In China Do They Make Products Out of Real Led?

Lead can be found in a lot of things regardless of what country they're from. It is the manufacturers responsibility to make sure they are making, and selling a quality product. I work in the pet industry so my info mainly has to do with the pet food recall a few years ago, but it's the same nonsense. People want to blame China but I blame the people who are in charge of the product for not spending a few extra bucks to make sure they're product is safe.

You don't make milk out of lead.

I bought some cleaning sponges. nice price, a large pack. made in america. I refused to even handle them because they smelled like they could kill me. On top of that, they were not cut right and not absorbent. I have never had any problems with anything foreign.

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How come it says a regular red LED uses 1.7 volts and a regular nightlight bulb uses 4 watts?

wattage tells how much current a device draws.

voltage tells the voltage it is designed to run on.

an led's power consumption can be measured in watts.

a light bulb's power consumption can also be measured in watts.

led's are designed to run on very low voltage. (led light fixtures have a built-in transformer to step down the voltage)

light bulbs are designed to run on 120 volts. low wattage bulbs draw less current. high wattage bulbs draw more, but they all use the same voltage.

the reason that an led package tells you what voltage to use, is so that you won't put it in a circuit with too high voltage and burn it out.

the reason that a light bulb package tells you what wattage it is, is so that you'll know approximately how much light it puts out, since most people are already familiar with the intensity of a 40 watt bulb, compared to a 60 watt bulb. household light fixtures are all 120 volts, so the voltage is already assumed by the user.


Can I use MacBook Air 13" with 256 SSD for programming iOS and Android apps without any speed problem?

Programming is a task that involves looking at gobbledygook made up of up statements, variables, methods etc etc. In an ideal environment I put the screen real estate before CPU memory or on board disk space in honesty. Something good like one of these 24" Curved LED Monitor Monitors - LC24F390FHNXZA | Samsung US, as well as an external bluetooth keyboard and cordless mouse ports are important, you need those for screens devices you plan to test your apps on, not mice or keyboards. That will make the most difference to the time it takes you to code things efficiently and effectively. Add an iPad/iPhone to your development budget too to speed things up too if don't already have one, its preferable to run your apps on real devices and not the simulator in an ideal world.


Anybody here knows how to assemble LED series lights for 220 V AC?

You just can not do it without some basic knowledge of electronics! The alternative would be for a full-on tutorial, only the problems with that are when the smallest of things go wrong, youre lost!

If I where you, I would just order a set of ready made led strip lights, and take them apart so you can re-arrange them however you want. A kind of reverse engineered project. Thats how I learnt many years ago. I would buy or beg this stuff, take it apart and make something unique out of it.

You must understand the difficulties that engineers will have with this problem, and its not how to do it, but how to advise you, given your clear lack of basic knowledge. Its not at all easy to do, and most will not bother.

Buy some small light strips and experiment, it has to be the best and safest way forward.


I have a scooter battery, how can i use it for light?

1. find a car or motorcycle light that fits your application. Make sure the bulb voltage is the same as the battery voltage.

2. note the wattage of the light bulb, say it says "12 watts". find the battery capacity, usually something like "2.5 amp hr". figure the amps required to light the bulb, amps watts/volts. say you have a 6 volt battery. amps12/6 or 2 amps. then calculate how long the battery will last, hourscapacity/amps. in this case 2.5amp hr/2amp 1.25 hours maximum.

3. wire the battery terminal to a 5 amp fuse, then wire the other end of the fuse to a on/off switch, and the other end of the switch to the bulb. wire the other end of the bulb to the battery - terminal.

4. an LED light of the same voltage as the regular incandescent car or motorcycle bulb will last many times longer for the same size battery. the drawback is that LED lights are expensive, and not very common in 6 or 12 volt versions.


Are liberals happy now that America doesn't make anymore Lightbulbs?

Well, let's see how long it takes for libs to scream about outsourcing jobs on this one.

Hey libs, jobs in America is based on which direction your consumer dollars are spent. Check your closet lately? Made in ______? So stop your biittching.

Libs worst enemy is the enviro wacko group. Libs want clean energy, but every wacko group sues to stop every thing from hydro electic ( kills the fish ) to wind farms ( kills the birds ). So the end result is keep spending on foreign fossil fuel for energy. American jobs even in domestic fuels.....nope - the wacko brigade has court rulings no domestic shallow or ground drilling ( kills the deer ).

Spend billions of $$ putting MTBE's into fuel ( protects the air ). 3 years later spend billions ( pulling all MTBE's out of fuel, run off ( kills the fish ).

Libs should look really closely at who their agenda's real worst enemy is. It ain't the cons.


Could someone recommend a good LED bulb to replace my 60 watt bulb?

Many of the LEDs which have been on the market had lower lumens than a 60w incandescent (more like 40w), but they have been coming out with newer ones which claim to close to or exceed 60w.

Very good, green idea. The bulbs have been expensive, but are coming down over time. I bought some at Depot last year, designed to look like old incandescent bulbs, for about $18 each, so you can likely meet your price this year. The light produced from mine is still a little directional rather than fully all-around, but I like them.

The CFLs are cheaper to buy, and do now use less mercury than they once did, but I like the instant "on" of the LED, and the LEDs should last even longer than the CFLs.

I doubt that you can "afford" to replace a CFL with an LED. You definitely can "afford" to replace your incandescent with either one.


How long will my batteries run LED lights?

If you need the same (or similar) light output - a quality 500 W halogen tube will put out 9500 lumens. With state-of-the-art LEDs, you _could_ get that with 100 Watt LED. But you'll need to cool those LEDs; while the filament in a halo tube will run up to 2500 C, the LEDs have to be kept below 80C.

So, assume 100 Watts each for the LEDs and another 25 Watts for the (air) cooling, you'll 8*125 1000 Watts. A decent battery holds just about 1 kWh (100 Ah at 12 Volts), so each (big) battery will give you - at the most - a runtime of 1 hour.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of such a LED lightig rig - most commercially available LED lamps run out at just about 10...20 Watts, presumably exactly because of that cooling problem.

Price will be another issue. A encapsuated marine generator (e.g.) might be a better, or at least cheaper, option.


Measuring light science fair experiments?

Get a large box and have a hole in the box at the top and a smaller one on one of its sides...

Paint the inside of the box flat white...

Create a piece of wood that is larger than the hole in the top....

Mount on the piece of wood a white porcelain light bulb fixture....

Screw in an incandescent light (of X watts) and have the LUX meter measure the light coming through the small side hole...

Now buy an LED light that says it has X watt equivalent and check to see if it does....

I just purchased a 60 watt LED replacement from Lowe's...

Part number:


Item#:221498 | Model#:78675I wonder if it does....

Try other LED replacement lights - GE has some....


Why are torpedoes so dangerous for aircraft carriers?

Several things make torpedoes so dangerous.They carry a large amount of explosives.They explode underwater.The water helps focus most of the explosive energy into the side of the shipFlooding is the desired goal if you want a ship to sink (obvious right>?There are no active countermeasures to a modern torpedo. With an anti-ship missile, you can try and shoot it down with another missile or with bullets. There is not active equivalent for a torpedo. You can try to lure it away with a decoy, or dodge it, but you are not going to shoot it downEven if a single torpedo is incapable of sinking a ship, the ship will lose a great deal of maneuverability with a great big hole in its side. Any kind of speed will increase the rate of flooding. A ship that is unable to maneuver is then an even easier target for a second torpedo or anti-ship missiles from other sources


want to convert my remington 1100 into a tactical gun. ideas?

go to cheaper than dirt's website. There you will want to order the following items:

1) Magazine Extender

2) Side Saddle (six shot capacity, if made)

3) replacement forgrip with picitanny rail

4) LED tactical light (should look for a bright model) with a picatanny rail mounting system

5) Tactical 6 position collapsable buttstock with pistol grip

Go to the remington website and order the shortest compatable barrel you can find with an improved cylinder choke

if you have extra money, mount the rail on the top of the weapon and put a sightmark ultrabright green laser on the top. Even in broad daylight it's visible out to 75 feet.

At this point, however, you're probably looking at close to $450-500 worth of modifications. You might just be better off buying a solid tactical platform in 12 gauge and adding to that. As to whether or not a 20 will defend a home, most criminals will run at the sound of gunfire. However, pump action shotguns are the best because of the recognizeable sound they produce when being racked.


LED lighting blowing fuses in my car?

How many lights did you install? LEDs generally use far less power than incandescent lamps with the same light output. This leads to the next question, why would an LED light system inside the car need a 10 ampere fuse? Assuming the electrical system voltage is around 13.5 volts while running, it'd take 135 watts (13.5 V x 10 A) to blow the fuse. Even with some power loss from the voltage regulator for the lighting unit, that is a lot of power for LED lights.

As far as advice is concerned: 1) Don't increase the capacity of the fuse for the cigarette lighter. A two ampere current is what the lighter and the wiring feeding it are designed to safely handle. 2) If the unit really needs that much current, then it should be wired to the power bus under the hood, or connected to the battery with a fuse in the circuit.

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