How Can I Upgrade My Laptop's Video Card?

I do not think you can upgrade a laptop video card, laptops are usually more compact and cause of that all the parts are built and connected all as one big part, the only things I know you can change is mainly the ram and the battery and possibly the cooling fan. I would recommend you overclock your current laptop video card but it would be too much work and can get really overheated and break your laptop. I suggest you buy a new laptop if you want to play hardcore games without breaking your computer. hope this helps.

1. connect computer to a tv using S - Video Cable?

If your PC has a 9 pin mini-din VIVO socket, you need a breakout cable to get S-video. A 7 pin mini-din will directly accept an S-video cable for video out (the graphics card on my one computer supports that). If your computer has no mini-din video connection, you need a VGA to TV converter box.

2. What are the name of the shoes in Cassie's video me & u?

i think they were jordans... i want those shoes soooo bad

3. When RCA/S-Video cables are "gold plated," does that improve the picture quality?

i am going to guess that what you are finding is that the photograph is amazingly blocky. you may try some thing this is HD (like an X field or PS3) on it & see if the photograph high quality is extra suited with that. no remember if it somewhat is then i might purchase A HD Sky field & watch television utilising that quite of regular sky!.

4. How big of a difference between s video and HDMI?

HDMI normally contains 1080p quality stream. S Video can only reach up to 480p without any adaptors. That's quite a huge difference

5. what's a video game commercial that you'll never forget?

Oh, i loved the one you are talking about. It is probably my favorite!

6. Having Trouble Accessing Pdf's and video files? access is denied?

to access your files.... restart in safe mode and log in as administrator

7. S-Video Can my TV be as clear as my monitor?

It has to do with the number of pixels that represent the image, for example, your television is probably 340x480, however your computer, even in the lowest resolution, is 600x800, the monitor yourself can probably display well over 1000 pixels. This is because your less than 2 feet from your computer monitor, you need the high resolution. In the case of a telelvision, text and images are optimised for a viewing distance much further away, sat 10 feet, and so the precision is not required. Some of the newer televisions, such as the HD 1080 I or 1080 P will display your computer screen with alot more clarity however they will still not approach what is possible with a smaller display viewed closer up

8. Is it possible to connect your laptop to a projector by using a s- video cable?

You can as long as your laptop provides that output, but if your projector accepts VGA, that is the easiest way to connect it, as this is a standard monitor connection, and will look much sharper and have a higher resolution than s-video

9. i need a s video or composite to vga adapter

go to radioshack, they have a nice composite to s video adapter. it's about $30 - $40

10. How do I determine my laptop's video / graphics card capability?

The pictures card already helps 1080 selection. in case you purchase an exterior reveal screen (1920x1080), you would be waiting to run 1080 for the period of the on-board pictures port (in case you have one). however the laptop reveal will constantly be constrained to 720.

11. S Video Cable giving Black & White Picture on My Colour TV? Plz help?

Find a new S-VIDEO to Composite connector cable. It seems as if has something to do with the conversion between the S-Video and that yellow connector. Thats what you are saying you have right? It sounds like there is too much information being sent on the S-Video cable for it to convert back to the composite connector without any problems. I've read that this one works from the Source/Circuit city: Evolution II Platinum S-Video to Composite shielded cable (approx $30 US )

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