Is It Considered Rude for Americans to Address a Stranger Without Saying Hello Or Excuse Me First?

"Excuse me" is a polite way to get someone's attention, as is "Hello". Whether it's necessary for courtesy depends on the situation.For example, if someone makes eye contact with me and I smile at them to indicate a willingness to be addressed, the smile is a nonverbal cue that it would not be rude for them to bypass the "excuse me" stage. It's still polite for them to say it if they choose to, but it's not necessarily rude if they don't.However, if I am having a discussion or reading a book or otherwise visibly occupied, and someone addresses me without the preliminary step of getting my attention, that's definitely rude.Expecting someone to stop what they're doing in order to answer a question is also rude even if they said "excuse me" first. So the "where is" portion of the conversation should always include both please and thank you at the appropriate points, no matter how the conversation began

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Hello... I'm 26 and I have been diagnosed with Narcissist personality disorder which... How can I be normal? I don't want to continue this path. I'm tired . Im Nigerian so basically people don't understand this issue over here.

Be kind be honest stay true always treat others the way you expect to be treated I obviously am unsure of how narcissistic personality ,S are diagnosed within the medical world however I do not think there is any medication available for such a diagnosis is just a term used by a person who is within this profession , I do not know what your actual condition status or the reference anyone would be able to use to be able to pass npd diagnosis so please understand this all in all my guess would be maybe to ask doctor to give you access to talk therapy groups that may be available again I am unsure of your country or upon the services within your area but if possible maybe this can help with your condition all in all be kind treat people with respect and always be honest and love from the heart by releasing any all of past events that may have caused you pain greatly reduces a persons resistance to enjoy ones life paths and of all whose paths are crossed along the way you know who you are what you are a diagnosis is a term used by another ,S understanding to their best of knowledgeable skill of what it is maybe just think of it as a maybe was the diagnosis wrong because its clear YOU wish to Have inner peace indicating you wish to change hope you find your way no one can change past whatever it may have been yesterday has gone tomorrow is another day an opportunity for new beginnings make the best of


Hello everyone, I'm leaving for basic training with the Army to Fort Benning, in 6 days. I'm a single father of two, and a post graduate from a para military style police academy. I'm anxious, nervous, but also optimistic. What is your best advice?

I felt the same way when I went through infantry OSUT back in 1987. My old Uncle took me aside and offered his advice, since he was former Army as well.Do what youre told to do. Dont do more, dont do less. Do EXACTLY what youre told to do.Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Youre there to learn. Keep your mouth shut and blend in. Just be one of the guys. Dont draw attention to yourself.At some point youre going to think I made a mistake by joining the Army. You didnt, and basic training can be one of the best experiences of your life.Dont quitEVER, on ANYTHING!! If you cant run anymore, then jog until youre rested a bit then resume running.NEVER go AWOL. Going AWOL will screw up the rest of your life. You wont get jobs because of it, and youll have a criminal record. Better to suffer for a few weeks than for the rest of your life. Stay put and tough it out.Theyre going to yell at you. Theyre Drill Sgts. Thats what they do. Dont worry about the tone of their voice. Concentrate on WHAT theyre saying.

At some point youre going to think I cant do this. Thats utter bullshit. MILLIONS of guys have gone before you and done it. Myself included, and Ive always had weight issues. And that was back in 87 when things were a lot harder. You can do it.Keep it in perspective. Youre getting paid to shoot guns and go camping.Hope this helps


How could I get in contact with someone from the "Hello Games" company's game development team?

If you're looking for a job....You can use the twitter info and the email for the company below, but a very realistic answer is honestly that you really need to have an amazing portfolio already, an internet following, or know someone on the inside of that office already.If you have an amazing portfolio then you can submit it and hope for the best. If you have an internet following in the same way that some modders get for their amazing mods (or concept art or whatever really) then you can use that fame and get wherever you'd like to go. If you don't have any of that already established then you need to know someone on the inside the way the rest of the industry really gets in.Getting into a specific studio means you need to put everything that you are into that specific studio. You need to design and make things that that studio would love and you need to show that you are what they need. Otherwise, you're like everyone else who just needs to apply and get lucky.If you're just looking for general info to ask a question, don't really bother. There's no real question that is that inventive that the developers haven't heard before.


Is it respectful for an immigrant to have lived in their adopted country for decades, but still cannot, or refuses to, learn enough of the language of that country to even say "Hello" or "How are you?", read street signs, or read a menu?

I've been in Ukraine for almost two years. Most people speak Russian and Ukrainian. Both are hard languages. For the first six or seven months I took an hour long Russian class every day. Hello and How Are You is easy enough. I can read street signs. Menus - maybe, maybe not. Living abroad and learning languages tends to stimulate empathy for the struggles of others in similar situations.

Let's be realistic - most immigrants will know how to say hello and how are you. However, many may also be too embarrassed of their limited language skills to initiate or participate in conversations. In the United States, our largest minority are Latinos. Many are bi-lingual which is not to say equally strong in both Spanish and English. We have a phenomenon we call "Spanglish" which is a mix of both languages. I do the same thing with Russian because I have to in order to make myself understood sometimes.

Many of our Latino immigrants work really long hours, have families, long commutes, limited time. For many, if there were going to take formal classes it would be early morning or late evening. My mother volunteers teaching English to immigrants in Florida. There is a strong demand for it because the timing is flexible. If shifts are variable, so too would be participation in classes. Don't like immigrants not speaking the primary language? Volunteer.

The internet makes things easier. There are many free online language courses. Once kids know they can teach the rest of the family too. Kids are like little sponges when it comes to soaking up languages.


How do you write a program to find the first and the last occurrence of the letter 'o' and character ',' in "Hello, World"?

How do you write a program to find the first and the last occurrence of the letter 'o' in "HELLO WORLD"?I did it in Plain English, which looks like pseudo-code and is easily translated into any other programming language. This is the "main" routine:To run:nStart up.nPut "HELLO WORLD" into a string.nWrite "The string is: " then the string on the console.

nSkip a line on the console.

nFind the big-O byte in the string (frontwards).nSkip another line on the console.nFind the big-O byte in the string (backwards).nWait for the escape key.nShut down.And this is the subroutine to find the first "O":To find a target byte in another string (frontwards):nWrite "Looking for the first " then the target then ".

.." on the console.


nGet a byte from the other string.

nWrite the byte on the console without advancing.nIf the byte is not the target, write " - nope." on the console; repeat.nWrite " - I found it!" on the console.The subroutine to find the last "O" is very similar, only it starts at the end of the string and goes backwards:To find a target byte in another string (backwards):nWrite "Looking for the last " then the target then ".

.." on the console.


nGet a byte from the other string (backwards).nWrite the byte on the console without advancing.nIf the byte is not the target, write " - nope.

" on the console; repeat.

nWrite " - I found it!" on the console.

And this is what we get when we compile and run it:Et voila!


Hello! We recently launched and would really love your feedback on the look & feel as well as the overall UX. What do you think ?!

Hey, checked out the website over an iPhone 5. Overall the design of the website is very clean and very user friendly. I think there can be a few modifications made:1. Currently, I do not think the website has been designed keeping in mind mobile and tablet devices. There is a lot of blank white space below the footer2. I think the URL structure can be changed, which will also help you rank better on search engines. Say for example if someone selects 'Call Routing' the structure could be Under the 'Solution' drop down, when you select 'Custom Solution', the user is taken to a page where he is given more info. Rather than than if the user has the ability to choose services and make a dynamic service package for himself would be more apt for the heading 'Custom Solution'4. The 'Contact' on top right and 'Contact Us' within the page in blue doesn't stand out at all. Instead, why not template all the internal pages to contain a form on the left5. When on phone and you have to select your country in any of the form, you have to scroll to reach the bottom if you are from United States6. Why don't use your own service? Rather than having old school lead forms, why don't you directly have click-to-call. (The current click-to-call would be easily missed by a user)Just my 2 cents. Hope this helps :)

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