In the First Quarter, the Overall Performance of the Domestic Smartphone Market Was Better Than Expe

On May 6, the latest report released by IDC showed that in the first quarter of 2020, the shipment volume of China's smartphone market was about 66.6 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 20.3%.

IDC believes that affected by the "new crown" epidemic, although the domestic market decreased significantly in the first quarter, the overall performance was better than expected.

The report shows that Huawei ranks first with a market share of 42.6%, followed by vivo (18.1%) and oppo (17.8%). Xiaomi ranked fourth with a share of 10.6%, and apple ranked fifth with a share of 7.6%.

IDC said that Huawei has achieved the best performance among China's top five manufacturers in the severe market environment. During the epidemic period, due to the rising demand for users' online education and remote office, Huawei's tablet computers, laptops and other products in offline stores successfully helped Huawei generate greater pull in the limited offline passenger flow, and Huawei's ecological advantage of multi terminal collaboration also led to mobile phone products.

In early March, the early price adjustment of flagship products and the online promotion of glory brand also successfully catered to the release of terminal consumer demand after the epidemic gradually improved, driving Huawei's overall market share to a record high.

Vivo relies on rich online product line coverage, and its online channel market performance is stable during the epidemic period. In addition to continuing to focus on the online market, iqoo and Z series new products introduced to the market in February and March also quickly covered vivo's 5g products to a wider range of price segments and user groups.

Oppo continues to maintain the third position, with a decrease narrowed compared with the second half of 2019. In the first quarter, the market performance of Reno 3 series products was stable, which helped oppo consolidate the performance of 5g market with medium and high-end price. Compared with the previous generation that paid more attention to appearance design, its high-end flagship product find x2 series updated in March focused more on the comprehensive strength of products and the long-term operation preparation of high-end market and users.

Limited by the impact of the epidemic on the supply chain capacity and the low inventory level, Xiaomi had a certain shortage in the first half of the first quarter, affecting its overall performance. In the second half of the first quarter, the flagship new products of Xiaomi and redmi were more clearly separated in product experience and user positioning, jointly covering the price segment of more than 3000 yuan, making efforts to impact the high-end market. In addition to the strength of product configuration, Xiaomi's future development in the high-end market will need to continue to pay attention to high-end users and channels, long-term demands and operations.

Apple is affected by the epidemic, and the impact on the relevant supply chain is greater than that of other Android manufacturers in China. At the retail end, Apple's direct store channels account for a greater proportion than other domestic android manufacturers, and the closure of stores during the epidemic has further affected Apple's market performance. In the first quarter, Apple's domestic shipments were about 5.1 million units.

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