I Have a Question About an Irish Fairy Tale...?

It's the story of the leaving of the Tuatha de Danann (The irish gods) to the otherworld. (think like Avalon, or Valhalla) And of yes Oissin who rode away from Tr na ng, but was forewanred that should his feet leave his magikal horse, he shall be barred from the otherworld forever. He rode around Ireland on his horse, of which he fell off whilst helping 2 irish men a stone, and lost his immortality. He lived long enough to pass it on to Saint Patrick, which might actually symbolize the druids (perhaps actually the tuatha de danann?) leaving Ireland when Saint Patrick converted the people. I fear i may have misanswered your question partially, please correct me if im wrong.

1. Is Plato's Atlantis just a made up fairy tale?


2. I'm writing a fairy tale...?

thts kewl tht yur writing

3. Receipe for fairy cakes and decorating them?

Check out your local supply sotre or craft store in the baking dept

4. Would you buy a personalised letter from the tooth fairy?

no thats going to far out there just put some money in a bag under the pillow thats all you need to do

5. Why is the tooth fairy so cheap at times?

I guess times can be tough everywhere

6. What is a aqua fairy?

Aqua is latin for water. So an Aqua fairy would be some mythical "person" from the sea

7. What is another word for "fairy god mother"?

[Quote] Main Entry: guardian angel Part of Speech: noun Definition: personal angel Synonyms: advocate, angel, champion, fairy godmother, good angel, guardian spirit, lifesaver, ministering angel, protector [/Quote]

8. Is it illegal to own a Fairy Penguin in WI?

I think it's a great thing to wanna own an exotic pet(: my guess is it's illegal but you could always ask the people selling the penguins?

9. What is the fallacy in comparing evolution to a fairy tale?

Great comments already. i just want to add a thing.. A very common mistake when talking about evolution is saying such things that "man descends from monkeys (frogs, cockroaches, whatever)". That is wrong. Man and monkey had a common ancestor. Saying it in a simple way: Man is not the grandson of a monkey. Monkey and man have a grandparent in common.This mistake is used many times to ridicularize evolution and to piss people off by saying that Darwin called you the son of an ape.This is my contribution. Hope it helps. I am not very knowledgeble of logic.

10. Halloween Party Ideas for a Creepy Fairy Tale Theme?

Maybe you could have a tattered red blood stained cape somewhere with teeth marks in it, and maybe "bloody" paw prints on the ground (sorry if you do not want so much gore :D) and then maybe you could have her basket laying around somewhere with a fake wolf head in it and a bloody axe. Then maybe you could have "porrige" (goldilocks and the three bears) and have it with gummy body parts in it. Then, to go with all this you could be dressed up as a dead goldilocks, little red riding hood, hansel and gretel etc etc. Hope this helped! Just some random ideas I came up with.

11. Would you take financial advice from the tooth fairy ?

Why not! , My dentist tells me Tooth Fairies have the grip of a Pit Bull With her wings she knows how money flies. i am sure she would be ideal to advise me on what to get my teeth into and who is most likely to fly away with my money

12. Where would u find a fairy and r they real?

If you legitimately believe they are real or could be real you should go back to grade school and spend less time posting such questions

13. name of a fairy tale movie.?

Sharkboy and lavagirl?

14. Do you think Fairy Tales are misogynistic at there roots?

Think about Snow White and the 7 dwars- what kind of story is that for little girls? Keeping house for 7 dumpy old guys!

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