How Long Does It Take to Say "I Know Playing GOLF" ?

How long to know golf? 2 sources say you never "know" golf. John Madden wrote an article that "you never get golf" and Tiger Woods has rebuilt his swing 3 times and each year says he will work hard to improve. You can learn the rules very quickly by reading the rule books and asking golf coaches about course etiquette. As far as learning the swing? I am a 2 handicap and I have played in 4 Nationwide PGA Tour monday qualifier events. I have learned alot about the golf swing and still feel like I do not even know the half of it. I practice 3 times a week and take lessons once a month, research and watch video of the swing on my PC and on youtube . Do not beat yourself up about your speed of learning. You should do a couple things to help yourself. 1:> Get lessons if you know you will play the game. To do it cheaply get into a clinic with other people. Talk to and get coaches to look at your swing and ask them to tell you what they would do to improve you before booking a lesson with them - that will give you an idea of how they coach before you pay. 2:> Start a journal on your PC or in a notebook. After your lesson and after you play or do well on the range you should write down any drills that worked, things you worked on and any relevant notes. 3:> Go step by step. Start with your setup and work your way into a good swing. Start with chipping and putting and lower your scores 4:> do not be impatient because golf is hardest on the impatient golfer. Between slow rounds on public courses to not shooting scores you want to shoot...

1. Why are tripod legs and heads sold separately? Why no 1-piece tripods? [duplicate]

There is one more point to add: Because tripod manufacturers have agreed to use a 3/8" screw for the legs head connection, one can switch as one pleases between heads and legs which allows for greater flexibility.Some people like wooden tripods - others want aluminium or carbon fibre. Then again, often the head is the most important component, hence you could buy any sturdy reasonably cheap tripod and put a very expensive head on it (say for video) if you needed it.Lastly, I do not think anybody does it, BUT you could take one tripod and two heads for different jobs with you when travelling with a luggage restriction.Asking why tripod legs and heads are sold separately is a bit like asking why music players and headphones/speakers are sold separately ;) - to accommodate the most needs with the least effort.

2. What is the power rating for a desktop computer?

1.As in, "How much power does a desktop computer use, AC wise?" Depends on what the maximum wattage rating is for the power supply in it, and what the computers used for. For example: You have desktop computer with a 300 watt power supply in it. Your particular usage is to surf the 'net, or do office/business work with it. I estimate you will only use 100 to 150 watts. That's the energy used for a 100 watt light bulb, or a 100 watt, and 50 watt light bulb. Gamin', or editing video's? Not good enough for some of the high-power graphics cards, plus the system. Better use a power supply wattage calculator. You can find them for free online

3. How do you put sound into a power piont presentation?

Unfortunately the web clips from YouTube are such that the audio and video are compressed and unable to separate the tracks (the audio and video can be dissected with a audio/video editor), but you would not be able to break out the audio from the video in Powerpoint. Powerpoint is not a sophisticated A/V (audio/video) editing program, merely a presentation program as you know. If the music from the video is a song that you could otherwise download from the internet you could import the . mp3 or . wma files into powerpoint and play it without the video. If it's unique audio, if you have a microphone, I would hook it up to your computer and put the microphone right up to your speakers and play the video, your microphone will capture the music (recording) and then you can use that file and import it into Powerpoint, While doing it this way gets you the music without the video, the audio quality wo not be as good either

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Would/Do Video Game Companies Hire Civil Engineers Or Civil Engineer Technician for Level Designing?
A bridge in a game is just an image, no need to do civil calculate details to draw a bridge in a game. Except that company wants to develop a software for student building a bridge. Then your civil talent could be helpful1. Do civil engineers work with environmental?Environmental engineering is one of the specialty practices of civil engineering. The professional license to practice for both is the civil engineering PE2. What Is the Annual Income of a Civil Traffic Engineer?Designing streets and highways is just one of many responsibilities of a civil traffic engineer. With each design, he must weigh everything from government regulations to environmental implications to construction costs before taking the helm of any major transportation project. If his estimate determines it's feasible, a green light is given. But when something does not line up, it's back to the drawing board. For the amount of time it can take to work up a plan, transportation engineers - as they are more commonly called - can command a handsome salary. As of 2011, civil engineers averaged $82,710 a year. Because high salaries in certain industries can skew this number, median wage is often a better indication of a civil engineer's earnings. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of all people in this occupation earned less than $77,990 a year. But neither figure reflects specialty. A forensics engineer, for example, is likely paid a different salary than a traffic engineer. A survey conducted by the American Society of Civil Engineers found that salaries can vary greatly based on area of specialty. In 2012, transportation engineers earn $87,850 a year - roughly $10,000 more than the median wage for the occupation as a whole. However, transportation is not the highest earning area of engineering. Those working in sanitation, for example, earn $111,652 a year, while ocean or marine engineering can bring an annual income of $169,000, the ASCE adds. As with any job, location affects salaries, and a transportation engineer is no exception. In 2010, those working in District of Columbia earned the most in the nation, averaging almost $94,000 a year. Salaries in California were a close second, averaging almost $92,000 a year. The same can also be said for transportation engineers in Texas, where salaries average at close to $88,000 a year. Those in South Dakota and Montana, however, do not fare as well, earning $64,660 and $64,420, respectively. Through 2020, civil engineers should enjoy a 19 percent employment growth, at least according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is somewhat faster that the expected job growth for all U.S. occupations - an estimated 14 percent. The brighter than average future is likely the result of aging infrastructures. As roads, bridges and highways continue to age, civil transportation engineers are needed to design and manage rebuilding projects.3. What skills do civil engineers have that can be transferred to a new career?You seem to have 18 months experience as a Civil Engineer, not 6, correct?Either way, before you make a career change, consider there are facts (my exposure to a successful civil engineer and client) that persuade me there's no need to make a career change unless you think (wrongly) civil engineering is "beneath whom you think you are".Instead, be proud of being a civil engineer. Use that education and experience in support of a variety of related paths, many of which you might learn to love. My client and now good friend. seamlessly transitioned into home building, gated community design, management of other civil engineers and project managers.Before owning his own home building enterprise, he was tapped by a nationally known home builder to be the contractor for delivering the home builder's multi-million dollar personal residential complex.Related skills you ask: Listening, planning, networking, working late, working later than anyone else, learning daily, embracing finance and customer engagement; praising others in front of owners and bosses, writing more, writing every day; archiving the good, the bad, and the ugly; getting good at wanting to speak in public; never being accused of having no vision; demonstrating you have vision; using stealth in meaningful, not flashy, community service. More on skills. See value in repetition of positive traits. Be known by surrounding yourself with employees, customers, and associates, whom you know are smarter than you are, especially in areas of your life that are not your strong suits.Skills are dandy.Results make your world go round
How Can I Create a DVD Using Video Clips From Another DVD?
how i would do it is rip with dvd decrypter then use autogk to convert to avi ...then u couild cut out the portions u want with virtualdub then use somthing to convert back to dvd mpeg and author the clips watever u have .... it can all be done for free1. How do you hang clear picture frames with clips (like those from Ikea)?Ikea Clip Frames2. How can I get clips from old recorded VHS tapes to separate files on my computer?Check out the company called Roxio, they have a lot of video/audio transfer equipment that will undoubtedly suit your needs3. Ok I really have to take issue here, how can anyone say that paper clips are better then staples?Personally I like the nude look...Not a chance I staple EVERYTHING! Check out my latest question...This outta fire some people up...lmao!4. New splits in my car front right woofer clips at high volume? amp or speaker issue?try to lower the output on the amp. It is the amp that is clipping because it doesnt have enough power. Try to lower the high pass and up the low pass5. I was watching The Daily Show this evening, and Jon Stewart showed various clips of Bush appointees saying....Boy, McClellan does not have much good to say about Bush. I just saw him the other night on T.V. but can not remember which show6. What clips needed to fasten wheel well / fender shield / fender protector on a 2002 Nissan Altima SE 3.5?I know the altima uses two or three different kinds of fasteners round headed push in fasteners and screws into plastic fender liner clips and screws at the front that thread into white nylon square expander plugs. Your best bet is order them From Nissan7. If Mohamed Ali had said this today, would Fox news and endless youtube clips have destroyed him?He was another nutter who joined the Nation of Islam8. Why do Liberals presume they are having a serious talk about Guns when they call Magazines "Clips"?DUH! People who do not support owning a weapon that can fire multiple rounds very quickly might not have the technical terminology about that weapon down pat? Gee! Shocker! That means we have to totally disregard their entire argument I guess. NOT!9. Do i have to remove the s spring to remove the c clips on my rear axle?you need to go buy the right tools for the job, if the axles will not push in, go get the tool you need that fit the job at hand10. Are the horse clips in Lord of the rings movie (When the horses runs them over) realistic? will horses...?A horse will usually try to avoid any objects (including human bodies) on the ground by jumping over them or going around them, but if it's not possible or the horse does not see the body in time (such as occurs in horse racing when a jockey goes down, especially if horses clip heels) the horse does not have time to avoid the rider, often. It's possible that the European horses who were trained as war horses (dressage training) or the original war horses used in the middle east, were trained to trample people. This would not surprise me, if it were the case. Would have to do some research (or ask my sister) about that. Probably someone else in this HR section will have more information on that subject.11. Have you seen any YouTube video clips on this tool Van Jones yet?Have not seen it, but as to what planet he is from... PERHAPS ONE WITH PROOFREADING & SPELLCHECK12. Is it possible to make changes over several clips at the same time when color correcting?As far as I know there is not a way to do a 'master' color grade that you can edit which will subsequently effect all the clips it's applied to. Best way to do it would be to copy and paste the new grade onto each clip.Typically, the way you color grade is to go through shot by shot and not move on until you are happy with how it looks and satisfied that it matches the previous shot. If you grade this way there would be no need to apply minor changes on a large scale
Tesla Model S P100D Takes on the Mercedes-AMG E63 S [Video]
We recently featured a drag race in which the Tesla Model S P100D took on some of Germany's finest. Tesla handled some fierce competitors from the likes of BMW and Audi but one of Germany's most lethal cars was not on the track — the almighty Mercedes-AMG E63 S. So Top Gear decided to pit these two beasts against on another. Could the Mercedes-AMG E63 S be a car that challenges this ludicrous competitor? Top Gear notes, "The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is a deeply, deeply fast car. I can not express that enough. It's a super saloon with astonishing reactions, phenomenal traction and epic torque from its 4.0-litre twin turbo V8. 604bhp and a vast 626lb ft of torque from 2,500-4,500rpm. That's colossal, even for a car that weighs almost two tonnes."How does that stack up against it's all-electric rival? It's reported that, "The Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous does a phenomenal job of overcoming its mass (it weighs a quarter of a tonne more than the Merc). Its twin electric motors develop 762bhp and 687lb ft, giving it a power to weight ratio of 339bhp/tonne, against the Merc's 303bhp/tonne. But there's more because of course the Tesla does not have a conventional rev band. That power is available everywhere."How does the Tesla fare throughout the race? Well, it's just "… bloody quick. The acceleration rates are interesting to analyse because the P100D goes through every increment roughly a tenth faster than the E63S… at all relevant speeds the Tesla is faster — just look at the 30-70mph figure to give you an indication of what it's like joining a motorway. The Merc makes the leap in 2. 68 seconds, but the Tesla is almost exactly half a second faster."Is Tesla's launch control impressive? Top Gear reports, "Tesla's launch control did play up. With amusing results for everyone watching as my head snapped back. That was less impressive. Gave me neck ache the following day, too — which goes to show just how hard these things go off the line."===Note: Article originally published on, by Matt PressmanSource: Top GearAre av cables needed if i have an s-video?Yes, you need AV cables ( red & white ) for audioDo I need S-Video if I use HDMI?If you already have an HDMI connection it will supply audio and video to your tv unit. You do not need an s-video to your TV from your dvd player. S-video will provide video, but since your HDMI already has it, you do not need it. It is far inferior to HDMI anyways, because it's an older analog connection. Remember some dvd player requires that you tell it which connection to use. If you unplug your S-video cable and the tv goes black, plug it back in. You will first need to go into your dvd player settings and tell it to use the HDMI connection instead of your s-video connection. Hope that did not confuse you.S VIDEO CABLE HELP I"M LOST?the cable that connects your Hp to your monitor can be used to connect your hp to the tvDo you think we should boycott the media for the Virginia Tech Tragedy for airing the killer's video?I understand your frustration, but in this case, I do not see this as sensationalism--I see it as an extremely important piece of this story. Journalism is suppposed to inform. This man did this horrible thing, and everyone wants to know why. We have video where he explains why--is not that important? You are not talking about news; you are talking about propaganda, where things are sanitized. The minute you start doing that, the truth starts getting lost. The victims are labeled victims because that's what they are. It's not a bad word and is not disrespectful toward them. I also admire Professor Librescu very much, and my local news is giving him the full and respectful coverage he deserves. (You might be interested to know that over on the religion boards, there are those who believe this brave man, who died saving his students, will not go to heaven because he is not Christian.)Making an 80's video.. need ideas!?Polyester jump suits with super loud colours, or adidas, adidas sneakers with loud colours. FAT gold chains. Have the girls wear half a can of rave hair spray (if they still make it)look up girls 8-s hairstyles and same for the boyz. And also give the girls Hoop Earrings that are like 5 inches in diameter. YOu need fanny packs Loud Loud fanny packs. have some people maybe tie their jackets around their waists like they are cool and maybe even throw in a pseudo-slater dude sitting backwards in a chair at the local cafe. Thats about all i could throw in good luck!.
Is There a Market for Playing Old Videogames?
Yes. Good Old Games has recently been doing some uptake on recent releases, particularly indie games in the spirit of retro-style games, but their original and continuing business model involves selling ports of old PC games that are capable of running on modern systems and DRM-free. They've been reasonably successful, in that they've been more proactive than Steam in acquiring similar titles.Steam also sells a large backlog of old games, including ports of old console titles. Nintendo devised the Virtual Console service on the Nintendo Wii and made a second iteration of it on WiiU and 3DS. The Virtual Console is propagated on the idea that you can buy games in Nintendo and other developers' backlog ranging all the way back to the original NES.Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade also started with a similar mission statement, expanding over time to include original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles as well as recent releases, and Sony has since adopted a similar service that has a backlog of Playstation 1 and 2 titles. Basically, name a downloadable service and it serves a niche of selling old games in a convenient format, occasionally with some convenient updates for modern there a market for playing old videogames?1. chemistryyyyyyyy helppp?Known: 1. The density of water is 1.0 g/mL 2. A 34.5-g gold nugget is dropped into a graduated cylinder containing water.The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm ^3. 3. A watch loses 0.2 s every minute. 4. Eggs shipped to market are packed 12 eggs to a carton and 20 cartons to a box. A crate holds 4 boxes. Crates are stacked on a truck 5 crates wide, 6 crates deep, and 5 crates high. Unknown: How many deciliters of water will fill a 0.5-L bottle? By how many milliliters does the measured volume increase? How many minutes will the watch lose in a day? How many eggs are there in 5 truckloads?2. When forking an dual-licensed permissive/GPL project, can I drop one of the licenses?If, and only if, the project is truly dual licensed then you may pick your preferred license and fork from there. But you must make sure that all aspects of the code that you need are licensed in your preferred license. You are allowed to carve apart a project to 'cherry pick' just the aspects you need or are compatible with your preferred license.It's probable that trim line A has some features that you really want, but you can only 'afford' trim line B. That's when you rely upon the auto parts after-market and other mechanics to install the features you wanted from A but could not 'afford'. And if you are a truly handy DIY'er, you can make those modifications yourself. Those new features that you built / paid for are now part of trim line B or however you choose to release / license them (this is where the auto analogy falls apart).Some quick caveats - 1) I use the term 'afford' to make the automobile analogy work. It's a metaphor, that's all. 2) The license you pick may affect how you can release new features. Using GPL, for example, would force the new features to be GPL would .3. A Market For Long Narrative Poetry?A most unwelcome answer4. which is the gold market of the world ?I do not know what you mean.Gold is marketed around the world.Do you mean,which country produces the most gold or which country has the most gold?5. HP Envy 14 Beats Edition vs MacBook Pro 13"?BlazeVideo HDTV Player is a full-featured Digital & Analog TV software solution for you to watch, record, pause, replay live TV/teletext program or listen to digital FM radio on your PC. Supports DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DMB-TH, CMMB, ISDB-T, ATSC Global Digital TV standards and PAL, NTSC, SECAM Analog TV standards, BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports most popular TV Cards / TV Tuners / USB TV Dongles with Mircosoft BDA drive on market. BlazeVideo HDTV Player also acts as your multi-media center, with superior video and audio quality, and supports DVD, VCD, SVCD, and most popular media files playback.6. Can I connect a wired mouse and a keyboard with a multi-USB port connector in a laptop?Yes you can if it is a original multi USB port hub.By original I mean to say the one which creates additional usb port then existing for use with your laptop. But there are cheap ones in market which just connects the n number of USB connector in parallel, they are meant for just suppling 5V USB power to devices not to establish multi port connection. So, if you buy the latter one then you will not be able to connect two or more devices together. But,the former one will work. I am using a Targus 4 port hub and it works fine for me.Can I connect a wired mouse and a keyboard with a multi-USB port connector in a laptop?.
HTL Showcases Amazing 6K LED Video Wall for Media Industry
HTL, a global leader in LED display and digital signage technology, will showcase a massive small pitch 6K LED video wall at the 2016 Shanghai Festival Exhibition, demonstrating how the media and entertainment industry can bring video and images to life with spectacular realism.Also on display will be several cutting-edge innovations that help media and entertainment professionals creatively display content to their customers including a LED video panel featuring the industry's narrowest bezel width, ultra-high resolution 4K LED displays and a first-of-its kind OLED see-through display. Together, these solutions address the media's need for superb image quality and highly reliable solutions for demanding broadcast applications. "The 6K video wall is a stunning example of our trailblazing solutions, developed to help the media and entertainment industry deliver an unprecedented level of compelling content to its viewers," said Jack Tiller, chief marketing officer at HTL. "We were one of the first to show a small pitch 4K LED video wall , and three years later, we continue to lead the market. From fine pitch LED video walls to large interactive touch displays to revolutionary transparent displays, the opportunities abound for broadcast, media and entertainment professionals to put captivating content into the hands of their customers." High-Resolution LED Video Walls: the highlight of the exhibit is an enormous 6K LED video wall. The massive video wall measures more than 31 feet wide by 18 feet tall (9.5 meters by 5.5 meters) and is composed of 64pcs P1.9 LED video wall displays with a 1.2 millimeter pixel pitch, delivering stunning 7680 x 4320 resolution. At a distance of 9 to12 feet from the video wall, the pixels are indiscernible. The newly launched P1.9 supports close-up viewing distances and features a unique and advanced flat panel design for high reliability and ease of installation and service. The P1.9 features all of the benefits of proprietary flat panel cabinet design, while delivering exceptional power efficiency. In addition, HTL will demonstrate a 4K LED video wall composed of LED displays with a pixel pitch of just 0.9 millimeters - showcasing the ultimate in ultra-fine pitch LED video wall technology. This ultra-fine pixel pitch delivers supreme resolution, allowing viewers to obtain a clear, crisp picture even at the closest viewing distances. Groundbreaking See-Through Display Technology--HTL will also show its breakthrough OLED Transparent Display, which utilizes cutting-edge Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) to showcase dynamic or interactive information on a transparent surface glass. This revolutionary display allows users to view what is shown on a glass video screen while still being able to see through it. Designers can overlay text, digital images and video content onto physical objects or scenes, like a busy newsroom, that sit behind the glass. The display, which can be tiled into custom fixtures with image processing solutions to create a larger display canvas, offers opportunities for new applications never before imagined with transparent displays. Additional information is available at About HTL HTL Display Co., Ltd. is a global leader in the design, production, distribution, and service of digital displays, video walls, and visualization products worldwide. HTL has gained significant market share in small pitch LED screen and offers indoor, outdoor, fixed, and creative displays, as well as other ancillary and lighting solutions for the urban environment. Used in various applications, such as broadcast, sports arenas, stadiums, advertisement networks, retail digital signage, control rooms, exhibitions, large scale events, and digital cultural experiences. Media
Introduction to Video Camera
1. Synopsis of Video CameraThe 19-minute film is a time-lapse video of the construction of the London International Hotel (now the London Marriott Hotel Kensington) at 147 Cromwell Road, Kensington. The film was made of photographs taken from a single point over a number of months in 1970 and 1971; Lennon sought permission to photograph the building's entire construction. The camera was fixed in place by Iain Macmillan, the photographer who captured the iconic 1969 Abbey Road album cover photograph. The footage was edited on 16 mm film by George Maciunas, founder of the Fluxus art movement and avant-garde contemporary of Ono.The film uses the songs "Airmale" and "You" from Ono's 1971 album Fly, as its soundtrack.When Lennon and Yoko appeared on the Dick Cavett Show on 11 September 1971, Lennon said that the inspiration for the film was when he would spend periods of time away from any particular city, he would return to find large buildings having been constructed. He also outlines how the film shows a single bush showing the seasons passing.------2. Taping locations of Video CameraThe program typically taped at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, Monday to Friday in front of a live studio audience, then is broadcast at 7:00p.m. (ET).The show went on location to Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and St. John's, and has twice broadcast from London.One remote broadcast came out of an interview with enterprising trader Kyle MacDonald who said the only limitation to his activities would be that he would not make any trade with the citizenry of a small village called Yahk, British Columbia. When the citizens protested the exclusion by writing letters to the show, the trader accused Stroumboulopoulos of hypnotizing him into making that statement and he would only go to that town if the show went there first. On 9 February 2006, the producers broadcast an episode from that village.------3. George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight of Video CameraGeorge Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (originally known as The Hour) was a Canadian television talk show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos that aired on CBC Television from 2005 to 2014.As The Hour, the show was so named, as it was a daily one-hour program. For the show's seventh season, the show was renamed and shortened into a daily half-hour show, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, beginning September 20, 2010. In September 2011, the program was again extended to one hour with its current name. It returned to a half-hour for the 201213 season and moved to 7:00p.m. (replacing Wheel of Fortune), along with a late-night encore that moved to 11:30p.m. due to the expansion of late local news at several of the CBC's major market stations. The show concluded at the end of the 20132014 season as Stroumboulopoulos moved to Rogers Communications to host Hockey Night in Canada.The show had two opening theme songs during its history. Its first was "Use It" by The New Pornographers, which was replaced by "The Good in Everyone" by Canadian rock band Sloan at the start of the 2008 broadcast season.------4. Plot of Video CameraThe game follows Dan Miles, a former street racer who becomes a new recruit in the Criminal Overturn Program (C.O.P.). Under the terms of the C.O.P., Dan becomes a detective working to protect the citizens of New York City against large-scale threats. Working with his mentor, Detective Brad Winter, Dan is investigating a series of terrorist attacks in the city when Brad is falsely arrested, putting the investigation on hold. While trying to uncover the truth behind Brad's arrest, Dan goes undercover and returns to his life on the streets. Little by little he gets wrapped up in a deadly, widespread conspiracy and must work to prevent a potentially catastrophic attack on the city.------5. Corners/Segments of Video Camera"Manager's Fast Pedal" Manager of team are turning the pedals. The music filled the team's fastest energy is playing. However, any amount determined by the ability of the manager."Profile Talk" The hosts feature the profile, info, facts, and rumors about the guest. The idols need to verify, or even, voluntarily prove the info before the MCs. That must appeal to charm in a short period of time. If guest winner the guest get transition stage, stage video and special effects. This is not something you want, when penalties drastically manager."Survival Game" The guests play a game together with the hosts make a group. If the guest winner will get 10 cameras and show stage, if lost will get 1 camera and pin stage."Survival Show" A special where the guests have result survival and make a group for performance stage.------6. Leben I Feel You of Video Camera"Leben I Feel You" is the second single from the 2003 Schiller album Leben with vocals by Peter Heppner. The song was officially released on 1 October 2003 and peaked at number 15 in the German singles chart and at number 1 in the Romanian singles chart in 2004. It is the second co-operation between Schiller and the German singer Heppner after the song "Dream of You". The single and music video version differs slightly from the album version; the video version has a length of 3:49 minutes and the album version has a length of 5:35 minutes. The single includes the song Vielklang, which was no released on any album.The single was released in two versions, purple and green with different songs. The cover art work shows a graphic of a tree, which represents one of the four elements, earth. The complete four elements are shown on the art work of the album Leben. "Leben I Feel You" was also released on the soundtrack of the 2003 German movie Soundless.------7. Biography of Video CameraLisa Marie Wiegand was born in 1968 in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA. She graduated in 1989 from Wayne State University, and obtained her MFA in cinematography from UCLA in 1998. In 1995, she received a Master's in Cinematography from the American Film Institute AFI.In 1997, she attended the Sznhz-es Filmmvszeti Foiskola (Academy of Drama and Film, Faculty of Film and Television) in Budapest, Hungary, and UCLA in 1998.Wiegand started in taking stills and developing them in her father's darkroom as a child. She switched to motion capture when she started shooting local cable TV ads. She went on to direct multi-camera shoots on commercials and industrial films while working at Detroit's Midwest Video."Wiegand has been featured, several times, in American Cinematographer Magazine and has been awarded for 'Excellence in Cinematography' by the American Society of Cinematographers."Wiegand taught cinematography at The American Film Institute, UCLA, and Loyola Marymount University for several years. She also volunteers her skills to the Sundance Institute's Filmmaker's Labs.2010 she worked on Dollhouse (film), The Assignment, and Mayfly.------8. Gameplay of Video CameraUnit 13 plays much like the SOCOM franchise. The camera stays directly behind the player character in third-person, or otherwise shifts to first person aim if the player selects the option to zoom in with guns that have the compatible attachments. Objectives can be completed in any order in each mission, with some missions allowing taking any approach to accomplish a goal (Direct Action) while others have certain conditions, such as requiring stealth.All missions can be played co-operatively, and each mission features an unlockable "Dynamic" Mode, which changes objectives and objective locations, enemy weapons and locations, to random values and points in the environment.Demo versionA demo version was released for download of the PlayStation Network. It features the opening tutorial mission where players learn the controls and how to otherwise play the game, as well as the complete first mission, named 'Operation Open Flame'. The demo also provides a leaderboard for this mission, both regional and global, as well as being able to play this mission in "Dynamic" Mode. However, Dynamic mode does not support leaderboard ranking, as the mission has random insertions and objectives. The demo version allows for six playable characters, Commando, Technician, Pointman, Gunner, Infiltrator, and Marksman. All characters may progress up to level 4 by completing the single mission well and gaining experience for performance.------9. Recording of Video Camera"My Brave Face" was first recorded at sessions overseen by McCartney and Costello in early 1988. Excerpts from this session were eventually used in McCartney's documentary video Put It There, but other than that were not used. The final version of the song was recorded later the same year at Olympic Studios in London, with producer Mitchell Froom joining in on the work. During the overdub sessions, David Rhodes added an "ebow guitar" in a quick one-day session at Olympic Studios. According to the Put It There documentary, Costello requested that McCartney bring his iconic Hfner violin bass, which he had not played in years, to the recording session. To this day, Paul still uses this bass, in addition to the Rickenbacker 4001 and his Wal 5-String Customized.------10. Background of Video CameraOriginally, the opening bass riff was meant to be played on piano, but due to Nile Rodgers' who also produced the band's 1983 album Talkback suggestion, it was changed. The production was also "punched up" through the use of the Aubrey Juke Brass Section and the Simms Brothers' backing vocals who also have played for the likes of David Bowie.The "doot-doots" in the chorus were added in by accident. Originally, Gordon lacked actual lyrics to add to those portions of the song. While recording, he decided to sing the "doot-doots" as a kind of filler while he tried to formulate words, but he could not come up with anything that fit. This turned out to be a positive outcome, as Rodgers found the "doot-doots" to be captivating enough to keep them in the song. Despite being made for a movie soundtrack, "Romantic Traffic" is one of the Spoons signature songs in part because of that choice in chorus.The video was filmed in the Toronto Subway System at the Bloor and Sheppard stations. Directed by Robert Fresco with one handheld camera, the video was completely off-the-cuff with no script. Regardless of this, Sandy Horne says that it was, "the easiest video we ever did and our most effective".------11. Guests of Video CameraSome of the previous guests have included: Adam Copeland, Sridevi, The Tragically Hip, M.I.A., Eckhart Tolle, Margaret Atwood, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Wyclef Jean, Chris Jericho, Tom Cruise, Bill Maher, James Cameron, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Marlee Matlin, Tim Robbins, Jim Parsons, Michael Fassbender, Jason Segel, Spike Lee, Ricky Gervais, Tony Bennett, Greg Kinnear, John Legend, David Byrne, former President of the United States Jimmy Carter, Larry King, LeBron James, Henry Rollins, Evangeline Lilly, former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, Alanis Morissette, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Howard Zinn, Kings of Leon, Kylie Minogue, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Sean Avery, former Canadian Prime Ministers Paul Martin, John Turner and Brian Mulroney, P!nk, Smashing Pumpkins, David Suzuki, Nickelback, Mike Holmes, Douglas Coupland, Naomi Klein, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Tammet, David Thewlis, Larry Charles, Dana White, Tony Robbins, Gordon Ramsay, Dave Salmoni, Steve Wozniak, Kermit the Frog, and Adrien Brody.Stroumboulopoulos conducted the last public interview granted by journalist and social activist June Callwood before her death.In 2007, The Hour ran a Christmas special featuring musical performances on set. On June 6, 2008, the show featured an hour-long special with British band Coldplay. On December 9, 2008, an hour-long special with actor Tom Cruise aired and on December 31, 2008 ran a New Year's Eve special featuring an interview with former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
Condos Rethink Cameras Over Privacy Concerns
"Condo TV" is fading to black in condo buildings around the province as strata councils draw a line between security and surveillance.Many condominium buildings feature high-tech security systems, some with live feeds to every unit of the comings and goings in entranceways, parkades and common rooms.The B.C. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner has long had guidelines covering audio and video surveillance in condominiums.But an order last year is prompting strata councils to take another look. How cameras were being used in the Shoal Point condo in James Bay brought the issue into sharper focus.In that case, argued before adjudicator Jay Fedorak, some residents of Shoal Point complained that cameras, in addition to security, were being used to collect evidence of minor bylaw infractions -- such as not carrying their dogs through the lobby or propping open doors.Video cameras, including those in the common areas such as the amenity room or the pool, were being monitored regularly by members of the strata council and were intrusive, they said."The common areas are where we gather to socialize, where we play bridge, where we exercise," they said in their complaint. "It is like a family space. Although we do not expect the same level of privacy in our shared space, we do expect to be free from unwanted monitoring or surveillance, whether overt or covert, by the strata council." The Shoal Point strata corporation said that of the 10 video cameras in the complex, seven covered external points of entry. All residents were provided with a copy of its policy guide, which said the video surveillance was for "the detection and investigation of significant breaches of the rules and bylaws of Shoal Point which are defined [as] ... involving security, safety, or protection of common property or in response to complaints relating to excessive noise, suspicious behaviour, property damage, vandalism, theft or other concerns." Fedorak ruled that while video surveillance of external doors and the parkade was reasonable, surveillance used to enforce any strata bylaws was not.He said there was not enough evidence to support the need for surveillance of the pool or fitness areas and ordered those cameras dismantled. While feeds from some cameras to individual units might be popular, there was no evidence about how they increased security, he said.He also found that routine daily viewing of images from the cameras in the absence of a complaint or evidence of unauthorized entry was not reasonable.Most condos are probably in compliance with privacy regulations, said Tony Gioventu, executive director of the Condominium Home Owners Association of B.C.But compliance is complaint-driven so new situations pop up, he said.One new condominium he visited recently was streaming live feeds from all of its cameras -- including one in the pool area -- to screens at the concierge desk that were visible from the street. "It was just mind-boggling. I could see someone swimming in the pool," he said.Gioventu said cameras can be used for security provided people know they are there and the strata has passed bylaws permitting them.There should not be live streaming to units of security video feeds other than of the main entrances, Gioventu said."We call it condo TV. Most buildings you can't click into a different channel to see a different part of the building on the cameras. I think if a strata corporation does that, I think they would be crossing the boundaries of what's acceptable," he said.Jim Burrows, acting executive director for the privacy commissioner's office, said the Personal Information Protection Act puts a lot of emphasis on reasonableness. "So if you need it in a certain place, you have to be able to actually prove that you need it," he said.It's a common misperception that closed-circuit cameras make an area safer, he said. "There's not much evidence that it really does provide much security," Burrows said."There's obviously been singular matters where it's been useful in finding someone after the fact, but not much evidence that it actually prevents anything."
What to Look for When Purchasing a Security Surveillance System
Before you purchase a camera system and make what is many times a significant capital expenditure you need to make sure it is going to serve a purpose and deliver a return on your investment. In order to do this you need to first have a list of objectives that you are looking to accomplish. Some of the most common objectives are as follows:1. Lower internal or external theft 2. Reduce or eliminate vandalism to assets and property 3. Provide video evidence for workman compensation and safety issues 4. Monitor operations of the business, facility or campus Next you will need to determine a simple budget for the project. Your budget should be based on the value you feel the system will add to your business or institution. You should also consider any return on investment that may come from the system (i.e. lower insurance costs, lower workman compensation claims, reduced shrinkage, etc...).With a list of objectives and a basic budget you can now begin to look for the ideal IP video surveillance system that can accomplish your goals. It is important to do some research on your own before talking with different security companies. Also ask friends and business associates for recommendations and to see if you can see their surveillance systems.Once you have some basic understanding of what video surveillance has to offer and you have done some due diligence its time to bring in the security companies. You should select the companies based on how well they fit your needs. Ideally they should have experience in your industry; they should have excellent references or testimonials from past clients, and should have completed projects of comparable size.Each security company will often use different manufactures products to try to meet your needs. Look for products that offer the following key attributes:Once you have proposals from each of the companies carefully review them. Ask questions until you feel completely comfortable with the company you want to choose. Always remember that there is room for negotiations. Don't select an inferior company just because the price is right. Talk with the companies and see what value engineering may be able to be done or discounts that can be applied for various reasons.Lastly carefully review the purchase or lease terms of your agreement. Make sure you know if you will own the equipment or you will be renting it. If you are leasing the system know the buyout terms? Ensure you can meet the payment terms and there are established milestones for when payments will be made.
Push Video: Understand
An Introduction to push videoRace is an independent computer animated sci-fi action film, produced by Hyper Image, a post production and animation studio located in Glendale, California. Written by Rhonda Smiley and directed by Robert Brousseau, it stars James Hereth, Kevin Lewis, Russel Perryman, Jane Roberts, Terry Diab, Bill Mendieta, H.L. Cannon, J.J. Song, and Benita Marti.It was first completed and screened for audiences at numerous film festivals in 2007, including the Winnipeg International Film Festival in Canada, the da Vinci Film Festival in Oregon, Philadelphia's Big Bang Film Festival, Another Hole in the Head Film Festival in San Francisco, and Southern California's FAIFF International Film Festival.Following a pay-per-view run for RHI Entertainment in early 2010, the film was released on DVD by Phase 4 Films in Canada on May 18 and in the United States on May 25, 2010. It hit the US TV movie channels with a premiere on the Showtime Networks on October 14, 2010.The film is 99 minutes long and is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for some suggestive images and action violence.Plot of push videoIn the far future, the interplanetary Alliance staves off war by establishing the high energy Star Car 5000 racing circuit, allowing potential enemies to act out their aggressions on the racecourse. The drivers become revered celebrities, but ruthlessness rules and the stakes grow higher.A victim of corporate betrayal, Team Earth manager Potter (Russel Perryman) still carries deep emotional scars from a catastrophic crash and has vowed to win again - without any sponsorship. His ragtag crew consists of the only three people he trusts; himself, hardheaded driver Trance Caldron (James Hereth) and mechanic Stash (Jane Roberts).Meanwhile, Planet Tagmatia's charismatic leader, Lord Helter (Kevin Lewis), is secretly making preparations for a massive military strike against the peacekeeping Alliance leadership, using his planet's racing team as a convenient way to mask his plans.That is, until Team Earth inadvertently stumbles upon the invasion preparations when they discover the Tagmatians smuggling Shocktrooper robots through the Jumpgates, the strategically vital shortcuts through space.Without help or proof of the plot, Team Earth is hunted by the war mongering Tagmatians. Potter's dream of winning the Star Car 5000 is fading fast.With a pair of adversarial energy beings (Terry Diab) and a dishonest Alliance Chancellor (H.L. Cannon) complicating the proceedings, the situation turns more treacherous.Ultimately, the prestigious Star Car Championship becomes a speed backdrop for a deadly game of cat and mouse, with the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance. Team Earth must push their car, their team, and themselves to the limit just to survive.In a race between good and evil... Winning is everything.Production of push videoBack in early 2000, Hyper Image had just completed animation work on Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles for Sony, when they decided to tackle their own in-house feature.When initial investors dropped out near the end of pre-production, the company decided to keep moving forward, self-financing the project and devoting whatever time and resources they could while continuing to function as a full-time post production house for outside clients.According to director, Robert Brousseau, "We pared our staff down to about 4-5 full time employees and continued to work on the movie as a side project. I would say that 85% of the animation on the film was done by two individuals."As a result, a production that was intended to last a couple of years stretched out to more than six. With limited funding and an expanding schedule, the ability to incorporate new technology as it became available proved impossible. "The length of time to update the assets would have taken 2 years to complete," said Brousseau. "We couldnt chase technology we had to push what we had. That was our goal.The film was completed and mastered in late 2006 and hit the festival circuit the following year. Unfortunately, the struggle continued as Hyper Image battled to find "Race" a spot in the marketplace. Ultimately, it would take another three years for "Race" to finally find direct-to-video distribution through Phase 4 Films.Typically, when looking to acquire a film, we want something thats gonna work [We] work with the sales team to identify what kind of genres work for us, said Jennifer Ansley, vice president of marketing for Phase 4 Films.Promotion and marketing for the independent movie was largely done online, with write-ups and reviews on websites like Ain't It Cool News, CraveOnline, and Forever Geek.
Metrolink Locomotive Cameras Lead to Probes of 2 Engineers
One Metrolink locomotive engineer has been barred from the regional commuter rail system and another is under investigation for allegedly trying to block views of new video surveillance cameras placed in control cabs with the intention of improving safety.Agency officials say they are taking the incidents seriously and want to send a message that tampering with the system will not be tolerated. The cameras were designed to monitor train operators after federal investigators found that an engineer's actions contributed to the deadly 2008 Chatsworth disaster However, attorneys for the engineers' union allege that the video cameras are creating a safety hazard of their own.Changes to sun visors made to accommodate cameras have exacerbated glare and made it more difficult to see locomotive speed indicators, according to statements prepared by the union in connection with a federal lawsuit challenging use of the cameras . The case is being watched as a test of a key safety reform being sought nationwide.The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen alleges that at times engineers face a dilemma, choosing between operating trains without being able to see clearly or trying to block the sun's glare with newspapers and paper towels.Sun visors were moved when the cameras were installed, Metrolink spokeswoman Angela Starr acknowledged. But the agency does not believe the change created a problem, she said. Sunglasses are issued to drivers and the visors are still available, she added.The investigation of the engineer banned from the railroad concluded that he was trying to block the camera's view, she said, first by turning the device and later by putting a visor in front of the lens. The actions were not "to block the glare," Starr said. Union officials declined to comment on the recent cases.A spokesman for the Federal Railroad Administration, which investigates safety issues, said the agency is aware of the disciplinary cases but had received no complaint about possible sun glare hazards related to the video equipment.The dispute over the cameras, the first of their kind in the nation, is one of a series of challenges confronting Southern California's five-county rail service as it tries to recast itself as an industry leader on safety. Among other things, the agency is testing the country's first crash-resistant commuter rail cars , with crushable impact zones, while trying to deliver a highly complex, satellite-assisted collision avoidance system ahead of the rest of the nation.The agency is working to create a fresh start after several high-profile crashes in recent years, most notably the Chatsworth collision with a freight train that left 25 dead and dozens hospitalized. The National Transportation Safety Board blamed the crash on a distracted Metrolink engineer who sent and received text messages just before running a red light. The video cameras, installed last year, are part of an effort to increase oversight of train crews, officials say.The alleged interference with the cameras has not been widespread, officials stressed. "It's unacceptable, intolerable," said Metrolink Chief Executive John E. Fenton . "Our locomotive engineers want to provide safe service. It is very isolated what has happened." Three alleged attempts to thwart the cameras involved one engineer, officials said. That engineer was barred last week from operating any train on Metrolink-controlled tracks, Starr said. Still under investigation is a fourth incident in March, involving a second engineer who allegedly clipped paper to a visor to block the camera.Ironically, the actions were captured by the in-cab cameras - one focused toward the engineer's face and another directed toward the front windshield from behind the engineer."I think the vast majority of our engineers are among the best in the business," said Metrolink board member Richard Katz. But "if you're concerned enough about something you're doing" to tamper with the cameras, he said, "that's a pretty good indicator to us you're someone we need to watch very carefully." After Metrolink installed its cameras, the National Transportation Safety Board called for all of the nation's passenger trains to carry similar equipment . The Federal Railroad Administration, which implements safety requirements, is reviewing the recommendation. But at this point cameras are not considered a safety appliance subject to either federal regulation or federal enforcement actions involving tampering, said FRA spokesman Warren Flatau.For now, Metrolink engineers, who work for an operating contractor, Connex Railroad, face disciplinary action under a contract prohibition on "conduct unbecoming" an employee, according to Starr.The union wants an alternative to cameras, such as jamming non-emergency cellphone calls from control cabs, to be explored, saying that would be more effective in preventing accidents. Video surveillance has increased job strain and chances of error by operators, the union claims. Members are reluctant to vent frustrations, use fatigue-reducing exercises or display bladder discomfort for fear their actions could be misconstrued, the union says in lawsuit documents. Some engineers have been kidded, confronted and harassed about conduct caught by the cameras, the union contends. It further alleges that the devices infringe on worker rights and were installed without proper FRA approval.Stress- and fatigue-reducing exercises are strongly encouraged, and planning bathroom breaks is part of many safety-critical jobs, Starr said. Federal approval of the cameras was not needed, she added. The agency closely controls information captured by the cameras, she said, and does not have evidence that employees have been harassed because of behavior captured by them.The cameras have already proved valuable and are needed because of lessons drawn from the investigation of the Chatsworth disaster, Metrolink officials say."It about enhancing safety," Starr said. "There's no expectation of privacy in a locomotive cab."
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