Honda Wr-v, with Standard ESP, Only 80000 Starts, and Joint Venture Household SUV Is the First Choic

Honda fit has the reputation of super sports car in the industry, which is different from the real super run. It is essentially different from Ferrari and Lamborghini. With the continuous development of the automobile industry, many automobile enterprises are forced to join this competition. Especially for domestic SUV models, such as Haval H6, boyue, Baojun 510 and other domestic SUV models, these cost-effective models are extremely high. The large sales of these cars have confused the market of joint venture cars, so that many joint venture cars have to be sold at a lower price.

Honda launched a new SUV model wr-v based on fit platform. "Wr-v will be promoted in Asia," Takahiro baxiang, President of Honda Technology Research Industry Co., Ltd., once said to the online car market. This new car is expected to be introduced into China and made in Dongfeng Honda factory in the future. Honda wr-v, built on the fit platform, has a fuller and heavier shape than fit. It is affectionately called full fit by consumers. The standard ESP only starts at 80000, and the price is relatively close to the people. It can be said that it is the first choice for joint venture household SUVs, and the development prospect of the domestic market is better. The starting price is 74800, which is super fuel-efficient.

Appearance and modeling: honda wr-v is built based on fit platform, so the appearance of the new car has many similarities with honda fit. In particular, the design of the front face is more obvious. The full and sharp lines depict the whole front face very honest and honest, with a strong visual impact. The upper middle net is connected with the headlamp groups on both sides, and a number of piano paint baking trim panels and chrome plated trim strips are added.

From the side, the waist line of the WRV body is completely a replica of the fit. The body is surrounded by black plastic, with a higher ground clearance than the fit. Plastic materials are added at the side skirt and wheel eyebrow, and a metal luggage rack is equipped on the roof. The whole side shape is not so smooth, not as beautiful as the design of domestic cars.

The tail shape is also the same as the fit. The tail lamp style is adjusted and chrome plated trim strips are added. At the same time, the shape of the headlights on both sides is quite sharp. It is decorated with a large area of silver guard plate. This design is still matched with the shape of the new car.

In terms of interior planning, the classic three spoke steering wheel design is adopted. It's a little crude. With the barrel type instrument panel design, this setting is still in place. Honda wr-v copied the fit planning, such as air conditioning air outlet, multi-functional steering wheel, center console with piano paint appearance, storage grid planning, etc. all followed the fit planning, but made modifications and decoration in some small details.

When you come to the rear part, you can see that the rear seats can be completely flat. The wheelbase of WRV is 7cm longer than that of fit, reaching 2.6m, surpassing many models of the same level of independent brands. The space optimization and flexibility of fit itself are excellent at the same level, and the wr-v with longer wheelbase will be better. Therefore, space will become a killer mace of wr-v.

The body size of the car is 4300x1760x1595 mm, while the wheelbase of this car is 2600 mm. The positioning of small SUV is very good in space. It is not much different from the body size of Haval H2.

As a domestic SUV, Honda wr-v is quite kind in configuration design. It is equipped with ESP, body stability system, panoramic sunroof, one click start, keyless entry, brake assistance, etc., which is more in line with the configuration of a practical model,

In terms of power design, it is equipped with a 1.5L i-vtec engine with a maximum power of 115 HP. The transmission system is matched with a CVT gearbox. The power performance is still satisfactory and relatively regular.

This car can be said to be the cheapest SUV model in Honda. After wr-v is made in China, with the advantages of brand, space, power and fuel consumption, it is believed that this car is an extremely popular and popular model.

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