I M SAD!! :(,...boohooo?

I like the old Nick more... but I actually LOVE avatar!! :D I loved Franklin and Rugrats! How upseting.... :( hahaha I hate Backyardigans though. So annoying!! The old kids shows were so much better.

1. anyone know any sad songs?

dont forget to remember me by carrie underwood wasted by carrie underwood whiskey lullaby by brad paisly ft. allison krauss concrete angel by martina mcbride cold as you by taylor swift rainy day man by ? live like you were dying by tim mcgraw how do i live with out you by leann rimes we laughed until we cried by jason aldean birthday by taproot seein red by unwritten law music box by thrice behind blue eyes by limp bizkit loves me not by tatu cemetary gates by pantera no time to cry by cradle of filth wake me up when september ends by green day stan by eminem ft. dido little pills by tech n9ne darkness by twiztid your gaurdian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus everybody hurts by REM we are in heaven version] by dj sammy cats in the cradle by ugly kid joe every rose has its thorne by guns n roses its not ur fault by new found glory civil war by guns n roses its not over by secondhand serenade perfect by simple plan where would you go by fort minor ft. holly brooke one by metallica until it sleeps by meetallica i swear by all 4 one right here waiting by richard marx seize the day by avenged sevenfold superman (its not easy) by five for fighting 100 years by five for fighting untitled by simple plan whats hurts the most by rascal flatts stand by rascal flatts bad day by daniel powter broken by seether ft. amy lee the gift by seether 18 and life by skid row i remember you by skid row time after time by cindi lauper in gods hands nelly fartado chasing cars by snow patrol shes a wild one by faith hill ...................the song amazing grace always gets me .... i hope you dance by leann womack there goes my life by kenney chesney when daddy let me drive by alan jackson listen to your heart by dht my heart will go on by celine dion hurt by johny cash everytime by brotney spears when your gone by avril lavigne christina aguilara my immortal by evanescence i will always love you by whitney houstan mad world by gary jules ill stand by you by the pretenders the river by bruce springsteen

2. What are some sad guitar songs?

any john mayer song "dreaming with a broken heart" "good love is on the way" "love song for no one"

3. Does Anyone Know Any SAD SAD Songs?

Gotta Go My Own Way-HMS2

4. What is a good sad anime!!!?

Clannad was sad. Clannad After Story (Season 2) is the sadest anime I have ever seen! Romeo x Juliet is sad, but not till the very end...yeah... Kanon was really sad too. Not as much as Clannad, but its in my top 5 Air TV is the 2nd sadest animes I hav ever seen. So up abover is kind of confusing so here ya go! I listed my top list of saddest animes: 1. Clannad After Story- I died x.x 2. Air TV- I died x.x 3. Clannad- Sad D; 4. Kanon- sad D; 5. The Girl Who Leaped Through Time- Sad D; 6. Full Moon wo Sagashite- really sad ending ;( 7. My Neighbor Totoro- Sad ;( PLEASE NOTE: This is a list of sadiest animes to ME! PLEASE WATCH CLANNAD BEFORE CLANNAD AFTER STORY!!! (dont watch the 2nd season 1st) Numbers 5 and 7 are MOVIES! I've seen each anime at least twice. I

5. Sad Songs that make people cry?

anything by technotronic

6. Is this poem too sad to enjoy?

Maybe someone needs to see this, and yahoo is sending it in triplicate

7. sad quotes?

"The saddest thing in the world, is loving someone who used to love you."

8. any really sad songs?

The Smashing Pumpkins - Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness If you have the money buy the whole album, it's two discs and there's some great sad songs. Stumbleine is one of these songs if you want just one.. Also, check out a band called Brand New. Their album "The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me" is probably the saddest I've ever encountered! Sowing Season can bring me to tears

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