I Was Replacing a Light Bulb, When the Bulb Blew Off the Metal Top,which Is Stuck in the Socket. now

are there shards and stuff? Then the best way is to cut a potato in half and stick it in and twist. Otherwise, just use a needle nose pliers

1. A 1 watt bulb and a 2 watt bulb are connected in parallel across a 9 volt battery. Which bulb will glow bright?

The 2 Watt Bulb provided that the Bulbs are both rated for the 9 Volt power source!

2. Bulb and fuse tester using a buzzer?

The buzzer should be the easiest. Just hook the circuit up (minus the bulb/fuse) to get the buzzer to sound. This should just be a battery connected to the buzzer. Then break the connection and that's where your DUT (device under test) would go. Since lamps and fuses are not polarity sensitive, it does not matter where you hook them up in the circuit. The only limitation here is that you wo not be able to test a fuse with a lower current rating than what the buzzer draws. Otherwise, you will blow the fuse. Good luck. Greetings from Austin, TX Ken

3. Bulb setting on Nikon d60?

The actual idea behind bulb is that the shutter stays open so long as you have your finger places on the shutter release. It's like that for virtually every camera ever created (The Mamiya RB/RZ 67 does it differently, and I am sure there's at least one or two others). Why you need to do is, as was previously stated, get either a remote shutter release (I am confident that the D60 does not have a cable release) or learn how to stand very very very still. I almost want to say there is a timed shutter mode on your camera as well. Most Nikon would I've run into have it. Just go into shutter priority (the solo "S") and spin the wheel until you seem something akin to 30". That denotes 30 seconds. I've never seen anything last longer than 30 seconds that was not placed on bulb.

4. Which has more resistance: a 100-watt bulb or a 60-watt bulb?

Using Ohm's Law:E = I * R where E is potential in volts, I is current in amperes, and R is resistance in ohms.P = I * E where P is Power in watts. 100 watts = I * 110 volts. 100 / 110 = 0.909 amps.E = I * R. 110 volts= 0.909 amps * R ohms110 / 0.909 = 121 ohms for the 100 watt bulb.P = I * E. 60 watts = I * 110 volts. 60 / 110 = 0.5454 amps.E = I * R. 110 volts = .5454 amps * R ohms110 / .5454 = 201.66 ohms for 60 watt bulb.Without formulas, the qualitative understanding is that the bulb consuming the most power is the one with more current, and thus less resistance, fewer ohms.The calculations assume DC for the sake of simplicity, and ignore the change in resistance when the temperature of the filament changes, but the question of MORE or LESS remains the same. Which has more resistance: a 100-watt bulb or a 60-watt bulb?Which has more resistance: a 100 watt bulb or a 60 watts bulb?

5. 99 subaru ash tray light bulb replacement?

very confusing issue. do a search using bing and yahoo. it can assist!

6. Can I mix and match light bulbs?

Hi, A-19 is the standard bulb you buy everywhere and probaly the type of bulb you have at home. The round bulb in your hand is simply not A-19 but another model of decorative bulb with the same medium base.

7. Does leaving my light switch on with a dead bulb in one socket and a smart bulb in the other use electricity all day even if the smart bulb is off?

dead incandescent will draw no power. dead led or cfl, no such guarantee.Smart bulb always takes a small amount of power if the switch is on, it needs some power to know when to respond and turn on

8. what's the difference between an ordinary bulb and a plant bulb?

Any bulb you put into the ground with the expectation of it growing and delighting you with beautiful flowers is a plant bulb - I do not know of any other kind, except those you screw into a lamp socket expecting to get light. maybe you could elaborate a bit. Until then, dud!

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How Do You Change the Headlights of a 94 Chrysler LeBaron
How Do You Change the Headlights of a 94 Chrysler LeBaron
I just did this and it's relatively easy, once you remove the 4 bolts that hold the headlight assembly into the chassis frame.. .For example, to remove the left front headlight;. .It takes a 9006 low beam bulb, OEM is 51 watts If you buy a halogen upgrade, it will be a 55 watt bulb I do not know if you can put a super xenon bulb in there, it may harm the harness, I do not know so do not rely on me for that.... .Lift the hood Get a socket head wrench and some SAE (standard) sockets. Find the socket that fits the bolt head just above the headlight. I think it is a 3/8's or slightly larger.. .There are 4 bolts screwed through the frame into the top of the headlamp assembly. The bolts on each end of the headlight are longer and go all the way through the assembly to align it properly.. .Lay each bolt out, on the ground in the order you removed them. The middle two bolts are short, maybe 1 " and the ends are closer to 3.5" long.. .Once the bolts are out, slide the headlight assembly forward. There are two bulbs, a high and low beam. The low beam bulb is to the outside of the car, or drivers side on the left, farthest to the passenger side on the right.. .Most of the time the low beam will burn out since it's used 90% of the time.. .The bulb has a right angle fitting with a wiring harness attached. With your hand or a channel lock pair of pliers, gradually rotate the light bulb base counter clockwise until the unit is loose in the socket holder.. .Disconnect the bulb from the wiring harness and replace it with the new bulb.. .Reverse the process and turn on the headlights to check you have the bulb harness properly attached before finishing up the reassembly of the 4 bolts.. .Your bulb alignment with the ground should not have changed from this work. Have fun...not difficult. Takes about 10 minutes per bulb.I'm recycling my energy saving light bulb. It doesn't work, but don't you think most people just toss them? ?The great thing about modern landfills are they have been around since the 70's and they are designed to keep everything from leaching into the ground at least for a while. At minimum they are lined with a thick layer of plastic and many also have a layer of clay. The bad thing is fluorescent lights have been in use since the 60's and few people were aware that they contained mercury until recently. So, millions of bulbs containing mercury are in our landfills and some will leach into our soil and water. The good news is more information is getting out and cities are making it easier to dispose of the bulbs properly.Can someone please tell me which light bulb I need for the map light in my 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES 2.4L.I can't seem to find out what size?Take it out and go to a brick car parts storeHow many gods does it take to screw in a light bulb?None. Since He's omnipotent, it's just as easy for Him to create a light socket with a light bulb already in placehow do you change a light bulb in a harbor breeze ceiling fan?the actual dome that covers the light screws outWhat CFL bulb mimics the color of incandescent bulbs. I dont want that white white white light look ?Wow you want to get discovered. "smooth white" is a colour tone. all kinds of bulbs(incandescent, fluorescent, led) should be "smooth white" colored. If it is formed like a bulb, it is incandescent. If it is formed like a spiral, and has plastic parts, it is fluorescentLight bulb broke in switch and shocked me when i tried to pull it out?the first two answers are correct. try using a potato to get the piece out that's still in there after you turn the light off. jam the potato into the socket then try to screw the base of the bulb out.
DIY 9 Volt LED Emergency/Backpack Flash Light
Just what you need for an emergency or a camping trip! It's small, it's bright it runs off one of the most common and versatile battery's around the 9 Volt. You can switch it on and off and its so small you can fit it any where. You can carry it every day and doesn't weigh much in your pocket or pack plus it is super efficient! Its the perfect Emergency/Backpack LED Flash light!1: You will need two 9 Volt battery's one good one and one dead the dead one is a parts donor.2: You will need one 9 Volt battery top.(see picture parts donor 9 Volt)3. You will need one 9 Volt battery bottom.(see picture donor 9 Volt)4. You will need 3 wires one black one red and one copper wire. (see picture each one about 2" in length) 5. You will need one small but strong magnet.(see picture)6. You will need 3 white LEDs.1. You will need a Push Pin (Be careful! It is Sharp!)2. You will need some solder (Use the stuff with out lead)3. A soldering iron. (Be careful! It is hot!)4. Wire strippers (You could use a razor blade if you don't have wire strippers but be careful! don't cut yourself)5. Hot glue gun and glue. (Be careful! It is hot hence hot glue!)6. Small screw driver to pry open the battery(Be careful! Don't stab yourself!)Now that you have been warned of all the hazards! Don't blame me if you do something dumb! Pro tip: Use wacky tack poster tack to hold your parts in place for assembly. (Don't eat this!)To find a good parts battery, I use my old smoke director battery's that I replace each year. They work great for parts and some times they work for the flash light too and will power it for weeks or a month.Here is a good look at some common 9 volt battery's and what there is in them for you to salvage. I like the Duracell's! for the donor battery. As for led's you can find them every where I got mine from a broken 4' led replacement T8 light bulb. You can find them in McDonald's toys, light bulbs in the house, key chain flash lights that people toss when the button cells die. You can find them in old sidewalk led lights is a good source.There all over the place take a look around.First off be careful! don't stab your self with the screw driver or cut your self on the metal 9 volt case because it is sharp as a razor!First pry up one side of the 9 volt as shown.Then start to pry around the edge until it is wide enough to pull the inside out. As shown. First place all three led's on there side lined up next to each other on the black 9 volt battery bottom and use the push pin to make small holes at the end of on the metal leads in the black 9 volt battery bottom you should have 6 holes. Note: Push just enough to get the tip of the push pin through, if you push it all the way through the hole will be to big.Now line up the LED's from minus to plus all in a row then push them through the black 9 volt bottom as shown. (see the picture on how to tell plus from minus on an LED.)First cut the copper wire to and lay it between pin 2 and pin -3 and solder the wire and pin 2 & 3 together as shown.Now cut the copper wire to and lay it between pin 4 and pin -5 and solder the wire and pin 4 & 5 together as shownNow the LEDs are in place go to step three.Now that you have the LED's soldered in place now solder on the power leads on and use your wacky tack to hold the leads in place as shown. Don't forget to check what side is positive and what side is negative check the picture on step two to figure this out if you don't know. Once you have the positive and negative leads soldered on then rap them around like the picture as shown.Now test it to see if you did step two right touch the red to the or positive and the black to the - or negative if it lights up you did it right! if not go back to step two and review.The next step is to attach the the power connectors and solder them in place.Remember the plus and minus are reversed from the battery Now that you have the wires squished between the two sides make sure the wires are with in the foot print of ether side. Now lay it on it side and squirt hot glue in the middle just enough that it comes to the sides and let it cool and get hard enough not to move.Next turn it over and squirt glue in the middle on the other side and just enough that it comes to the sides and let it cool and get hard. Once you have it mostly full, now take it and turn it on each and finish fill each side until full.Pro tip: find some metal and as you fill the last bit press it on the metal and it will press it smooth and cool it quickly at the same time. It will give it a smoother better finished look.So now that you have it done you can stick a magnet to the side of the 9 volt and mount it any where. If you hook the light on to one side of the battery and turn it on the connector until it makes contact with the other side you can use it like an on and off switch. I like to keep a few of them mounted under my bed to the bed frame In case of an emergency at night this way I always know where my flash light is.
Google Glass Surgeon's New Best Friend? What One Surgeon Is Saying About Tech
It's hard to think of a way we live that Google hasn't touched. And now, you can add surgery to the list. It all starts with Google Glass, which lets an expert lend a helping hand in the operating room, even when he or she is in another state.At the University of Alabama-Birmingham, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brent Ponce, prepared for a shoulder replacement. Behind his face shield he wore Google Glass -- the wearable computer. Its built-in camera streamed live video of the procedure to another surgeon 150 miles away in Atlanta, where Dr. Phani Dantuluri not only watched the surgery, but offered a virtual hand. Dr. Brent Ponce uses Google Glass during surgery. CBS A ghostly projection of Dantuluri's hands was superimposed over what Ponce saw on the operating table. The merged images appeared in Ponce's Google Glass display. Asked what it was like when he first put on the Google Glass, Ponce said, "There's a little bit of a light bulb experience. We were able to say, not just 'go left or right' or 'up or down,' but we were able to say 'right here,' 'right there,' 'go faster from here to here'."On one day, Ponce and Dantuluri were testing Google Glass paired with VIPAAR, a videoconferencing platform that allows users to interact with the picture. CBS It may be another year before the combined technology goes mainstream. Ponce is the only doctor testing it in surgery. Ponce said, "With this technology, if I'm struggling, another surgeon is able to say, 'Hey, get your head in the game. Let's do this, let's do this.' And they're able to walk through it together. So it's a little bit more of a safety net."Asked if it turns surgery into collaboration, Ponce replied, "Without question."VIPAAR plans to expand the pilot program to include more surgeons by the end of next year.
Strobe Light Bulbs in Turn Signals of a Vehicle?
Strobes are to bright for a car. They blind other drivers1. What is a good beginner strobe light kit?Totally agree with Perki. I would guess that lighting kits are probably one of the most rip off items being sold today. There are tons and tons of pure garbage on the market at a low price that really looks appealing to the unknowing. But it is junk that will not hold up, and even when new has limitations that will hinder your progress. Do yourself a big favor and buy quality lighting in the beginning. If you do not , you just will be later, and then you are out the cost of the initial junk plus the new lighting. The Alien Bees are a very good quality to cost item, and you have plenty of support for them right here in the US, (Nashville, Tn to be exact). As for the green screen, you will soon grow very weary of having to spend hour upon hour in computer software trying to replace backgrounds in green screen portraits. It is ok to use once in a while, but not as your only background source. You need REAL backgrounds. Get good with your lighting and produce photos that are good to go right out of the camera. You will thank yourself for doing it the proper way. steve2. DO YOU HAVE TO STOP FOR SECURITY GUARD STROBE LIGHTS?Security can stop you leaving the area if they suspect you are doing something illegal. That is well within their rights3. Why is it that when I use my strobe light with my digital camera my photos come out grainy?It sounds under exposed. Are you shooting in manual? Have you metered or gray carded and white balanced. I taught a lighting/modeling seminar this week and there were a few D70's there with no problem, so I suspect it must be something you are doing. Edited to add - avg shutter speed 60 - 1254. Class One Officer for New Jersey, Installing red/blue strobe lights in car?Even if you are a cop, it's illegal in some states, legal in others, and in others (possibly including NJ) you would need a permit. Obviously the best thing to do is ask your supervisor. If you are not too eager to do that, then obviously you already must realize that this is not the greatest idea! I do not see the need: Lights are needed when responding to and dealing with emergencies. But 99.9% of the time, a police officer only does that when they are on duty. And when an officer's on duty, they are already in a vehicle equipped with lights, sirens, etc. It may also be illegal for an off-duty police officer to use lights in their own vehicle when there is not an emergency. So overall, it seems like it would be pointless because you would hardly ever need them.5. Does the Pelican 7060 LED have a strobe feature?No, it only has a high and low mode for brightness. I would look around as you can find a brighter light with a strobe feature for equal or slightly more money. Search Candlepowerforums for your flashlight questions. Also, look up Fenix flashlights, as they are the company that comes to mind for a flashlight similar but with strobe. If the dual button config is important to you, look at streamlight, as they have a light with dual buttons and multiple brightness modes and a strobe mode (max lumens 225). Cannot remember what it was called though.6. Softbox Strobe Bard Doors?Barn doors are designed to be used on the strobe head itself, as is the softbox. They are not designed to be used at the same time. Even if you could jury rig it together, the light will spread as soon as it passes the edge of the doors and the softbox will diffuse it, rendering the barndoors pointless. If you need to flag off the softbox get some black fabric, duvatine is best, and lay it over the areas you do not want light to pass7. What's wrong with me and strobe lights?Nothing is wrong with you. Happens to quite a few people
Comedy and Funny Stories About a Boat: Boating on the Lake at Lake Crescent
Funny Story About Boating On The Lake at Lake CrescentOne of my favorite funny stories is the pool story - the misadventure I had diving in. Of course I could not stop there and somehow it seems that I have many more funny stories about water. There seems to be some sort of magnetic comedic draw between me and water. Unfortunately, I have quite a few of these stories involving water in some form or another. As well, I seem to have dragged my poor unsuspecting children along with me at times in my endeavor to enjoy what I like to call 'water sports' but would most probably be better termed 'Audrey's water accidents' - and most often, they involved Patrick, our middle son!Boating On The Lake at Lake CrescentThis particular funny story took place in the beautiful Northwest where we lived for 23 glorious years. This adventure was part of a camping trip that I will touch upon in a later hub as this was not my only adventure during our stay there - much to the delight of fellow campers around us! But this was my best water adventure though during our camping stay. Most often, Lake Crescent is a tranquil place, set in the magnificent Olympic National Rain Forest - a few hours drive from the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state where we lived. It is reported that this lake at its deepest point is 1 mile deep - and it is the clearest lake by far that I have ever seen. It is fed by mountain run-off and is therefore quite cold! (do ya think?) It is also quite HUGE and should be daunting to anyone who decides to set foot (or boat) in it. Enter Audrey and her brood. I have to point out that this is also one of my favorite Patrick stories - who thankfully has a wonderful sense of humor and has never held my adventures against me. He in fact, has literally patterned himself after me - a virtual chip off the old clumsy block as it were. He has stumbled along in my footsteps much to my delight, and sometimes much to my horror! We always have stories to laugh about though it seems and we always have notes to compare. It is after all tough being a quasi-Lucille Ball's child. As in most of my adventures, I thank my lucky stars that nothing more serious came of this little 'incident' and hope you enjoy reading about my comedic adventure as much as I love telling it. It brings back memories of good times with my kids - albeit a little insane! The line from Wizard of Oz frequently comes to mind where I'm concerned - 'If I only had a brain'.Setting the SceneWe had gone on this little camping trip to the Olympic National Forest and I had already had a misadventure or two - but I was not letting this get me down. I was bound and determined that my children should enjoy their camping trip and have many wonderful memories to take home with them. The second day of our trip, Bob decided since it was such a beautiful day out that we would skip hikes and Hurricane Ridge and instead go to the lake across the way from our campsite and just enjoy the sun and the swimming. As usual, our oldest son Jonathan was chomping at the bit with his ADD and wanting to do something 'physical'. Being sports-minded himself, Bob thought nothing of offering to rent a rowboat and get Jon out onto the lake as soon as possible. Of course, that left me with the 2 smaller kids, Patrick and Katie. (The kids at this time were roughly 10, 8 and 6).  Katie was not of a mind to go out in the boat and happily set about swimming and building sand castles on the beach. After about an hour though, Pat started to voice his opinion of 'always being left behind'. To back up here a bit, Patrick is on good days severely visually impaired - on bad days, legally blind pretty much. Although we did not pamper him in the slightest (he played soccer, he skied, water skied, played basketball, etc), Bob was a little worried about letting him do certain activities sometimes. He would err on the side of caution and it was probably very hard for Pat to watch Jon get to do virtually 'everything' while we tried to protect him a bit. All that said, he is now getting really ticked - he is sitting on the blanket supposed to be playing with his 'dorky' sister as he called her at that moment while Jon got to do 'everything' - as usual - and with dad!! This went on for quite some time and I was truly beginning to see his point after a bit - mostly because I was trying to get some sun and fun and I was stuck with my indignant son who was totally NOT going to shut up until he got some validation of his complaints! When Bob and Jon put into port so to speak, turned in the rowboat and came walking towards us down the beach, I jumped up and proudly announced that this kind of thing just wasn't fair - we could not have Patrick being left out of things while Jon got to go off and do 'manly' things with his father all the time.  Bob of course protested that he was tired from rowing and he'd had enough of the lake - he just wanted to lie there for a while and maybe play with the kids, eat something and maybe go for a swim. If I was so gung ho to have him get out on the lake, why didn't I just go ahead and rent a boat and take him out? Hmm - Well, looking at Pat's delighted face, how could I say no then? I was a little worried about it because my arms aren't the strongest part of my anatomy with all my years of typing but oh well - whatever made my son happy and made him feel that he was getting equal treatment! I asked Katie if she wanted to join us and she answered a swift 'no way' - and off Pat and I went on our new adventure. The Boating Adventure to End AllIt was about 3:00 or so by now. We ended up getting the rowboat away from the dock (already I was feeling very confident) and out into the open part of the lake. Patrick insisted that he wanted to row, and being the mom who always thought he could do anything he wanted to do, I handed over the oars without question. He was so proud of himself as he sat there rowing away! We were coming up on the breakaway portion of the lake where it leaves the little inlet and were proceeding out into the wider part of the lake. When they say it is clear, they are NOT kidding. One look down through the clear water made me shiver as it went on forever! As I was looking into the water, I happened to notice that the wind had picked up considerably as we had gotten beyond the edge of the protected inlet. We were rocking and swaying a bit more than I was happy about but isn't that boating? About this time, I heard Pat ask me something about 'what are these for?' and looked up just in time to see him slip one of the oars out of the clamp ring that attached them to the boat - and in horror, I watched the wind and 'waves' sort of slap at the oar and then wrench it from his hand! You have to be kidding me! The oar splatted into the water and promptly took off on a course all its own - away from the boat! Before I could utter a swear word or three, I further realized that my brave and brilliant child was bent over the side of the boat ready to dive into the water AFTER it! Oh - my - God! I literally almost had a heart attack. To say that I am not the strongest swimmer would be an understatement - to say that I would be worthless in this type of freezing cold water would also be an understatement! Without a thought, I reached over and yanked Pat by his life preserver and due to sheer panic (that's what I'm sticking with), I slammed him back down into the rowboat and bellowed at him (always good in a panic situation) 'What in blazes are you DOING? Are you out of your mind? You can't dive into this lake out here. It's too deep and it's freezing cold!' Of course, he starts to cry - no one likes being bellowed at - much less in a dicey situation such as this. He kept sobbing 'I'm sorry, mommy - I didn't mean to lose the oar'. Then he really got going and started wailing 'We're gonna DIE!' Nothing like a little panic to ease one's pain when you already have the 'deck' stacked against you! I may panic but I also have great skills when it comes to seizing the moment and deciding it is NOT going to get the best of me. I literally clamped onto his life preserver and said something to the effect of 'Get hold of yourself - LOOK at me. Do I look like I'm going to let us die out here? Have a little faith in your mom, okay? We can DO this! Buck up man!!' (Thinking of course if he didn't, I was going to give him a good swat on the butt if he didn't stop that blasted blathering! - I know - mom of the year award - but I was trying to THINK!) I tried in vain to maneuver the boat around so it would float after the other oar but it was floating away WAY too fast - and if it was possible, the wind was picking up and howling around us - or so it felt. We had nothing on but our swimming clothes and our life preservers - and one oar. But then - I suddenly remembered all my Indian lore from grade school. I conjured up Hiawatha in my mind and the light bulb went on. 'That's IT' I said out loud and Pat stopped his crying to look at me questioningly. 'I know what to do - we'll do just like Hiawatha did and row after the oar! All one need is 1 oar and I can just paddle on one side, then the other, and maybe we'll be able to catch it that way!' It was remarkable to see the pride in my son's eyes and he smiled for the first time in many minutes! He was believing in me and it showed. How could I possibly fail if he believed I could do it? So, grabbing the remaining oar, I proceeded to paddle on one side, cross over the boat and paddle on the other side and voila - we were moving - unfortunately in a bit of a circle but we were moving. I was thinking 'Now if I can just get the bloody knack of this, we might actually have a chance' when I heard a gasp and thud as Patrick fell backwards off the seat into the bottom of the row boat. He was wailing again - only this time he was grabbing at his chest! 'What in the blue blazes are you yelling about now? Can't you see that I'm busy here, Patrick? I'm trying to get us out of this mess and I need a little quiet!' Bummer. He says between cries 'I was trying to be quiet - but did you have to slap me across the chest with the oar?' Hiawatha never had such problems - I can tell you that! I bet she didn't have a little boy sitting in the row boat depending on her! Again - oh - my - God! Could I be any more of a possible klutz? So there we are, in the middle of the lake - I've given up all hope of the damned oar at this point - let it float to the sea for all I give a rip! I've had it....I'm stuck in the middle of the lake with my little boy who I've been trying to show a good time and all I've done is scare the living crap out of - not to mention pummeling him with the oar! Oh I just can't WAIT to get back to shore (if that ever happens) and hear what good old dad has to say about this one! I can count the 'I told you so's' into the millions! I finally got Pat settled back down. He is looking at me now like I have 5 heads and I am evil beyond belief (and who can blame him?). I try to reassure him that there will be no more paddling - and he asks me timidly 'but doesn't that mean we aren't going back to shore - aren't we floating further and further out, mommy?' 'No kidding, Sherlock! I had to take that few moments out though to make sure I had not cracked your chest open - but hey - I'm back on track now.' I told him to just sit quietly and let mommy think - oh GREAT plan! Ah - I've got it! I tell him not to move while I stand up in the rowboat - no easy feat because I am NOT comfortable on boats - especially ROCKING boats. I look to the shore where I can clearly see my husband and my other 2 children sitting on the blanket - no doubt eating! I begin to wave my arms in a distress signal - waving back and forth, back and forth! I'm mentally transmitting the message 'HEEEEEELLPPPPP' and screaming it to boot. Of all the unmitigated gall - the guy waves back!! Then Jon waves back - now Katie is waving back! Are they brain dead or something? Who in their right mind is standing up IN A BOAT and waving - panic waving? (I truly get no respect) I tell myself to calm down - Rome wasn't built in a day. Obviously transmitting messages with one's arms (and by mental telepathy) is harder than I thought. So now I start to JUMP up and down in the boat and wave frantically - followed predictably by my son starting to scream! And Our Funny Story ContinuesOh - My - GOD!!! I have fallen into a nightmare and I can't wake up!! Here I am on the lake rocking the crap out of the boat (literally) with my poor minimally sighted son - he is never going to be the same and it is ALL my fault! The fact that we are probably going to capsize any moment doesn't add a lot to this situation that is positive. And as if it couldn't get any worse - my husband stands up and I think 'whew - he's seen us and he knows that there's a problem....go get the sheriff Lassie, we have work to do!' But oh no - it couldn't go that way of course - because it's me! He stands up - Jon stands up - even Katie stands up - and they are all waving! I'm surprised that the whole damn beach wasn't waving! 'HELL----OOOOO - are you guys insane? I know I'm a half rack short out here, but come on!!' I finally sink down into the boat and just cover my face with my hands and start to cry. I finally hear silence - blessed silence. Pat has stopped crying. He comes up and puts his arms around me and pats me on the back and says bravely 'It'll be okay mom - we'll probably float into the shore someday and someone will find us'. Great! About this time, I hear frantic screaming - female voices. I look up to see a woman and her teenage daughter in a paddleboat coming straight at us! They are both yelling 'Are you okay? Do you need help?' Imagine that! Someone actually got that I wasn't performing 'the wave' or being overly friendly towards the people on the shore while in the middle of the blasted lake! Somehow I transmitted my panic and fear of death to someone - wouldn't you know it would be women? As I watch in total amazement, another 2 women on paddle boats come out from behind the first 2 - by George, this is an organized rescue! They yell encouragement to us and branch off. They take off at a mad pace after the oar that has now drifted quite a ways down lake but thankfully is going over towards the shore! They sprint after it in their paddle boat and come back with it happily while the first paddle boat grabs hold of our boat to keep us from drifting farther out. I'm of course caught between laughing and crying and Patrick is asking over and over 'Can we go back to shore now, please?' About this time, I look up to see the Lone Ranger and his sidekicks - my dear husband and my other 2 children - arriving on a THIRD paddle boat. A little late to be the rescue ship, don't ya think? He no sooner appears than I let loose with 'Hello - what is wrong with you - do you not know that a woman generally doesn't jump and down in a row boat and wave?' And true to form, Bob (and Jon and Katie for that matter) are just laughing away! The first lady is telling him how they have come out to rescue me because they saw that I was in trouble and 'distressed' - and how the second paddle boat has rescued the oar and are heading back towards us - no worries! Of course Bob can't resist. As he pulls up next to me, hugs me and hugs Pat a bit and tells us we CAN and WILL paddle back the rest of the way to the dock with the oars - he announces to everyone gathered around.....'Well, this doesn't surprise me in the slightest because you see, my wife has NEVER had both oars in the water'......And away they all paddle in their paddle boats laughing hysterically! Truer words were probably never spoken - we did have a good laugh about it - much later. Patrick did eventually forgive me my faux pas on the water as you will see in a later escapade involving water and him! He is one resilient fellow, I have to give him that and more! flickr donjd2Epilogue to Funny Story About Boating on the LakeSo what did I learn from this little adventure? Not a lot I'm afraid because I had several more boating/water adventures or disasters after that! What did Patrick learn from all this? Obviously not very much either because he later trusted me yet again and we had another episode or two between us involving water. One thing I did learn - I am DYNAMITE in clutch situations! I am the one you want on your team when something doesn't go right! I am totally dependable, and totally unshakable when it comes to quick thinking and am the epitome of grace under fire. You betcha! I told Pat later it was all a training exercise - just to see if we could brainstorm between us and come out of okay. I don't think he bought it then and I know he doesn't buy it now! Thought for the day: "The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. " Mark TwainPhoto Credits 4 Pictures Aboveflickr IMLS DCCflickr jan tikflickr ken lundflickr zenobia_joy
How to Choose High-quality Recyclable Led Light Bulbs
What is recyclable led light bulbs?Most of the recycling that we do in the world comes from waste. We use different types of plastics, and it is all part of our everyday lives. When we go to school, we can find cheap plastic bags, and if we don't use these plastic bags then we end up with more recycled plastic than what we used to buy. It is very hard to find cheap plastic bags, and there are many great things about them that you can do to help reduce waste.Yes, it is very important to buy low-quality lead light bulbs. The first step to buying low-quality lead light bulbs is to check their quality and compare them to similar ones. When you compare the different kinds of lead light bulbs, you will get a better idea of what kind of lead light bulbs are used in the future. If you have good experience in buying low-quality lead light bulbs, then you will be more likely to recommend them to you.As soon as you read a newspaper article about recycling, you are automatically entering into a new recycling program. A lot of people who don't know how to make recycling efficient use of their lives become very frustrated by the results. People don't realize that if they do not waste their time and money to help others, then they will have no way to save the planet. The solution is to get rid of all the waste in the world.Leading light bulbs have come a long way since the 1970s. The number of kinds of led light bulbs in the market has increased by about 40 percent in the last 20 years. As with any technology, it is always better to get more than just one type of led light bulb, but there are many other types of led light bulbs that can be used in different types of lighting. A good LED light bulb will last longer than a regular LED light bulb and will save you a lot of money on electricity bills. In addition to saving money, it will also help you save money on gas.Types of recyclable led light bulbsMany people have found that their best buy is from high-quality manufacturers, and it is good to know that most of the material they are buying comes from renewable sources. The majority of the waste they produce comes from household objects such as pallets, paper, plastics, etc. Some of the materials that are recycled include building materials, tablecloth, plastic bags, paper towel, etc. There are some plastics that are environmentally friendly, but there are also some that are more expensive than those that are made from petroleum. All of these plastics can be recycled in a variety of ways.LED lights are becoming more and more popular. Some of the LEDs that are now in use are as follows: LED solar lights, which are very efficient and make a huge difference to the environment. The following types of LED lights are available in different shapes and sizes. They are mainly used in lighting applications, such as wedding party lighting, family parties, etc. It is best to check if the type of LED lights you are using is suitable for your space. You can also find out how much it costs to make a new LED light by visiting www.carlecountry.com.When we started working on our project, we knew that there were a lot of different types of lighting products available. For example, in the summer, when we first started working on our project, we used LEDs and gas lamps to make sure that our lights were producing the right light. With the use of LEDs, we can create beautiful lighting effects and are now saving a lot of money on our electricity bills. All of these things are very useful for making sure that we have the right type of lighting products to use.Led solar lights are known to last up to 4 years. With the addition of LED solar lights, they can help you save energy and money on your electricity bills. They can also reduce your carbon footprint by 25% compared to conventional bulbs. And with so many different types of solar lights, it's easy to make the right choice. We have come up with a list of the best made led light bulbs in 2020, and there are some really good ones out there. If you want to learn more about led light bulbs, we recommend reading this blog post about them.Style and Design of recyclable led light bulbsThey are an environmentally friendly solution that has never been tried in the home. The idea of recycling is very simple. You just put some plastic into a bucket and set it on the ground. They have these green bottles in them and they can be recycled as soon as they are finished. This makes them perfect for those who want to save money on their electricity bills. All they need is a big old rechargeable battery and they are ready to go.Some of the biggest challenges in recycling, but there are some really good ways to recycle your lights. There are many different types of lighting and you can use them in different ways. These types of lighting can be used to help reduce pollution, increase energy efficiency and improve the safety of your home. It is a lot like buying a new car and spending about $150 on it. When you get a new car you will be saving money by reducing your carbon footprint.We know that most people have bad lighting habits, but what about your home? What are the different types of waste that you can use and what is the best way to recycle them? When it comes to choosing the right type of waste, there are many things that you can do to keep your lights looking their best.With so many things in our homes, it is hard to find the perfect piece of furniture for every occasion. If you are planning to buy a home then it is good to have a design that will make your home look stylish and attractive. A great designer will have many different pieces of furniture that you can choose from. They can be very different from each other and are available in different styles and colors. There are many types of designs that can be used in this category and they can be found in various styles and colors.Material and Color of recyclable led light bulbsIt is very important to know that lead light bulbs have low power consumption and are not dangerous to health. In fact, they can be dangerous to people who live in them. If you are looking for high-quality recycled led light bulbs then check out the recommendations from our environmental group, Chloe Light Solar Light Company. They are also an environmentally friendly company that sells recycled solar light bulbs in their retail stores. If you want to buy recycled solar light bulbs then make sure you read the instructions carefully.We are always talking about low cost, low emission and environmentally friendly. However, they all have disadvantages. They can be caused by lack of recycling or poor lighting. It is easy to take care of yourself and your home with a few small pieces of material. A good solar light bulb will not only help you get back to your daily life but will also improve your overall happiness and well-being. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best LED light bulb.It is very important to consider the type of material used in your led light bulbs. All materials should be recycled in their original form. If you have more than one kind of material then it is best to check how much they are worth before purchasing any type of lighting bulb. It is also important to check how much they are worth for their durability. For example, if you have two types of LED lights then it is best to check if they are recyclable or not. This will help you decide what type of LED light bulb to buy.This guide will show you how to make your own recycled led light bulbs by hand. If you have some spare parts to fix up your old led light bulbs then use them as well. You can also buy recycled led light bulbs in their original form by buying them online from China's National University of Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. This information is provided for educational purposes only. The information provided by this guide is not meant to be an advice on how to properly dispose of any waste that has come into our environment.
Light Fixture That Keeps Going Off Until You Touch the Bulb then It Stays on for a Few Minutes Befor
make sure the bulb is tight,if the glass part of the bulb is loose around the socket replace the bulb ,or change the bulb if that does not fix it replace the socket1. Is it safe to go 40w over the maximum wattage for a ceiling fan light fixture?May I suggest you try some of the modern cfl lamps ? We have one in our bedroom and it has coils inside and a spherical bulb outside so it looks like an old style pearl bulb, and it's much brighter than a 60 watt filament bulb, but it's only 15 watts. You do not have to have them rewired, and a handyperson who knows what s/he is doing is permitted by law to replace faulty fittings. A lampholder will be rated for 100 watt incandescent bulb. Another good reason to use cfls though is that a filament bulb gives 80% of the output in heat, so a 60 watt filament bulb gives 45 watts heat, whereas a 15 watt cfl only gives 3 watts heat and is brighter than the 60 watt filament. Yes, some of the old cfls were awful, but do try some of the better new types !.2. How do you determine if a light fixture is still hot if you aren't sure which breaker to trip?Be carefull as there is normally a permanent live in every light and it will go from light to light untill it gets to the end one. First of all a continuity tester will not tell you if it's live or not, but a little terminal screwdriver with a neon will, by holding your finger on the metal part on the end of the handle and then touching each red wire in turn it will light up, (do not wrry you wo not get a shock) if it does then it is obviously live. I normally work on lights with the switch off but as I say there might be the permanent live in there so you have to remember which it is and not touch it. It looks like the best way for your situation is, if you know which light is causing the problem then the safest way is to either find out which breaker works the lights because one breaker normally works all the lights or if not completely isolate with the main switch.3. How can I mount a light fixture onto my bathroom mirror.?Goop. it's a silicone type of glue, and although i have not used it to mount anything to glass, i can attest that it has strong holding power. i used it to put the rubber trim back on a car bumper and have used the car to push other cars and it wo not come off. of course that leads to the next thing; make sure that you want it. once it sets up, it going to stay there. i've used it to mount a pedestal sink and when the sink was taken out, the ceramic tile was pulled off of the floor. so mark carefully where you want the bracket for your fixture before you place it on the mirror. i would suggest a 1/4" bead of goop around the outer edge and hold it onto the mirror with duct tape until it sets up. then mount the fixture as normal. should you ever need to take the bracket off you will need to do some serious carving with a razor blade. you can find Goop at hardware and home improvement stores. good luck, and i hope this helps!4. Both Wires on light fixture I'm installing are the same color?The marked wire is the neutral (white). It DOES matter which way you wire it!!! If it's backward, the fixture will be UNSAFE since the outer ring on the socket will be hot! After installation, test voltage. Do things right5. My father recently spliced a new light fixture after the old one broke but it keeps flickering after awhile. How can I fix it?Call an electrician or to check it yourself, turn off the power to that circuit and loosen the fixture to determine if the connections are secure. There most likely is a loose wire in a wire nut or under a screw. Be careful to make sure it is safe to re-energize.
What Are the Different Types of Energy Saving Candle Bulbs and Where to Use Them?
Did you know that there are several different types of energy saving candle bulbs? They come in different colors, sizes, and shapes but no matter what type of energy saving candle bulbs you might use they are all cost efficient. The same benefits are provided as with other energy efficient CFL bulbs. To mention a few types of energy saving candle light bulbs available in the market:a. Standard bulb - this type of bulb is best used in the living room. They are available in a variety of wattages, 25W, 40W, 60W b. Twisted bulb- want a stylish light that won't eat up much on energy? This is the perfect solution for you. It can be used for any decorative light fittings. You can choose between small bayonet cap, bayonet cap and small Edison screw bases.c. Coloured bulb - This type of candle bulb is popularly used in hotels, pubs, disco houses but would also look good in your bedroom or entertainment room. Available in different colors to choose from.d. Specialist bulb - designed to imitate a real flame but compared to a real candle this does not produce flame.e. Bent tip bulb - this type of bulb looks like a real candle with a tip on it.f. Chandelier bulbs - alternative to standard bulbs only 15 watts rate.g. Long life bulbs- ideal for hard to reach places. Its lamp life will last up to 3,000-8,000 hour lifespan.This generation with people being aware about the environmental changes in our planet, the light industry has responded to the consumer demands by producing efficient lights. With the accessibility of energy saving lights in the market consumers have obtained savings on their lighting bills and it has changed on how we "see light".With the use of energy efficient lights homeowners can save about 80% savings on their monthly electric bills as they experienced with standard regular light fittings. There are other benefits for using energy saving candle bulbs. They last 10 times longer than the life of the standard light bulb saving the homeowners replacement cost in the long run. Its temperature when in use is significantly cooler than that of a traditional light bulb. This makes these bulbs a perfect match for fittings or spaces that are not open and they can be placed near lampshades of a delicate type and the energy saving candle bulbs can be used both indoor and outdoor. Energy efficient lights and traditional light globes provide the same amount of light.Stop the harmful greenhouse effect by replacing your ordinary lights to energy saving candle bulbs today. We all need to participate to reduce pollution and stop climate change. Use energy efficient candle bulbs to reduce energy consumption.
220v Led Light Bulb on Battery
Incredible led light bulb on a battery is a how to convert 220v led bulb to operate on battery any led bulb can be converted this way.Any 220v mains operated led will run on dc voltage in this video you will find how to convert any mains led bulb to run on battery and in 220v led bulb the future to make a homemade inverter for stepping up the voltage and you will be able to run 220v led bulbs from 1.5v battery or Li-ion battery or even from a 12v lead acid battery. Come and join Noskillsrequired channel First, you will choose your led bulb start by buying a cheap one and take off the plastic cap think you are repairing this led bulb.We gonna proceed to the dismantling of the 220v led bulb.Very easy you have to remove first the plastic capthat is glued to the body of the led then desolder the end connectors to the mains socketand you will have the following parts:led chips connected with 2 wires to the driverand this is it nothing complicated.All led light bulbs are different so different drivers and led voltage all over.In future, you can use the driver for similar ledYou can see in the pictures real-time 220v led bulb driver not complicated some capacitors and resistor and a bridge rectifier.You can use this on future led.This one in particular outputs 220v no load and 130v loaded with the leads.So we can make in the future video an inverter dc-dc that can output 220v or 130v and we can drive this bulbs from 12v -3.7v or even a 1.5v battery.An LED lamp is an electric light or light bulb for use in lighting fixtures that produce light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps have a lifespan and electrical efficiency which are several times greater than incandescent lamps, and are significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lampsLike incandescent lamps and unlike most fluorescent lamps (e.g. tubes and compact fluorescent lampsor CFLs), LEDs come to full brightness without the need for a warm-up time; the life of fluorescent lighting is also reduced by frequent switching on and off. The initial cost of LED is usually higher. Degradation of LED die and packaging materials reduces light output to some extent over time.Some LED lamps are made to be a directly compatible drop-in replacement for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. An LED lamp packaging may show the lumen output, power consumption in watts, color temperature in kelvins or description (e.g. "warm white"), operating temperature range, and sometimes the equivalent wattage of an incandescent lamp of similar luminous output.To make our power supply we can just use 20-30 9v battery in seriesbecause these small batteries have those special connectors that can be connected oneonevery easy we can make a power supply that output as much volts as we want just adding a battery or taking ofif it is too much.LED driversare the essential components of LED lamps or luminaries. A good LED driver can guarantee a long life for an LED system and provide additional features such as dimming and control. The LED drivers can be put inside lamp or luminaire, which is called a built-in type or be put outside, which is called an independent type. According to different applications, different types of LED drivers need to be applied, for example, an outdoor driver for street light, an indoor point driver for a downlight, and an indoor linear driver for a panel light.Thanks for your time and join me on the channel
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