Knowledge About Pedestrian Street,Notable Buildings and Structures of Pedestrian Street

Notable buildings and structures of pedestrian street

Most of the buildings in the street date from the late 1790s or early 1800s. The Frederik Tutein House on the corner with Strget (Badstuestrde 2 / Vimmelskaftet 47) was built for Frederik Tutein in 1801 to design by Johan Martin Quist. The rounded corner is typical of Quist's works from the period. The newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad is based in the building on the first and second floor.

Mp. 8 (1797-1798), No. 10 (1798-1799), No. 12 (1799-1800), Bo. 15 (1798-1802), No. 16 (1797), No. 17 (1829-1832), No. 18 (1796-1797) and No. 20 (1796-1797) are all listed. No. 18 is decorated with Ionic order pilasters.

Margrethe-Skolen, a school of fashion and design, is located on the second floor at No. 1-3.


Origins & Definition of pedestrian street

Badaud was in usage from the 16th century, if not earlier, a French adaptation of the old Provenal "badau". From the beginning the term described frivolous curiosity and ignorance. The Grand dictionnaire universel du XIXe sicle (1867) defined the term in this way: "The badaud is curious; he is astonished by everything he sees; he believes everything he hears, and he shows his contentment or his surprise by his open, gaping mouth.

" The term came frequently to describe the crowds that gathered in the street at any remarkable sight. From the 17th century and after, the term was associated with Parisians. It is most frequently rendered in English as "gawker" or "bystander".


Arkansas Highway 57 Bridge of pedestrian street

The Arkansas Highway 57 Bridge is a Warren pony truss bridge in Stephens, Arkansas. It carries an old alignment of Arkansas Highway 57 over a branch of the Union Pacific Railroad near the city center. The bridge is now closed to traffic; the road on which it is located is now called Ruby Street. The bridge is distinctive in Arkansas for two reasons: first, it was the last bridge of its type on a state highway, and it has a pedestrian sidewalk on the outside of the trusses. It is unknown who built the trusses; the bridge was built in 1928.

The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.


Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge of pedestrian street

Ouaquaga Lenticular Truss Bridge is a historic lenticular truss bridge located at Ouaquaga in the towns of Windsor and Colesville in Broome County, New York. It was constructed in 1888 and spans the Susquehanna River. It is composed of two identical through trusses with an overall length of 343 feet (105m). It was constructed by the Berlin Iron Bridge Co. of East Berlin, Connecticut. The bridge was closed to vehicular traffic in 2008 when a new bridge was built alongside it. The old bridge remains open for pedestrian use.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.


Sights to see of pedestrian street

Holy Trinity statue (limestone, 1761)

"Mother and Child with Dove of Peace" (copper statue by Henrik Bolba, 1988)

Basalt stone sculpture (by Sndor Kecskemti, 1988)

"Mechatronics" statue (chrome statue by Henrik Bolba, 1990)

"Power of Earth" fountain (by dm Farkas, 1991)

Two Roman columns commemorating the area's history (1996)

Bacchus statue (by Klmn Veres, 1999)

Holy Angels Church (built in 2003 in the southwestern part of the neighbourhood, architect: Imre Koppnyi)

Reformed church (2004)

Zsigmond Mricz statue (bronze, by Frigyes Janzer, 2007

Elephant fountain (copper drinkwater fountain by Kroly Krajcsovics, 2008; removed in 2011 in a theft attempt and put back in 2012)


Norwich Lanes of pedestrian street

The Norwich Lanes, known locally as The Lanes, is an area of Norwich, a city in Norfolk, England. It consists of a series of mostly pedestrian-oriented small lanes, alleyways and streets. Norwich Lanes is noted for its independent retailers, and eating and drinking establishments. The area also contains some of the city's cultural attractions, including museums, theatres, pubs and bars. As part of a nationwide drive to recognise the importance of the character and individuality of Britain's high streets, and to maintain it, Norwich Lanes won the Great British High Street Awards 2014 in the "City" category.


Street reclamation of pedestrian street

Street reclaiming is the process of converting, or otherwise returning streets to a stronger focus on non-car use walking, cycling and active street life. It is advocated by many urban planners and urban economists, of widely varying political points of view. Its primary benefits are thought to be:

Decreased automobile traffic with fewer automobile accidents and less smog

Reduced summer temperatures due to less asphalt and more green spaces

Increased pedestrian traffic which also increases social and commercial opportunities

Increased gardening space for urban residents

Better support for co-housing and infirm residents, e.g. suburban eco-villages built around former streets


Crawford Street Bridge (Providence, Rhode Island) of pedestrian street

The Crawford Street Bridge was a concrete and steel bridge over the Providence River in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It was originally built from 1873 to 1904 and then rebuilt starting in 1930. Composed of a set of interconnected bridges that span the river, it had a total area of over 3 acres (1.2 hectares) and covered nearly a quarter of a mile of the river. At 1,147 feet (350m) wide, it was the world's widest bridge, and listed in the 1988 Guinness Book of World Records.

As part of a downtown redevelopment project, the massive bridge was substantially demolished in 1982, replaced with several narrower bridges for individual streets and exposing the Providence River to create a more pedestrian-friendly cityscape.


Buildings of pedestrian street

At number 26 is the West Street Chapel, where John Wesley, the joint founder of Methodism, once preached.

Also located in West Street are the Ambassadors Theatre and the St Martin's Theatre which has staged the production of The Mousetrap since March 1974, making it the longest continuous run of any show in the world.

The London branch of L'Atelier de Jol Robuchon is located in the street.

The Ivy restaurant and The Club at The Ivy are located on the corner with Litchfield Street.

In the early 1950s, the Central School of Music and Dance was at No 15.


John Basilone Veterans Memorial Bridge of pedestrian street

The John Basilone Veterans Memorial Bridge is a bridge in New Jersey that crosses the Raritan River. The bridge was built in 2005 to replace the smaller Nevius Street Bridge built in 1886. The Nevius Street Bridge today functions as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge connects First Avenue and what used to be the short one way block of Lyman Street in Raritan with River Road in Hillsborough. After crossing into Hillsborough, the road curves to meet up with the old alignment with the Nevius Street Bridge. The bridge is named for local World War II hero, John Basilone. The bridge has a pedestrian tunnel underneath its northern approach, as part of the Raritan River Greenway


Great James Street of pedestrian street

Great James Street is a street in the Bloomsbury district of the London Borough of Camden. It has strong literary and publishing connections, and former residents include the poet Algernon Charles Swinburne and the detective story writer Dorothy L. Sayers. The Nation & Athenaeum, chaired by John Maynard Keynes, and the Nonesuch Press were both based in the street. The street has almost all its original buildings with minimal external changes. It is described in Nikolaus Pevsner's guide as "a gem" and its mostly terraced houses as "unusually uniform for their date". The majority of the street is listed by Historic England.


Fredrick Church of pedestrian street

The Fredrick Church is in the middle of the square. The square actually extends around the church, although visually it appears as if the church is west of the square. The church, on which construction began September 9, 1720, is a typical baroque church designed by Nicodemus Tessin d.y. and replaced a prior provisional wooden church on Drottninggatan street, called Hedvig Eleonora Church. The church was not inaugurated until 1744.

In Sigtuna, in the southern tower of the church, there is a carillon with 35 bells that where installed in 1967 by Bergholtz clockworks. The carillon plays three times daily.


Brighouse bus station of pedestrian street

Brighouse bus station serves the town of Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England. The bus station is owned and managed by Metro (WYPTE). The bus station is situated in the Brighouse Town Centre and could be accessed from Gooder Street and Ganny Road. The current station was opened from 10 May 2009 on the site of the previous one that dates back from the 1970s.

The new bus station cost 2.38million and provides passengers with more comfortable and safer enclosed waiting areas, new seating and lighting, real time electronic passenger information, 24-hour CCTV surveillance and additional footpaths and pedestrian access


Ionview stop of pedestrian street

Ionview is a surface light rail transit (LRT) stop to be constructed on Line 5 Eglinton, a new line that is part of the Toronto subway system. It will be located in the Ionview neighbourhood at the intersection of Eglinton Avenue and Ionview Road. It is scheduled to open in 2022.

Metrolinx is planning to locate the stop in the middle of Eglinton Avenue on the west side of its intersection with Ionview Road. The stop will have parallel side platforms to be accessed from the pedestrian crossing on the west side of the signalized street intersection. As of December 5, 2015update, Metrolinx says these plans are still subject to change.


Deer Moat of pedestrian street

The Deer Moat or Stag Moat (Czech: Jelen pkop) is a natural ravine dividing the promontory of Prague Castle and its north foreground. The 1 kilometre (0.62mi) long ravine extends along Brusnice stream from UBrusnice to Chotkova street. It is divided in two parts by Pran Bridgecs. It got its name because it served as a breeding ground for deer between the 17th and 18th centuries. Since 2002, the two parts are connected by a tunnel for pedestrians designed by a Czech architect Josef Pleskot. Both parts of the moat are open to the public.


Strovolos River Trail of pedestrian street

The Strovolos River trail is a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians in Cyprus.

It is 15km in length and runs along the Pedieos River, beginning at The English School, Nicosia in Nicosia and passing through Archangelos.

Forms part of the Pedieos Linear Park, it runs along the Pedieos River and passes through the 2 Nicosia district municipalities of Strovolos and Lakatamia and it is in the process of being expanded to join with the City of Nicosia municipality. Entrances at Kasou Street, Rodou Street and Tenedou Street in Strovolos. Begins at co-ordinates 35.151175, 33.346923 in Strovolos, near the CYTA building in Strovolos Avenue.


Samborska Street, Warsaw of pedestrian street

Samborska Street (ulica Samborska) is the shortest street in Warsaw and possibly in Poland.

Approximately 22 metres (72ft) long, it is located in Warsaw's New Town, just off Przyrynek Street near the Polish Security Printing Works building. It was laid out in 1770 or 1771.

Its name comes from the Polish family name Samborski, who were Warsaw residents and, at the time, owners of the surrounding land.

No buildings are assigned to the street. For many years it was almost invisible, overgrown and closed. In 2010 it was renovated and opened to pedestrians, becoming one of the minor attractions of New Town.


Operations of pedestrian street

Since 2000 the line has been part of the Hanover S-Bahn and since December 2004 it has been served by S-Bahn line S 5 on the Hanover AirportHannover HbfHamelinAltenbekenPaderborn route. The trains run every hour, but on Sundays only every two hours between Bad Pyrmont and Paderborn. The frequency of services is improved by additional services at the Hanover end of the line: S 1 and S 2 operate on the line to Weetzen and additional S5 services operate between Hanover and Hamelin. They are operated by DB Regio Niedersachsen, using electric multiple units of DB classes 424 and 425 at speeds of up to 140km/h. The average speed is 69km/h


Infrastructure of pedestrian street

The station has five tracks next to three platforms. Attached to the home platform 1 (next to the station building) is a bay platform for trains to Mindelheim (platform 1a). All platforms are covered and have digital destination displays. The central platforms are connected to the main platform by a pedestrian tunnel and are equipped with lifts to make the platforms accessible.

Platform dataPlatforms lengths and heights are as follows:

Platform 1a: length 140 m, height 55cm

Platform 1: length 250 m, height 55cm

Platform 2: length 405 m, height 76cm

Platform 3: length 405 m, height 76cm

Platform 4: length 210 m, height 55cm

Platform 5: length 210 m, height 55cm

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DSL Continues to Dominate the Broadband Access Market
DSL Continues to Dominate the Broadband Access Market
Access network semiconductor market: there will be only two or three semiconductor suppliers in the futureDSL continues to dominate the broadband access marketSince 2004, the Asia Pacific region (APAC) has become the main market for broadband access, and the main market growth also comes from this region. In 2008, the global broadband market was about 250 million lines, and APAC broadband users accounted for 40% of the total global users, most of which used ADSL technology, and most of them used ADSL Technology in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa); In NAFTA, half of the users use ADSL and half of the users use cable modem.Based on the economy of PON network, it was once considered as the best technology to solve the bottleneck of last mile. In 2008, the number of PON users of APAC will reach 14.5 million, most of which will still come from South Korea and Japan, but the main growth in the future will come from China, while Europe and the United States will perform mediocrely in terms of PON deployment.According to the report released by infonetics reseach, a communication network market research organization, in June 2008, the overall PON market in the world fell and the growth slowed down. At the same time, considering the high cost of optical fiber deployment, access methods such as FTTB, fttn and FTTC can integrate DSL technology to provide broadband access services. At the same time, in China, we note that China Telecom's EPON network equipment will also support FTTB DSL networking. Its application is mainly for occasions with sufficient copper wire resources such as commercial buildings.On the contrary, with the development of new ADSL2 and VDSL standards, DSL technology has made good progress in the past few years. The increase of various business traffic and the pursuit of high bandwidth make users interested in these new technologies, and operators are also interested in these new technologies, especially ADSL2 , because the cost of upgrading from the old ADSL network to ADSL2 is very low. Therefore, DSL technology will still dominate the global broadband access market in the next few years. In China's broadband access market, DSL and EPON are bound to coexist for a long time.Global access network semiconductor market (in millions of dollars, Gartner Dataquest data June 2007)Structural changes in access network semiconductor industryIn recent years, in the broadband global access network semiconductor market with a market size of more than US $2 billion, the income of the global access network semiconductor industry in DSL access and T1 / E1 market commonly used for mobile base stations has been relatively stable, and even declined in the European market; In the traditional PSTN line card market, semiconductor revenue is also declining year by year.The recession of the market has had a great impact on the whole broadband access semiconductor industry. In the past two years, there has been a continuous trend of mergers and acquisitions in the broadband access semiconductor industry. Infineon, a semiconductor market giant, ranks first in the overall broadband access market. It also consolidated its market share by acquiring ti's DSL CPE business. In addition, Zarlink acquired legerity and Ikanos acquired the DSL business of Centillium. Keshengxun even received a delisting warning from the Nasdaq stock market at the beginning of the year.In July 2008, Erwin ysewijn of Infineon Technology Taiwan said at the bbwf forum in Hong Kong that with the slowdown of market growth, access network semiconductor suppliers can survive only by improving their scale and market share, and with the increasingly fierce market competition, only 2-3 semiconductor suppliers may survive in the access network semiconductor market.According to the data provided by Gartner Dataquest in 2007, Infineon has an overall market share of 20%, while it ranks second in the ADSL market. Yang Erwen pointed out that Infineon consolidated its advantages in the DSL market with a market size of about US $1.1 billion by acquiring Ti DSL CPE business last year. At present, Infineon accounts for about 34% of the overall broadband access network market share.Erwin ysewijn, vice president of marketing of Infineon Taiwan's fixed network access business departmentBroadband value added services (bvas) look forward to taking offAmong the global access network business profits of about US $9.1 billion, the bvas market accounts for us $2 billion, of which VoIP contributes 21%, which also makes the VoIP based semiconductor market still grow greatly under the condition that the overall broadband access market is flat; European VoIP operators have tasted the "first taste" of VoIP, while NAFTA still focuses on data services, and its current VoIP is mainly based on ATA (analog telephone adapter) scheme.And since Yahoo BB has provided ADSL broadband IP value-added services to Japan, Taiwan will also become popular in mainland China, Chinese mainland, India and other places. According to Yang Erwen, Infineon's cordless telephone chip integrating DECT 6.0/cat IQ standard can optimize VoIP call quality, improve the functions of base station, mobile phone and VoIP channel, and support Infineon's dual channel duslic XT equipment.At present, although the uplink rate of ADSL2 technology is still low compared with the downlink rate, today's main video services are still based on ADSL2 technology. Yang Erwen believes that DSL technology can fundamentally select different optimized protection combinations for different services, so it can provide low latency and jitter for VoIP, games and other services, and DSL traffic identification also allows IPTV streams to have high delay.At the bbwf forum in Hong Kong, Infineon also launched a combination of ADSL2 and VDSL2 solutions for CPE, including transceivers, routers, VoIP, ISDN and related software, which can optimize IPTV and other applications. In addition, Yang Erwen stressed that many operators have focused on investing in IPTV business based on DSL technology. He believes that IPTV will make a breakthrough in 2009.
Out of Doors Dynamic Advertising the Ultimate Advertising Solution Is the Led Video Wall
Out of Doors Dynamic Advertising the Ultimate Advertising Solution Is the Led Video Wall
Outdoor digital signage is the massive growth industry to be in, with the advancement of new technology the solutions are becoming more advanced and unique enabling firms to advertise in regions and to distinct forms of customers for a lower cost than traditional marketing solutions.We have all see the huge electronic marketing billboards at the side of the road, now there is a more affordable solution for outdoor digital signage and this is the flexible video wall.What is a led video wall?Well this is a mass of LED diodes that are cabled together to form an area 1 metre wide x 5 metres long with over 2,200 LED's per 1 square metre segment, what this does is provide a high definition colour (life like), but the results do not stop there, as well as furnishing a major clear photograph or video presentation they also reduce costs.Ok back to the start, these diodes are on a versatile backing, so they can be rolled up or folded, minimising storage space, commonly in the case of music festivals enormous video walls are made from connecting together thin frame monitors, then the image and video is tiled across the tvs using sender and receivers.Fitting a video wall.Generally a flexible video wall at a music concert can take up to 4 hours for 2 men to build, this video wall, can from taking it out of the box to working a test video take up to 1 hour, what a cost saving in man hours. Rather than having to fit the heavy screens to the support structure all you need to do with a flexible video wall is connect the top of the flexible video wall to clamps on the top rig then attach clamps at the sides and bottom, pulling the tensioner straps on the back of the video wall taking up any slack.Storing a video wall.In contrast to the conventional flexible video wall and the issue of storing large flat panel tvs and the mounting frames, a flexible video wall deminishes storage and transportation costs by 76%, owing ability for the product to be stored in a roll or folded up.Now a flexible video wall that is ideal for all weather conditions except snow - but who would want to be out in freezing temperatures watching content?These weatherproof and dust proof solutions are as competitively priced as a normal outdoor digital signage solution with the further benefit that if the neighborhood is to be moved on a regular basis cost savings in labours time as well as storage and transportation costs will prove the flexible video wall as an ideal advertising medium for tradeshows, exhibitions, football stadiums, music concerts, demonstrations and rallies.To recap.It is reported that anyone using a video wall over a common thin frame video wall solution will save 78% on deployment time, will use 76% less space for storage as well as saving 79% on transportation costs. The first investment is around the same as the old technology of the thin bezel video wall but any installer or event organiser can see the opportunities with this product.The writer is an expert in the field of kiosks as well as manufacturing their range of monitor enclosures.
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development Plan
Comprehensive Development PlanFlagship ZonesUnder the plan, five "Flagship Zones" in the 221,634.1 hectares (2,216.3 km²) of land covered are identified as developmental focal points. Four of these Flagship Zones are found in the "Special Economic Corridor" (SEC) of Iskandar Puteri-Johor Bahru-Pasir Gudang. The corridor—which includes the significant ports of Tanjung Pelepas, Pasir Gudang and Tanjung Langsat— is prioritised for development in the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), with particular focus on Iskandar Puteri. The CDP originally included "Free Access Zones", but these were dropped from the plan in 2007. Flagship Zone B is Iskandar Puteri, with planned development of the Kota Iskandar, Medini Iskandar Malaysia, a medical hub, EduCity, a resort for international tourism and an industrial logistic cluster and residences. Flagship Zone C, the Western Gate Development, focuses on the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, a free trade zone, the RAMSAR World Heritage Park and the Tanjung Piai. Flagship Zone D, the Eastern Gate Development, focuses on the Pasir Gudang Port and industrial zone, Tanjung Langsat Port, the Tanjung Langsat Technology Park and the Kim-Kim regional distribution centre. In the final Flagship Zone, Senai-Skudai, development is focused on the Senai International Airport, hubs for cargo and knowledge, a multimodal centre and the MSC Cyberport city. Both of these were developed in mind of the region's economic strengths in manufacturing and services, with 60% of value-added manufacturing derived from electrical and electronic (E&E), chemical and chemical products (petrochemical, plastics, oleo chemicals) and food processing sub-sectors. A number of service and other manufacturing areas have emerged in support of these. The SET focuses on such factors as strengthening existing economic sectors and encouraging diversity, through incentives, stronger international ties, and proper allocation of resources and space. The Future Growth Scenario is aimed towards strengthening the economy internally and internationally by such factors as improvements in global transportation and developing manufacturing and service clusters. Also promoted by the Future Growth Scenario is the encouragement of the immigration of skilled, monied foreigners to help develop an international lifestyle attractive to foreign workers and investors. The presence of foreign companies were also significant, with Singapore being the largest investor in Iskandar Malaysia followed by the United States, Spain, Japan and China as of September 2014. Residential enhancementPart of the CDP includes attention to quality of life of residents with emphasis on functional, liveable communities that promote social wellbeing. Among the components of this plan are factors designed to integrate various members of society into a cohesive whole while also ensuring that the needs and wishes of special populations are met, such as reducing marginalisation by mixed-cost housing communities, promotion of a sense of communal belonging, ensuring that adequate rental homes are provided for transient populations, monitoring the housing requirements of those with special needs, and ensuring that accessible housing is available to the disabled. Residential plans also include guiding residential development to minimise crime and maximise energy efficiency, through the application of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) guidelines and the implementation of a "Green Building" rating. Physical Development PlanThe Physical Development Plan (PDP) was designed to guide the development of land within Iskandar Malaysia to help promote the CDP's overall goals of economic development and quality of life. To that end, the CDP includes two major subdivisions among land zones, "Basic Zoning Districts" and "Special Overlay Zones". There are several dozen primary "Basic Zoning Districts" governing the use of land in commercial, residential, industrial and other sectors, including determining the density of development and what mixed use may or may not be allowed. Also governed by the "Basic Zoning Districts" are such special use zones as green space, wetlands, cemeteries and governmental developments. "Special Overlay Zones" are areas that require exceptional treatment. For example, the "Johor Bahru CBD" allows exceptions to general commercial plot ratio and height because the zone is the commercial and financial centre of Iskandar Malaysia and the capital city of Johor. Similarly, the "Iskandar Puteri Central Planning Area" is given special handling. Other "Special Overlay Zones" cover environmentally sensitive areas, historic areas, coastland, development around highways and rail stations and the "Water Catchment Zone" around the Sultan Iskandar Dam. Commercial developmentThe commercial focus of the CDP is on six services identified as "pillars", including creative, educational, financial, healthcare, logistics and tourism. The CDP included the establishment of the Iskandar Investment Berhad (formerly the South Johor Investment Corporation Berhad), a commercial investment holding company created to oversee and encourage regional development. The CDP promotes the "Strategic Catalyst Development" goals of developing waterfront areas, promoting tourism, expanding healthcare and iconic areas, and mixing commercial and residential development. It also incorporates a "Business Incentives and Support Package" (ISP) discussed by Prime Minister Badawi on 22 March 2007 which allows special incentives to encourage investment in certain concentrated hubs in the flagship zones. The specific zones involved were revealed in October 2007 and at that time included only Medini Iskandar Malaysia, which is a mixed-development zone incorporating leisure, residential, financial and high-end industrial components. Incentives include tax exemptions for qualifying companies for income from qualifying activities, exemption from Foreign Investment Committee rules, and flexibilities under the foreign exchange administration rules, including those restricting the numbers of "foreign knowledge workers". Doubling sizesOn 22 February 2019, Iskandar Malaysia will growth corridor which doubled in size and will include at least two new districts which is Kluang and Kota Tinggi. The region was 2,217 sq/km previously and will cover an area of 4,749 sq/km, which includes parts of Kota Tinggi, Kluang and Pontian.
Louis  Hon
Louis Hon
Louis HonLouis Hon (11 September 1924 - 5 January 2008) was a French association football defender and manager. He notably played for Real Madrid— — — — — —Did Louis XIV Respond?because of the fact he had absolute potential interior of his realm. that's a edge of "divine suitable monarchy". GOD himself has located Louis on the throne of France, so in spite of he says is a dictate from God.— — — — — —Bertie Louis CoombesBertie Louis Coombes, or B. L. Coombes (1893-1974), was a Welsh coal miner, notable for his autobiography "These Poor Hands: The Autobiography of a Miner in South Wales" (1939) which became an instant best seller. He also produced short stories, dramas and other autobiographical works about the lives of coalminers and the communities in which they lived— — — — — —Louis TracyLouis Tracy (1863 - 1928) was a British journalist, and prolific writer of fiction. He used the pseudonyms Gordon Holmes and Robert Fraser, which were at times shared with M. P. Shiel, a collaborator from the start of the twentieth century. He was born in Liverpool to a well-to-do middle-class family. At first he was educated at home and then at the French Seminary at Douai. Around 1884 he became a reporter for a local paper - 'The Northern Echo' at Darlington, circulating in parts of Durham and North Yorkshire; later he worked for papers in Cardiff and Allahabad. During 1892-1894 he was closely associated with Arthur Harmsworth, in 'The Sun' and 'The Evening News and Post'.— — — — — —Louis LowenthalLouis Lowenthal (Löwenthal, Lowendall, Lowendahl) (born 1836) was a luthier. He learned violin and bow making in Leipzig and Berlin. He founded his violin manufacturing business in Berlin, expanded into Dresden and eventually opened an American branch. That's where he anglicized his name to Lowendall. Different grades of his instruments were sold in Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs in the early 1900s.— — — — — —Louis BouveaultLouis Bouveault (11 February 1864 - 5 September 1909) was a French scientist who became professor of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris. He is known for the Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and the Bouveault-Blanc reduction.— — — — — —Louis BuffetLouis Joseph Buffet (French pronunciation: [lwi byf]; 26 October 1818 - 7 July 1898) was a French statesman. He was born at Mirecourt, Vosges. After the revolution of February 1848 he was elected deputy for the department of the Vosges, and in the Assembly sat on the right, pronouncing for the repression of the insurrection of June 1848 and for Louis Napoleon Bonaparte. He was minister of agriculture from August to December 1849 and from August to October 1851. Re-elected deputy in 1863, he was one of the supporters of the "Liberal Empire" of mile Ollivier, and was finance minister in Ollivier's cabinet from January to 10 April 1870. He was president of the National Assembly from 4 April 1872 to 10 March 1875, minister of the interior in 1875, and Prime Minister of France from 1875 to 1876. Having made himself obnoxious to the Republican party, he failed to secure a relection to the Assembly in 1876. Then, elected senator for life (1876), he pronounced himself in favour of President MacMahon failed attempt to grasp political control on 16 May 1877. Buffet had some oratorical talent, but shone most in opposition.— — — — — —Louis BlériotLouis Charles Joseph Blriot (/blrio/ BLERR-ee-oh, also US: /blerio, blerio, blrjo/ BLAY-ree-oh, -OH, blair-YOH, French: [lwi blejo]; 1 July 1872 - 1 August 1936) was a French aviator, inventor, and engineer. He developed the first practical headlamp for cars and established a profitable business manufacturing them, using much of the money he made to finance his attempts to build a successful aircraft. Blriot was the first to use the combination of hand-operated joystick and foot-operated rudder control as used to the present day to operate the aircraft control surfaces. Blriot was also the first to make a working, powered, piloted monoplane. In 1909 he became world-famous for making the first airplane flight across the English Channel, winning the prize of 1,000 offered by the Daily Mail newspaper.[Note He was the founder of Blriot Aronautique, a successful aircraft manufacturing company.— — — — — —Louis NiedermeyerAbraham Louis Niedermeyer (27 April 1802 - 14 March 1861) was a composer chiefly of church music but also of a few operas, and a teacher who took over the cole Choron, duly renamed cole Niedermeyer, a school for the study and practice of church music, where several eminent French musicians studied including Gabriel Faur and Andr Messager
The Construction Industry: Disruption on the Horizon
The Construction Industry: Disruption on the Horizon
The smart home market is expected to grow into a $53 billion industry by 2022, according to Zion Market Research.If true, that will comprise 3.5% of an estimated $1.5 Trillion construction industry in the United States. It is difficult to say if this will be a sustaining addition to the well established industry, or a new market disruption, as the majority of smart home additions are slow to be absorbed.Given the global escalation in construction costs, there is a desperate need to find efficiencies and make development feasible to match growing housing demand in prime markets. Since the issue is not location specific, but a recurring theme in almost 50 of the worlds most desirable cities, there is a noticeable vacuum in innovative methods and products that can alleviate the astronomical cost burden that has no end in sight.Enter Amazon, the real-world version of the Tyrell Corporation. Amazon has injected $6.7m in Plant Prefab through their Alexa Fund.Why is this important?Prefabricated homes allow the majority of building systems to be pre-assembled off site. Imagine youre building a Lego house, and rather than assembling all the 100 blocks, the blocks come preassembled. It saves a considerable amount of time and coordination, reduces errors, and makes things tremendously more efficient.A University of Utah study reports that modular construction processes result in an average of 16% cost savings and 39% savings in time. When considering a development proforma, these savings are passed directly to the consumer, allowing end units to be rented or sold for considerably less and still maintain a reasonable development yield.What will happen to all the disruption of jobs from the skilled and unskilled labour? We will have to wait and see.Until recently, prefabrication of homes was reserved for more pedestrian housing. With startups like Plant Prefab, were moving into a more advanced, luxury style of prefabrication.Watch for this as for-sale product coming to a city near you·RELATED QUESTIONhow do modular homes hold up over time?For the most part factory built homes, modular, are as good and may be better that site built "stick" homes. Both will last forever if maintained. Being factory built inside a building saves the home from weather damage during construction. The saws and other equipment used to cut and fit the home are better and more accurate in a modular home than a guy cutting a board over a saw hourse in a stick home.
Which Server Distribution Has the Best Market Share? [closed]
Which Server Distribution Has the Best Market Share? [closed]
Which server distribution has the best market share? [closed]Personally I would recommend something like Ubuntu server, or Debian if you are comfortable with it. For a web administration interface if you need it, look at webmin.Thanks, RayQuang— — — — — —Market shareUnited StatesSales of Juul increased 700% in 2016. As of October 2018[update], Juul accounts for over 70% of the US e-cigarette market monitored by Nielsen. Juul's market share in the US has increased by 10 percentage points since April 2018. According to Juul Labs, 90% of Juul products are purchased at retail stores as of August 2018[update]. Juul plans to sell their products internationally. According to Dow Jones VentureSource, Juul Labs was the sixth-most valuable US startup in July 2018, behind Uber and Airbnb. Juul's revenue in 2018 was over $1 billion, up from approximately $245 million in 2017. Sales totaled $1.1 billion for the year ending July 2018. Juul's success has inspired a flood of imitators, namely pod-mod devices with similar boxy designs. These devices come from companies ranging from startups to "Big Tobacco" company R.J. Reynolds. The company filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in early-October 2018 over counterfeit products manufactured by companies in the United States and China that Juul Labs says infringed on its US patents. The complaint seeks to end importation of these products into the US. In February 2019, Juul sued several companies for infringing on its trademarks, among which was a cartoon logo titled the Juul Monster. InternationalIn May 2018, Juul started selling in Israel, which did not regulate e-cigarettes at the time. Israel later banned JUUL in August 2018, citing public health concerns, according to a statement by the Ministry of Health. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, acting in his capacity as Health Minister, placed a complete ban on Juul because it delivers nearly three times Israel's recommended amount of 20 mg/ml of nicotine. Juul has appealed the ban to Israel's High Court of Justice. In July 2018, Juul announced it would launch in the United Kingdom. Flavours sold in the UK have slightly different names from the American versions and contain 1.7% nicotine, translating to 20 mg/ml, to comply with local regulations. It was noted that the UK was chosen as an early launch market as it had the world's most supportive government when it came to encouraging smokers to vape. In August 2018, Juul introduced its products in Canada, starting with an online launch before introducing them to vape shops, gas stations, and convenience stores in early September. Juul launched in Russia in late-2018 and launched in South Korea and Ireland in May 2019. Juul launched in Ukraine in June 2019. At the beginning of 2019, Juul started selling products containing 1.7% nicotine in Germany. In January 2019, Juul announced plans for a launch in India. In response, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare called for the device to be banned from India, citing concerns that it could derail the government's anti-tobacco programs. The regulation of e-cigarettes in India is disputed between the government and the judiciary. Six states have banned their use, though the Delhi High Court has stayed the bans. As such, Juul e-cigarettes are not legally available in India and they are commonly sold on the Gray market for as much as $100 for the starter kit that costs $29 in the United States. In June 2019, they announced plans for their products to be available in the Philippine market. On January 25, 2020 it was announced that Grant Winterton, president of Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Ken Bishop, president of Asia-Pacific South divisions, were both leaving the company amid global cost-saving and restructuring. Winterton was reported to organized high-profile, expensive events as part of the companies efforts. Among them was a conference in Berlin last May, attended by 1,500 employees, and a meeting for his direct reports in Cannes, France, in July, according to two employees.— — — — — —Why is it that companies refrain from disclosing their market share?Sometimes, they do not know the size of the market and their market share. nThere are other instances where the estimated marketshare is not public knowledge and may be considered short term competitive advantage or disadvantage— — — — — —Should Apple rethink the iPhone pricing strategy to avoid losing its market share in countries like India?They already are. If you read the news then you already know it. They lost market share way too much so yes they are doing it pretty soon. How much? Time will tell. But I do not think its going to be anything drastic.
Can Sum of a Rational Number and Its Reciprocal Be an Integer?
Can Sum of a Rational Number and Its Reciprocal Be an Integer?
So $fracmnfracnmfracm^2n^2mn$ an integer. This means $$m^2-n^2 mod mn $$ $$m^2n^2kmn$$ for some integer $k$.If $k1$, then $(mn)(m-n)0$ so $mn$ or $m-n$.With some calculus, it is best shown properties about its zeros, the equation $x^2y^2zxy$. But there are no zeros outside of cases where $m,n0; mn; m-n$• Related QuestionsCan we simulate FPGA board?I believe what you are talking about is having a Test Bench, a virtual environment used to verify a design. It can be done with any simulation software, like Multisim. You can either code a virtual approximation of what your inputs and outputs are in Multisim/etc. and have your FPGA simulation interact with it, if you're lucky this may already exist and you just have to find it------Email sent from server with rDNS & SPF being blocked by Hotmailok so for understanding. You want send an email from your google account with an other FROM adress? Something like when your server send direct the mail over sendmail for example and you know that they don't come to the other site check the mail log if you have access. There you can see the complete connection to the other site------cat-like program duplicateI couldn't get it to fit in 100 bytes, but it is assembly. Eight bytes could be saved at the cost of changing the return status to 1 instead of 0:Now, if you really want 100 bytes, here is one in exactly 100 bytes. The problem is that it doesn't exit correctly, it just segfaults:The instructions say to only use standard libraries; is there extra credit for using no libraries at all?.------scoping a UART interfaceThe serial BT module can be checked easily without any tools. Short TX to RX then pair the module with a phone, PC, etc., open a terminal and type something. If module is working you'll get echo back. Make sure 'local echo' is turned off in the terminal. If you have known good module practice on it first.FTDI USB to serial can be tested using the same technique.------What is my training score the mean_train_score or mean_test_score?The mystery retains inside working of K-fold cross validation, which actually divides the whole data into train and test data K number of times in a specific ratio. For more about it's working please refer herethe mean score calculated on the training set is mean_train_score and on the testing set is mean_test_score.According to your question your training score should be: mean_train_error------When is it OK not to have dedicated testers/QA team?In this case my guess is your product is used by such tech savy users that you get plenty of feedback when problems do pop up. And CBA said it isn't mission critical.As long as your developers continue to do a good job & you are willing to take feedback from users it seems to be a model that works for you so why tinker with a good thing?------ANOVA results do not match post-hoc Tukey test, how to proceed?It's possible that you could have no significant differences among all of the individual means with the most liberal of testseven a planned comparison. I was just tasking my students to develop simulated data with just this feature.You do an ANOVA to test the pattern of your data. If the test is passed then, in most situations, all you need to do is then describe that pattern------How to set local_listener to null upon creating databaseI tested specifying -initparams local_listener'' but the local_listener has been set anyways by specifying the empty string.You might want to create a custom template referencing a .sql script with the command alter session set local_listener.I'd only make that effort if in need to use it multiple times, though. If it is a one time thing, maybe you're better off setting local_listener manually------Facebook Links being blocked from previewThe Facebook Sharing Debugger is the tool you want - you need to be logged in to Facebook to use it.This will allow you to test a URL, and see both what Facebook has cached, and request an updated scrape:You can also submit a list of URLs that you'd like to be invalidated from the Cache so that you can refresh a bunch of pages if required------Can adjuncts be arguments?If you "hear that only complements and specifiers can contain the argument for a verb" ... well, that's really a matter between you and your syntax confessor. Not everybody believes that this is true, however, or even useful. Three-place predicates typically have, well, three arguments. In English,These verbs often govern the Dative Alternation, syntactically:One really can't expect to read this all off one PS marker, however cheerfully decorated------Creating a script to show a notification when updates are availableOn debian based distribution you can use the pk-update-icon package:Displays an update-notification tray iconThis small tool displays notifications and an icon in the tray area of the panel when package updates are available. It is primarily designed for desktops which do not already have this functionality integrated, such as Xfce.Schedule a cron job (a brief delays is used for testing propose.) e,g:past the following line:.------How do I control a servo using a beaglebone black running ubuntuIt's python but easy to install: Otherwise you can fopen files in the device tree and write to them, or you can open /dev/mem and directly access the registers for the PWM drivers.I strongly recommend using the first method it is far easier than the third and basically the same as the second just far more tested and probably well written------With sudoers, how can I allow a user to change the group of files/folders within their home directory?You might be best off writing a script and enabling that in sudoers. If your users will only ever need to run it on * within their homedir then something as simple as the following. It makes use of the SUDO_USER environment variable which you can find out more about here: haven't tested this but it should work in principal------How to monitor freeradius using EAP-MSCHAP v2 authentication method with Nagios?I have nagios setup to monitor radius, if I remember right all that is required is to have the servers defined in /etc/radiusclient/servers and then..then use that as a check_command like any other service.This has the password in the config file and on the commandline, but if you have a dedicated nagios box and test user like me this isn't much of an issue.------Delivery is delayed errors, seems specific to Office 365 recipientsWith the current detail, it's a guess, but I seen report that from Office 365 some enterprise got problem to receive their mail because on how the email is sent, as some router / antispam feature on your side can badly close the connection. Like that KB for Cisco ASA, that when inspection is On it fail; html.------How DApp actually talks to Ganache ethereum node?Metamask uses web3 to talk to Ethereum nodes. Metamask also injects the web3 into the browser for any application running to use to connect to a node (selected in metamask by the user). Metamask has the user generated private keys in browser storage which when the user agrees are used to sign any transaction that can be submitted to the nodes. The signing, sending etc. are done using web3.------Is this normal that www-data still needs to have read and execute permissions on htdocs when using PHP-FPM?Show us the way you have connected php-fpm and apache, there's certainly some Directory -- or such -- instructions on the Apache side , or maybe you've used mod_proxy_fcgid?If not then Apache is quite certainly forbidding the access before any fastcgi task gets tested. Using debug log level in Apache could certainly show the difference between the request with apache access allowed on the directory and without------Network problem EA gamesIf the game is crashing the network, it is possible that the drivers are out of date OR the software used in the game is conflicting with his native drivers and causing a crash. My PC crashes a certain program whenever I plug my headphones in, as an example.Things to try would include:Unfortunately, there is no one-stop shop answer to solve this, just some testing. Good luck.------How to use xcopy to copy directories with specific prefix to another folderI managed to accomplish this with xcopy, dir /b and for in simple scenarios, but when I set up a complex test, it failed. xcopy is simply too old and outdated.I recommend using PowerShell instead. The following PowerShell command gives you what you want.In fact, I advise ditching Command Prompt and batch files altogether. They belong to 1990s. PowerShell and its .ps1 are the way to go.------When is a good time to develop new automated GUI tests in an existing application still under development?GUI features are dependant on underlying DB, Services, Business logic. Before the gui is stabilized you can focus on automating services, db layer. This would help you focus on sub-systems. Also, when you need to do End to End tests, example- GUI - Service - DB level tests it would help reuse those validations.I would recommend GUI automation when the underlying services, DB, business logic are stable / implemented------PHP - exploiting a user input function parameter in eval() closedThis is very bizarre construct but it's not the first time someone is using eval for template engine.It doesn't look to be exploitable from what is shown here because $_GET'in' is not passed to eval. What is passed to eval() is the result from template().Maybe there's something inside template which would allow for code execution, but it's not there so there's no way to test it------Where are Champernowne's zeroes?Does the same as other answers -- takes the range from 0 to input $n, -joins together into a string, takes the $n index, checks if it's -equal to 48 (i.e., ASCII for 0).Note this will only work up to input 49999, as the PowerShell range operator .. only supports ranges of 50,000 elements or fewer. For larger inputs, you'll need to use the following, based on my previous Champernowne answer, at 58 bytes:------Is there a way to remove files from a folder that are in another folder?Using bashSure you could be more more safe by checking if the file is there, or checking if the filename is safe. But assuming you just want to get this done, and don't have any ridiculously named files in folderB - this is a quick and dirty way to get it done.(and you can use the bash emulator that comes with git, if you aren't running Win10 bash)------How to test whether next token on input stream is catcode 10Use futurelet. It's a TeX primitive, and it's the only way to do this sort of thing. In fact, that's why it was introduced.The LaTeX 3 stuff uses futurelet under the hood, and to my way of thinking makes things more complicated and considerably slower.If you understand this you can solve the problem yourself (except perhaps for the problem of getting a space token into the test macro).------Sanity Test on Oracle Upgrade DatabaseI do not think that you want to test Oracle 12c itself but if the applications still function. In that case I propose that the developers (or test team) perform there 'normal' application tests to see if the applications still function correct.The only thing that the DBA might give is information on the differences between Oracle10g and Oracle 12c at the handling of the data at SQL-level.------WMS WMTS TMS Server Stress ToolI also can recommend JMeter, as iant already mentioned. Its very flexible and after a while simple to use.If you look for something more "eye candy" like you can also try loadUI ( which is a little bit more intuitive. Its not as flexible as Jmeter, but in my opinion its a more lightweight load testing tool which you can also use for monitoring purposes------5v Relay will not close (unless using GPIO cleanup)You can't use 5 V relay with signal from Raspberry Pi while Raspberry Pi signal is 3.3 V.So if you used Logic level converter to convert 3.3 V from Raspberry to 5 V then to relay in I think it may solve this issue. I don't know why most distributors say it should work with raspberry pi while the ideal one for Raspberry Pi is 3.3 V relay. So you have 2 choices either:
Samsung S10 May Use Infinity-o Display
Samsung S10 May Use Infinity-o Display
According to unconfirmed industry reports, Samsung will turn to BOE to produce infinity-o panels on the upcoming Galaxy a8s mobile phone.As we all know, Samsung will launch the flagship of "Galaxy S" series from February to March every year. Recently, the foreign god evleaks revealed that the Samsung S10 may use the "infinity-o" display screen.Infinity-o screen is a new screen design announced by Samsung at the developer conference a while ago. At that time, Samsung announced four new screen designs: infinity-u, infinity-v, infinity-o and new infinity. From the name, we can find the difference between the four screens. The letters "u, V and O" represent the shape of the screen gap respectively.Take infinity-o as an example, there is an "O" notch in the upper left corner of the screen to place the front camera and sensor. Similarly, infinity-u is a "U" gap screen, infinity-v is a "V" gap screen, and new infinity is the goal of future screen development: true and comprehensive screen.It is worth mentioning that the panel may be an LCD panel rather than an OLED as a cost saving measure.It is understood that BOE's current task is to make a 6.39-inch OLED display on Huawei mate 20 pro. As Huawei is unwilling to show weakness and says that it will become the first smartphone with a display hole, foreign media speculate that Huawei's smartphone will also seek BOE to make LCD for it.It is undoubtedly more difficult to produce LCD with holes. It is reported that the camera notch of galaxy a8s display is 6.7mm, and it is speculated that the notch size of Galaxy S10 is 2-3mm.Samsung Galaxy a8s will be equipped with snapdragon 710 chipset, 6GB memory and 3000mAh battery. It is bound to be released in January, but there are rumors that it will be released before the end of this year.
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