I Understand the Heavy Policy of Electronic Components Industry Issued by the Ministry of Industry a

In order to continuously improve the security guarantee ability of the supply chain of the electronic components industry chain, on January 29, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan for the development of basic electronic components industry (2021-2023) (hereinafter referred to as the action plan), which proposed that the total sales volume of electronic components would reach 2.1 trillion yuan by 2023, and strive to solve some "bottleneck" problems within three years, Inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of electronic components industry.

01 "no device, no product"

Basic electronic components include electronic components and other electronic components without integrated circuits and display devices. They are essential basic units in all kinds of electronic information systems. When explaining the core position of electronic components to reporters, Huang Zihe, vice president of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, made a vivid metaphor: "electronic components are like sand, cement, steel bars and prefabricated plates for building. All electronic products are composed of different electronic components. It can be said that 'no components, no products'."

According to the statistics of foreign research institutions, at present, there are more than 20 types of electronic components, including resistors, capacitors, inductors and potentiometers. There are more than 20 million types of electronic components produced worldwide with different functions, accounting for 80% of the total number of circuit components, 70% of the circuit space, 30% of the total cost of components and 70% of the assembly cost.

The basic role is prominent, and the scale characteristics are also obvious. Data show that the total output value of electronic components industry accounts for about 1 / 5 of China's electronic information industry. According to Yang Xudong, deputy director of the electronic information department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic components have been widely used in intelligent terminals, automotive electronics, 5g communication, Internet of things, aerospace, energy transportation, military equipment and other fields. Taking multilayer chip ceramic capacitors (MLCC) as an example, the average number of MLCC used by each mobile phone exceeds 1000, the number of MLCC used by each communication base station exceeds 6000, and the number of MLCC used by each new energy vehicle exceeds 10000.

"As a strategic product of great significance, the independent and controllable supply chain of electronic components is the basic guarantee for the survival, development and safety of many industries," Zhou Ji, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of the school of materials of Tsinghua University, told reporters.

Zhou Ji pointed out that unlike integrated circuits, basic electronic components are difficult to integrate due to the variety of materials and processes involved, and are mostly used in the form of discrete devices, which makes the proportion of electronic components in the circuit larger and larger, constitutes the main part of the weight, size and energy consumption of the whole electronic machine, and also restricts the further miniaturization of the electronic system The main bottleneck of high performance development. It can be said that the miniaturization, chip, film and integration technology of basic electronic components has always been the strategic cutting-edge technology competed by developed countries.

"At present, basic electronic components are entering a new generation of components with new electronic components as the main body." Liu Wei, chairman of Guangdong Fenghua High Tech Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that it will basically replace traditional components. Electronic components have gradually developed from the original "only to meet the miniaturization and new process requirements of the whole machine" "Meet the characteristics proposed by the development of wider digital technology and microelectronics technology", and it is a complete set.

It can be seen that the new electronic components reflect the development trend of contemporary and future electronic components towards high frequency, chip, miniaturization, thin, low power consumption, fast response rate, high resolution, high precision, high power, multi-function, modular, composite, modular and intelligent. The safety and green of products are also important factors affecting their development future and market 。

02 "neck sticking" risk still exists

Benefiting from the rapid development of Internet products, consumer electronics and other industries and the gradual transfer of international manufacturing to China, China's electronic components industry has developed rapidly since the 1990s. According to Yang Xudong, China has formed an electronic components industry system with the largest production and marketing scale, complete categories and basically complete industrial chain in the world. According to statistics, 20 In 19, the overall sales revenue of the national electronic component industry exceeded 1.86 trillion yuan, with tens of thousands of enterprises, which can basically cover the existing market demand.

"Although China has reached the international advanced level in some fields such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors, printed circuit boards and semiconductor discrete devices, China's basic electronic components industry still faces many deficiencies, such as large but not strong, lack of leading enterprises and weak basic capacity. In particular, there is still a large gap between many high-end electronic components and the international advanced level In terms of RF filters, high-speed connectors, optoelectronic devices, etc., it is still difficult to effectively meet the needs of the downstream complete machine market, "said Gu Qun, Secretary General of China electronic components industry association.

In this regard, Zhou Ji also said that China's total output of electronic components is among the best in the world, but it is not a powerful country. Although the gap between China's basic electronic component technology and the international advanced level is relatively small compared with integrated circuits, some key materials (such as some high-end electronic ceramic powders, electronic pastes, etc.) There is a considerable degree of dependence on foreign enterprises, while the degree of localization of key process equipment and testing equipment of high-end components is not high, and the risk of being "stuck" still exists.

"The application scope of electronic components is wider than that of integrated circuits, and the impact may be greater. Taking Huawei's products as an example, the impact of high-end chip products is mainly concentrated in the terminal field (mainly high-end smart phones). Once the supply of high-end (passive) electronic components is cut off, it may affect not only terminals, but also switching equipment and transmission equipment." Zhou Ji said.

Take MLCC, which is known as "rice for electronic industry" and the largest consumer in the electronic information industry, as an example. How far is this "neck stuck" product in China from the international advanced level? Gu Qun points a small point on the paper with a signing pen, and then tells reporters: "usually MLCC (device) This point is even smaller than that of my point. Foreign technologies can stack 1000 layers of ceramic materials at this size, while China can only stack 100 to 200 layers, and better ones can stack about 500 layers. In 5g base stations, domestic MLCC products can only be used in small batches, which is more than 10 years behind that of foreign countries. Another example is the optical communication chips necessary for the optical communication field of massive information transmission The gap between optical fiber filters is also about 5 years. "

It is understood that the global market share of the ten largest MLCC manufacturers in Japan and South Korea is close to 80%, among which MLCC is Japan's Murata. Its global market share is over 34%, while the market share of Chinese mainland Fenghua hi tech, Yuyang and Sanhuan MLCC enterprises is less than 4%. "Once the international situation changes and the supply of high-end chip resistance capacitance components is cut off, the production order of China's mobile terminals, base stations, automotive electronics and other industries may be disordered, which will seriously affect the deployment of China's new infrastructure," Liu Wei said.

When it comes to China's electronic component industry, there is a "bottleneck" Liu Wei frankly said that the reasons for the problem are more complex, but they can be mainly attributed to three points: first, the investment in the electronic component industry is insufficient, and China's component enterprises mostly develop independently; second, the support of the domestic industrial chain for independent innovation is not perfect. There is still a gap in the stability and consistency of domestic raw materials compared with foreign countries, which restricts the development of domestic high-end electronic components Large scale application in device products; third, at present, the process equipment of domestic high-end electronic components is still mainly imported, and the level of large-scale production process technology and equipment of electronic components needs to be improved. The technology is updated rapidly, and it is difficult for advanced technology to enter China.

03 will significantly boost industrial confidence

It is understood that the action plan proposes a total of seven key tasks from the aspects of promoting innovation, developing industries and service industries, and formulates four safeguard measures, covering industrial overall planning and coordination, policy support, industrial development environment and international exchanges and cooperation According to the overall goal, by 2023, the scale of basic electronic components industry will continue to grow, and the total sales of the industry is expected to reach 2.1 trillion yuan; breakthroughs will be made in key product technologies, and the patent layout will be more perfect; a number of large enterprises will be cultivated, and the revenue scale of at least 15 enterprises will exceed 10 billion yuan.

Through the interview with electronic component enterprises, the reporter felt that the release of the action plan significantly boosted the industrial confidence and aroused the great attention of all sectors of society to the electronic component industry. For them, the release of the action plan is of milestone significance.

Liu Wei said that the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan, which raised the high-quality development of the basic electronic component industry to the national strategic level for the first time. In the opening year of the 14th five year plan, the action plan In the next few years, China will cultivate a number of international giants of basic components such as resistance and capacitance, and the construction of industrial ecosystem will be gradually improved to escort the prosperity and development of China's electronic information industry.

What are the innovations and highlights of the action plan in terms of system and mechanism? According to Huang Zihe, adhering to "doing something and not doing something", the action plan has more pertinence and guiding value for several key electronic components products that are urgently needed for major industrial development, have clear application prospects and are expected to achieve phased breakthroughs; the action plan In particular, we will strive to improve the modernization level of industrial chain and supply chain from point to area in areas with cutting-edge technology, broad prospects and strong traction, such as intelligent terminal market, 5g, new energy vehicle and intelligent networked vehicle market.

In addition, the action plan has more innovatively proposed to guide the construction of credit system in the electronic component industry and promote the self declaration and supervision system of enterprise product standards, quality and safety.

"The release of the action plan is quite innovative and bright for the whole basic electronic component industry and various subdivided fields." Zhao Jiqing, chairman of Guangdong huilun Crystal Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that on the one hand, the action plan By coordinating relevant resources, supporting innovation and breakthrough, encouraging the transformation and upgrading fund of the manufacturing industry to increase investment and encourage the participation of social capital, which is an action of blood transfusion for the manufacturing industry; on the other hand, strengthening the early warning and prevention of unfair competition in the electronic component industry is conducive to the fair and orderly competition order of the industry.

04 need more implementation details

How to promote the real implementation of a policy is a very key step.

For the action plan After the introduction, Xiang Yong, CTO of Guangdong Weirong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that after the introduction of the policy, the development of China's electronic component industry is facing the problems of uneven technological development in various segments, uneven high-level development between electronic component industry and terminal industry, and unbalanced industrial development in various regions. More implementation rules are needed to speed up each segment The planning and layout of the field enables the better developed fields to drive the relatively backward fields; the industrial chain needs to strengthen in-depth cooperation and improve the core technology level of high-end products

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