How to Use Electric Soldering Iron Video

The preparation tools for electric soldering iron before use include: electric soldering iron, solder wire, rosin, sponge, hole plate and components.

Video content steps:

2. Adjust the position of components, insert them on the hole plate and prepare for welding.

3. Touch the preheated electric soldering iron with the copper sheet on the hole plate and the pins of components to heat it for a moment. During heating, lean the inclined plane against the element foot to maximize the heating area.

4. Then place the solder wire to the heating place of the electric soldering iron to melt the solder wire between the copper sheet and the component pins to form a wave shaped solder joint. Remove the solder wire and then remove the electric soldering iron. The welding time shall not be too long. If necessary, clamp the welded components with tweezers to dissipate heat. The surface of the solder joint should be smooth and bright, with an appropriate amount of tin, but no tin thorn, showing a sinusoidal peak shape.

5. After the welding place is cooled, cut off the excess pins of components with pliers.

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