How to Change a USB Flash Disk into a Cloud Disk

When you work, you should also often use various online disk services to store some materials and data. After all, the storage space of mobile phones is always insufficient, especially for friends who like to take photos and videos with mobile phones. Many cloud service providers that used to support free photo backup now also start charging, and some even close the service directly, In addition, many popular online disk service providers always worry about the stability of uploading and downloading.

Therefore, if you want to obtain stable and reliable cloud services, it's more reliable to build a private cloud. Some friends may think that the technology of private cloud is very professional and can't do it by themselves. In fact, there are many pre-existing solutions on the market. At present, I use dandelion X1 to realize a function that can share files remotely, which is not only very stable, And the data is completely in their own hands.

In terms of cloud services, we usually use cloud disks, and it is not complicated to obtain private cloud disk services. With dandelion x1, it can be said that it can be done completely by fool operation. We only need to prepare a USB flash disk or mobile hard disk for storing data, and NAS can be equipped if the budget is enough, Then do some simple configuration on dandelion x1, and you can remotely access home data in other places.

1、 Unpacking appearance

Dandelion X1 is a side routing tool with complete routing function and supports wireless networking. Because it is small enough, it is easy to store at home and portable when used outdoors. Especially in urgent need, it does not need additional accessories. It has provided a data cable in the package, Whether using a charger or mobile power supply, it can be used when powered on.

The structure of this bypass box is relatively simple. It provides several necessary interfaces, including micro USB interface for power on and usb-a interface for function expansion. Finally, there is an RJ45 network interface supporting wired networking. The usb-a interface can be used to connect USB flash disk and other storage devices, as well as install 4G network card to realize networking function, The wired network port can be connected by router and PC, so this router is also very flexible to use.

In addition, it can be noted that there is a sign on the front of dandelion x1. In fact, there is an LED light at this position, which can indicate the current state with blue, red and other colors. We usually use the intelligent networking function. After setting, the LED light will be blue and always on. If the LED light is not on during normal power on, it means that it has a fault and needs to be checked.

2、 Intelligent networking

After the dandelion X1 is powered on and connected to the Internet, we can enter the dandelion cloud management platform for intelligent networking and private cloud disk settings. At this time, a PC can enter through the web side, and a mobile phone can also download the "Dandelion management" app for settings.

After entering the management background, find the intelligent networking in the setting items. Next, just follow the prompts and set the networking name, members and other information to complete the networking. On the member side, we can choose hardware members such as dandelion x1, or choose mobile phones or PCs equipped with "Dandelion" as software members. Generally, we can use them ourselves, The free version of dandelion intelligent networking is enough.

3、 Create cloud disk

To obtain the private cloud disk function, you need to first connect USB flash disk, mobile hard disk and other storage tools on the USB interface of dandelion x1, then find the application center in the management background and select file sharing. After opening it, you can remotely access the data stored on the USB flash disk through mobile phone, PC and other terminals. In order to improve security, You can also set the user name and password.

4、 Use experience

In addition to using the "Dandelion" app to access and manage the data on the USB flash disk, in the LAN environment, it can also be accessed and operated through the software supporting the samba protocol. For example, on the PC, it can be viewed and managed directly through the resource manager.


Therefore, it is not difficult to see that although dandelion X1 looks very simple, it can provide us with great help in work and life. It can be used as the signal expansion of the router at home. Inserting a USB flash disk can become a private cloud disk with high security. Inserting a 4G network card during business trip can also make it easy for portable electronic devices to surf the Internet. Of course, the most important thing is the private cloud disk function, so that you don't have to carry important data in the USB flash disk when you go out. When the mobile phone space is insufficient, you can also remotely back up at home at any time, which saves a lot of trouble and is safer than all kinds of network disks.

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