Is Canada a Better Version of the US?

Who cares?Then again, only a Canadian would ask such question.Its obviously a subjective thing and bears no relevance to much of anything. Except, perhaps, the stroking of Canadian ego. In general, the American ego isnt in need of stroking. JMO, though

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Why did Klingons become dark skinned between Star Trek and Star Trek The Next Generation?

Different race of Klingons.Setting aside the genetic tampering from trying to create Klingon augments, humans have different races that include blacks, whites, asians, Hispanics, etc. And even different subcategories of that race where you can pinpoint their origin a bit more accurately.We've seen numerous Klingons with different skin tones that are lighter skinned than Worf, as well as different Klingons as shown on both Discovery and Star Trek Into Darkness.


Are there any Muslims who support Modi?

I think we should not ask this question time and again. Muslims in general are as similar as others.The vote bank policy has created a difference.

Now this community is more visible in govt jobs and getting socially ranked up. Let them decide on their own


How much money did The Witcher 3 make?

OK, lets see the bacon that CD Projekt Red brought in with their (arguably) best game yet.So, a Google and some quick Maths tells me that the company netted a total of $215.7 million since 2015, with $96.2 million in profits.That is a substantial amount, but still nowhere near any record breaker games, such as GTA V which brought in a whopping $1 Billion within the first 3 days of Release. Damn!Have a Good One!.


What killed Hillary Clinton's campaign?

Spencer Klopfer I directed my reply to Spencer because he is young and have time to develop a conscience stillSurprisingly he didnt mention Russian Propaganda, Koch Brothers Money, FBI meddling on the Democratic Process, Fox News Disinformation CampaignIn addition, you might consider FBI hushing or squashing an investigation on Russian connections to the Trump campaign, Trump debt to Russian Oligarchs, $500 billion dollars worth of Oil drilling rights for Exxon


Why did the Beach Boys have so many members? Just watched The Beach Boys An American Band and they had five originals and did great. Why all these other guys?

First of all, there were actually 2 Beach Boys groups: a touring band and a studio band. Secondly, Brian Wilson was frequently unable to perform and substitutes (like Glen Campbell) were often rotated in and out. The same was true for Dennis Wilson once he got entangled with Charles Manson. Mike Love was the common glue that held everything together


How does one gain wisdom?

The problem here exists because there are many versions and ideas of wisdom.If it were me I would do what Descartes did and empty that basket of beliefs and I mean all of it and start from scratch. If you have a belief in politics learn the flaws in it. If you have a belief in how history has been told learn the opposite positions and etc


What will it take for Congress to remove Rahul Gandhi from the party?

The Best way Rahul Gandhi can be removed from Congress party when Priyanka gandhi decides to join politics and lead Congress.We all know about maneka gandhi and Varun gandhi. After death of Sanjay gandhi maneka was no longer important in Congress party. This all happens because Rajiv Gandhi join,she decided to leave Congress party.Rahul gandhi is still most famous leader in Congress party.Thanks for Reading.


Warfare: Who was the worst General/military commander in history?

Not a person but a place. The castle Croneborg in Denmark. It looks out toward Sweden. Soldiers lived on salted fish at the castle. In order to be able to eat so much salt, they consumed great quantities of beer.The castle was attacked 14 different times. It was captured 14 times.


How is the performance of Narendra Modi after he became PM?

Overall the Narendra Modi government has fared well on all fronts and has been lucky with the International oil prices going down. But, Fortune favors the brave, isn't it... And as for some fallacies I have articulated them in the article Fallacies of Modi and the BJP in its first 180 days


Why can't Canada be a superpower like the USA?

Canada has never desired to be a super power.Matter of fact,many (most ?) Canadians didnt even have the desire for Canada to be an independent state until quite recently.And you cant even consider being a super power if your own citizens dont have such a desire.


Except Legolas, there are no other elf parts in the final battle in Return of the King. Why?

A. Because they had their own battles.B. Because they are pretty much over Middle-earth and mortals anyway.C. Because they are not involved in any military alliance with Gondor. Gondor had not invested in building relationships with the Elves and they probably would have said NO anyway. The Last Alliance (from several thousand years before when Isildur stuffed everything up by taking the Ring) is not called that for nothing


Why can't creationism and the theory of evolution co-exist?

Yes, but it depends on the kind of creationism:Young Earth Creationism and some forms of Old Earth Creationism (the vocal minority), as well as some other small groups:

No compatibility whatsoever, they deny evolution. They "do not come from monkeys".Theistic evolution (the silent majority) in different forms:

Most Christians accept evolution, including the Catholic Church (since the 1950s), the relatively newly coined Evolutionary Creationism (see and many others.


On the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, why did a 137 year old Dr. Leonard McCoy (aka "Bones") speak with an old time Georgia accent in his cameo appearance?

In real life, not just in movies and TV, some people, as they grow older, sort of revert to the dialect of their youth, in their home language. Dr. McCoy had reverted to his rather thick Georgia American English dialect several times in The Original Series. It should be no surprise that, at the tender age of 137, he might have slipped into the dialect of his youth.


What is the difference between UHD TV and QLED TV?

UHD stands for the Ultra High definition Televisions. It is a digital television format which has the screen resolution varying from 4000 pixels to 8000 pixels. Hence once can say that the UHD TV stands a generic name with 4K pixels or 8K pixels. .

.. QLED TV stands for Quantum dot light emitting Diode Televisions


BB-8 replaces the main character of the last movie you watched. Everyone else can communicate with him and treats him like the main character. Can he clear it?

Imagining BB-8 rolling around Middle Earth is probably the funniest thing Ive ever conceiveddo I think he could clear it?probablyI think hed have a pretty decent chance considering hed be immune to arrows and swords and he doesnt have any morals sooooodestroying the ring would be as simple as sam taking it off of him and throwing it into mount doom


Did Paul McCartney steal the multiple self-titled album ideas from Led Zeppelin?

No, he stole it from Chicago, a band that self-titled (almost) all of their albums.Or maybe he got it from Peter Gabriel, who self-titled his first four solo albums and didn't even bother to number them.Or maybe everyone was copying Paul all along - after all there are multiple self-titled Beatles albums (mostly US versions that Capitol couldn't bother coming up with titles for).

But seriously, the history of rock is full of acts with multiple self-titled albums


How can one be polite yet sarcastic while dealing with people having very little (or no) intelligence?

Smile and be nice. Talk on their level. You have to patient. Like with kids, you have to talk to them as if youre interested. In a sense, you have to get familiar with them, and let them get comfortable around you. Try to understand them


What made you so motivational?

Positive outlook towards life makes you motivational. It's your will power to live that makes you strong and when you see others lose hope towards something, you tend to give them some of your strength to help them see at the brighter side of things. Your determination to get or achieve something make you motivational towards it. You just don't become motivational all of a sudden, it gradually comes from within


Which president got more done, Obama or Trump? What are some examples?

Donald Jay Trump is a total sinner! Many charge and sins before 2017! President Obama is a Saint compared to the reprobate passing for President of the United States today! How many wives? Always paying all his Federal and State Income Taxes. Never tying up the Courts with fake law suits like the Trump all his present life! FACTS! Everyday he proves the facts and boasts many more lies!


Why has George W. Bush come closer to explicitly criticizing Trump than he did to explicitly criticizing Obama?

Because Bushs differences with Obama were politicalright vs. left, Democrat vs. Republican, conservative vs. progressive. And those are philosophical differences.Bushs differences with Trump are ethical, not political: Dont use the office for personal gain; dont endanger American lives for personal vanity; dont trample on the Constitution to protect yourself; dont bring shame and reproach to the office.Anyone who doesnt criticize Trump cant truly call themselves a patriot.


Does Australia have a 4th of July?

What a stupid question. Of course Australia has a 4th of July, so does every place on planet Earth - its a date on the calendar. For non USAms who have a birthday on 4th of July it will be highly significant. Get over yourselves!


Which BITS Pilani campus is the best for CSE?

Ofcourse BITS Pilani- Pilani CampusBits Pilani- Pilani Campus is the best for CSE because it holds great faculty, being an old college Alumni network is also strong, great infrastructure, more research oriented than other Pilani campuses like Goa and Hyderabad.You would also find good crowd there. You compete within toppers there.Cutoffs is high and goes most upto 384/450.Great college I would say after the top IIT colleges.

Good luck and thanks for reading.



Will the INC congress sack Rahul Gandhi?

Question does not arise. The present Congress is of late Indira Gandhi. As such there could be no Congress without membrs of her family. Rahul Gandhi has become Party President as per his wish. He will continue to be the President so far he wishes to be there. No one can remove him or tell him to go


Why does Barack Obama not defend himself, when Donald Trump is always talking trash about his presidency?

Because he knows he cant! Obama was a let down as president. He accomplished nothing of note, he was divisive, he was the great apologizer, he made us weaker as a country, he seemed to despise the country he was leader of, and apparently he was involved in the cover up of the dnc spying on the Trump campaign!


Do people truly believe Trump has done more in 4 years than Obama in 8?

Kelvin you got to believe it; fact check and compare. Trump does not need to please interest groups like Obama . Trump has more experience getting things done than Obama still doesnt have. I dont care if its Trump or somebody else Obama did not leader but easily led by special interest groups that care about their own agenda rather than minorities or any other group


What would happen if the leader of your country suddenly announced that they are atheist?

If this man said it,there would probably be some significant bad opinions about it, some journalist aticles criticizing his lack of religion, some hateful Facebook comments from some religious freaks, but he'd probably hit his average popularity indexes in a matter of few weeks.If this man said it,Nothing would probably happen. He just can't be more disliked than he already is.


Which words should you never search on Google?

Your e-mail addressIt can be illuminating to see what you're linked to online, and sometimes terrifying.Reddit users reported sold accounts, spam, password leaks, the lot and in fact, it's probably safest to search to double check, even if you don't like what you find.A recommended tool to find if you've been compromised in a data breach is haveibeenpwned.

com, which may let you know.

You have been warned.


What are your thoughts on the Democrats' widespread resistance of Trump?

If he was a weak leader they would probably like him. Because hes strong their view is completely opposite. I would say probably 75 to 80% of the dems hate him because hes not a politician ( DEFINATIONOF A POLITICAN) Someone who thinks more of himself then the people who elected them.

Trump is not close to perfect, but is very good at caring for the people by his actions not his words


What is the importance of belief?

Man is what he believes. - Anton ChekhovBeliefs play a very important role in our lives.Belief control all your decisions, they influence how you think and what you think.The influence the quality of our thoughts.

Belief determines your action and thought.In fact you thought process is influenced by your beliefs.Belief are like the commander of brainWanna Explore more, see this Power of Belief- Beliefs have the power to CREATE & power to DESTROY.


Why do most Muslim countries hate Israel?

And now we are going to be treated to a whole raft of posts that whine about how Israel, which is roughly the size of New Jersey, has been so unaccountably MEAN to those tolerant and openly accepting Muslim countries who never done nothin to hurt nobody, especially Jews**SIGH****

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