How to Create a Media Server for PS3?

Install media sharing software. Very good and reliable program. Just install it, share needed media and enjoy

1. High usage media server performance question Backup solution

firstly I want to thank you for such a detailed and well-written question, I only wish that 10% of the questions we got here were as cleanly thought out and explained.The first thing to point out is that I do not think you should be thinking of moving to a 54xx-series Xeon - they are not only very old and inefficient (both in terms of capability but also watts/heat) but they've been replaced - TWICE. There was a simply huge jump in performance between the 54xx-series and the 55xx ('Nehelam') CPUs, especially for the general web server usage you appear to have. The second thing to point out is DON'T USE RAID 0, ever, especially with large, probably consumer-grade (such as option 3's 'green' disks), SATA disks - it will impact your system availability enormously. Always use a higher RAID level, even the much-hated R5 if you have to over R0 ok. So that's option 2 out.Now obviously you are happy with, I was not aware of them but they seem fine and if you are happy then you are doing well. You do not mention whether you NEED the uptime capability that two servers gives you or whether it's a WANT/LIKE. The reason I ask is that offer a 55xx-series Xeon-based solution that will not only outperform your current pair of 3220's but by some margin. If you could get one of those with the storage you like (if you can try to get RAID 10 - it will perform and be safer) then I think you would be happy.

2. Can anyone tell me how to set up a media server conection from my plystation to my computer?

I am wondering the same exact thing... I wish I could help you, but Im going to keep an eye on your thread. Thanks for posting a question I was in need of an answer to as well

3. I want to use my computer as a media server for my ps3?

Download TVersity, its a free program. load all your media files into tversty, fire up your PS3 online, go to the music section on your XMB, click on the TVersity logo. there's your files

4. digital dvd,media server,external hardrive, questions.?

Another thing to look into might be the popcorn hour ad-110 or the hdx 1000. You can install a hard drive in them and run it completely off that or you can stream your files from another computer. If you do some research on these you will find they each have their pros and cons but are both made in the same factory and essentially do the same thing. They are also pretty customizable if you want to get into the guts of the system and want to mess around with the code and skins etc. You can also hook this up to a home server and stream all of your files off of that computer to get the experience you want.

5. How do you create a media server on your laptop so that ps3 can find it?

however if you want to stream Itunes content then you are out of luck

6. how can i make my old acer laptop into a media server?

acer computers are one of the worst computers made, I would not suggest to anyone to get an acer, unless they are short on funds. You need a much better computer to be a media server

7. Choosing hardware for Flash Media Server

What sort of network connection are you planning to have? the reason I ask is that we stream at around 6Mbps, a thousand unicast users at that speed is around 6Gbps - your server will keep up but will your switches/load-balancers/firewalls/routers?As for a server, well for consistent 6Gbps of traffic (plus the ingress and transcoding work) you should really use a 'proper' server, i.e. not a desktop PC pretending to be a server, with at least 4 recent Xeon or Opteron cores, 6-12GB memory, a 64-bit OS, a pair of hardware-mirrored fairly standard boot/app disks and a pair of 10GB NICs (it's much harder to consistently feed multiple 1GB NICs). Then your choice of OS based on your available skills base.

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The port 8888 is a Websocket Secure port. You have to use -Dkms.url=wss:// or change your kurento.conf.json in Kurento Server to expose the 8433 port and them you can use a ws:// protocol1. Setting Plex media server on Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop?Go into the Plex web app and ask it to scan your Music folder2. Can Linux GUI be installed on a Linux media server?Corbett Baker is right and wrong (no offence, CB); Yes, x windows can be run on any Linux version, server or desktop. Some server versions (I believe Ubuntu Server, for example) do install with a GUI, but most do not , as what one is supposed to do is have the server in the server closet and then run it over SSH and netcat from your desktop machine. n But Corbett Baker is mistaken when he says that either GNOME or KDE are least taxing. Generally speaking, unlike Windows, the GUIs in Linux are ALL fairly lightweight. But they all do draw a fair amount of RAM and video memory, so you would want to minimize the footprint of the GUI. GNOME and KDE do not minimize much of anything, since they are GUIs for desktop systems. n So actually, the very least taxing (and least user friendly) is the original X Window (XDM). Next up are the LightDMs, such as LXCE and XFCE, and you can compare them here (Comparison between LXDE and Xfce) then there is also lubuntu (that's with the letter "L", lower case) or kubuntu, which you can install using this command: 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop'; KDE is the mother GUI, if you will, of kubuntu, but it's fairly light. n Personally, I would go with XFCE, if your system is REALLY old, (like, more than 5 years old) or GNOME 2 (GNOME fallback), which can be installed using this command: 'sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback'. No single quotes, no period, but do not forget the semi-colon between the two commands or Linux will get mad at you. GNOME 2 is not that light, but it's not as oomph-y/heavy as GNOME 3, and is equally user-friendly.Can Linux GUI be installed on a Linux media server?.3. Can I set-up the PS3 Media Server with the 'Map network drive' option on My Computer (PC)?Ps3 Network Drive4. PS3 Media Server Installation on 14.10Your problem is that there is no package available for 14.10 - the PPA only has packages for versions up through 13.04. See the PPA info here for supported versions. It appears that the PPA has not been updated for going on two years.5. how do i connect to a media server on my ps3?Your PS3 is not a media server. that's a media server shopper, so your acquaintances are actually not choosing up your PS3, it would could be that your PS3 is choosing up a media server working on their pc's6. High usage media server performance question Backup solutionsounds like the exact usecase for file-like distributed/replicated systems. there are lots of them, my first options would be mogileFS for simplicity or GlusterFS for maturity.specifically, i would use mogileFS if i have full control of the code (likely in web applications), and GlusterFS if not (more common on LAN setups and desktop apps).7. Access to the media server is denied?Denying Access To Your Pc8. PS3 media server lagging problem with videos even with fast connection?This Site Might Help You. RE: PS3 media server lagging problem with videos even with fast connection? I have verzion fios DOWNLOAD SPEED 28.17 Mbps UPLOAD SPEED 19.86 Mbps Obviously this is not some elite speed but its pretty decent for the things I need to do When playing movies that are about 4GB in size wirelessy with ps3 media server why does it lag so much? I dont think my...9. How can I find the bottleneck in my media server setup?It could beSignal strength and signal quality do not always go hand in hand. Think about somebody shouting in a tunnel-the volume is there, but the clarity will be drowned out by an echo.One test would be to set up a new SSID and password and connect only the Apple TV and your streaming computer to it (temporarily) and see how that goes.
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