Is San Dun aluminium chair repurchase rate high?

The absolute reliability of aluminium chair under our brand - San Dun, is highly valued by our customers. They keep coming to buy from us as they are already familiar with the quality and performance that we offer, which leads to the trust that we are enjoying in the market. And they greatly help us improve day after day with their trust and their demand for quality. Purchasing from us, you will be assured of quality. Each item has a certificate of compliance with the industry standards of safety and quality.

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San Dun is always on the road to develop delicate lazy susan table. Foshan San Dun Furniture Co., Ltd provides a wide range of wedding chair covers for customers. San Dun chairs with steel legs goes through a complete design cycle. It includes drawing up specifications, conception&architecture of the mechanism, design and simulation of behavior with static, dynamic, thermal, etc. The product allows for easy movement and storage. stacking banquet chairs relies on the market demand to continuously innovate and develop. It meets the requirement of CA117 fire-protection standard.

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We have a dedication to customer success. We can quickly react to customers and their needs and make regular communication with customers, which helps us close gaps between customer expectations and our services.

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