Is There a Market for Playing Old Videogames?

Yes. Good Old Games has recently been doing some uptake on recent releases, particularly indie games in the spirit of retro-style games, but their original and continuing business model involves selling ports of old PC games that are capable of running on modern systems and DRM-free. They've been reasonably successful, in that they've been more proactive than Steam in acquiring similar titles.Steam also sells a large backlog of old games, including ports of old console titles. Nintendo devised the Virtual Console service on the Nintendo Wii and made a second iteration of it on WiiU and 3DS. The Virtual Console is propagated on the idea that you can buy games in Nintendo and other developers' backlog ranging all the way back to the original NES.Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade also started with a similar mission statement, expanding over time to include original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles as well as recent releases, and Sony has since adopted a similar service that has a backlog of Playstation 1 and 2 titles. Basically, name a downloadable service and it serves a niche of selling old games in a convenient format, occasionally with some convenient updates for modern there a market for playing old videogames?

1. chemistryyyyyyyy helppp?

Known: 1. The density of water is 1.0 g/mL 2. A 34.5-g gold nugget is dropped into a graduated cylinder containing water.The density of gold is 19.3 g/cm ^3. 3. A watch loses 0.2 s every minute. 4. Eggs shipped to market are packed 12 eggs to a carton and 20 cartons to a box. A crate holds 4 boxes. Crates are stacked on a truck 5 crates wide, 6 crates deep, and 5 crates high. Unknown: How many deciliters of water will fill a 0.5-L bottle? By how many milliliters does the measured volume increase? How many minutes will the watch lose in a day? How many eggs are there in 5 truckloads?

2. When forking an dual-licensed permissive/GPL project, can I drop one of the licenses?

If, and only if, the project is truly dual licensed then you may pick your preferred license and fork from there. But you must make sure that all aspects of the code that you need are licensed in your preferred license. You are allowed to carve apart a project to 'cherry pick' just the aspects you need or are compatible with your preferred license.It's probable that trim line A has some features that you really want, but you can only 'afford' trim line B. That's when you rely upon the auto parts after-market and other mechanics to install the features you wanted from A but could not 'afford'. And if you are a truly handy DIY'er, you can make those modifications yourself. Those new features that you built / paid for are now part of trim line B or however you choose to release / license them (this is where the auto analogy falls apart).Some quick caveats - 1) I use the term 'afford' to make the automobile analogy work. It's a metaphor, that's all. 2) The license you pick may affect how you can release new features. Using GPL, for example, would force the new features to be GPL would .

3. A Market For Long Narrative Poetry?

A most unwelcome answer

4. which is the gold market of the world ?

I do not know what you mean.Gold is marketed around the world.Do you mean,which country produces the most gold or which country has the most gold?

5. HP Envy 14 Beats Edition vs MacBook Pro 13"?

BlazeVideo HDTV Player is a full-featured Digital & Analog TV software solution for you to watch, record, pause, replay live TV/teletext program or listen to digital FM radio on your PC. Supports DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DMB-TH, CMMB, ISDB-T, ATSC Global Digital TV standards and PAL, NTSC, SECAM Analog TV standards, BlazeVideo HDTV Player supports most popular TV Cards / TV Tuners / USB TV Dongles with Mircosoft BDA drive on market. BlazeVideo HDTV Player also acts as your multi-media center, with superior video and audio quality, and supports DVD, VCD, SVCD, and most popular media files playback.

6. Can I connect a wired mouse and a keyboard with a multi-USB port connector in a laptop?

Yes you can if it is a original multi USB port hub.By original I mean to say the one which creates additional usb port then existing for use with your laptop. But there are cheap ones in market which just connects the n number of USB connector in parallel, they are meant for just suppling 5V USB power to devices not to establish multi port connection. So, if you buy the latter one then you will not be able to connect two or more devices together. But,the former one will work. I am using a Targus 4 port hub and it works fine for me.Can I connect a wired mouse and a keyboard with a multi-USB port connector in a laptop?.

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Insights on the LED Tube Light Global Market to 2026 - by Region and Application
With the inflating prices of electricity around the world, consumers are shifting from compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) to LED tube lights. This is further supported by awareness campaigns and policies for energy conservation and environmental protection by governments in various countries. On the other hand, manufacturers are coming up with different LED lighting products and investing in marketing through newspapers and televisions which is increasing product awareness among consumers. Further, strong demand for LED tube lights is emerging from the corporate sector as they offer better ambiance lighting, enhanced controls and reduced maintenance costs. They are also widely being used in automotive, general lighting, mobile devices, signal and signage, healthcare, forensic, academics and street lighting which is stimulating the market growth. Looking forward, the publisher expects the global LED tubelight market to grow at a CAGR of 12.2% during 2021-2026.15 Best LED Tube Lights Reviews 2021 | For Home or GarageUpgrading from fluorescent to LED is never a bad idea. However, before you buy the exact LED products that you need, you would have to do a brief, thorough analysis. So that you do not end up buying something that does not suit your needs. So, here we have compiled a list of the best-LED tube lights available in the market. To buy the right tube light, you will have to study a few features before you proceed to analyze the different products that are available in the market. Due to that purpose, we have compiled a buyer's guide for you. The number of lumens determines the brightness of the light. A lumen is a unit of measurement for the intensity of light that any light generates. The more the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be. For homes, a tube light with a lumen count of 1600 would do. But for offices, it needs to be at least 2000. The wattage of light determines how much electricity it will be consuming, to deliver the lumens. The more the wattage, the higher your bill will be. For 1600 lumens, a 20-watt bulb will be enough. The tube lights meant for domestic uses should deliver 85 lumens per watt, and the ones meant for office should deliver 100 lumens per watt. There are different colors offered by different LED lights, and their color is determined by their temperature. It is measured in Kelvins. The warm yellow light that is supposed to provide a soothing environment is 3000k. Moving up, we have bright white and blue light that is 5000k or above. The white, common daylight, starts from 6500k. The more accessories and functions you want, the more you would have to invest. For example, some tube lights come with dimmers so that you can adjust the brightness. Sometimes, there are also remote controlled lights or the ones that can be connected to Bluetooth or wifi. They are more expensive than standard ones. As the name says, this light is very appropriate for shops and professional spaces. That is because it is very bright. The lumen output is 8500 lumens. And for 120 watts. The light goes to every corner of the place. Every LED light has the power consumption of 72 watts, so you will be able to save 70% on your electricity bills if you replace your fluorescent tubes with these. They are easy to install, you can plug them in any fixture. They let you wire five lights in one series so that you can save up on wiring. The color temperature they offer is 5000k, which is daylight white. And no harmful radiation too. You can install these lights, whether you have a ballast or not. Which means they can be installed as the primary fixture, as well as a replacement for incandescent bulbs. If you have a ballast, they will be 20 watts, and if you do not have a ballast, they will be 18 watts. They can be connected from either one end or both ends. This is another feature that adds up to its versatility. The original shunted sockets are called tombstones. You can install these directly into them. No need to remove them to fit these. They have frosted glass and are impact resistant. Can be installed with or without ballast Not as bright with ballast These 4 feet LED tubes will give you 133 lumens for one watt. And combined, the lumen count that you will get will be 2400. They have a wide beam angle, which is 220 degrees. You will not need to replace your lighting over and over again once you have fitted these lights in your house. These lights have an 82 color rendering index, which means you will get a near daylight experience. Their temperature is 5000K. They are powered from a single end, and you need a ballast for them. The installation process is easy. You will be able to install this tube light simply by bypassing your ballast. If you do that, you will be able to save yourself money and time, because ballasts tend to fail over time. They also consume a lot of electrical power. The installation process is very simple with this one. The lights can be installed into the tombstones directly, with no need for extra, tiresome installation procedures. This tube will let you have the single end, or the double-ended connection as well, whatever suits you. The shatterproof glass allows impact resistance. Ca not be used with ballast With these tube lights, you will have an energy-efficient solution for your lighting needs. They will give you the maximum output by using the minimum wattage and lowest heat output. The tubes are made out of shatterproof materials. You can use them with almost any light fixture there is. You will not need a ballet for it. The uses of them are highly versatile; you can use these for domestic as well as for commercial use. The lights offer 3000 lumens. You can replace them easily with your fluorescent bulbs. Ca not be used in damp locations Switching to LED from fluorescent has never been easier! You can install these tubes in five minutes only, whether you have experience or not. They will only use 18 watts of your electricity and provide the output of a 40-watt fluorescent bulb. The color temperature is a comfortable 5000k, which will fulfill all your brightness needs. The number of lumens this tube has to offer is a solid 2000. Which means it is very appropriate for commercial use, and also for domestic use if you are looking for a near daylight kind of illumination. As the name says, if you are looking for the best way to illuminate your shop, then this is what you should go for. One tube light is eight feet so that you will save yourself the hassle of wiring and installation of many fixtures. The color temperature is 6000k, so it gives off a cool white color. You can link one lamp to the other, the maximum number of lamps that you can link together is 4. You will need no ballasts for this. The number of lumens is 7200. Clear glass so glare is there These bulbs will offer you 100-110 lumens per watt, which is quite an efficient amount of lumens for any kind of use. This way, the wattage used will be less as well. You can fit these lights in almost any fixture; they are compatible with t8, t11 and t12 fixtures. All you need to do is that you will have to bypass the ballast first. The power consumption and the thermal output will stay low. So you will get cheaper, brighter, and healthier lighting solutions. And the steel housing is durable and rugged. These lights offer a decent replacement for the fluorescent tubes for conventional uses. They have a wide range of applications and can be used for residential, commercial, and professional uses. They have a wide beam angle of 270 degrees. The clear cover gives the light more brightness, unlike a frosted cover, which devours most of the light. The led lights give off 120 lumens per watt, and in total, they are 7800 lumens. You can save 65% on your electricity bills with this thing. Another good product by JOMITOP, only this time, the tube lights are eight feet. This means you will be able to save yourself time and money, as well as hassle, by avoiding more wiring on more products. Use one eight-foot bulb instead of two-four feet ones. They have the brightness of 7800 lumens, and the temperature of 5000k. You will be able to install it easily and save up to 65% on your electricity bill. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Can be used as plant growing lighting These integrated fixtures are capable of lighting almost any work area, rest areas, commercial areas, or residences. Cut the costs of your electricity bill and opt for cleaner and healthier lighting solutions by replacing your fluorescent bulbs with kihung ones. These lights have two rows of LEDs; they keep the brightness maximum while keeping the heat minimum. You can connect four lights together. They have a large beam angle to offer, up to 270 degrees. The installation process is easy, just plug and go. The snap joints are included, so you can just insert the plug, it will light up. By switching to luminous, you can avoid the fatigue, heat, and bills caused by fluorescent bulbs. Save up to 50% of your billing with these lights. They light the place up with as much as 4000 lumens, by only using 40 watts. They have a long lifespan, and the bill will never go up. Dual-end powered, and they can be fitted with almost any light fixture. Just get a simple ballast bypass, and you will be able to install them. Not a lot of rewiring will be required. These HYPERIKON led lights are going to offer you a total lumen count of 2140, and 118 lumens per watt. The beam angle that it will give you is 140 degrees. The life span is also more, saving you a lot of money. It has been approved by the UL, so it will end up providing a healthier solution that the other lighting options. It is safe for the eyes, as well as healthy because it does not emit any harmful radiation. The installation process is also easy; you can I stall them directly. And if you are installing them in the place of a fluorescent bulb, then a simple ballast bypass would be needed. This product offers you a total lumen count of 1120 lumens, which means brightness is ensured. The color temperature is 6000k. The beam angle is 120 degrees, so individual spots of the led lights will not be an issue. Their cover is transparent, so the brightness will not be affected, unlike a frosted cover, in which the brightness is hindered. The power it will consume is just 8 watts. Which means you will be able to save heftily on the electricity bills. The bulbs are dual-end powered; they can be installed easily, with no need for a ballast. Last product of the list. The superior lighting products will not disappoint you in terms of beam distribution; you will never spot individual led spotlights. They are highly shatterproof because of their thermoplastic cover. The beam angle is 240 degrees. Their color temperature is 4000k and 5000k. You will get up to 150 lumens per watt. They will not flicker or buzz; instead, they only take a second to switch on. They will last you more than 45000 hours. Reduce your electricity bills by replacing your fluorescent bulbs with these. A ballast is a device that is used for the regulation of electric current in the fluorescent tubes. This electrical component is only meant for the fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes, however, do not require one. This is because the LED ones are powered by the household wording directly. LEDs are the cost-efficient replacement for fluorescent bulbs. Most of the time, you can reuse the fluorescent fixture by putting an LED into it. And other times, you will need minor rewiring. The LED lights can be used with a ballast, but it is better to remove it because it will only take up more energy. How many lumens is a 4-foot T8 bulb? In a 4 foot T8 fluorescent bulb, there will be 2850 lumens per bulb. Which means 11,400 lumens for the entire thing. LED tubes are not only brighter, but they also do not flicker like fluorescent bulbs. The LED lights also help you save money. The whole idea behind LED lights is that they save money by not needing starters and ballasts. But there are also those LED lights that can be placed inside fluorescent fixtures, the fixtures that are already attached to starters. Those LED lights need starters to avoid rewiring. Is LED tube light harmful to the eyes? Generally, LEDs are less harmful and dangerous than fluorescent bulbs. But, if your eyes are exposed to the LED lights for a lifetime, then there is a chance of macular degeneration that is age-related. Which is better, LED, or tube light? The LED light is better than a tube light because it lasts way longer. It is known to last approximately 40,000 more hours than the tube light. It will also help you save tons of energy. The LED lights are environmentally friendly as well. Can led tube light to be repaired? The traditional incandescent bulbs cannot be repaired. Not at all. However, in an LED tube light, you can replace almost anything. All you need to do is pinpoint the malfunction, and then fix it, to prolong the life of your bulbs. How much watt LED bulb is required for a room? Mostly, it depends upon if you need more brightness or less. For an average living space that is 250 square feet, you will have to use at least 5000 lumens for just the primary light. This is equal to five CFLs of 23 watts, five incandescent bulbs of 100 watts, or eight LED light bulbs of 10 watts. What is inside an LED tube light? There are many LED lights inside an LED tube light. They are all arranged in a row, and they run on either 110 or 220 volts. There you go, you have all the information necessary to upgrade to LED tube lights. We've ensured that you do not have to get in the hassle of reading multiple customer reviews or scouting multiple sellers on Amazon. This comprehensive guide would help you choose the best-LED tube light that falls into your budget and requirements.
What Are Some Great B2b Marketing Video Creation Tools?
Since youre looking to make B2B marketing videos youll need a tool that time efficient, easy to use and most importantly a tool that lets you do more across social media platforms. While there are a couple of options listed already, Im going to ahead and talk about the tool I use, just in case it fits your requirements better.I started out creating creative text videos for my brand and hence Typito seemed like great choice. While it specializes in motion graphic text videos it isnt limited to just that, theres a whole lot more to it.Heres why I find the tool compatible for B2B marketing video creation:Easy work-flow and Time efficientWorking in such a quick paced line, I couldnt afford to spare time with sophisticated software, here where online tools really helped me. Typitos one click motion graphic text templates are customizable to the extent that you can match it with your brand colours to make it look like it was created for your brand. This also lets you maintain uniformity of brand identity. Whether its stylized motion graphic titles, lower third, captions, and social media tags they have text templates for all. Since you mentioned B2B marketing videos, you might like the social media call-to-action templates; theyre great for B2B marketing videos. Heres how the text templates workSourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyBranding BusinessFor great B2B videos need branding is something else you might want to consider. Branding on videos is key to helping your video stand out. Their branded templates lets you blend images/logos and text that is decently customizable. Sourced from - Typitos Library on GiphyThe videos you export from Typito are all in HD so theres no question of video quality, and you can share it across Social media platforms directly from the tool after exporting.You can save templates you've created so if you want to reuse them for future projects itll show up under the saved tab, and save you the effort of recreating it for any series of videos you might want to use it for in the future.The tool offers a feature called Brand Kit which is great for working to ensure that the videos that are published are brand-compliant. This basically lets me upload a specific brand font and other language fonts making my videos accessible across other languages as well. In addition to this I can add colors that make up my brand's color palette. This can be saved so that it's easily for later videos. Team CollaborationTypito supports a workspace that allows you to add team members. You can even have designated roles for each member like owner, producer and editor which smoothens the work process.So these are some of the reasons why Typito stands out for me. I would recommend trying out a demo to see if it suits what youre looking for. They have reasonably priced plans under Plus, Business, Agency that have monthly and annual subscriptionsHope this suggestion was useful :) · Related Questions Could Britain possibly have defeated Germany during World War Two had the U.S. and Soviet Union both remained neutral? This is a much more difficult to answer than it might first appear. And those that base their response simply on what happened to the British Army in 1940 have not considered enough factors. The fact is that Germany was set for short war. Germany did not have the economic means to wage war for an extended period without getting them from elsewhere. This means invading other countries because they arent going to be shipped into Germany anytime soon through the British blockade. Hence the final gamble of invading the Soviet Union. Germany was critically short of particular materials required for their military, as well as, perhaps most importantly, enough oil. This means that you can quote as much wonder-weapons as you like, but they arent going to be as effective without certain strategic materials. Also, the bounty gained by defeating France, the Low Countries, Norway etc was soon exhausted and if anything they became an additional burden on the German economy. This is moreso if Italy becomes an ally. So as long as Germany cant defeat Britain - and countless Quora answers will explain why not - the German economy is going to fall apart eventually. And this is without the British strategic bombing campaign, which is going to accelerate the issue. Yes you can have the most powerful army in the world, but unless you can properly equip it and use it, its not as effective as it seems on paper. In Britains case this means also getting it across the English Channel, established on shore, and keeping it supplied (this last part being often forgotten). Germany was incapable of any of this, and to create the required conditions (bigger combat navy to fight the RN, bigger logistics navy to transport the forces and carry the massive amount of supplies, bigger airforce to achieve air superiority to do everything else), would be somewhere between impossible, and taking so much time that the economy would implode first. And dont forget the vast bulk of the German army is fairly immobile infantry divisions, lacking motor transport. This is in stark contrast to the fully motorised British Army - particularly in a war where mobility is vital.All this is the opposite with Britain. The longer the war goes on the stronger it gets. Britain has the German codes and intercepts, has the potential to build the A-bomb before Germany, and, perhaps most importantly, can draw upon the resources and manpower of the the commonwealth. Certainly the British Army is defeated in 1940 - but its relatively tiny and not really directly engaged. It also loses a few times after that. But it learns and improves and grows, and utilises technology and firepower to achieve parity with the German army - in the places it chooses to engage.So Britain defeating Germany is possible, because Britain has the time and resources to do it eventually. For Germany there is only a certain time available, and since it cant defeat Britain in that timescale, it must ultimately lose. It is also worth reading books such as James Hollands The War in the West that describe how poorly prepared and suited Germany was for an extended war, making those Quora questions about whether they could win the war after (whatever) date quite pointless ------ What was positive about the Crusades? Sometimes, you fight a battle in a foreign land, so that you dont have to fight one on your land. The Crusades took the battle of Islam to the middle east, but if they had not, the battle would have been before the gates of Vienna or Florence, and the Crusades gave Europe time to prepare for the Islamic invasion. So what was positive was that the crusades bought time for Christianity to be prepared for the cultural clash that came later. It was successful, and to date, Islam has been stopped and limited to the 40 or so countries found in the 1040 window (Latitudes 10 north and 40 south). The Crusades gave us time.Secondly, while we learned principles of warfare, modern money and banking originated during the Crusades. Money deposited with the Templers in one spot would be available in another, merely on presenting a marque. Like checking, its a concept born out of the Crusades, and we rely on it to this day. We also developed modern military tactics and it gave monarchs new power and trade routes. New foods, new materials, and even the concept of income taxes grew out of the Crusades. There were negatives. The First Crusade was the only crusade that was truly successful from a military viewpoint; lots of people died on both sides over 200 years, and disease became a battlefield of its own. True, we learned how to do surgery, and imported the concept of hospitals from Islam. It also set up a long-standing military opposition between Islam and Christianity that persists to this day, largely because of militants in both camps who wish to eliminate the threats posed by a rival ideology, rather than finding a modus vivendi. Most people forget that the Crusades were to protect the Christians and Christian sites in the Holy Land, and to halt the oppression of Islam from encroaching on Christian Europe. Faced with an implacable foe who relentlessly opposed and oppressed Christians, the Crusades sought to take the fight to their turf before they brought it to ours. Its a fair tactic: Put the pointy end of the spear, and the hardened shaft, into the heart of the opponents land rather than let him bring the fight to your land. Today, jihadis are taking their fight to Europe and America in the hopes of winning a cultural battle and taking control. They desire to subvert, oppress, and marginalize a culture that is arguably superior in almost every way, and to do it at the point of a gun or by terrorist means. The job of the Christian opposition is to marginalize such acts, and make them costly, and to show them as a failure. Its a long conflict, and because its still a salient issue, I suspect we will be battling between cultures for years to come, unless there is a final decisive war.If Islam is a superior civilization, it should be able to show it by advances in science. It should be able to show it by incredible economic success. It should be able to do it through acts of charity and humanity. It should be able to win the hearts and minds of people, not through acts of terror, but through acts of kindness and charity. Its challenge to do so speaks to me of the challenge facing Islam today, which is to grow as a civilization out of its roots in 7th Century Arabia and into a modern world.
6 Ways to Use Pinterest to Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy
Over the years, Pinterest has evolved from being the go-to resource for wedding ideas and cupcake recipes to being a real social media powerhouse. The platform is now the fourth largest source of website traffic in the world, and it has the ability to turn users into customers more than any other social network. In fact, a massive 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. While images form the bulk of the content being shared by Pinterest users, videos are becoming increasingly important to both the site and its users. Now is the time to start including Pinterest in your video marketing strategy.Here are a few tips to help get the very best out of every video you pin:Keep it short and to the pointHolding the attention of a Pinterest user can be tricky, especially when there are so many other pins vying for their attention. Ensure your video content is short and to the point. Cut any lengthy introductions and put your key point towards the beginning of your video to grab the interest of your audience before they scroll on to the next pin.Choose an eye-catching thumbnailBefore you even think about pinning your latest video, add a custom thumbnail to your video on YouTube, Vimeo or whichever video hosting site youre planning to pin from. Using an eye-catching image with a snappy title as your thumbnail instead of a random frame from the middle of your video will ensure your pin stands out from the crowd.Optimise your board names and descriptionsPinterest is, in many ways, more of a search engine than a social network. This means some key search engine optimisation principles can be put in place to ensure that your pins are easily discovered by users. Adding relevant, descriptive keywords to your board names and descriptions is incredibly important for all types of pins and, when sharing video content, be sure to include video in your description to aid users who are searching specifically for video content.Add a link and call-to-action to your descriptionPinterest users purchase more than users of any other network. Making it as easy as possible for users to take the next step will further increase your chances of making a sale. Clicking your pinned video will take users to Youtube or Vimeo rather than your website or online store, so include a clear call-to-action and a direct link to the relevant product in the description of your pin.Curate and share other contentIf you want to build a significant audience on Pinterest, sharing only your own content isnt going to cut it. As with most social media platforms, users who actively contribute to the community by regularly liking, sharing and commenting earn the largest audiences. This doesnt mean you have to share your competitors content. Curate boards filled with informative posts related to your industry and your audience will view you as a valuable source of information.Pay money, get more viewsAnalysts predict a 26. 3% increase in social media ad spending in 2017 and for good reason: they deliver impressive results. Pinterest, in particular, is becoming a great place for video marketing. As of last month, promoted videos appear in Pinterest search results and play automatically in a users home feed. These new features could seriously increase the visibility of your video on the platform, so a paid video ad could be worth considering!If you want to find out using social media and video marketing to boost your business, check out our video marketing service
Bigdaws Reveals Custom LCD Cards & Video Brochure As the Best Marketing Technique
Moving parallel with innovative electronic technology, Bigdaws has introduced a wide range of novice electronic products empowered with LCD technology & sound. Such promotional and customized products include Custom-LCD Cards, LCD-Video Brochures, Video Greeting Cards & Brochures, Musical-Custom Greeting Cards and much more. Be known that such varieties of marketing materials successfully coordinates with ever growing trends of electronic devices. This eventually contributes to enhancing the presentation of marketing or promotional material, printed cards, Signage, Displays, Media Kit and miscellaneous. In addition, Flashing Animated LCD Display, LED Blinkies, webUSB, NFC (Near Field Communication) electronic devices are also valuable to employ.Among a myriad of electronic devices that boasts the most innovative visual technology, videoCARD is highly efficient with custom LCD Cards to play a customized video. LCD brochures and video brochures let its user to accelerate the promotional actions and advertising by imparting details of product or services ensuring with a customized video. Also, in order to send regards to distinct events & occasions to beloved ones, the company has revived the emergence of Musical greeting cards, Video greeting cards as well as custom greeting cards for the special one. However, for different needs and requisite, Bigdaws has a wide gamut of products like videoFOLDER, wivideo TAG light, webUSB that drags to a specific website or page, LCD IR module & push button module. Apart from manufacturing and supplying the unique custom LCD cards and video LCD brochures, it comprises other useful articles, which retains a valuable place in the world of promotional and marketing planning. Such of them are webUSB that can be procured with customized printing with brand logo and directs to a specific web page URL. Moreover, it is very easy to have a custom flashing LCD cards, video greeting cards, custom greeting cards that are literally very pleasing to enjoy and making gifts. So, in concern to avail these products, the company has already integrated an online store that delivers the desired products at the doorstep of customers. The best things that are supposed to be appreciated are the LCD video brochures, Musical greeting cards, and entire sorts of LCD cards.Bigdaws a leading company that is renowned throughout the world for the most innovative marketing stuffs based on sound and LCD technology. Such as Video & Musical greeting cards, LCD cards & brochures, and etc. As it was founded by Edgar Davin in 2009 and is highly experience in developing customized products like custom LCD card or brochure, webUSB, LED flashing light, NFC devices and much more. To explore for more products and about company visit to the website bigdawgspromo. com/.
Video Marketing the Ultimate SEO Tool in 2018
The definition of video marketing is not complex. In fact, its rather simple, using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. A strong marketing campaign incorporates video into the mix. Customer testimonials, videos from live events, how-to videos, explainer videos, corporate training videos, viral (entertainment) videos the list goes on.Rob Toledo, a user engagement and bounce rate specialist at Shutterstock, says:No longer just an interesting add-on, video has become an important feature for anyone concerned with SEO, conversion rates, or brand recognition. Thats pretty much everyone, then.Whoever youre creating a video for, be it a giant organization or the little bakery in town, adding video to their site can have a ton of interests. No longer just a gripping add-on, video has become a key factor for anyone concerned with SEO, brand identification or conversion rates. Lets see, how video marketing affects your sites SEO? And how video marketing will help you in your marketing strategies?Video marketing achieved all that traditional marketing does, but increase your effects. Benefits of video marketing are too numerous but here we focus on Four Key Metrics,Creating a video means the Creators, Publishers and Marketers need to realize what user is looking for and how eventually it can convert into CTR. Some tips to boost your sites SEO with video.Video SERP:Keep Your Video Short Less than 4 minutes (engagement rates fall after 45 minutes).Create Rich-Video Snippets This is the thumbnail beside the description of the content on the page. Follow this nitty-gritty guide to create a video sitemap.Transcribe Your Script Even though Google is getting pretty darn good at parsing video content for meaning, transcribed text helps the spiders crawl your content for relevance.High CTR:Embed Video Directly to Your Site Dont let your video host monopolize your traffic. Add Rich Video Snippets Entice your readers into clicking with an engaging preview.Reduce Bounce Rate:Embed Video Above the Fold The fold is the imaginary line where users have to scroll to see additional content. On most browsers its around 600 pixels.Use Accurate Video Titles Dont deceive users with sensationalized headlines. No one likes being lied to and if they feel betrayed, theres no way theyll return for a second visit.Dont Panic A 50% bounce rate is ok.Link-Building:Embed Your Video Building links to YouTube wont help your SEO.Focus Your Video on a Single Topic Niche videos get shared. Create High Quality Video Amateur video makes you look unprofessional.Plenty of businesses are approaching towards video to publicize their brands, products and services. By now, most of marketers and business owners know that Video Marketing is prime factor for driving website traffic. So, if you are still not convinced, then check out these Video Highlights from Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 20162021 . Thus , using Videos to present your content in a compelling manner can give your website and business visibility and attention it needs
Do You Want Another Way for Business Growth Strategies? Try Video Marketing.
Video marketing has been around for many years but recently is picking up tremendous steam. Smart marketers know that it is a critical component to their marketing strategies. In fact, studies have shown that consumers are 64% more likely to purchase after watching a video on a product or service. As the saying goes seeing is believing! Wrap your video around testimonials and other social proof and BAM instant attraction.If done right, video can be a power tool to use in your day to day marketing to grow and promote your business but many people shy away from it often thinking it is very complex or costly and worst, they dont know how to use video in their marketing.Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate video into your marketing:1. Add a video message to your newsletter. The old email newsletter evolved from straight text to colorful designs, now you can replace your editorial section or welcome message with a live video message. This will show your personality and help your audience connect with you faster.2. Show off your company culture. A great way to give personality to your brand is to show your employees and your offices. Let your customers have a first hand view into your private world and show off your companys personality by interviewing staff, showing your Halloween Party, Wishing customers a heartfelt Holiday Message.Read More : Business Growth StrategiesYou can see Related Blog on Tumblr : Selling Techniques to Grow BusinessSubscribe Blog :- How to grow a business
Steam Pulls Alleged Crypto Miner From Video Game Marketplace
Valve has removed an indie game called Abstractism from its digital games marketplace Steam, for allegedly functioning as a covert crypto mining operation.According to user complaints, the game (which was released by developer Okalo Union and publisher on March 15) was cryptojacking computers i. e. , surreptitiously using devices processing power (with the aid of malicious software embedded in the game) to mine cryptocurrency, thus causing computers to slow down and overheat.As per a report by Motherboard, Valve has officially confirmed (via email) that the game has been removed from Steam. In addition, Valve has also banned the games developer and publisher from its video game platform. We have removed Abstractism and banned its developer from Steam for shipping unauthorized code, trolling with content, and scamming customers with deceptive in-game items.The Motherboard report points out that there were several immediate red flags in addition to a poorly written official game description, the game also offered players rewards for leaving the game running when not in use.Users began to suspect something awry as early as July 14, and YouTuber SidAlpha went on to post a complete breakdown of how exactly the game was using unsuspecting players devices to mine cryptocurrency. Allegedly, the game hijacked system resources and tripped security software.In addition to the cryptojacking accusations, users also blamed the games developers of scamming players with counterfeit items.In a game update on July 23, the games publisher attempted to quell the crypto mining concerns via the patch notesAbstractism Launcher and Abstractism Inventory Service are not Bitcoin miner (and are not Monero miner too, honestly). These apps are required to connect to the Steam and grant items to your inventory.However, the flurry of user complaints forced Valve to bring the games run on Steam to an end on July 30.As per recent studies, ransomware has taken a backseat to crypto mining malware, the prevalence of which has forced companies such as Google and Apple to ban all sorts of crypto mining applications from their platforms.
Advanced Tools and Tactics to Improve Your Social Media Marketing ROI Blog
If youre running a successful ecommerce store or other online business, chances are youve already built a strong social media presence for your brand on multiple channels. And youre probably also running some paid campaigns and seeing some results.But when it comes to your marketing effort on social, you might be asking yourself: How do I measure my success? Am I getting the best results possible?Social is clearly beneficial for brand identity, building an audience, and being part of the right conversations. But likes, views, and shares are meaningless without conversions.What you really need to be tracking is your ROI: whether youre getting more than a dollar back for every dollar spent.Check out our recent piece on how to properly analyze your social media ROI. Once you know your number, its time to set about improving it. There are proven ways to squeeze every penny out of that marketing spend, and a bunch of excellent tools to help you.Im going to take you through my favorite tools and the advanced tactics you can use to leverage to get the best bang for your buck. Tools and Tactics to Improve Your Social Media ROIContent Management and Analytics ToolsImproving the efficiency of basics like posting and scheduling content will no doubt improve your social ROI, but lets dig a little deeper and look at the tools that include advanced analytics features to inform your decision making.Analyzing where you are doing well, and which areas you could be doing better is key to informing your strategy moving forward. These tools can show you where you can get more return from your social efforts. Hootsuite is one of the biggest names in social media management. The online software allows you to manage multiple accounts on multiple social platforms from one dashboard.When your goal is improving ROI, analytics are all important. One of Hootsuites best features is its advanced analytics dashboard. You can drag and drop widgets, each reporting different stats and metrics, to give you a convenient overview of how youre doing across social networks. This makes reporting results super easy too. Hundreds of metrics are available from basics like fans or followers numbers, engagement and impressions across networks, to more advanced measures like post clicks by location, inbound Facebook messages by sentiment and Twitter clicks by referrer. You can view the stats on interactive line charts, tables, tree-maps and more.Plans for small teams start at $99 per month, increasing as you add more users and accounts. The increase in efficiency with a tool like this will quickly outweigh the cost when managing multiple accounts.The advanced analytics Hootsuite provides are excellent for an overview across networks but it doesnt offer the ability to delve very deep into individual metrics. What you really want when you see a spike in engagement, is to be able to dig into the details and see what you were doing right. You can figure it out yourself by looking back at your social schedule of course, but it would be useful if Hootsuite added the ability to dig into the day-to-day figures as well as providing the overview.Even given this drawback, the volume of tools Hootsuite provides will certainly help you measure your performance in order to adapt and refine your strategy to improve your ROI.Buffer does a similar job to Hootsuite, providing social media management on one dashboard and analytics tools to track engagement and conversions. A nice feature it offers is a visual content calendar where you can drag and drop posts. Great for visual learners like me!Buffers analytics tool comes with a handy feature to maximize engagement for your top performing posts. Re-Buffer tracks your best content and allows you to repurpose and repost it within a few clicks. ,Given that one of your biggest costs on social is the investment of time needed to create content, this feature is an easy way to squeeze the most value out of money you have already spent.Coming in slightly cheaper than Hootsuite with options to increase users and number of social accounts, Buffer allows you manage multiple accounts across the biggest social networks from $65 per month. Good news is the Re-Buffer feature is available on even the cheapest plans. Lithium is a powerful platform that allows you to schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, and also monitor conversations on the major social networks.Its most powerful feature is Lithium Social Intelligence, which monitors your entire social impact using real-time analytics, social listening and historical monitoring data.A really smart feature, the Community Health Index works like a credit score for your community. It uses six key engagement factors to help you understand your audience so that you can tailor and time content to maximize the return on your efforts.Prices are available only on request but it comes in at the higher end.Monitoring and Research ToolsStaying on top of trends in your industry is crucial so that you:Understand your audience, their pain points and problemsCreate content at the cutting edge which engages the right peopleStay at the forefront of the social conversationGrow your audience with even more engaged followersAll of these considerations will help to focus your strategy so that you get the most out of your spend. Here are the best tools to keep you on trend.BuzzSumo allows you to easily keep track of the latest trending posts and the biggest influencers in your industry or niche. You can also track your own impact and refine your strategy to adapt and improve. Plans start at $79 per month but the benefits could outweigh the costs for larger brands operating with higher stakes.Google Trends is a free tool that utilizes the wealth of Google data to show you whats trending. Many pros use this completely free tool to monitor keywords and hashtags to stay ahead of the pack, which is vital in fast-moving industries like ecommerce and tech. Feedly gathers together posts and blogs from relevant influencers and puts them all into one feed so you can easily keep up to date with whats happening in your area of business. Plans start from $5 per month.Conversion Optimization ToolsA key factor in your ROI equation your conversion rate. A high conversion rate will lead to more sales and higher revenue. Jumper has tools specifically designed to boost your conversion rates from social channels.Jumper offers a host of tools to improve conversion rates and allows you to manage your social commerce activities from within one dashboard. Creating a frictionless path from a users feed to checkout improves conversions and keep customers happy. With Jumper, you can create chatbots that engage users on social media channels and guide them through the checkout process. Automatically answering any questions, the chatbots smooth the path to purchase, delivering impressive results.Entertainment juggernaut Disney, which has a giant audience of obsessive fans on social media, created a chatbot which engages fans on social channels like Facebook Messenger and YouTube comments, and then guides them through to a ticket purchase for the latest Marvel movie. By bridging the gap between social engagement and ticket sales, Disney saw an incredible 18x page engagement rate resulting in a 68% conversion rate.Jumper offers flexible options. You can start with a free account and pay a percentage based on what you sell or opt for a monthly plan. Start with a free demo to explore how Jumper can improve your brands ROI. Maximizing Your ROI from Social Media AdvertisingPaying for social ads, or boosting your posts to get more eyeballs on them is a cost-effective way to drastically improve the reach of your content. Lets take a look at the cost of paid promotion on different networks versus the average conversion rates for each to see where you should put your money.FacebookEspecially popular with advertisers in e-commerce and retail and with the largest audience by a distance, Facebook offers both CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click) advertising models. With CPM, you pay for every 1000 views of your ad. With CPC, you only pay when interested people click on your ad. Typically CPC prices are higher but you are only paying for qualified leads so in theory the ROI is better. Average prices for CPC hover around $1-$2 across industries so there is a low barrier for entry. But things get more expensive as you increase your reach.Facebook also offers boosts on specific posts which will get more eyeballs on them. At 9. 21%, the conversion rates are far higher than the social media average. Facebook remains the favorite option for most social media advertisers.TwitterTwitter ads have a bit of a bad rep these days but there is certainly some value in them, even if just to be present on multiple platforms. Twitter prices its ads based on a bidding system, and you set your budget upfront. Your costs are determined by which type of campaign you choose and your bidding strategy.There are three options: promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Youll pay a premium to promote a trend but promoted tweets can provide a good ROI with rough costs estimated at the following:Website visits campaign: $1.68 $10.00Followers campaigns: $2.50 $3.50Tweet engagements campaigns: $1.50 $2.50App installs or re-engagement campaigns: $1.95 $3.25Awareness campaigns $6.00 $8.00Its tricky to find concrete data on Twitter conversion rates but they have been estimated at 0. 5% across industries. It is good to have a presence on Twitter and you be able to get results if thats where your audience hangs out.LinkedInLinkedIn advertising is unsurprisingly a B2B affair. It doesnt have the reach of the larger networks, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but with over 150 million engaged professionals all looking to hire or be hired, it is one of the best options for good ROI for the right kinds of industries. LinkedIn allows you to choose your audience based on industry, seniority, job function, company size, geography, number of connections, or membership of LinkedIn groups which are all indicators of someones likelihood for engagement. You can use LinkedIn ads for as little as $50 and for B2B, youll be sure to find engaged leads.A Hubspot study put LinkedIn conversion rates at 6. 1% across the US. An impressive number which shows despite having fewer users, LinkedIns members are more engaged and ready to click.InstagramInstagram ads can be an excellent choice for e-commerce brands and industries like fashion and F&B which rely on visuals to sell products and whose ideal audience is active on the platform.Instagram offers some of the best engagement rates of any platform, but its been considered less effective in terms of conversion rates, hovering at around 13%. Not great, but the average order value on Instagram purchases is one of the highest at $73. So if the conversion rate problem could be solved, Instagram has the potential to offer an excellent ROI.Users have cited security concerns and difficulty in navigating to checkout as two of the major issues stopping them from converting. In March 2019 Instagram release a new feature, Instagram Checkout, in closed beta, to counter these problems.While it is being tested, only certain major brands have access to the feature, but it is due to be rolled out to everyone once it is ready for release.The new feature allows users to checkout within the Instagram app, initially using PayPal as the payment method. Heres a summary of how it works from our recent article on Instagram Checkout (which you should check out if youre interested in the new feature!)How Instagram Checkout works:Tap on the product you likeSelect your preferences (color, quantity etc)Click on Checkout on InstagramEnter payment details (only for your first purchase)Click Place OrderInstagram Checkout is likely to drastically improve conversion rates, which would send Instagram up to the top of the social marketing ranks.If you cant wait for the new feature, there is an alternative designed to solve the same problem. Jumper allows users to check out right from their Instagram or Twitter feed, from YouTube comments and other channels, providing a frictionless checkout experience to maximise conversions. Sign up for an account today to try Jumper out for free.Tracking the Success of Your Social Media CampaignsWhile simple metrics like engagements, impressions, clicks and conversions are useful for basic measures of campaign success, the true measure of ROI, as discussed in our piece on how to accurately measure ROI, must take into account the long term effects of your campaigns.The way to do this is by looking more closely at customer acquisition versus customer retention:Acquiring a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing oneIncreasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%Loyal customers are a huge factor when calculating return on investment. Not only do they keep adding to your revenue without you spending any more, ideally they also act as brand ambassadors, attracting new customers as well.The two metrics to look at to measure this long term success are customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (LTV).CAC versus LTVCAC = Marketing campaign costs / total new customers acquiredCAC is simply the cost of acquiring a new customer:This differs from cost per acquisition (CPA) in that it relates only to new customers, so you should only be measuring new customers acquired in this calculation. Customer Lifetime Value = Average Customer Spend Per Purchase X Average Purchases Per Year X Years In A Lifetime CycleLTV is the projected amount of revenue a customer will provide over their entire relationship with your brand:The way to look at your long term ROI is to look at the relationship between the two.You are looking for LTV to be higher than CAC. This way, your initial spend for each customer is covered by their lifetime spend with you. To be achieving a good ROI, you want the ratio to be at least 3:1. A 1:1 ratio will be losing you money as there are always going to be hidden costs.A 3:1 ratio represents a solid business model that sustainably generates more than is spent for each new acquisition. Any higher is excellent, and means you should be reinvesting to get the maximum ROI from the situation as you grow.How to Ensure a Positive ROIIts clear that by tracking the right metrics over single and multiple campaigns, and using the free or nearly free tools available, theres plenty of opportunity to improve your social media marketing ROI.Using the analytics tools weve discussed, you can keep track of your best performing content and make informed decisions on where to promote your content and how to improve its performance. If you decide to go the paid advertising route, the costs are relatively low and all the networks provide options for you to pay for as many clicks as you receive. Its up to you to choose the most appropriate platform for your brand and optimize your ads to achieve the best ROI possible.Increasing conversions requires testing and optimization. Tools like Jumper can support your efforts by improving conversions and offering management of your social commerce directly from one dashboard.If you think your brand could benefit from some of these tactics to generate a better ROI from social media, get your free trial with Jumper today.Originally published at on July 4, 2019
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