's wattage recommendation. When graphics card specs say 450W PSU required, that's what your whole computer needs to safely run with the card installed, not the card's power draw alone. As Vivesh points out, most published recommendations from GPU manufacturers are higher than what the cards really require.

6. Would this power supply work?

it will surely work, BTW nice setup :D

7. Good power supply and case for new gaming computer?

Something funny here.... You are getting triple channel ram for a board that is dual channel design - wo not work well that way. get dual channel ram (pairs only). Triple channel memory is for older i7-9xx motherboards, that use ram is sets of 3 (like my P6T motherboard) Even your link to the memory states clearly: "12GB (3x4GB) DDR3 for Intel processors supporting three memory channels." That ram is not for you...

8. Will This Power Supply Be Ideal?

I have a Tx750.... 800W is good, but you have the option to go for a smaller wattage if you wish . Although 800W sounds great for SLI.

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