How Much Voltage Does a Led Need?

The typical voltage for a display LED is about 1.5 to 5.0 volts, forward voltage. Be sure to always use a properly sized resistor when connecting your LED. Never connect it directly to a battery or power supply, as it will burn out almost instantly.

1. The New Samsung LED TV's?

I disagree with above poster. Led is way better than lcd & plasma. As the best brand for led, I would say samsung is the best followed by sony & sharp. I do not have led (I only have lcds & plasma) but when I compared led with lcd & plasma on electronic shop, I can see clearly that led is way better than lcd & plasma. They used xbox 360 games & bluray movies as references. As for the tv comparison; they use samsung led, lcd, & plasma.

2. Are Americans So Easily Led / Fooled as the Appear to Be?

They are like sheep just begging to be led to slaughter

3. How do I model an LED with SPICE?

As you stated, there are 3 parameters that dictate the DC response of a diode. Those are the saturation current (IS), the emission coefficient (N), and the ohmic resistance (RS). I was able to fit the curve with a fairly high accuracy, so I will document my model procedure. The SPICE model for the diode closely matches the Schokley diode equation:where Vt = kT/q = 26mV at room temperature.The first thing to do is to get a ballpark estimate of RS to use in the more accurate solutions. You can calculate the effective value of RS from the datasheet values by back-calculating for Vf using the measured If. The voltage difference between the input value and the calculated Vf can be used with the forward current to generate a resistance. At the higher currents, this will be a good starting value.To plot the diode current using RS, you need to first calculate the diode Vf given a voltage for the resistor-diode series combination. Wikipedia lists an iterative function - it converges easily if the resistor voltage drop is significant. This function was easy enough to set up in Excel. For Vf values below 1.8, I hard-coded the input value because the iterative function did not converge. Then take this Vf value to calculate the If of the ideal diode. I plotted this with the original datasheet graph.Using trial and error, you should be able to get a RS value that gets pretty good overlap with the datasheet values. All that's left is to throw the model together in SPICE to verify your work. Below is my diode model that I verified using HSPICE. The simulation data is almost a perfect overlay for the datasheet graph. I used this article, which helped a lot with the diode spice parameters.I cleaned up my spreadsheet, and tyblu has made it available for download here. Use at your own risk, results not guaranteed, etc. .. etc.

4. What circumstances led up to the Protestant Reformation?

It was a number of things and the immorality of the Catholic Church elite told those moral with attitudes that the Papist were a sordid lot seduced by wealth and power. The truth has and always will be a stronger motivation than lies. It was the advent of Martin Luther's love of the truth and the printing press that added power to the Reformation, then came the Bible that King James made possible that produced a Bible in the language of his people and no other Bible has out done its influence. These are some of the things that help brake the power of the popes. But there is one thing that the Catholic Church initiated in this world that no other could afford, it instituted the first universities of higher learning

5. What is better, Mi LED TV or Samsung LED TV?

Hi,Let me answer the question in short.If you want a 4k and a bigger size TV in a lower price, Get the Mi's and if picture quality is the main concern and do not mind spending extra money, Go for the Samsungs.If you do not watch Bluray or Bluray quality rips or do not play console games mostly, an Mi will bring you more happiness and you can save a lot of money too.For nitpickers in picture quality, less input lags and for good HDR performance, I would strongly push them towards Samsung or other brands.

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Out of Doors Dynamic Advertising the Ultimate Advertising Solution Is the Led Video Wall
Outdoor digital signage is the massive growth industry to be in, with the advancement of new technology the solutions are becoming more advanced and unique enabling firms to advertise in regions and to distinct forms of customers for a lower cost than traditional marketing solutions.We have all see the huge electronic marketing billboards at the side of the road, now there is a more affordable solution for outdoor digital signage and this is the flexible video wall.What is a led video wall?Well this is a mass of LED diodes that are cabled together to form an area 1 metre wide x 5 metres long with over 2,200 LED's per 1 square metre segment, what this does is provide a high definition colour (life like), but the results do not stop there, as well as furnishing a major clear photograph or video presentation they also reduce costs.Ok back to the start, these diodes are on a versatile backing, so they can be rolled up or folded, minimising storage space, commonly in the case of music festivals enormous video walls are made from connecting together thin frame monitors, then the image and video is tiled across the tvs using sender and receivers.Fitting a video wall.Generally a flexible video wall at a music concert can take up to 4 hours for 2 men to build, this video wall, can from taking it out of the box to working a test video take up to 1 hour, what a cost saving in man hours. Rather than having to fit the heavy screens to the support structure all you need to do with a flexible video wall is connect the top of the flexible video wall to clamps on the top rig then attach clamps at the sides and bottom, pulling the tensioner straps on the back of the video wall taking up any slack.Storing a video wall.In contrast to the conventional flexible video wall and the issue of storing large flat panel tvs and the mounting frames, a flexible video wall deminishes storage and transportation costs by 76%, owing ability for the product to be stored in a roll or folded up.Now a flexible video wall that is ideal for all weather conditions except snow - but who would want to be out in freezing temperatures watching content?These weatherproof and dust proof solutions are as competitively priced as a normal outdoor digital signage solution with the further benefit that if the neighborhood is to be moved on a regular basis cost savings in labours time as well as storage and transportation costs will prove the flexible video wall as an ideal advertising medium for tradeshows, exhibitions, football stadiums, music concerts, demonstrations and rallies.To recap.It is reported that anyone using a video wall over a common thin frame video wall solution will save 78% on deployment time, will use 76% less space for storage as well as saving 79% on transportation costs. The first investment is around the same as the old technology of the thin bezel video wall but any installer or event organiser can see the opportunities with this product.The writer is an expert in the field of kiosks as well as manufacturing their range of monitor enclosures.
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