Is It Possible to Get into an Ivy League College Even If I Didn't Do Well at High School? I Was Enro

An answer for the OP in just a moment, but first a word from our sponsor:To all those in comments jumping on Thomas Cormen for his answer, let me just say, "stop it." The man teaches at Dartmouth, so he is in a position to know. Saving someone the expense of applying and the heartbreak of disappointment based on over-inflated hopes and expectations is anything but unkind.

Back to our regularly scheduled program.

To the OP, let me say, Cormen's answer was 99.9% correct. He did say "very unlikely." I am not sure what "did not do well" means in metrics - were you a 2.5 GPA? Then the answer would be, unless you have some amazing accomplishment or talent, you are unlikely to be considered. If you were a 4.

0 student at a community college and also did something amazing, maybe, big maybe. If you scored perfect scores on the SAT and the ACT's, a better maybe, especially if you could show why poor work in school is totally in the past. Had you asked this question at the end of middle school, the answer would be different because you have had time to turn the situation around. But the past is the past and to turn it around would take "more, longer and higher."NOW, let's say you went to a community college, excelled amazingly, went to a well regarded public or private school and did amazingly well, wrote a great application, you could reasonably be considered for grad school at an Ivy League institution.I was accepted to UPenn (an Ivy), but wait-listed at Swarthmore in 1975. That gives you some idea of how competitive things were....THEN. The acceptance rate was a little higher....THEN. For most of the Ivies and schools like MIT and Stanford, the acceptance rate is in the 2% to 8% range. Roll me through the system today...I'm not sure I'd make it!Should this make you feel bad? Not at all. You have obviously overcome some difficulties and that is admirable. You obviously have a drive to learn - VERY admirable! There are a lot of fantastic schools in the U.

S. besides the Ivies and the Uber Prestigious.There are many reasons to go to college, including the fact that many companies and occupations still require a degree at some level. But one of the most important things I tell my kids is, go to get an EDUCATION, including the experience kind, not just a job. A degree won't guarantee you that. Knowledge, initiative, leveraging opportunities and contacts, honing critical thinking and analysis skills - those go a long way toward success.Many say you can do that without college, and that is true. But again, what are your odds? What are your interests? What is your initiative and perseverance? My hat is off to those who choose to become electricians, plumbers and HVAC technicians. If it is work you want to do and can excel in, you can also make good money. Want to be an entrepreneur? Great, but not everyone can make the grade (no pun intended) with that.You can be a great success by being the best YOU that you can be, by giving whatever you choose to do your best effort. This is not a knock on the Ivy League. I just don't want you (or anyone else) to think that if you don't attend an Ivy League school that you are just "chopped liver." It's just not true.All the best to you and your great attitude to give what you do your best effort.If I didn't do well in high school, is it still possible to get into an Ivy League university?.

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Quite the opposite actually.When you, or anyone really look at this millennial conflict between Jedi and Sith, what is it that stands out the most!? It's the extremism behavior of both Jedi and Sith. Both orders are extreme orders, while its members may be or not just as extreme. In a way Star Wars alerts us to the dangers of extreme behaviors and its consequences.

Look at the Jedi. The very code that defines them is a extreme codeThere's no emotion, there's only peaceThere's no ignorance, there's only knowledgeThere's no passion, there's only serenityThere's no chaos, there's only harmonyThere's no death, there's only the ForceSo as you can see, the Jedi like the Sith have a tendency to deny things that are, only to serve their narrow view of the Force. Their intentions although "good" they don't reflect the world around them.The same goes for the Sith, and also their extremist code.

Piece is a lie, there's only passionThrough passion, I gain strengthThrough strength, I gain powerThrough power, I gain victoryThrough victory, my chains are brokenThe Force shell set me freeAgain, we see another example of a narrow view of the Force. One made to serve their needs and not what is.Both orders are wrong. Not totally wrong but also not totally right. And worst still, both sides don't even see that they are the exact same thing they acuse others of being. Take for example the dialogue between Anakin and Obi-Wan, before their fight on Mustafa. When Anakin says "You're either with me or you're my enemy" Obi-Wan replies by saying "Only a Sith deals with absolutes". But Obi-Wan himself was being exactly like Anakin. When he says "My allegiance is to the Republic, to Democracy" what he's actually also saying is that anyone that opposed the Republic and the idea of democracy was also his enemy. And no matter how one slices it, that was also an extremist behavior.

So if anything Star Wars warns people about extremist behavior. It shows us the signs inherent in both approachs. And also that extreme behavior is not always seen as being extreme, specially by those that follow that path.

That's why SW stories have been for years focusing on the middle ground, on what many have come to call the Grey Side or Grey Code. That states...There's no good without evilAlthough evil must not be allowed to flourishThere is Passion, yet PeaceSerenity, yet EmotionChaos, yet OrderThere's no dark sideThere's no light sideThere's only the ForceA much more balanced code than that of both Jedi and Sith. As was the original Je'daii code that stated.

There's no ignorance, there's knowledgeThere's no fear, there's powerI'm the heart of the ForceThe revealing flame of lightThe mystery of darknessIn balance with both chaos and orderForever in the ForceThese developments came from the fans. That saw that the extreme views of the Jedi and Sith was in many ways their own undoing.Because for a Jedi, that takes the code literally, it means that he or she will never truly explore things. He or she will become stagnant, outdated, and eventually removed.While for a Sith, that takes the code literally, it means he or she will search for power at any price. He or she, will do anything, follow any path, regardless of price or consequence, in order to achieve one's desires. And those desires will never end, because as they reach one goal, already they set their eyes on other goals. Their path becomes like a drug that eventually consumes them whole.So SW if anything is a great tale of caution. About learning to be wise even though one might possess great knowledge. About learning to exercise control although one might possess great power. And that everything as a price. Nothing comes for free. But most of all... That the Force, the universe, life and death, good and evil, aren't absolutes. And that absolute views are what lead to imbalance. Because nature itself, the universe, is always in balance. People however are not

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