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Scale up, Scale-up, or scaleup may refer to: Scalability, the ability to function with different amounts of required work, or to be readily adjusted to do so Scale-up (chemical engineering) in chemical engineering, the migration of a process from the lab-scale to the pilot plant-scale or commercial scale Scaleup company

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History and protest planning of video scaler

DisruptJ20 was founded around July 2016, about six months before Trump's inauguration. "J20" was chosen to stand for January 20, the scheduled day of the 2017 inauguration. DisruptJ20 was publicly launched on November 11, 2016 with a YouTube video and social media accounts.

It and its aims were described in an interview with Legba Carrefour, "an organizer with DisruptJ20", as an umbrella coalition of groups with a core of local organizers who have a lot of activist experience. Washington, D.C.

organizers . most of whom are anarchists. .

The idea . is we want to undermine Trump's presidency from the get-go. There has been a lot of talk of peaceful transition of power as being a core element in a democracy and we want to reject that entirely and really undermine the peaceful transition.

According to Nelson of the U.S. News, the DisruptJ20s website in December 2016 associated the organisation with the "DC Welcoming Committee DCWC collective" (describing it as "being assisted by" the DCWC) and Nelson reports that DisruptJ20, at this time, involved individuals from an array of progressive groups (as individuals, rather than representing their groups).

Nelson quotes Carrefour, who he describes as "a local anarchist handling press" for DisruptJ20, as indicating that "more than 200 people attended an organizing meeting at a local church . on short notice" and that photographs "showed supporters representing a range of ages and interests." Regarding intent, Carrefour stated to Nelson, We are planning to shut down the inauguration, that's the short of it .

We're pretty literal about that, we are trying to create citywide paralysis on a level that I don't think has been seen in D.C. before.

We're trying to shut down pretty much every ingress into the city as well as every checkpoint around the actual inauguration parade route.On January 14, 2017, about a hundred demonstrators met at the American University to plan and prepare their protests. Carrefour described their plans for inauguration week, beginning the weekend of January 1415, 2017 ("MLK weekend"), indicating that DisruptJ20 was: holding "an Action Camp .

doing a lot of non-violent direct action trainings" on that weekend; sponsoring a "queer dance party" at the residence of Vice President Mike Pence, on Wednesday, January 18; arranging an "action" for the DeploraBalldescribed as an "Alt-Right Trump inaugural ball"on Thursday, January 19, with the aim of "trying to shut that down"; having, on the 20th, inauguration day, "blockades . at all the checkpoints around the inauguration parade route and to get into the viewing area . transit blockades all day .

several unpermitted marches, an especially big one at Logan Circle" at 10 A.M., and a permitted march at 12 P.

M., as well as events going on throughout inauguration evening."After the January 14 meetings, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas posted a video shot at pizzeria Comet Ping Pong in the capital showing members of the DC Antifascist Coalition, a part of DisruptJ20, planning to disrupt the DeploraBall at the National Press Building on January 19through use of stink bombs (of butyric acid) and activation of the building's sprinkler system.

DisruptJ20 countered that it had caught on to the Veritas operation and had thus fed its operative a false plot; however, based on the video, the DC police arrested a man associated with the groupclarification needed on January 19, 2017 for his alleged planning to disrupt the DeploraBall. Veritas released a second part to the video showing DisruptJ20 participants discussing their plans to create blockades for bridges and trains; as a result of the latter video, a DisruptJ20 organizerwho? announced that the group would scale back on their blockade efforts, and only shut down one bridge.


Selected works of video scaler

Genesi: from the museum of sleep by Socetas Raffaello Sanzio (1999) - music and sound for director Romeo Castellucci's landmark piece for theatre. Il Combattimento by Socetas Raffaello Sanzio (2000) - with the Roberto Gini Ensemble. Scribble by Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons and Gregory Shakar (2000) - a performance on Levin's AVES gestural audio-video synthesis software.

Subterranean Sky (2001) with sculptor George DeMerle. Dialtones by Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons and Gregory Shakar (2002) - a performance for more than 200 cell phones. Tragedia Endogonidia by Socetas Raffaello Sanzio (200204) - music and sound for a series of eleven episodes, eleven video documents, an atlas room and numerous outgrowths.

Feu d'Artifice by Scott Gibbons and Groupe F (2003) - music arranged and performed using only captured sound and samples of pyrotechnics. The Cryonic Chants by Scott Gibbons and Chiara Guidi (2005) - a vocal concert on a text which was formulaically created by a goat. Flame Tornado (2005) with Kevin Binkert - music arranged and performed using only captured sound and samples of Binkert's flame vortex device.

Hey Girl directed by Romeo Castellucci (2006). Music for the inauguration of the Berardo Collection Museum with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2007) La Face Cache du Soleil by Groupe F (2007) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics with music by Laurent Dehors, Scott Gibbons and Eric Travers. Grandes Eaux by Groupe F (2007) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

Night Must Fall with Chiara Guidi (2008) Madrigale Appena Narrabile with Chiara Guidi (2008) Music for the launch of Microsoft Vista with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2008) La Flamme de mes Rves (Lux Populi ep. 1) by Groupe F (2008) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Music for the Opening Ceremony of the World Expo 2008 in Zaragoza with Groupe F (2008) des Paysages by Groupe F (2007) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso directed by Romeo Castellucci (2008) - trilogy freely inspired by the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, with original music by Scott Gibbons with the Hilliard Ensemble Music for the 120th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2009) J. Sul concetto di volto nel Figlio di Dio directed by Romeo Castellucci (2010). Teatro Anatomico Infantile with Chiara Guidi (2009) l'ultima volta che vidi mio padre with Chiara Guidi (2009) Les Noces Royales de Louis XIV by Groupe F (2010) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

L'Autre Monde by Groupe F (2010) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Coups de Foudre by Groupe F (2010) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Music for the inauguration of the Centre Pompidou-Metz with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2010) Music for the inauguration of the Mediterrania Sadia with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2010) Encounter with Firaz Ghazzaz (2011) Augustinian Melody with Chiara Guidi (2011) Folk.

directed by Romeo Castellucci (2012). The Four Seasons Restaurant directed by Romeo Castellucci (2013). Ulysse au Pays des Merveilles by Groupe F (2013) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

The Breath of the Volcano by Groupe F (2013) - with Richard Nunns & Paddy Free Go Down, Moses directed by Romeo Castellucci (2014). Unheard : Sonic arrangements from the microcosmos with Romeo Castellucci (2014) A Fleur de Peaux by Groupe F (2014) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Le Magicien d'Eau by Groupe F (2014) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

Le Sacre du Printemps by Romeo Castellucci (2014) - with Teodor Currentzis The Four Seasons Restaurant directed by Romeo Castellucci (2014). Oedipus the Tyrant' directed by Romeo Castellucci (2015). Orestea (una commedia organica?

) by Socetas Raffaello Sanzio (2015) - directed by Romeo Castellucci. Skin of Fire by Groupe F (2015) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics with music and field recordings by Scott Gibbons. Des Mondes Magiques by Groupe F (2015) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

The Minister's Black Veil directed by Romeo Castellucci (2016) - with Willem Dafoe Feux Gaulois by Groupe F (2016) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Feux Romains by Groupe F (2017) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics. Suspended Time by Groupe F (2017) - commissioned for the 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper's by the City of Liverpool Democracy In America directed by Romeo Castellucci (2017).

Music for the inauguration of the Louvre Abu Dhabi with multimedia and pyrotechnics by Groupe F (2017) Whist by AE (2017) - with Jozef van Wissem Vital! by Groupe F (2017) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics with music and field recordings by Scott Gibbons. Feux Sacrs by Groupe F (2018) - theatre of fire, light and pyrotechnics.

La Vita Nuova directed by Romeo Castellucci (2018). Tutto/Everything with Romeo Castellucci (2019)

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Introduction to Video Scaler
1. Amplified magnetic resonance imaging of video scalerAmplified magnetic resonance imaging (aMRI) is an MRI method which is coupled with video magnification processing methods to amplify the subtle spatial variations in MRI scans, to enable better visualization of tissue motion. aMRI can enable better visualization of tissue motion to aid the in vivo assessment of the biomechanical response in pathology. It is thought to have potential for helping with diagnosing and monitoring a range of clinical implications in the brain and other organs, including in Chiari Malformation, brain injury, hydrocephalus, other conditions associated with abnormal intracranial pressure, cerebrovascular, and neurodegenerative disease.The aMRI method takes high temporal-resolution MRI data as input, applies a spatial decomposition, followed by temporal filtering and frequency-selective amplification of the MRI frames before synthesizing a motion-amplified MRI data set. This approach can reveal deformations of the brain parenchyma and displacements of arteries due to cardiac pulsatility and CSF flow. aMRI has thus far been demonstrated to amplify motion in brain tissue to a more visible scale, however, can in theory be applied to visualize motion induced by other endogenous or exogenous sources in other tissues.aMRI uses video magnificent processing methods such which uses Eulerian Video Magnification and phase-based motion processing, with the latter thought to be less prone to noise and less sensitive to non-motion induced voxel intensity changes. Both video-processing methods use a series of mathematical operations used in image processing known as steerable-pyramid wavelet transformation to amplify motion without the accompanying noise. The MRI temporal data undergoes spatial decomposition, followed by temporal filtering and frequency-selective amplification and can allow one to visualize in vivo tissue and vascular motion that is smaller than the image resolution.------2. Use in blended/flipped classroom learning of video scalerSPOCs support blended learning and flipped classroom learning, which variously combine online resources and technology with personal engagement between faculty and students. Early research results point to improved learning and student outcomes using such approaches.In spring 2013, edX and MITx piloted two blended classroom implementations of 6.00x, Introduction to Computer Science and Programing at Bunker Hill and Mass Bay Community Colleges. The program was funded as part of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant. Students enrolled in the pilot courses completed the same exams as the 6.00x MOOC students, and scored an average of 10 points higher than their MOOC peers.When a SPOC is implemented at an institution, in concert with students, faculty determines which features and course content to utilize. This can include video lectures, assessments (with immediate feedback), interactive labs (with immediate feedback) and discussion forums used in MOOCs. Using MOOC technology allows the faculty to organize their time with students in different ways, such as allowing more time in class for project-based work instead of grading assignments or preparing lectures. SPOCs have been analogized to next generation textbooks, by allowing faculty to decide how to use some or all parts of the SPOC. In a SPOC as in a MOOC students typically access interactive content at their own pace. Instructors set their own grading scale.Colleges and universities can create SPOCs, or license them. In the latter instance, a SPOC might give the instructor an opportunity to deliver the material directly to students using video delivered by another expert, instead of assigning an article to read. Harvard University announced SPOCs for its curriculum in the fall of 2013. Unlike MOOCs, SPOCs have limited enrollment and are often used as part of a course for credit.------3. Frozen Mountain of video scalerFrozen Mountain Software is a Canadian software company known for various real-time communication SDKs and server components:LiveSwitch, a WebRTC-based on-premise hybrid media server that is capable of operating as a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) and/or Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) simultaneously within the same session. LiveSwitch extends basic WebRTC capabilities by including a SIP Connector for integration with traditional VOIP and PSTN telephony architectures. Large scale low latency audio/video broadcasting is supported via automatic media server scaling.IceLink, a WebRTC-compatible audio/video/data streaming SDK, available for JavaScript, .NET, Mono, iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Java, including support for non-WebRTC compliant browsers (such as IE) via ActiveX. IceLink includes full implementations of VP8 and PCM audio/video encoding/decoding on all supported platforms, as well as a self-contained DTLS implementation on all platforms.WebSync, a Bayeux-compliant Comet server for the Microsoft and Mono frameworks, enabling HTTP-based data push from server to client on a wide range of platforms, including JavaScript, .NET, Mono, iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Java. WebSync uses WebSockets when possible and falls back to long polling. It handles scaling to extremely large numbers of simultaneous connections with a provider model for swapping the back-end data services for use with server farms and clusters.TheRest, a .NET and Mono REST server infrastructure with clients pre-built for JavaScript, .NET, Mono, iOS, Android, Xamarin, and Java. It incorporates a framework for handling translation between exceptions and HTTP error codes, an aspect-oriented approach to mapping URLs to function calls, and a pluggable data transport mechanism that allows XML, HTML, JSON, etc. to be used interchangeably.Frozen Mountain's goal is to simplify the development of real-time web and mobile applications for business owners as well as develop consumer products that enhance collaboration.------4. Carhenge: Genius or Junk? of video scalerCarhenge: Genius or Junk? is a 2005 documentary film about Carhenge, an artist's almost-to-scale interpretation of Stonehenge, but built with automobiles instead of megaliths. Located in Western Nebraska, Carhenge has become a huge tourist attraction and also a center of local controversy.In the film, creator Jim Reinders challenges a community's definition of art, freedom of political expression, and appropriate land use development. This documentary focuses on Reinders' effort to erect the monument, and to then keep it from being dismantled. It also addresses aspects of public art and how, in many forms of art, the creative effort is often more about group unity than about the final end-product. The program runs 26:40.The director, David Liban is a professor at the University of Colorado Denver.This film has been broadcast on Public broadcasting stations nationally, Israeli television, and at the following film festivals and conferences:Australian International Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia, Oct 2006Berkeley Video and Film Festival, Berkeley, CA - Oct 28, 2005Boulder International Film Festival, Boulder, CO - Feb 2006Big Muddy Film Festival Carbondale, IL - Feb 2006Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota, FL - April 2006James River Film Festival, Short Film juried Competition, Richmond VA - April, 2006Trenton International Film Festival, Trenton, NJ - May 2006The Estes Park Film Festival, Estes Park, CO - September 2006Spotlight Nebraska Film Festival, Scottsbluff, NE - October 2006Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival, Nevada City, CA - January 1315, 2006Starz Film Center, Colorado Filmmakers Showcase, Denver, CO - Dec 5th, 2005Popular Culture Assoc. National Convention, Atlanta, GA - April, 2006Popular Culture Assoc. Southwest Regional Convention, Albuquerque, NM - Feb 2006University Film and Video Assoc. Conference, Chicago, IL - Aug. 2005University of Colorado at Denver, Theatre, Film and Video Production Series -Sept., 23, 2005------5. Exhibits and events of video scalerIn 2000 and 2001, the Townhouse Gallery contributed to the establishment of the Nitaq Festival in Cairo, which was an art festival situated in downtown that aimed to expose the contemporary art scene to the public. The festival included multimedia video installations that were created by various artists including Lara Baladi, Amina Mansour, Hassan Khan, Wael Shawky and Mona Marzouk. Townhouse also initiated Egypt's first exhibition dedicated to photography in 2002, calling it PhotoCairo, with the aim of exposing the public to the various forms of self-expression that are evident in the world of photography. This event proved to be quite successful in 2002 so the event was repeated in 2003 and 2004, accompanied by the Open Studio Project.Recent exhibits that have been on display during February and March 2010 in the Townhouse Gallery include The Girl Splendid in Walking by Doa Aly and Making A Man Out of Him by a Professor at the American University in Cairo, Huda Lutfi. Both works have proven themselves quite unique to their audiences, each providing a specific experience to the visitors of the Townhouse Gallery.Regarding Doa Aly's work, the video installation, inspired by Wilhelm Jenson's Gradiva, includes scenes where the girl was in a room, walking and tracing the sunlight with her feet as it beamed through the window, like she was going after the light. Meanwhile, Lutfi's Making a Man Out of Him, uses the symbolism of the male anatomy as a means of criticizing society's perspective on masculinity. This illustrates how the Townhouse Gallery has the ability to display art that may be viewed as controversial.------6. Svetha Venkatesh of video scalerSvetha Venkatesh is one of the top 15 women in the world in Artificial Intelligence. She is Indian/Australian and is the Alfred Deakin Professor in the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Built Environments, in the Department of Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics at Deakin University, as well as a professor of computer science and director of the Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA) at Deakin. She was elected a Fellow of the International Association of Pattern Recognition in 2004 for her contributions to the "formulation and extraction of semantics in multimedia data". She was also elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering in 2006 and an ARC Laureate Fellow in June 2017.Venkatesh has developed new technologies in large-scale pattern recognition in big data. Her work has led to start-ups such as iCetana which finds anomalies through video analytics to detect potential security threats in large data sets; the development of a health analytics program which enables doctors to predict suicide risk; and PRaDA's development of the Toby Playpad app which provides therapy for children with autism. Her work on using surveillance data led to the development of a "virtual observer" which was used after the 2005 London bombings.Based on gender diversity analysis of 1.5m research papers, Svetha Venkatesh is one of the top 15 women in the world contributing to artificial intelligence research. She is based in Geelong, Victoria.Venkatesh delivered the 2015 Harrison Lecture for Innovation. In addition to her research, in 2015 she founded SPARK Deakin - Deakin University's flagship entrepreneurship program.Venkatesh's son, Akshay, a mathematician specialising in number theory and related topics, was one of the four Fields Medal winners in 2018.------7. Online video of video scalerAfter releasing Rocketboom in late 2004, Baron established himself as one of the first vloggers and arguably one of the most influential. With Rocketboom, Baron built one of the first large audiences around a video show, and went on to generate the first large-scale advertising deals.On August 19, 2005, Baron was interviewed on CBS Evening News. In an "Eye on America", segment CBS veteran Jim Axelrod commented on the effort at daily news coverage on a limited budget and Baron's early grasp of the next Internet wave. "You know what they call that? Vision."Baron directed a portion of "Killer," an episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation which aired February 2, 2006.Steve Jobs featured Baron's Rocketboom on stage when releasing the video iPod and again when releasing the AppleTVIn March 2006, Baron commented on the sale of a week of advertising for $40,000 on eBay in Brandweek:"Advertising with us has extra value because we aren't going to accept advertising from someone whose morals are against us, someone like Hummer," said Rocketboom producer Andrew Baron. The creators of the show are acting as ad agency as well as media for the ads for TRM and EarthLink. "We've got to approve the ads and if we like them, chances are our viewers will like 'em."In 2008, Baron created the first version of the Know Your Meme database, to accompany a spin-off show he created and produced for Rocketboom.Also in 2008, with one of the most followed Twitter accounts, Baron made international news when he put his Twitter account up for sale on eBay.Baron released his third major site, Magma, in 2009.In 2011, Baron sold Know Your Meme to Cheezburger in a reported "low seven-figure deal".
Knowledge Related to DScaler
DScaler is an open-source video deinterlacer and scaling program for Microsoft Windows. Version 4 is a complete standalone program, while version 5 is planned to be a DirectShow filter. The last publicly committed change to the source code was on 2 April 2012, suggesting the project has been abandoned. From Version 4.1.17, Direct3D output and Windows Vista x64 are supported as a test version. · Other Related Knowledge of video scaler List of Current ITV Sport personnel of video scaler Football Eni Aluko (Also works for Prime Video) Craig Bellamy Jon Champion (Also works for ESPN, BT Sport and Prime Video) Gabriel Clarke (Also works for Prime Video) Lee Dixon (Also works for NBC Sports, BT Sport and Prime Video) Iain Dowie (Also works for Sky Sports and BT Sport) Peter Drury (Also works for NBC Sports, Sky Sports and BT Sport) Patrice Evra (Occasionally appears on Sky Sports) Celina Hinchcliffe Glenn Hoddle (Also works for BT Sport and Prime Video) Seema Jaswal (Also works for BBC Sport and Prime Video) Roy Keane (Also works for Sky Sports) Henrik Larsson Sam Matterface (Also works for Talksport) Ally McCoist (Also works for BT Sport and Talksport) Jacqui Oatley (Also works for BBC Sport and Sky Sports) Gary Neville (On loan for 2018 World Cup from Sky Sports) Martin O'Neill Mark Pougatch (Also works for BT Sport) Joe Speight (Also works for Premier League Productions and BT Sport) Andy Townsend (Also works for BT Sport) Clive Tyldesley (Also works for NBC Sports, Talksport and BT Sport) Ian Wright (Also works for BBC Sport)Boxing Gabriel Clarke George Groves David Haye Ronald McIntosh (Also works for BBC Sport and BT Sport) Duke McKenzie Mark Pougatch (Also works for Channel 5) Richie Woodhall (Also works for BBC Sport & BT Sport)Cycling Chris Boardman (Also works for BBC Sport) Ned Boulting Gary Imlach Hugh Porter David Millar Matt SmithDarts Dan Dawson (Also works for BBC Sport, PDC TV and Talksport) Chris Mason (Also works for Talksport & Eurosport/Quest) Jacqui Oatley Stuart Pyke (Also works for BBC Sport and Sky Sports) John Rawling (Also works for Talksport & Eurosport/Quest) Alan Warriner-Little (Also works for BBC Sport)Horse Racing Ian Bartlett Oli Bell Matt Chapman (Also works for Sky Sports Racing) Ed Chamberlin Francesca Cumani Mick Fitzgerald Brian Gleeson Sally-Ann Grassick Luke Harvey Charlotte Hawkins Mark Heyes Richard Hoiles Chris Hughes Mark Johnson AP McCoy Johnny Murtagh Victoria Pendleton Rishi Persad (Also works for Racing TV) Alice Plunkett Brough Scott Hayley Turner Lucy Verasamy Jason WeaverMotorsport David Addison Louise Goodman Tim Harvey Barry Nutley (Also works for my Eurosport) Niall Mackenzie (Also works for Eurosport) Steve Rider Paul O'Neill Phil Glew Simon Hill Richard John-NeilRugby Union Maggie Alphonsi (Also works for Sky Sports) Martin Bayfield (Also works for BT Sport) Marco Bortolami Gabriel Clarke Lawrence Dallaglio (Also works for BT Sport) Gordon D'Arcy (Also works for BBC Radio 5 Live & Eir Sport) Jill Douglas Craig Doyle (Also works for BT Sport) Sean Fitzpatrick (Also works for Sky Sports) David Flatman (Also works for Channel 5 and BT Sport) Martin Gillingham George Gregan Bryan Habana (Also works for Channel 4) Jim Hamilton (Also works for BBC Sport) Miles Harrison (Also works for Sky Sports and Channel 4) Scott Hastings (Also works for Sky Sports) Ben Kay (Also works for BT Sport) Michael Lynagh (Also works for Sky Sports) Sir Ian McGeechan Nick Mullins (Also works for BT Sport) Ugo Monye (Also works for BT Sport & BBC Radio 5 Live) Brian O'Driscoll (Also works for BT Sport) Paul O'Connell (Also works for BBC Sport) Mike Phillips Mark Pougatch Alan Quinlan (Also works for Sky Sports) Jamie Roberts Jason Robinson Gareth Thomas Sam Warburton Simon Ward Danielle Waterman Shane Williams (Also works for BBC Radio 5 Live) Jonny Wilkinson Sir Clive WoodwardSnooker Jill Douglas Rishi Persad Neal Foulds (Also works for Eurosport/Quest) Alan McManus (Also works for BBC Sport) Stephen Hendry (Also works for BBC Sport) Ken Doherty (Also works for BBC Sport) Joe Perry David Hendon (Also works for Eurosport/Quest) Phil Yates (Also works for Eurosport/Quest)Tennis Marion Bartoli (Also works for BBC Sport) Jim Courier (Also works for Prime Video and Nine Network) Celina Hinchcliffe John Inverdale (Also works for BBC Sport) Anne Keothavong Nick Mullins (Also works for BBC Sport) Mark Petchey (Also works for BBC Sport and Prime Video) Fabrice Santoro Sam Smith (Also works for BBC Sport and Prime Video) ------ Works of video scaler Landscapes and Silence (2016)Landscapes and Silence featuring Horowitzs work Starfields and Fields (2016), was realized with the collaborative support of Edgar Pinto and exhibition co-curator Tanya Abraham of the Kashi Art Gallery and the Art Outreach Society (TAOS) in Kochi, Kerala. Imaging Saturn (2016)Imaging Saturn (2016) is a multimedia installation that focuses on Saturn, its orbit, and the paths of the sun and surrounding stars. Incorporating aspects of participatory science and data visualization, the exhibit combines astronomy and astrophotography with mapping of Saturn's ecliptic, a mechanized orbiter (developed with Ray Peterson), kinetic sculptures, and video. It reflects an interest in Saturn going back to 2010. Blurry Canada (2011)During a road trip across Canada in 2010, Horowitz recorded 175 hours of continuous video and 20,000 images. Seventy-five chromogenic prints, and all 175 hours of video in a 13-day loop, were exhibited in her show Blurry Canada at Dunlop Sherwood Village Gallery in Regina in 2011. The exhibit was shown at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in 2012. Trio (2008)Trio is a multichannel video installation that shows Horowitz' efforts to learn to play Franz Schubert's Piano Trio No. 2, a trio for piano, cello and violin. Trio was presented at the Experimental Art Foundation in Adelaide, Australia, in 2008. Trees of Canada (2007)For Trees of Canada Horowitz drew upon Canada's 2004 National Forest Inventory as an inspiration for examining indigenous and naturalized trees. Her resulting series of acrylic paintings was exhibited in 2007 at the Profiles Gallery, St. Albert, Alberta, and in 2008 at MKG127 Gallery, Toronto, Ontario. Twenty pieces from Trees of Canada (2007) were acquired by Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade for the permanent collection of Canada House in London, England. Horowitz attended the unveiling, at which Queen Elizabeth II was present. twitch (2003)twitch (2003) is a group exhibition curated by Risa Horowitz. It began as a two person exhibit which was orchestrated by the selection committee for regular programming at Ace Art inc. This hybrid collaboration consisted of five artists; David Rokebys Very Nervous System; Garnet Hertzs Experiments in Galvanism; Nicholas Stedmans The Blanket Project; Kevin Yates Untitled (Dying Bull) and other works; and Erika Lincolns Scale. twitch invites the viewer to consider the simulated fantasy that technology and interactive media can provide throughout the exhibit. Horowitz describes the exhibit; twitch is about comfort; thought; pleasure; mystery; learning; joy; fear; pain; the search for meaning; mythology and enabling myths; our place in the universe; loneliness. Melitzah (20002007)Melitzah (20002007) is an extensive vocal performance coupled with the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Horowitz visualized every word in the dictionary with a waveform of her pronunciation of that word and documented her visualization in a set of 138 books and a website. Melitzah was selected for the FILE Electronic Language International Festival, So Paulo Brazil, in 2005. girl before a mirror (2000)girl before a mirror (2000) is an MFA project completed at the University of Saskatchewan originally exhibited at the Gordon Snelgrove Gallery. It is based loosely on a 1932 painting of the same name by Pablo Picasso. Horowitz started with a catalog of photographic self portraits compiled between 1993 and 1999 in the Canadian communities of Toronto, French River, Windsor, Vancouver, and Saskatoon. The concept of a mirror is here being used as an analogue for a self portrait, with the idea that the portrait never perfectly reflects the actual person. Horowitz used the concept to explore a triple level of surveillance. She was surveilling herself through her own self portraits. By exhibiting them on the web and in galleries, she was allowing others to perform their own surveillance on her surveillance. Finally, since the web site recorded such things as search terms, she was able to do her own further surveillance of her audience through the way they interacted with her site.
Knowledge Related to Handfish
Handfish are any anglerfish within the family Brachionichthyidae, a group which comprises five genera and 14 extant species. These benthic marine fish are unusual in the way they propel themselves by walking on the sea floor rather than swimming · Other Related Knowledge of video scaler Distribution of video scaler Handfish are found today in the coastal waters of southern and eastern Australia and Tasmania. This is the most species-rich of the few marine fish families endemic to the Australian region. The biology of handfishes is poorly known and their typically small population sizes and restricted distributions make them highly vulnerable to disturbance. Some species are considered to be critically endangered. ------ Anatomy of video scaler Handfish grow up to 15 cm (5.9 in) long, and have skin covered with denticles (tooth-like scales), giving them the alternate name warty anglers. They are slow-moving fish that prefer to 'walk' rather than swim, using their modified pectoral fins to move about on the sea floor. These highly modified fins have the appearance of hands, hence their scientific name, from Latin bracchium meaning "arm" and Greek ichthys meaning "fish". Like other anglerfish, they possess an illicium, a modified dorsal fin ray above the mouth, but it is short and does not appear to be used as a fishing lure.dubious discuss The second dorsal spine is joined to the third by a flap of skin, making a crest. ------ Extinction of video scaler In March 2020, the smooth handfish (Sympterichthys unipennis) was declared extinct in the IUCN Red List. Once common enough to be one of the first fish to be described by European explorers of Australia, but not seen for well over a century, this is the first modern-day marine fish to be officially declared extinct. In 1996, the spotted handfish (Brachionichthys hirsutus) was the first marine fish to be listed as critically endangered in the IUCN Red List. ------ Fossil record of video scaler The prehistoric species, Histionotophorus bassani, from the Lutetian of Monte Bolca, is now considered to be a handfish, sometimes even being included in the genus Brachionichthys. Considering the low extant diversity, restricted geographical distribution, and very meager fossil record of antennarioids in general, the existence of fossil representatives of the family Brachionichthyidae is unusual.
Is There a Way to Press Once to Start and a Second Time to End Bulb Mode on a Canon Rebel T3?
One click to open and another click to close shutter is named Time Mode (T mode). Some cameras offer it (more so in the old days, new users do not know, do not care). Otherwise, most any remote shutter release offers a slide switch to hold it open until you change it.1. Which DSLR camera is better? Nikon d3100 or Cannon EOS rebel t3?As already stated, it depends a lot on taste. The best thing you can do is first decide what type of photography you want to shoot. Then check the features available on each model. Third, read some customer reviews on both models. My preference is Nikon. But that's me. Good Luck and do not be discouraged by rude remarks. Some people are just like that. Makes you wonder why they even want to answer. (Insert sheepish grin here)2. What would be a good but cheap flash for my Rebel T3?I recently Purchased A Rebel T1i and i use an old vivitar flash it is old but it works great so dont go looking for name brand so much especially if you want cheap. I do not recommend b&H photo because they are expensive if you narrow down what you want amazon is great for that3. Will my luggage be transferred automatically on a layover between T3 and T2 of Dubai International?Terminal 3 is for Qantas and Emirates only. Jet Airways flights arrive at Terminal 1."Ukrainian Airlines" - I think you mean "Ukraine International Airlines" which also uses Terminal 1. Now, since both your airlines are using Terminal 1, you do not need to worry about transferring terminals.If you are on one ticket for the entire journey, then your luggage will be transferred.If you have two separate tickets then you will need to enter Dubai (which means, you will need a visa), collect your luggage, and then check in again. It also means you cannot board your Jet Airways flight unless you are able to land and enter in Dubai4. What are the homeopathic remedies available for subclinical hypothyroidism (TSH being in the range of 4.5-5.5 and T3 and T4 being normal)?I am not sure - however there is a homeopath that owns a website Homeopathy for Health, unique specialty formulas She will make you a custom formula if she does not already have it5. Creative Gigaworks T3 sub with different speakers [closed]I am not sure if it is damaging, but plugged them into the 4ohms out and it just amps them up louder. So I guess it is fine. I am sure it damages something somewhere though6. Whats the best lens i can buy for my canon T3?As you have bought the T3 I will assume you are on a tight budget and wo not be buying L series lenses. You probably already have the best lens! The 18-55 is wide enough in a tight space to get groups and long enough to get individuals. Your best investment would be a good Canon Speedlight - at least the 430EX do not bother with the 270EX as it is not much better than the pop-up. The 50mm f/1.8 or 1.4 are both great lenses but trying to get a party group shot indoors in a small house is tight! If you want a prime lens then the Canon 28mm F/2.8 or the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 would be a better buy. I take lots of kid's party shots and even an f/1.4 lens wo not give a fast enough shutter speed to freeze excited kids - you need a flash that you can bounce. I use a Canon 450D (Rebel XSi) and a Canon Speedlite 420EX. In the tight confines of a small house I use my 18-55 kit lens; in larger venues I use an EF 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5. I have a 50mm f/1.8 - never use it for this - not versatile enough.7. Where can I sell my Canon Rebel T3 (not online)?Friend, classmate, schoolmate, dorm mate, flea market, fairs, pawnshop8. Which lens is best for a canon t3?A direct replacement for your 18-55mm costs more than your budget, and probably wo not make much difference - in your shoes, I would look at the 55-250mm EF-S, for more power. The only fisheye in your price bracket is the Samyang/Rokinon/Whoever put their name on this weeks' batch 8mm f3.5. It's MF. and you are limited to Av and M modes, but it's a fair performer.
What Led to the Fall of the Sikh Empire?
During ranjit singh the power of the sikhs was on climax.ranjit singh gave special attention to the organization of army he had built a state whose main base was army the main foundation of a military state is efficient leadership.after the death of ranjit singh the army become cause of dissolution of sikh Kingdome. After ranajit singh due to the weak successors all power went to the khalsa the 5 yrs of the death of ranjit Singh the number of soldiers increased 3 times and salary was also increased and due to the decreasing income of the state this situation became unbearable. Soldiers formed their own Panchayats through them they start making important decisions like military campaigns,supporting the state's clamaint etc. thus due to the absence of skilled leadership basic power of state became the reason for decline of state. And other important reason for decline of sikh state was internal conspiracy. Thus the moral decline of army ,internal conspiracy,falling economic situation make sikh state a victim of the british policy of grab.1. Are there any alternatives to a Netanyahu-led government in Israel and, if so, what are they?Israel heads to the polls on March 17th, 2015, and Benjamin Netanyahu, though still the front-runner, appears to be vulnerable. I look at the challenge facing Labor, Netanyahu's main opposition, the Labor has governed Israel for only 8. Four elements are needed for Labor to win:1. The incumbent--Netanyahu--has to be vulnerable in his own right, which Netanyahu is.2. Labor needs to shift the debate toward the economy, where it has an electoral advantage. 3. Labor has to present a credible alternative on national security, it's electoral weakness, and4. Labor needs a credible leader to replace the incumbent. nFor the full post.2. What tv to buy? LED or Plazma?PLAZMAAAAAA!!(= WOOOOOHOOOOO!!3. how to put led to indicate the signal is functioningAs Olin points out, it's hard to tell what you are really asking. I am going to assume that you want an indicator LED to light up whenever the optocoupler in ON. In that case, your circuit should look like the one below:The "limit switch", when closed, should tied the INPUT signal to 3. 3V and light up the indicator LED and the optocoupler's internal LED. The OUTPUT signal goes to an input of your PIC microcontroller.The value of the resistors will depend on the optocoupler and the LED you choose to use.4. wiring multiple led flashlights to single power source [closed]Let me start out with a summary of my understanding of the problem.The goal is to eliminate buying lots of batteries by centralizing the power source used for a system of between 15 and 30 lanterns, each separated by 30 feet, for a distance run that can be from 500 to 1000 feet long. These lanterns, in prior use, used a set of (3) AAA batteries and are very simple lanterns using one resistor of $22:Omega$ and (24) parallel-wired LEDs. (Parallel-wiring like that does not allow the LEDs to share current as well as they may, but it's how it was done and these are just lanterns so variations between the 24 LEDs is fine for this application.) Each lantern requires approximately:$$I_lantern=frac4.5:textrmV-2:textrmV22:Omegale 125:textrmmA$$Some options to consider:Well, those are some directions that could be used without needing to modify the lanterns. If you are open to completely new lantern designs, then there are still more options to consider.Since Passerby dragged my attention back here, might as well expose the computation for computing the voltage drop at the far-end of the line given periodic loads along a line. (I've no clue if there is a commonly used symbol for $fracOmega1000:textrmft$, so I am just calling it $k_wire$ for now. $D$ will be the total distance of the run. $N$ will be the number of periodic loads, which divide up the total distance into $N$ segments of wire. $I_load$ is the per-unit load. The first load is one segment downstream of the power source. The last load is at the very end.)$$beginalign* V_drop &= sum_i=1^N left[I_i=I_loadcdotleft(N-i1ight)ight]cdotleft[R_i=2cdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night] sum_i=1^N left(N-i1ight) V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ sum_i=1^N N-sum_i=1^N isum_i=1^N1ight] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ N^2-sum_i=1^N iNight] V_drop &= I_loadcdotleftcdotfrack_wirecdot D1000cdot Night]cdotleft[ fracN^2N2ight] V_drop &= left[I_total=I_loadcdotfracN12ight]cdot left[R_total=2cdot k_wirecdotfracD1000ight] endalign*$$This proves that it comes out very close to the natural presumption of using an average current that is one-half the total current (for large $N$) times the total wire resistance, out and back. But it never hurts to do the math to test common sense. (And to also see that it's not exactly the same, too.)
What Kind of Energy Efficient Bulb Works Best in a Bathroom Vanity?
the new low wattage florescent bulb work very well...get the kind that have yellow light1. Why do people keep saying Miley Cryus was topless in Vanity Fair magazine?give her a couple of years.... she will be topless before you know it.2. Installing P-trap on vanity going from 1 1/4 to 2 inch drain pipeA 2" to 1-1/4" reducer like this should work. This was the first one I found but they are out there. Home stores should stock them also3. Vanity sizing - nice or confusing?I hate it. Some pants I am one size, in other pants I am another size. Ca not clothes companies just get their crap together and make it easy on me??!?! ADD: I know what you mean :( I just go shopping like once a year and suffer through the day and buy tons of clothes to last me forever lol. Bra shopping is the absolute worst!4. how to replace drawer on vanity?Take an existing drawer to a custom cabinet maker, or similar carpenter, and ask them to duplicate it5. Is it possible to paint a laminate bathroom vanity top?yes, go to home and garden website and look it up, it takes sanding, priming and then it will take paint, then you need to seal it6. Any good songs about vanity/beauty/perfection?Good question. "You are So Vain" by Carly Simon7. What excuse can I tell my mom for buying a vanity mirror that cost me $300?You are a child so its not your money. You can not own money, pets or property by law and since you have enough money to spend on trash you do not need she needs to start taking the money away8. What are some cute ideas for a vanity for a teenager? I am going to make it myself (i am 16)...?I have seen a wooden shipping boxes turned into a vanity. It is an inexpensive idea. Use the boxes on each end and put a flat piece of plywood across to connect them and leave a place for the teenager's legs and feet. You make a gathered skirt and staple or thumbtack it around the top. Also, you can use two 2-drawer filing cabinets with a plywood top across them (again with enough space for her to put her feet and legs)9. what should I use to stablize glass tops on my vanity so they won't slide off and break?Any hardware store or building supply place sells little clear plastic thingies to go under the glass so it wo not slide10. Would a vanity light look tacky over a kitchen sink?as quickly as I commute in one day everywhere, I consistently sense as though i am packing the bare minimum yet my husband or whomever i am traveling with consistently say i am taking the entire residing house. i do no longer know it as i think of i am packing "easy". :o)11. My sister wants to name her daughter Vanity?Vanity Name12. Would it be a sin of vanity if I rented one of those Freeway Advertisement boards...?A closeup with you kissing the cherry would be much more effective13. Where can I locate a bathroom vanity light with an outlet?It's hard to find them anymore since (as one answer already pointed out) all outlets within reach of a water tap have to be GFI protected by Code. You should be able to take down the old wall fixture and fish a cable down the wall to cut in a box to add a GFI outlet. If you have a recessed medicine cabinet, often you can remove it to gain access inside the wall to make installing an adjacent outlet easier. Just empty the cabinet and look for the screws inside around the top, bottom or sides. Unscrew them and it should slide out. You could also look for an old light fixture at a construction salvage store, antique shop or on Craigslist that has the built-in outlet. However, it will be a code violation and also a safety hazard that you would likely have to remove if you tried to sell the house or had an insurance inspection.
What Do You Understand by Liberalism?
Liberalism is about giving people as much control over their lives as possible. Where government is concerned, this means moving power to the lowest appropriate level. However there are other things too. Power can accumulate in places other than government, and government is needed to keep that in check. This means, for example, that the powers of big business owners also need to be limited.There is also a social element. Groups of people wield power over their members, and there is always an extent to which you can only be yourself to the degree that others around you will allow it. To some degree this is necessary, but much of the time people go significantly beyond that. It's a problem liberals haven't managed to solve yet, but I think that there are solutions.Liberalism also means giving people the tools they need to be able to make decisions that have the outcomes they desire. Transparency and accountability are important here, but so is education. Without the knowledge and skills to see how to get things done, people won't be able to achieve the outcomes they desire and may end up achieving the exact opposite.Then, there's the removal of obstacles such as sickness. By which I mean both physical and mental health. Problems with either can make it really hard to get things done, and there are limits to the extent that you can control them on your own.I could keep going for ages, but this is a good start• Other QuestionsHow did you learn leadership skills?In the beginning I learned my primary job in healthcare so Id be an expert.As time went on, I became interested in administration and began volunteering for positions no one else wanted. I call this growing where your planted, there are plenty of opportunities to lead right in your backyard. Before long I completed first time high level programs learning and practicing leadership without even knowing it.Later a headquarters human resources fellowship was announced and due to the positions I held and my breath of experience the application was competitive and selected. Later I was hired as chief of the human resources department.In this position, I had contact with executives on a daily basis and they mentored me. From there I went back into an operational position and studied leadership every chance through seminars, reading and mentors. After a while I was leading directorates and now pass on those lessons learned.Leadership is a learned skill, you need to study, practice, practice and practice more. Many of the lessons I learned were from failures turned into successes.If I can tell someone five things to help them early in their leadership vision, Id tell them this:Read about past leaders failures and successes to build a tool boxWatch and talk with leaders you know, observe how they speak and made decisionsTake a theatrics course in high school or college to learn how to inspire so people feel your storiesPractice what you learn at any level, volunteer work, school clubs/sports or familyDo things that strengthen your honestly, competency, inspiring skills, forward looking and dont worry about mistakeslearn from themEnjoy the journey.------How did Charles Darwin contribute to science?Charles Darwin, was among the most conspicuous individuals of the eighteenth century who, by virtue of the great advances in scientific instrumentation, printing and publication, and world travel at that time, had been led to an inevitable understanding of the reality of biological evolution by natural selection. This was contemporaneously (and independently) figured out by Alfred Russel Wallace. Fast mounting evidence was making this mechanism clear to many. The fruit was ripe for the picking!In fact the process of natural selection had been exactly identified and published many years before by Patrick Matthew. Darwin was later forced to admit this as follows:"I have been much interested by Mr. Patrick Matthew's communication in the Number of your Paper, dated April 7th. I freely acknowledge that Mr. Matthew has anticipated by many years the explanation which I have offered of the origin of species, under the name of natural selection."Arthur Koestler, in "The Act of Creation" whimsically put another spin on it:"With a pinch of salt it could be said that Darwin's essential achievement was to combine the evolutionary philosophy of Anaximander, who taught that man's ancestor was an aquatic animal and that the Earth and its inhabitants were descended from the same Prime Material, with the philosophy of Empedocles who taught the survival of the fittest among the random aggregations of organic forms."Lucky guesses that, centuries later, were to be confirmed by observation of a wealth of new data.For an insight into the wider aspects of evolution which extend beyond biology please check out my latest book "The Intricacy Generator: Pushing Chemistry and Geometry Uphill".What is Darwin's contribution to modern science?------How did the Indian economy adapt to the globalization comment?Protests from the people affected in different countries, more so in Russia and few other former Soviet Republics in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and in South America as late as September and October 2004, indicate that the USS agenda of globalisation is increasingly meeting with resistance from a wider section of people. The LTA government with its left Allies that has assumed power at the centre in India in May 2004, has also promised to re-look at the reforms pursued and make it people-friendly, particularly those along the margins of the society socially and economically.The World Bank too has been considering a review of reforms for the benefit of wider sections of the society. People in the rural areas in India, now benefited by the painstaking work of the NGOs and the media, have become articulate on questions of environmental degradation by the Transnational Corporations dumping of hazardous wastes and people-to-people friendship across the boundaries. For instance, despite threats to their lives from the militants in Jarnmu and Kashmir, people in Indian Kashmir and in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir have been vociferously demanding opening of transportation links across.Similarly, in the Barmer district of Rajasthan and across the international border at Sindh, people have been eager for a promised route from Kokraphar to Murabas. In short, policy makers, and the media have realised that people to people relationships impact enormously the process of sustained peace and averting conflicts. Peoples action based on the ideology of human centredness has emerged as the key to questions of peace and conflict. Concern for human beings has come to occupy centre stage. The existing regional and international organisations like the Asla-Pacific Economy Forum, European Union, SAARC have been focusing on bringing about peoples access across restrictive boundaries------Do you trust the Federal government?Yeah, I trust the federal government to do pretty much all of its major functions.After social programs have been around for a few years, they tend to work very well. There is very little administrative overhead for Medicare. Medicaid pays less money than private companies for comparable insurance. Food Stamps go out very efficiently. Social security checks are virtually always on time and in the right amount. I do not question the national safety of the United States. I eat food and breathe air without worrying that I am exposing my body to harmful toxins. I don't worry about internal surveillance because I feel that there's not really a reason a normal, law-abiding citizen should worry about such things.The tax system is complicated and inefficient but that's not really a matter of trust.Importantly, I trust the federal government to give states leeway to improve upon the federal system, so I may choose a home that better fits what I personally want government to do.Actually, I don't really trust our Department of O̶f̶f̶e̶n̶s̶e̶ Defense to make decisions that foster good, peaceful, long term relations with foreign nations. But I think we're moving in the right direction.So generally speaking, yes, I trust the federal government.This answer is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or (in the United States) 911 immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide responses to health-related questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service ( Winston Churchill bad? Some say he was a warmonger, a tyrant, and a mass murderer. So what is the truth?Some people dislike Churchill because he expressed reluctance about Indias indpedence movement and breaking up the old British Empire. In the end, only the creation of the British Commonwealth of Nations placated him.To this I say that Churchill was not perfect He was, in retrospect, a little too in love with the glory of the Empire in its heyday. He had romantic ideas about Empire that ignored the rights of people not to be exploited.But it is wrong again, in retrospect to call Churchill a warmonger. The desire for peace through negotiation is a noble sentiment, but one time it failed in a major way was in going up against Hitler. Churchill clearly saw that the appeasement policy had failed with the Nazis. So another way had to be found.Churchills sentiments were not altogether wrong, even if he was too married to the idea of a British Empire. Britain, no matter what its flaws, had come to stand for moderation, tolerance of dissent, respect for human life, and the rule of law.Even though his vision of these values had a conservative spin, he was right in defending them in opposition to the complete rejection of law, freedom, and justice demonstrated by the Nazi regime.Theres simply no comparison. Consider what wouldve happened if the Nazis had ruled India. Not only would Gandhi have been permanently imprisoned and tortured, but the Nazis response, every time there the slightest uprising, wouldve been to line up the men of a village and shoot every other one. They wouldve engaged in mass killings long before they wouldve granted independence------Is the Coronavirus (COVID-19) actually killing more people than what is reported?Certainly.Let's review:China was the epicenter of the disease and as an autocracy has little incentive for factual information to reach the public or the wider world - It should be assumed that death toll rates provided by the government of Vhina are either false or are "massaged" to make them more "appealing".Since the disease is currently hitting the elderly and those with chronic illnesses the hardest, many deaths were almost certainly misdiagnosed as something else - People who died before January of 2020 were probably deemed to have died from pre-existing medical conditions or influenza, and not because of the virus.There are a surprisingly low number of reported cases from countries with vast populations - Brazil, Indonesia, Russia,and India have all recorded minimal numbers of cases, despite all having health care systems which are strained during "normal" times. No one has any useful knowledge concerning how many people are dying (or have died) in those countries alone.It takes time to gather accurate information - The death toll will climb when records are reviewed and deaths assumed to have been related to other medical conditions are found to have been coronavirus.There are no wide scale testing regimens in area which are now being hit - Unless or until testing becomes widely available, then people are going to grow ill, spread the disease, and die without any records until after the fact.Yes, the COVID-19 death tolls reported by the media are "guesstimates" based upon KNOWN cases. They certainly don't reflect the spread of the illness; nor do they reflect deaths that occurred prior to January of 2020
Mazda Warranty - When Does It Start?
It usually starts the day after it is made. The In-Service date. If you call Mazda USA, and ask for the in service date for your car(have vin # ready), and they will give it to you. Most likely, you have 2 years left.1. 2010 Mazda 3 or 2010 Toyota Yaris?I have not driven the Yaris, but have not heard great things about it as a highway vehicle. It has a shorter wheelbase than the Mazda 3 (100.4 vs. 103.9 inches), which is a factor in highway comfort. The Toyota probably does have some advantages in long-term reliability. I have driven the Mazda 3 and found it very comfortable. It is high on my "next car" list.2. 1996 mazda 626 side cover head gasket?Perhaps the diagnosis was "leak on side of valve cover gasket" If this is what was meant, the right thing to do is to remove the valve cover and clean it thoroughly with oven cleaner to remove sludge. CLean both surfaces. Sometimes, the original gasket can be reused if it is made with rubber. If it is torn or not continuous, buy a new gasket from Mazda. It's not that much. Good Luck!!.3. How much is fair for '04 Mazda 3 with this history?If I study between the lines of your description properly, your motor vehicle has a rebuilt salvage identify. if it is the case, no person is going to pay Kelley Blue e book cost for the vehicle - and you are obligated to show that suggestions to the customer. In long island, you and the customer could the two fill out a sort certifying that the rebuilt salvage identify replaced into disclosed. i am constructive it extremely is comparable in Alabama, besides the fact that i could no longer discover any particular suggestions on line. If the vehicle did no longer have a salvage identify, you would be able to desire to get $9,000 for it - i would choose the bumper replaced, in view which you assert it extremely is scratched and has a hollow, and that will knock funds off the cost. With the salvage identify, the vehicle is in basic terms well worth what somebody can pay. In all seriousness, that's in all probability 50% of KBB. even nonetheless there would desire to no longer be something incorrect with the vehicle, human beings would fairly have a motor vehicle that has not been in an twist of fate. i think of you would be able to desire to ask $5,000 or $6,000 and need to get that plenty.4. Looking to buy a Mazda 3 - Suggestions?I have a Mazda 3 hatchback and I can tell you I love it better than my 02 Spec-v. They are good in car, insurance is decent (but that depends on the owner). Best advice is for you to go Test Drive.. only you will know if you like it5. Mazda 6 I paintedmaybe ill do some emblems on it, if it was my amc eagle then its chrome heaven. would you agree?6. HOW TO MAKE A MAZDA CX7 FASTER?trade it in for the Touring or Grand tourning model with the 244 Horsepower turbo from the MS37. How to replace a radiator for a 2002 mazda protege?If you are trying to replace a radiator and you are not sure how to do it the most efficiently, you should look for a website to help no matter what some A- Hole who feels that anyone under their supposed skill level should try it. Screw them!8. How to start a flooded Mazda RX8?Rx8 Flooding9. Why are there less new Mazda vehicles on the road nowadays?Since we build Mazda's here in Alabama, I see lots of them. The workers here buy what they build. As they work in teams, with only a team leader and the plant manager above them. No unions. Any worker can stop the line if they see a problem. Same with my friends that work at the Hyundai plant in Montgomery. They buy what they build, and are proud of their cars. You never find a pop bottle left in the door! We also build Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai vehicles here. Five manufacturers here, one (Tesla) in California. Bonus, most will NOT build a CARB compliant vehicle for California
Switching From Halogen to LED Headlights
Changing out headlight bulbs is a complicated process in some vehicles. If you replace a halogen bulb, experts warn you not to touch the glass enclosure of the bulb. Grease and other debris on your hands can transfer to the bulb glass. When that greasy or oily coating heats up, it can damage the halogen bulb and reduce its life span.9 Different Types of HeadlightsCar headlights do not need an introduction. They are what keep the road illuminated for you while you are cruising on the streets late at night. It is your car headlights that keep you from bumping into a tree or running into someone after the sun has set. All cars, old or new, have headlights installed. The law has made it mandatory to have both the headlights of your car in working condition. They not only ensure your safety while you are on the road but also the safety of pedestrians and animals crossing the road. Back in the old days, all cars came with similar headlights, but today, where newer and more technologically advanced vehicles have been introduced, the types of headlights also vary. Newer models of cars have newer and cooler headlights installed. You may think that all headlights are the same, but actually, they are not . And we do not just mean different in terms of design only. They are also different in terms of operational mechanisms. If you ever have to get your headlights replaced, you should at least have sufficient knowledge about the type of headlights your car has and the types of headlights you can replace your existing lights with. Headlights are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, and they sure deserve some attention. We will be dividing the types of headlights into three sections: Types of headlights based on the headlight housing Types of headlights based on the number of bulbs Types of Headlights Based on the Headlight Housing The is the 'house' where the bulb of the headlight resides. In simpler words, it is the case that accommodates the headlight bulb. The headlight housing is not the same in all cars. The way a bulb is mounted and where the bulb is situated varies. were the standard headlights that were present in all vehicles till 1985. These are still the most common types of headlights that you will see. The bulb in a reflector headlight is encased in a bowl-like case. The bowl-like case has mirrors installed that reflect the light onto the road. These headlights that were found in older cars had a fixed casing. This meant that in case the bulb burned out, it could not be replaced, and the entire headlight case had to be changed. These reflector headlights were also known as the sealed beam headlights. In sealed beam headlights, there was a lens in front of the headlight which determined the shape of the beam of the light that was produced by them. However, newer reflector headlights come with mirrors inside the housing instead of a lens. These mirrors are used to guide the beam of light. With this technological improvement, there is no need to have a sealed headlight housing and bulb. It also means that the bulbs can be replaced easily when they burn out. These headlights are smaller in size, and therefore, take up less space within the vehicle. The light output in is less controlled, and therefore, high output light bulbs cannot be used with this type of headlight housing. The low beam cutoff is less distinct for oncoming traffic. The beam of light often has weak and intense spots. With improvements in technology in the headlight industry, headlights got better. Projector headlights are a newer type of headlight that was first used in the 1980s in luxury cars only. However, today, projector headlights have become quite common, and most of the newer models of cars come equipped with these types of headlights. Projector headlights are quite similar to reflector headlights in terms of assembly. These headlights also consist of a bulb that is enclosed in a steel case that has mirrors. These mirrors act as reflectors, just like they do in reflector headlights. The only difference is that projector headlights have a lens that works like a magnifying glass. It increases the brightness of the beam of light, and hence, projector headlights produce better illumination. To make sure that the angle of the light beam produced by projector headlights is correct, they come with a cutoff shield. It is due to the presence of this cutoff shield that projector headlights have a very sharp cutoff. Projector headlights are brighter than the old reflector headlights. They do not shine into the eyes of the other drivers on the road. This is because the lens projects the beam of light downwards onto the road. The benefit of this is that projector headlights do not blind other drivers or pedestrians who are crossing the road. The beam of light produced by projector headlights is a lot more even, with no weak or intense spots. Projector headlights can have HID bulbs, unlike reflector headlights, which can only house halogen bulbs. The output of light with projector headlights is a lot different than reflector headlights. If you are too accustomed to the light output of reflector headlights, you may find it hard to get used to projector headlights. If you wish to upgrade the headlight system of your car, are a cost-effective way of doing so. It uses the standard reflector-type housing, but instead of a sealed case, they use an H4 dual filament type bulb that can be replaced. This means that if your bulb gets burned out, you do not have to get the entire casing replaced. You can simply replace the bulb and be on the road again in no time (or as long as it takes your mechanic to replace the bulb). This also opens up the possibilities of using brighter bulbs like LEDs or HIDs. Since H4 conversions are a standard reflector-type, the light beam they produce is uneven with hot-spotting, a scattered light output, and possible blinding of oncoming traffic. Types of Headlights Based on the Number of Bulbs Headlights are divided into two types on the basis of the number of bulbs housed in the headlight housing. Quad headlights are the headlights that have two bulbs in each headlight. Non-Quad headlights have a single bulb in each headlight. Quad headlights and non-quad headlights are not interchangeable because the wiring inside is specific to each type. If your vehicle has quad headlights, that's what you can replace your headlights with. The same is the case with non-quad headlights. There are four major types of headlights based on the type of bulb being used. They are: Headlights with are the most commonly found headlights in most cars on the road today. They are an improved version of the sealed-beam headlights. The older headlights used bulbs that were basically heavy-duty versions of the regular filament bulb you use at home. Regular bulbs consist of a filament suspended in a vacuum. The filament lights up when electricity passes through the wire and heats it up. The vacuum inside the bulb ensures that the wire does not get oxidized and breaks. Although these bulbs worked well for several years, they were quite inefficient, always hot, and gave a yellowish beam of light. Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, have halogen gases filled inside instead of a vacuum. The filament is almost the same size as the bulb of a sealed beam headlight, but the gas tube is smaller and houses a smaller volume of gas to contain the heat. The halogen gases that these bulbs use are bromine and iodide (in combination). These gases ensure that the filament does not thin and break and also reduce the blackening that usually occurs inside the bulb. The filament burns much hotter as a result and produces a brighter light. The gases get heated up to 2500 degrees. They last for a longer time. Halogen bulbs are small in size, and therefore, take up less space within the vehicle. They are easy to replace. Headlights with halogen bulbs are definitely superior to sealed-beam, reflector-type headlights. Among the newer headlight options that are available today, halogen headlights are the most affordable. The beam of light is slightly yellow in color and does not cast further ahead. HID stands for . They are also known as Xenon headlights. HID bulbs employ completely different technology to that of regular bulbs. These bulbs put HID headlights firmly in the category of headlights that provide the farthest visibility to the driver. They are getting popular by the day, and more and more people are switching to HID headlights for all the right reasons. Unlike sealed-beam and halogen headlights, HID headlights do not contain the usual filament bulbs. They produce light when an arc of electric power passes across a pair of electrodes that are trapped inside a glass tube. This glass tube is filled with xenon gas. We said earlier that HID headlights are also known as xenon headlights; well, due to the arc of electricity that powers these headlights, they are also known as Arc headlights. Along with the xenon gas, these bulbs also contain vaporized metals like metal halides and mercury. The passage of electric current through the arc melts the vapors of the metals and converts them into plasma. Hence, HID headlights also have another name (although, a less common one) - Plasma headlights. It is the plasma that glows in a shade of white-blue that produces the brilliant light that these headlights are so famous for. A reflector is present within the headlight assembly that bounces the light onto the road. The light that is produced by HID headlights is extremely intense. It offers versatility, and you can adjust the focus as per your need. You can focus the beam of light into a narrow beam that extends far out in front of the car, or you can set it to a broad beam that fills the area that lies directly ahead. HID headlights produce extremely bright light in the spectrum of white-blue. HID headlights offer greater vision well down the road due to the longer wavelengths they use, and lesser scatter as compared to yellow-lights (as in halogen and sealed-beam headlights). As there is no filament to burn out in HID bulbs, these headlights are more likely to last longer. HID headlights are slow in turning on. HID headlights take several seconds to warm up and come to their maximum brightness. They can irritate drivers that are in oncoming traffic as the white-blue light that HID headlights produce is strikingly bright. Light in the blue-white spectrum can significantly affect the night vision of a person. Light from HID headlights will not only blind other drivers but can also hamper their vision when it comes to seeing anything that is dimmer (including the tail lights of the vehicles ahead). This way, HID headlights can be a cause of accidents. What is worse is that it's not just the night vision of other drivers that are affected; your vision will also be affected. You will be able to see everything ahead very clearly, but you will be almost blind to anything that is outside the spread of the light beam. As far as the performance is concerned, HID lights remain unbeaten. However, they do come with a set of some nasty side effects, including an increased risk of accidents. The bright, white light and longer lifespan have made LED bulbs quite popular to be used in car headlights. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. The potential of LEDs as car headlights is massive. LED bulbs are highly efficient, compact, and can turn on and off instantly, which gives them an edge over HID headlights. The tiny semiconductors of LED light bulbs can produce a wide array of focuses and light levels at an exceptional speed (within nanoseconds). LED lights, like HID bulbs, do not work on the principle of a filament. They convert electricity into light via the diodes that are present inside the headlights. The process by which LED lights convert electricity into the light is called . The process is highly energy efficient as compared to the process that is employed in halogen headlights. Little or no heat is produced, and this improves the lifespan of these bulbs incredibly! The LED technology is still quite new, and therefore, not all cars using LED headlights have all the features. For example, the high and low beam settings of LED light are only available in high-end and hybrid vehicles. Although LED lights do not get heated up, there are certain heating issues that LED headlights are associated with. The is quite high, as a result of which, the emitter chip base gets very hot. The LED light needs a sink where it can release the heat. Otherwise, the diode would melt. This makes the system complicated and expensive. They are small and compact. LED lights take up a very small space within the vehicle. They are so small that they do not even need a headlight house. But, of course, that would change the entire look of the vehicle. LED headlights can be turned on and off instantly. They do not blind other drivers. These headlights do not only focus on what is directly ahead but also offer a wider area of vision as well. LED lights can use any color spectrum. They are not limited to the bright, white-blue spectrum. They are more expensive as compared to HID headlights. If you think involve two piercing lasers that can melt the eyes of an oncoming driver, you can relax because laser headlights are anything but blinding. Laser headlights are the new hot thing in the automotive industry. They can produce light that is a thousand times brighter than LED lights without requiring as much power as LED lights need. The laser system uses three blue-colored laser beams that are directed into a chamber that contains yellow-colored phosphorus gas, which is phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark). Phosphorus does not store light to release later but produces light as a result of a chemical reaction that occurs within the chamber. This chemical reaction is sustained by the laser beams and is captured inside the chamber. Therefore, what you see is not actually the light from the laser beams but the glowing that is produced by the phosphorus. Laser headlights can produce about 1000 times brighter light in almost half the power that LED headlights use. The beam of light can focus up to an incredible 2000 feet. Laser lights burn in the range of 6500 Kelvin, which is about same as the natural daylight and LED lights. They can flash on and off instantly. Laser lights are very versatile and can be made into different shapes and designs. Laser headlights are way too expensive (being offered by BMW as an add-on for $10,000). Laser lights are not expected to replace LED lights in ancillary applications like brake lights and turn signals. Laser lights produce a lot more heat as compared to LED lights, and thus, they will need more cooling. After looking at all the types of headlights thoroughly, we can say that LED lights are the current leader in the automotive lighting industry. Laser headlights cannot be beaten when it comes to performance, but they are not yet commercially available, and the whopping cost makes it almost unapproachable for mass production. LED headlights, on the other hand, not only offer the brightness that is needed but also ensures that the other drivers on the road are not irritated. Although they come at a higher cost than other types of headlights, LED headlights are surely the best option that most people are turning to. Tips for Choosing Headlights for Your Car Now that you are well aware of all the types of headlights, you can decide which headlights are the best for your vehicle. Before you leap into replacing your car headlights, ensure that you check the pros and cons to see if the replacement is worth it. Below are a few tips that may help in making the selection. Select the headlights that produce a beam type that you want - spot, flood-wide, or flood spotlight. Headlights are available in numerous designs. When choosing new headlights for your car, make sure that you select a design that not only looks good alone but also looks good on your car. If you are planning on getting new LED headlights for your car, the color selection should be made as per your wishes. White light is an ideal option. One of the most important considerations when getting the headlights of your car replaced is the cost. You will find car headlights in different price ranges. Select the one that falls within your budget. Selecting the cheapest option is not recommended. To ensure the road safety of yourself and others, having the right headlights is very important. The headlights of your car have an impact on how well and how far you can see around. The wider the spread of light, the safer you and others are.
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