New Holtzman Headquarters in Old Mart : Convention Center Work Brings Relocation of Office Furniture

In a relocation move necessitated by expansion plans for the Los Angeles Convention Center, Holtzman Office Furniture Co. has established new headquarters and a showroom at 2155 E. 7th St.

After 30 years at its previous downtown location at 1417 S. Figueroa St., Holtzman now occupies the historic Peck & Hills Furniture Co. building, a 60-year-old landmark that was Los Angeles' first furniture mart.

The relocation was not by choice, said Steven Silbert, Holtzman's president. "But we simply had to find a new site, and the easiest solution was to relocate to a new building nearby or an existing building that would allow for showroom space." When asked why they chose to remain downtown, senior executive and owner Harold Silbert said, "We've been downtown for so long, that we wanted to maintain our identity as a downtown firm with our distributors, dealers, designers and retail patrons.

"By continuing here and renovating and modernizing this historic building, we feel our presence will also contribute to the upgrading of the entire area." The Silberts searched and negotiated for more than a year before obtaining the old Peck & Hills Furniture Co., making Holtzman's new 265,000-square-foot facility one of largest office furniture outlets in the nation. The renovation architect was William A. Walden.

The owners regard their business as a one-stop shopping establishment. The firm carries 400 lines of furniture and accessories that are available for sale or lease or loan out to customers, and provides space planning and interior design, repair and refinishing services and has its own fleet of delivery trucks.

"It's a family operation," said Harold Silbert, whose daughters Susan and Nancy have been instrumental in building a major profit outlet for Holtzman--the rental of furniture to studios to be used in television and movie scenes, such as "Dynasty," "L.A. Law," "Dallas," "Simon & Simon," "Matlock" and "Beverly Hills Cop" I & II.

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