Is It Hot If a Girl Drives a BMW 1 Series in a Manual?

"Old Man Dirt" is obviously old with biased opinions; he can go on to enjoy his American-made junk they refer to as vehicles. The first commenter is incorrect too. How do I know? I own a 3-series BMW. I'm a twenty-something year old and have afforded it myself by working full-time at a decent job. Not a gold digger, not older aged (according to many older people), and am unmarried.

And onto your question...BMW 1-series are nice looking cars, but I prefer the 3-, 5-, 6-, or 7-series above them. In my opinion, it's hot when any girl can drive a manual since it's not typical (but is becoming more typical).

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all 2010 modles bmw 3 or 1 series mecedes c350, g37 coupe, lexus is250 which one should i get im 16 guy?

BMW 3 series - # 1 car on Car on Drivers Magazine top ten cars 18 years in a row. No other car beats BMW's handling and precision It may not have the largest engine but the satisfaction of driving it plus the status will definitely make you popular.

I do like the G37 and my friend has one, it's a great car, very fast and will be very reliable in the years to come.

I wouldn't go for the BMW 1 series, it's not much cheaper than the 3 series but you're getting a better car in a 3.

I don't care for Lexus at all even though it's considered to be a very dependable car.

Mercedes 350 has a great styling but the interior materials and the drive didn't impress me. It also costs more than the 3 series.

Good luck and drive safe


is BMW 3 series a dependable and good car?

Yes its a good car, not great but overall well assembled. Performance in most BMW's tends to be on the slow side and they view there reputation more as "handlers" than as performance cars.

Service and repair work is at the top of the scale (generally 1.5 up to 2X the rates for American or Japanese product) and similarly replacement parts are also very expensive.

Dependability ratings are fair but certainly not outstanding and therefore you have to understand general maintenance and repairs will be much higher than average.

Certainly they will last for a long while if properly maintained (but no better or worse than a Honda, Mustang, Volvo, etc etc....longevity is only a function of care, attention serving and repairing and with a BMW the older it gets the more expensive it gets to maintain).



Which car out of these should i buy?

Exclude the 1991 BMW 318i E30 from the list because it's old. AND exclude 2003 MAZDA RX-8 FE Series 1 because it has high mileage and it is old.

Now you have the two choices : 2004 BMW 318i and 2009 MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ

As I read from your question that you want to go for the BMW but!! in fact the BMW is nice car but it has high mileage.

So I would say go for the 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer CJ. Even though it does not has a leather seat or features like the BMW but it's NEW. It has 67512km and it has a good shape.. take in a test drive and check how the other parts work..

so yea go for the 2009 MITSUBISHI LANCER CJ!


bmw with chevy 350 crate engine needs better tansmition?

1st Mikey, the 200 4R is stronger than the 700R4. More racers use it for that reason, and GM used it for that reason. Look at the fast cars of the 80's and look at the transmission used. The 1989 TTA (turbo trans am) fastest third gen F body. Used the 200 4R, the buick grand nat turbo used the 200 4r, the regal T type used it as well.

Now to the question, the BMW trans won't bolt up to the chevy engine.

With 440 HP I would look at a th-350, th-400, 200 r4 for auto transmission, or T56, or termec TKO, munice M22 rock crusher for stick shifts.

The th-350, 400 are 3 speed autos

200 4r is a 4 speed over drive


infiniti G37 or bmw 1-series?

BMW just sent me this link about the one series.

I think the 135i is beautiful and unlike the Infiniti you are going to get free servicing for 50,000 miles.

If that were my budget I'd definitely pick the 135i. It sounds like it is going to be amazing. But where I live there is no Infiniti dealership nearby, so it's not even a consideration for me, even though I am quite a fan of Nissan.

I personally chose a 328i, which is fast, but no ball of fire. I can only imagine what happens when you get a smaller lighter car and put the turbo version of my engine in it. I guess we'll find out in the spring.


On a BMW 1 series, what does ES and SE stand for ?

For the best answers, search on this site I'd have the Beemer. It's a less complicated car than the Audi with its turbo, and its engine is less stressed as a result. I agree with you that the Audi looks sharper for the model years you're talking about, and it's a fair bit quicker, as you'd expect with an extra 40bhp over the BMW, but you'll pay at the pumps, and for insurance and servicing too. What ultimately puts me off the Audi is its dreadful ride quality on our typical broken city streets, even worse with the sports pack option. Try one out & see what you think, but the BMW's a far more relaxing drive.


bmw 1 series coupe or bmw 3 series sedan?

i would say the 3 series sedan, because although the base price is low, around 33k, the 1 series can really add up. The base price for the 1-series is about 28k, with no upgrades and options. Any options may be an increase of a few grands. Most 1 series model are around 35k, and even when its certified pre owned, the cost is about the same of a 3 series sedan, the base price of it.

Go with the 3 series sedan, because its a four door car. Your passengers will appreciate it more, because its less comfortable in a coupe, and a pain, getting in and out of the car! The insurance should also be lesser than a coupe! What ever you do, make a wise choice and research it more!


What is the price difference of the 2008 3 series and the 2008 m3?

If you are looking for speed, the M3 is the way to go. If you are willing to sacrifice a little speed for having extra money, a regular 3 series or 1 series would be great. Just putting the M3 exhaust on won't do anything for performance, at least nothing noticeable. And if you are buying it new, putting a body kit on it doesn't seem like the best idea. All in all, the exhaust and body kit (plus installation/paint), would run you around $5000-$7000.

But if you are looking to save a little cash and still have a fast BMW, you could always buy a dinan package for a regular 3 or 1 series to add a little more power.


Is the Bmw 1 series a hybrid and is lexus coming out with a hybrid specific vehicle?

The BMW 1 series is not a hybrid- it shares many of the same components with the 3 series including the engines and currently BMW has no production Hybrids but has tampered with a Hybrid X3 which may never make it to production.

Lexus already has 3, thats three hybrids- RX400h, GS450h and the LS460h-s but they are not hybrid specific. However, Lexus has two entirely new models which are hybrid specific and have been designed for only a hybrid application- LF-S, LF-Xh. The LF-S is a 4 door sports hybrid, capable of more than 40 MPG and 0-60 times of less than 5 seconds according to their press material from the Tokyo Auto Show. Also from the same show, an AWD hybrid similar to the RX but far more futuristic and will attain 40 MPG.


Why don't they make bigger cars that can open the top?

Do you mean convertibles?

Modern cars are unibody designs. That means that the chassis of the vehicle is the frame ( as opposed to the body of the vehicle sitting on a separate frame ). Because of this, the roof is part of the structural integrity of the vehicle and loosing the roof means a lot more flexing and twisting of the chassis. On a smaller chassis, this can be countered with additional bracing but the longer the chassis, the more difficult this is to control.

The other problem would be the convertible roof itself. A longer body means a longer retractable roof. This creates all sorts of problems with the space required to store the roof while it is retracted.


So how much would 2005 BMW 325x cost in 2010?

The average price of a 2005 BMW 325xi with 40-60,000 is a little less than $16,000. Higher mileage 325xi can be had for as little as $12,500. This is the cost as of April 2009. For 2010, I suspect that the price might decrease by $1-3,000. However, there will be less cars with less than 60,000 miles. But there should be enough under 60,000 to choose from. So depending on how the car is optioned, you would probably be looking at $13,000 - $15,000. BMWs (especially 3 Series) hold their value fairly well. So my predictions are pretty conservative. However, don't rule out that they could be lower. Depending on economic conditions, it is very possible that prices this particular car could depreciate even more over the next year


How come bmw hasn't changed the name of the 3 series like they did with the bmw 2002?

What are you reffering to?? Change the name?? The 3 series is the entry class sedan for BMW, as for changing the Trims BMW has already done that as they progress from generation to generation of the BMW 3-series. The 1999-2001 models of the 3-Series came with a standard and entry class trim Badged the 323i sedan, which was then quickly changed and prompted in 2002 when BMW eliminated the 323i badge and replaced it for the 325i sedan which lasted from the years 2002-2005. When the newley redesigned 5th generation of the 3 series debuted and entered production in 2006 it was given the 325i badge which was once again quickly prompted to a 328i sedan in 2007 and still continues as a 328i for current 2010 3 series models. The BMW 3 series was Facelifted in 2009 just as the 4th generation 3 series sedan was facelifted in 2002


What do you think of the Drivers of these Cars?

1-excuse me sir but is this vehicle stolen

2-cool my dad has one of those

3-oh **** driveby! getdown!

4-same as above

5-its a mercedes

6-you gay dowg

7-so its a 4x4, thats a stock car?enjoy the petrol while it lasts!

8-yeah i own a challenger

9i wish idve bought a dodge challenger

10-ok just dont go around corners

11-ich haben ein business man

12-does this car make you want to have sex with me? yay good!

13-wow do you reckon he has loads of tatooes and is from a fast n furious movie but was one of the cool people and not a lame person

14-just get a ford focus like the other boys

15-pretty small dick then


Im after a 2002-04 bmw 3 series, audi a4 or mercedes c class which would you recommend?

i tend to like audis partially coz it's neither a mercedes nor bmw which you see everywhere. at least here in cali. audi's tend to be less common, and i think they're just as luxurious. and i think they offer a good balance of what bmw and mercedes offer. not quite the level of sportiness as bmw but more than mercedes. not quite the pampering of mercedes, but more than bmw. my own opinion. and i just think they're better looking cars. nothing extreme like some bmw's, and nothing overly simplistic like some mercedes (although mercedes is getting more edgier in their designs). i've had an A4 before and now an S4. i may be biased but have driven the bmw and mercedes competition. both have good things to offer but i recommend the audi.

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