How long will it take if I want best chiavari chairs sample?

It mainly depends on the required sample's specifications or other customization requirements and sample inventory of best chiavari chairs , and also the production capacity of the manufacturing factory to some extent. In general, it may take a longer time for Foshan San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd to manufacture a customized sample. Or else, if the sample is in stock, the suppliers will arrange the delivery based on the order sequence. Customers can get the required sample as soon as possible. However, if there is not enough stock, the supplier will confirm the requirements from customers and deal with the order in sequence, which will take longer time.

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San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd has gained several patents for its technology applied in production of cafe sofa. chiavari chairs wedding is one of San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd's multiple product series. During the development of San Dun wood upholstered dining chairs, several factors will be seriously considered. Insulation materials, dielectric medium, permittivity, voltage grade, and even the air humidity will be thought of by the R&D team. With powder coated frame, the product is chemical resistance. The product is totally inspected by our QC team with their dedication to high quality. With a sturdy frame, it can hold up for years.

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San Dun will do our best for each product. Get more info!

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