How to Arrange LED Lights Can Realize Three Basic Colors

The invention relates to a five lamp arrangement method of three basic color LEDs, which has the following characteristics: each LED is evenly and regularly distributed at an equal distance, the whole display screen is composed of rgbgr square array as the basic unit, and its constituent elements form a square, in which one LED is in the center, and the azimuth order is r in the upper left, G in the upper right and B in the center of the square array, G is in the lower left and R is in the lower right. Five adjacent LEDs form an rgbgr square array, which is taken as the basic unit and evenly and regularly arranged on the display screen. At the same time, there is a B in the middle of any two adjacent rgbgr square arrays, and the distance between B and B is equal. Therefore, another grbrg square array is added.

The arrangement method prominently solves the selection range of LED materials, meets the application of high, medium and low grades in the existing display market, and flexibly adapts to the different needs of users for plug-in and sheet led. At the same time, the five lamp arrangement method can be used to improve the monochrome, two-color and full-color display effects for different quality LED materials, Only flexible changes in the collocation of materials can meet the needs of the market.

Source; International LED network

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