How Do I Connect External Speakers to LED TV Having 3.5 Mm DVI/PC Port, a USB Port, HDMI Port, Compo

All of the options you've listed are *inputs* to the TV, not outputs. For external speakers you need an audio output connector of some type. On older sets it was a pair of red/white RCA jacks clearly labeled "out." That went to the line input of an external amplifier, like a home theater receiver or a surround sound amp. The speakers connect to the external amp, not to the TV. On newer sets, there is usually one of two types of digital audio output jacks, intended for connection to an external amp having a matching digital input jack. Again, the speakers connect only to the amp. If you want to update your question with your TV's make and model number, we can take a look an confirm what you have or do not have for external audio options. But nothing you've provided so far can do it.

1. how to connect creative A520 5.1 speaker to sony LED tv?

Thats wrong because I am able to connect my Samsung 7 series TV to Create A520. Its just that it only plays 2 channels i.e. 2 speakers and one Subwoofer. I tried connecting the same speakers to my external sound card of computer and all 5 speakers subwoofer works just perfectly.

2. How can I get samsung led TV to work as importing it from uk to canada.?

Well... your TV should work in the North America. In the user manual it does say that it supports NTSC-4.43, NTSC-3.58 (and various other standards). It also supports HDMI and PC inputs, so you could always use those in a pinch (see p58 of your manual for the specifications). That said, it wo not support North American power, so you will need a power converter to plug it in. Most power converters are designed for traveling and not for full time use. They are notoriously wasteful on electricity. You will probably pay for a new TV in a few years just on wasted power. For the trouble of this, you could easily just sell the TV in the UK for 300 ($400 or so) and buy a new 40" TV in Canada for about $550 -- or a used one for about half that.

3. CRT, Plasma, LCD or LED TV? Which is the better for home use?

Well I hate to say it but there are some CRT TVs that can produce a native 1080p very few where made. Also for best picture a CRT can not be beat. If you can find the high end computer monitors specifically Sonys trinitrons are best. A GDM FW900 Sony is probable the best in fact it can produce a native 4k picture and the last one was produced over 10 years ago. Also if your a gamer a crt can not be beat simply for the fact a lcd of even plasma dlp has lag to produce the image. If you look into it the big graphic companies that do CGI for movies like to use CRT monitors because the have infinite contrast something lcds etc will never be able to do.

4. New LED TV Straining My Eyes Help?

Get a calibration disk or use a Pixar movie and go to the disk setup menu on the Pixar disk. It will have simple test-patterns and instructions for properly setting the brightness, contrast and color. Eye strain can be caused by watching TV in a dark room or sitting too close or too far away. Search for "Viewing distance calculator" to find the optimal distance to sit.

5. Can i play ps3 on a monitor with the same quality as a small led tv?

Yes I have a samsung 37' and a 47' and a 19 hp monitor and my ps3 conected to it and it looks awesome its on my gaming room it looks better than the 47 it has great resolution I will be uploading gameplay from assassins creed 3 tomorrow you will see jow it looks I love my monitor visit my channel so you can see it.

6. Can i play PC video games in 3D via 3D glasses with 3D LED TV with ATI HD5870?

i see why not, but as long as the games have a 3d setting then it can be done, because some games do not allow 3d

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