IPL 2019: Should Virat Kohli Be Made Captain of RCB, Looking Back at Past IPL Seasons.

Yes I think to, because he has to much burden on his shoulder.Without doubt he is best batsman in world right now but his work rate is to high even for him but because of his caliber and expectation he try to do all things.I think RCB should give captain armband to ABD .

ABD is more experienced and better captain than V Kohli,maybe he prime his past but he is one of best cricketer ever with good sportsmanship

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What was the high point of the Sikh Empire?

The empire itself is not important. Case in point that Sikhs would rather not have an empire than compromise on their Guru's standards at the behest of corrupt foreign entities.What is important is that a true world religion has been revealed and its adherants have proved that there can be freedom, well being and justice for all people of the world without stealing, coercian, falsehood, corruption etc if nations can learn to abide by the charter set out by Sikh Gurus


How many LED strips can you connect?

Take the 16.4 foot roll include LED modules (300), they actually have three times the light-emitting diodes as a regular LED strips. A red, a blue and a green LED. This means that, when set to white, at full brightness, the RGB strips use almost three times the power as the regular white strips. A 16.4-foot roll of RGB LEDs uses roughly 3.0 Amps at 12VDC. So connecting two of these strips, end-to-end would result in roughly a 6 to 7 total Amp requirement. Remember that with DC power, there are losses in the line.If using three RGB strips, I recommend at least a 10 Amp 12V DC power supply


Are Scythians the original Asians?

No. In 2017 DNA taken from people of the Yamna Culture ( Proto Indo-European) shows they were related to the Scythians and it is thought that the Scythians descend from the Yamna people. The Yamna people would have been a mix of Iranians and Eastern hunter - gatherers:Scythians - WikipediaThe original people throughout the world was Homo erectus who evolved into Homo sapiens in various areas of the world. East Asians evolved from the Homo erectus in East Asia, interbred with the Neanderthal, Denisovan and migrating human groups:Paleolithic East Asian with some of his ancestors (Peking Man and the Neanderthal).


What is the difference between the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin and Neo-Darwinism (Modern Synthesis)?

The Modern Synthesis unified Darwins theory of evolution driven by natural selection with our post Mendel and Morgan understanding of how genetic variability arises (mutation) and is maintained (population genetics). Basically Darwin had little idea about the origin and transmission of genetic variants, so he made very vague assumptions about these things. Mendel, Thomas Hunt Morgan, Watson and Crick, Barbara McClintock (and many others) clarified what Darwin could only guess at. The Modern Synthesis showed that Darwin and Mendel are compatible.For more, see: Patrick Foley's answer to What were the big steps that led from Darwinism to Modern Evolutionary Synthesis?


Which animal would dominate the Earth if there were no humans around, why?

I think the animal Kingdom will return to its natural order of Things before mankind became the dominant species.The animals that roam the earth and the sea, they attack and kill each other. They do this for instinctual reasons. Animals are territorial and will attack if their territory is encroached upon. They fight and kill for territory, procreation and food. To be eaten by one animal is to give life to another. They exist and perform within the limits of their genes and instincts,Maby animals would continue to do what they always do and perhaps no dominant species would arise in the likes of man.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of representative democracy compared to direct democracy?

Logistics, especially for complex topics, frequent decisions, and large groups. Imagine Americans having to vote for every bill currently passed through Congress, particularly with a turn-out rate that would actually allow the outcomes to be sufficiently democratic. How would any given individual find the time to be knowledgeable about the topics? How would debates to amendments take place?I suppose it would be easier if we could all telepathically connect to one another (and to the Internet for background knowledge), but under present limitations I really struggle to imagine how direct democracy could work for any groups larger than even 50-60 people.


What was the point of holding the EU Referendum in the UK?

Should Britain remain in the EU or leave ?This was basically the question. We subsequently had a lot of people coming out, trothing at the mouth telling us we had to vote remain, unless we wanted impending doom.On the 23rd June, we had the result. The UK has voted to leave the EU.Now a Supreme Court has said that the vote must be held in Parliament before article 50 is triggered and the UK Government is now stating any deal reached will be voted on again.

So what was the point of the referendum ? Was it a just a big waste of time


Is Azula gay or bisexual?

Well, I find it to be almost entirely irrelevant. Her sexuality isnt something we the audience should care about. Theres no real evidence one way or the other.

Shes a villain. Shes also 14, if I recall.

The one time we saw her actively flirting, it was during the beach episode with the villains, and it seemed like she was just acting her part, but also being a rather hugely creepy person about it. Like, lighting her red flags on fire


How did the BJP grow so fast in West Bengal?

Because -Mamta Banerjee had/has completely ignored Hindus.Mamta Banerjee has crossed the limit of Muslim-appeasement.Mamta Banerjee is giving free shelter to illegal Bangladeshi and Rohingya immigrants in West Bengal to increase her 'vote-bank'.

West Bengal has faced a lot of political and religious riots in Mamta govt.BJP is the only option available for betterment of West Bengal and it's Hindu community (as CPI is already a rejected party in West Bengal).BJP has worked hard in West Bengal and has raised the above issues and won the trust of Bengali Hindus who have suffered during Mamta govt.



Would the Confederate Army have continued its invasion of the North if they won at Gettysburg in 1863?

Yes, Lee planned to occupy Harrisburg and threaten Baltimore or Philadelphia, depending on opportunity, hoping to disrupt the steel mines and mills. He carried a Peace Agreement to present to Washington once he was entrenched around the center of the Union's RR Network.General Rosser speculated that a Rebel Victory would have meant a final battle closer to Washington. He didn't arrive until the night July 2. Maybe Lee's thinking had changed by then, but unless the AoP had been badly broken, I think Lee would have gone to Harrisburg if Meade had fallen back to Pipe Creek


Was Winston Churchill bad? Some say he was a warmonger, a tyrant, and a mass murderer. So what is the truth?

It is probably quite impossible to transplant the attitudes and mores of the present-day onto the past and its leaders and peoples. Churchill was a man of his time and class. The past, as they say, is a foreign country and no one is as good or as bad as memory would have us believe. Churchill was blessed to have at his command a cabinet of extraordinary talents who shared his belief that their country should not be invaded and that the nazis had to be defeated


Why is religion used as the basis behind so many acts of terrorism?

Secondly, youre right. Theres a lot of them. 30,000 dead every year from terrorism. In a world of 7,800,000,000 people, though, thats still literally 1 in a million.First off, ew. Stop pretending terrorists are scary.If someone is explicitly trying to scare you, that should be a clear indication they cant.Thats why theyre called terrorists not an army.

Thirdly, the reason is terrorism an easy label to put on brown people half a world away so we can justify going to war against them and killing 100 times as many of their civilians as they killed ours.


Why did Socrates want to accept the death sentence?

Put succinctly, Socrates felt that doing injustice was worse than suffering injustice. He refused to obey the law when it commanded him to commit/do injustice, but he was willing to suffer injustice from the law. Thus, he disobeyed the law and defended his actions in the Apology, but he felt that he should stay and suffer the law by abiding by his death sentence. According to Socrates, to disobey the law when one is merely suffering injustice is to commit a kind of injustice


Are the facts related to science on the Quran (Islam) true, and if so, why are these ignored?

For the same reason why we don't base the weather forecast on Nostradamus writings. Because there are no such facts in Quran, just modern day interpretations of the poetic old-day verses.In short, it's pretty easy to claim a specific meaning for an ambigious verse in a centuries old book. Knowing what we know today, we can twist that meaning a bit to seemingly imply knowledge that wasn't available at a time the book was written.For a more detailed analysis, see: Science in the Quran? and The Trouble with the New "Islamic Science"


If everyone lies, and I believe we all do even if only to ourselves, then does it serve any purpose to point out daily that Trump is a liar. I mean does the size of the lie matter?

Trump lies in his official capacity, clearly intent on misleading the public, advancing partisan agendas. This is a key strategy of the authoritarian (dictator), a title Trump claims to be comfortable with. And the fact that he tells egregious lies fits the Hitler Big Lie model for deadly dictatorship, making it especially dangerous.

The rate and number of his lies makes him a liar. Many of us lie occasionally. But we are not liars. The same with racism and being a racist


Is there a way to know that the supplier you buy from Alibaba has a legit factory?

Personally, I find it a hassle to check and research online because some data you find on suppliers online are fake. What I do is get the services of Alibaba Agent, they are a drop shipping agent for your purchases on Alibaba.Aside from physically checking the items you bought for hidden defects or problems, they also have this so-called Factory Check. They check if the supplier you bought from has their own manufacturing factory and checks the condition of the factory.Hoped I helped. By the way, I am a shipping agent for Alibaba Agent and hopefully, I helped you with your problem


If Dennis Ritchie can develop a programming language in a few years, why can we not master it in few years? Why does it take a lifetime?

C is not a large or complex language. It has grown over time so remember that Dennis Ritchie wrote was smaller than the C we know today.If you have any background in languages it should take you a matter of weeks or months to achieve basic competence in C.But mastering anything takes a long time. Ferrari design a new F1 car every year. But it takes years to train as an F1 driver. How so? Youre not comparing things that have any relevant comparison.Ritchie was building a general purpose programming language. He didnt consider every possible use for it!.


I feel that everything is just fine, but sometimes I feel like I'm depressed with my life. What should I do?

DearDepression is nothing but the state of mind , after finding out the reason for ur unhappiness try to correct it , I have a friend who is riche by all means only thing he is thin n not very attractive n hv complaint about going unnoticed in the social gatherings, whr as I have a friend who has one limb smaller than other the way he carries himself makes him wanted by everyone moral of the story is what u think about urself matters cant blame surrounding for ur depressions u are the only cause n no one search urself u will find u some day


Who was Jiraiya's student first, Nagato or Minato? If Nagato, why was Jiraiya performing the Rasengan in episode 253?

Ashura was the one who created the Rasengan.But in regards to your question, Minato was supposed to be the one who revived it sometime during or after the 3rd Shinobi war, and Jiraiya took on the young trio during/after the second shinobi war.In the manga Jiraiya does not use the rasengan until earlier on, so this is the mistake of the anime director who left this plot hole. In the manga, Jiraiya did not know rasengan when teaching Nagato/Yahiko/Konan, just in the anime

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